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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, September 01, 2007
    Okay yes,it's been quite long.My sister is such a bugger,kept pestering me day and night to update.And,just nice i've the 'ling gan' now,so i'll update.'Ling gan' is very important you know!

    So,where should i begin?

    Oh yes,i've taken up the childcare job!Well,it's not really childcare kind of childcare.It's more like a tuition centre,those child development centre.But what the heck?At least i can play with the kids!My first day was good!The kids are damn adorable!So that day,i was at the counter doing some admin work and this little boy came running to me and gave me a hug!I was so shocked because i barely know them,you know?So,i think the conclusion is that,I'm a child-magnet.HAHAHAAH!JOKING LAH,WAH LAO.

    Anyway,yes it's official.I have a total of 4 jobs now!APPLAUSE PLEASE!You may call me Wonder Woman,Super Woman,Power Woman-whatever.I accept.

    Back to that Taka job.

    To those who can remember me complaining about that sissy guy colleague who fell in love with my beautiful name because he loves to shout out my name in the shop every 5 minutes like as if i was deaf?I'm soooooo gonna complain again.And to those who doesn't have a clue,kindly read back May 27th's entry.

    THE other day,i was already on my way to work praying that it wouldn't rain on me because i didn't bring an umbrella with me.And i was just 3 stops away before it started pouring heavily.So obviously,knowing i'd be late,i called up the shop and told my another girl colleague i'd be late because i was caught in the rain.I was about 15 minutes late when i reached the shop.So my girl colleague told me that sissy was angry and kept asking,


    And that girl colleague also quite idiotic lah,didn't tell him i called to say i'll be late,what a sai.BUT ANYWAY,so i was quite pissed.I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO WORK ON THAT DAY OK?!And please,what go home early?I'm not like him man!If i'm late by half an hour,i'll go home later by half an hour.I'm not that sort who reach late and goes off early ok?SISSY.So that sissy came over to the shop and told me to go over to the next shop to relief him,obviously trying to shun me away lah.PURE CHILDISH.

    So when i went back to the main shop,I didn't even bother to ask that colleague what sissy said.But she told me anyways.Apparently,that sissy told her he wants to terminate me.So i told her to tell him to go ahead man,I have no lack of jobs anyway.WOW lor,he wants to be a terminator.LOL LOL LOL!

    She went on to tell me what he said.
    *M - girl colleague

    M:Then he say right,he don't like to talk to you.He say everytime he talk to you,you don't look at him,you look elsewhere.He feels like he's talking to a wall.

    I nearly broke into tears...OF LAUGHTER!WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    Me:Harya no lah,because i scared later i can't control.I might box him.

    NO.The truth is,he is too disgusting to be looked at.

    - He is so 'sumpat' you feel like slapping him everytime you see him.
    - His mouth is only good at 2 things.Eat and Complain.In fact,that's all he knows.
    - And,just by listening to his voice,it will make your hair stand because you can't differentiate if he's a man or a woman,or a tranny.Or worse,NONE.It's really scary especially during this crucial month.
    - He slangs with angmoh customer,which is,really,very very very unpleasant to the ears.I bet they don't understand what he's talking about because all they did was to nod their heads and say 'oh thank you' when he was just trying to act friendly by asking them if they had eaten their lunch.
    - I HIGHLY SUSPECT he's a gay.An UGLY gay.Gays are handsome but not him,that's why i can never over emphasize that word,UGLY,on him.Anyway,the reason being is that,he does all the 'niang' work!Like re-arranging the small paints on the shelf,pack all the papers and printing out the barcode.WTH MAN!NO REAL MAN DO THAT OK?!

    SEE!I can easily name out 5 bad points of him,her,WHATEVER.

    No wonder i always hear people telling me in the real working society,you can see different kinda of shitass people.SO TRUE.

    Back on a lighter note.

    Celebrated Esther's birthday on Wednesday night together with Sam and Zaw.She was surprised because she didn't know Sam and myself were joining them for dinner.HAHAAAH!NOT BAD,finally my turn to 'hung' people!We went to Nude restaurant(if i'm not wrong)and the service there is,friggin bad!They treated us like invisible,we had to raise up our hands so many times to place an order.The worse thing was,the bloody manager spolit our plan.MANAGER LEH.No brains also can be manager.

    Before Esther and Zaw reached the restaurant,we already placed an order for the cake for Esther.So after the dinner,i wanted to ask the waiter to bring out the cake but Sam told me to cancel it because Esther was already too full.So she told the waiter to cancel the order and the manager came over and,

    Really no brain manager:Erm,sorry but the cake is already on the way,you can't cancel it.

    Okay,like erm,WHAT THE SHIT MAN?!Can't he say,

    'oh but i'm sorry,i can't cancel your order' or something like that?WAH LAOOO,seriously no brains at all.I don't know why there are so many dumb people in Singapore.Either dumb or ignorant.Ok lah,i try to believe it's the latter.

    And just now,i was talking to my elder sister and i think she can really write a book on her life.Although it's not interesting lah,all she does at U.A.E is EAT and SLEEP and PAINT NAILS(you know,doing all the bimbotic stuff)and maybe once in a blue blue moon exercise,it's really not very entertaining to read at all.

    OK,i think i'd better stop now.I'm gonna go cycling in a while's time!Till then!=)

    cindy [ 10:15 AM ]