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+25th Jan 1988.
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    Sunday, December 31, 2017
    Last day of 2017 already!

    My oh my. As I’ve mentioned in my last 2 year’ post, time flies!! 😱 

    Turned 29 on January. My last year of being in the 20s :( And the most cruel thing happened yesterday when I received the letter to renew my IC! Right?! On the eve of New Year’s Eve. So yes, turning the big 3 in about a month’s time. Dang! 

    Thomas’ dad passed away at the beginning of the year too. Really sad! :( Life is such.

    I can’t really recall what happened throughout the year actually. I only remembered being very busy working! Speaking of which, I’ve officially stopped teaching and ended my contract. It’s a bittersweet feeling really. Will definitely miss the kids for sure but patience level dropped tremendously ever since I started teaching. So I thought it’s a good time to take a break from teaching as well. Never thought my career path would involve teaching but somehow it did, and I did not regret one bit. Just quite exhausted from it actually. Glad I get to meet nice colleagues and wonderful parents along the way :) Well, off to a fresh start I guess! 

    Not much travelling done this year. Actually, recent years. So I think my next year’s goal is to travel more! 

    Met up with Thomas in June and we decided to go to Madrid this time! Since the past few times it’s either in SG or US, we decided this time to be just the both of us as to spend quality time together. Indeed it was :) 

    This trip also made me realised how thoughtful and caring he is. And ever so patient with me! 😍  Now we are just thinking when will be the next trip. Sucks to be in LDR really! 

    The rest of the year was just working as well. Sad life huh? My life basically just revolves around work and work. BUT!!! I’m going to make that change in 2018. To have more time for myself and my family. And of course for Thomas. Hopefully 2018 will be a better year! 

    Thank you 2017 for being nice. Not fantastic but nice nonetheless! 

    2018, I’m looking forward!! PLEASE BE GOOD!

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    cindy [ 2:04 PM ]

    Saturday, December 31, 2016
    Where did 2016 go?! 

    With each passing year, the time just seem to zoom past pretty quickly. I'm hitting the big 3 in another year. Holy moly. 

    Turned 28 this year. I received a bouquet of roses from my dearest gaahzhi 😍 

    Elena gave birth to a beautiful baby girl aka my God-daughter, Seraphina, in January too! She's sooooo cute omg. 

    Photo taken just yesterday when she came over to swim. Our dear little mermaid 😉

    I can't remember what else happened in throughout the year because I was too busy working. Can't believe next year will be my 3rd year of teaching! 

    2016 was also a year to celebrate the union of a few of my close friends. 3 sets of couple actually. Andy and Karen; Sam and JK; Derrick and Gillian. Amazing how last year all were still unmarried and fast forward to one year later, all the Mr and Mrs. 

    Oh, finally went on a short trip to Medan with the 1.2.5 gang to eat my favourite wanton mee. Apparently too overrated for them 😒 

    This happened too. Hahaha

    Fast forward to December. 

    Went to Los Angeles on 9th December to meet Sam and JK and then gaahzhi and his Grandma! :) Such a long flight but it was so worth it. 

    Trolley @ The Grove. Going to Farmer's Market and see the Christmas lightings.

    Six Flags. Thrilling rollar coaster rides! 

    12th Dec : 

    Went to pick up gaahzhi and Grandma at LAX. 

    At Santa Monica Pier.

    Beverly Hills with Thomas' grandma! 

    First time trying In 'n' Out in San Diego! I love San Diego! Wish we could have spent more time there though.

    Impromptu Hike @ Griffith Park! Really enjoyed it, especially with my favourite boy! 

    Chanced upon Angeles National Park while enroute to Tucson to visit Sam and JK. It was breathtakingly beautiful! 

    We drove to Palm Desert for a night and I love it there! All the palm trees 🌴🌴🌴 
    While in Tucson, we also managed to go see the cactuses at Saguaro National Park. Might have spelt that wrongly. 

    I love road trips with this boy! Definitely needed some quality time together and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

    And of course, we get to spend our 2nd Christmas together! :) 

    We had to part ways on the 27th December :'( Cried a hell lot at the airport. Boohoo! 

    If you ever do come across people crying at airport, DO NOT JUDGE. The struggle is real! I used to think those people are just being dramatic. Speak too soon, huh? :x

    I have so many pictures waiting to be uploaded but just a few on here for keepsake purposes. Heh heh! 

    Thank you 2016 for being such an amazing year. Very busy but rather fulfilling year. I hope 2017 will be an even better year! More achievements to unlock and more happy memories to be formed! 

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    Thursday, December 31, 2015
    Well, here we are again, the end of the year. 

    2015 did not disappoint. There are definitely ups and downs but I would think there were more ups than downs.

    As usual, started the year celebrating my 27th birthday. No big fancy celebrations,just intimate affair. Had a few 'surprises' for my birthday and I'm grateful for it :)

    So I have officially worked for a year. Work has been pretty okay actually. Stressful definitely but I think I'm slowly coping with it. I'm thankful I have the opportunities.

    Fast forward to June, Thomas and I finally decided it was time for him to come over and see if we could progress further. And we did :) Would probably write a full post of it when I have the time, just for future reference sake.

    It was a very short trip though, so as soon as he went back to the states, we booked another flight for December! This time round it was for 2 weeks!

    It was probably the only thing I was looking forward to. However, in November, we received a very sad news that my paternal grandma passed away. It was not sudden but still, really sad. 

    Anyway, December 14th came and Thomas was here till 28th December. It was an amazing 2 weeks spent with him :) 

    I'm glad overall my 2015 was wrapped up pretty nicely. 

    Looking forward to a more fulfilling and exciting 2016! Hope it will be an even better year! Please be good 2016!!

    cindy [ 7:35 PM ]

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014
    I actually typed out a pretty longass post on my iPhone and accidentally deleted it! -_-

    Anyway,as this is my yearly ritual to round up the year's happening,I just had to do it again.

    2014 has been a pretty okay year for me. Started off as usual, celebrated my 26th birthday in January and nothing significant happened after that. It was the usual school stuff and my last term was in September. 

    I remember feeling really stressed out and struggling in school and exams that i think i had a mini 'depression'. Yup, self-diagnosed.Haha! But it was pretty bad to the extent i would cry for no reason and just wanted to isolate myself from everyone. I guess i really gave myself a lot of unnecessary stress as i kept telling myself i have to graduate no later than 2014. It was not even an option for me because i really wanted to finish ASAP. I needed like 30+ marks to pass my workplace law paper as it carries a freakin' 70% but i left out like 2 questions which was worth a total of 35 marks! After the paper i was demoralised to the max. I even almost cried in the exam room (which i have never experienced before) and really broke down after the paper. It's quite hilarious to think back but i still think it's a miracle i managed to clear it! So yes, i finally graduated on the 12th October 2014. Proudest day of my life! So i'm officially a graduate!

    I think i have never been more proud of myself because i finally pulled through it,even though i know there were people who were doubtful of it. But sad thing was, the whole family was overseas..TMD.Only my mom managed to attend and some of my friends.I think Dad felt guilty that he actually agreed to take a family photo together!Wooooooot!

    Anyway, after graduation, I wanted to take a few months break and probably take a graduation trip before starting work. However, being the impatient + itchy fingers me decided to apply for various jobs online since a lot of people have been telling me it's rather challenging to get a job after graduation. I got a few job offers after i applied but i had to turn down some because of the location and salary (i know right, then why did i bother to apply in the first place?) Hehehe! But alas, i managed to get a job soon after and started almost immediately! I mean my official work starts in January 2015 but they allowed me to start working right after my on-the-job training.So wooohooooo!:D 

    There are progressions in getting to know that special someone too,so hopefully in time to come, it will be even better :)

    I know 2015 will be a year with more new responsibilities but i'm pretty excited to see what's in store for me. 

    Thank you and goodbye 2014. 
    Welcome 2015, I hope you will be an even better year!:)

    cindy [ 11:44 PM ]

    Sunday, May 25, 2014

    cindy [ 1:27 AM ]

    Tuesday, December 31, 2013
    Yearly ritual of blogging at the end of the year.

    This year is probably the suckiest year in my 25 years of existence.So many shits had happened;some were even life changing.

    It definitely was a year full of ups and downs,well,mostly downs but it has most definitely made me a stronger person I guess.I mean,it couldn't (and I hope wouldn't) get any worse than this year.

    The year started off pretty good;and we even went on a family trip to Europe.But after we came back,somehow everything seemed to go downhill.It's like we were cursed or something.

    One after another,it was crazy!

    In a blink of an eye,with all that was happening,we are finally coming to an end of this f* up year!!!!

    Geez,I've never felt so happy looking forward to a new year.Well,not exactly happy but at least I hope it will be a new start.

    Good riddance,2013!!YOU SUCK!!!!

    Hello 2014.Please be good to me!

    Happy new year everyone!:)

    cindy [ 12:06 AM ]

    Friday, December 06, 2013
    So irritated.

    Sometimes I feel like there's no one who can and will ever understand me.It's so frustrating!

    2013 please end quick.

    cindy [ 8:01 PM ]