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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008
    So,Miss Piggy and myself are all set to go BKK this coming May.It's confirmed!!NO MORE 'let's go here and here and here' but nothing was done.

    All thanks to Miss Piggy.

    She's like my personal assistant.HAHAHAAH!She did all the bookings for the tickets,hotel and etc.Eh pig,this shows that i trust you and thinks highly of you hor.Be proud!;)

    My sorethroat is coming back.Oh yes,i definitely know the reason now.I gobbled down one full bar of chocolate while chatting with Celine yesterday.That wasn't my plan ok!?!We were webcaming and at the corner of the window,i was looking at the way i'm eating and the next thing i know,the chocolate bar was out of sight already.

    And the dread-est thing to do after eating that full bar of chocolate?No,not about the weight.I've given up on that already.It's the amount of water i've to gulp down to make my throat feels better but not my bladder.

    You know how irritating it is to get up every hour in the middle of the night just to go to the loo!?!!!

    And when i refused to let that happen,sore will come knocking at my..throat?Not funny,i know.I'm just trying to be humorous ok?Yes i heard you,try harder.FINE!I WILL HAVE SORETHROAT.damnit!

    My dad is going to Japan today.Wah lao!He's been travelling around and it's bloody not fair lor.First to Korea.Then now this.He should at least take the initiative to like,ask us or something right?

    What's the world coming to?

    Daughter slogging hard while dad goes on a holiday.


    My 1 month's pay = Celine's 1 flight pay.

    And her 1 flight is only what,40 mins!?!40 mins already beat my 1 month don't know how many million minutes.Bimbo job pays good man!

    Speaking of which,she's coming back while my dad is out of the
    country.WOOO,airport is almost our 2nd home already.

    I was browsing my Nuffnang page a while ago and i came across this 'Keyword' section.It's like when a person google/yahoo that particular thing they are looking for and if my blog happens to be in the search engine and if the person clicks on it,the keywords which they google/yahoo will be shown in that section.

    Say,i google 'Edison Chen'.There will a whole list of things which are related to Edison.Yah,stop thinking about those racy photos!So if my blog happens to be in the search results for 'Edison Chen',and if i click on it,the keywords will be shown as 'Edison Chen'.Understand?

    So i was looking at the keywords and,can anyone explain this?!!!!?

    I'd like to think that the word is shortform for 'come' and not the real 'cum'.And,why would that keyword be found on my blog!?!?!!Holy shit.

    I don't know how to end this but i will end this like this.

    cindy [ 1:31 AM ]

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    I shall bid goodbye to my $246.10 in advance.

    Had my exam today and well,what more can i say?It's not that i've been procrastinating to study.I have no time to do so!

    The whole of last week just *boom* flew by so quickly i could hardly catch my breath.

    Saturday i had to work from 9am all the way to about 7pm because they were having some trial lessons and i had to be there to help out.Had to give out flyers which i hate the most!But it was okay,most of them took it so i wasn't so embarrassed.Moreover,i had company!One of the centres were having the roadshow and i just stood beside them.HAHAAH!They didn't mind what.

    After work,i was totally zonked out.Took a cab back home instead.OIE,it's been quite a while since i took a cab.And i finally realised what makes me take cab!

    NO MP3!!!!

    The thought of having to sit in a bus for so long and i could do nothing except to stare blankly in space is such a turn off.No excuses,just plain facts.

    So anyway,while i was on the cab,something happened and i went down to find Wiki.And the taxi uncle is an idiot.

    He doesn't know where is Fountain of Wealth.

    Ok lah,yes lah,it's my fault for saying 'uncle,can you go to the Fountain of Wealth' instead of just telling him Suntec.But isn't he dumb?!He didn't even know that was Fountain of Wealth.WTH!?So he kept niam niam niam nonstop,it was so friggin annoying!

    Uncle:wah lao!where got people say Fountain of Wealth one..just say Suntec lah
    Me:yah lah ok,Suntec.(friggin tired already still come and give me this nonsense)
    Uncle:if you tell other taxi drivers they also won't know lor.
    Me:(super annoyed look)hmm.

    Then,he was being such an ignorant ass,he started telling me about Singapore Flyer.Laugh out loud please.

    Uncle:the singapore flyer nothing one got sit before not?that time we got free entry *blahblahblah*
    Uncle:haha yah got go before?
    Me:i'm working there.
    Uncle:(super paiseh look)wah!so chun ah?
    Me:yah lor.

    So i met Wiki and we were at the fountain looking at those dedication.Then,we came across this dedication and we almost died of laughter.So here goes,


    Don't ask me how in the world i can remember it so clearly.How in the world can i NOT remember when the names are already damn joker.And..just read the sentence again.MUAHAHAH!Ok,no offence,really.

    Anyway,initially i had already planned out to make Sunday as my 'chionging' day.'Chionging' as in chiong study.But in the end,the owner of the childcare simply wouldn't let me.She asked me to bring my revision down so that i can revise so i brought but guess what?She asked me to do so many things!Damnit.

    So,yes,i brought my books for nothing.And the best thing was,being the smart ass me,i actually left my review questions in the 'recycle paper' drawer and ONLY to realise it when i was home,reading up the notes and wanted to review the questions.

    It will really be a miracle if i pass the exam.I swear!I'll be the happiest person on earth.

    Anyway,it's proven she's cold-blooded.She even gave one of the new kids nightmare until the mom had to ask me which day i'm working so that i can keep the child company.

    Uh huh,Sunday was wasted at the centre.

    Okay i shouldn't say its a waste lah.The kids are adorable!

    After work,i quickly went back home and tried to read up my notes.Read 1 page and i fell asleep only to find myself waking up at 9pm.

    You know how panicked i was or not!?I've never feel so stressed before i was on the verge of crying,like Karen.I can't believe i can actually cry for an exam.That's a first!I can understand why Karen cries because she's a 'gan cheong' queen but i'm not.Which is why i'm confused.

    So from 9.30,i studied all the way till about 2am until i really couldn't open my eyes any longer.I seriously think i over exhaust myself.I don't know why am i working so hard for.

    As expected,i could not sleep in peace.I woke up every 1/2 hour and whenever i closed my eyes,those words in the notes kept appearing in my mind.

    Woke up at about 9 in the morning and continued to mug for the last lap.Not that it's gonna be of much help but at least,you know.

    I'm gonna be drained out for this whole week as well.


    Nano,i miss you!:'(

    cindy [ 9:35 AM ]

    Friday, April 18, 2008

    So my ipod finally died on me,after drowning for so many times.What can i say?The first time it almost drowned was the day i got drenched with Miss Piggy while we were going to school.

    The 2nd time was also because i was caught in the rain.

    I should learn to carry an umbrella around already.

    And the final time?

    The cap of my water bottle wasn't closed tight enough and my whole bag was flooded and the very first thing i saw when i opened my bag was my poor little nano floating on the water.:'(

    R.I.P nano.You have been good.Better than those poster boys.Bus rides have never been lonely ever since i met you 2 years ago.You were always there for me.You put me to bed when i can't tahan the snoring from my mom when we were in Taiwan.No amount of pillows could helped except YOU.

    My mood changes with the songs that you played.What would i do without you?

    Nano..why?WHY!!!!??!I almost wanted to get you a water-proof cover already and then you die!WAH LAO!!:'(

    Anyway,remember i talked about the solar film thingy?This is how it looks like.Like a tinted glass.

    So,this is how my room looks like when i close the windows when it's 11.30 in the morning.

    And this is how it looks like after i opened up the windows.

    See the difference?

    I've been munching on this,

    'Carrot bread.'



    But the thing is,i really can't taste the carrots lor.

    I guess those of you who knows me well will know that i'm a bread-lover.So i'd try almost all kinds of bread which i'm attracted to.

    If there's ever such thing as a beef bread or anything like that,i'd most definitely try it!

    No really,i'm kidding.

    cindy [ 4:10 AM ]

    Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Just came back from work awhile ago and received a very delighting news from dad that my cousin has given birth already!!YAYYY!!!!


    I can't wait to see him!!!

    It's so creepy!I happened to put 'I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU JON PAUL!!' as my MSN nick just 2 days ago and now,my dreams came true.HAHAAHAH!!


    Had dinner yesterday at the thai restaurant near my place again.This time with Miss Piggy,Sister Zaw,Ruiza and Henry yesterday and it was goooood!Talked and laughed alot and it feels so good to see people from strangers to becoming friends.Like Henry and Zaw,both 'rockers'.I guess it's also because of their age.I'd say their thinking are much more mature than those of our age.*ahem*(if you know what i mean).But then again,i think only piggy knows.

    Anyways!I think the lady boss loves me to death already.I brought Karen and Michelle(Karen's friend cum instructor's daughter)the other day and she was already thanking me for bringing people there.But oh wells,i think they deserve the publicity.


    HAHAAHA!i just couldn't stop laughing when i saw this pic!i might need to take back my words about them being mature.especially the one on the left.


    myself and head looks 5 times bigger than hers..hai,it's better to take with piggy.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

    done by miss piggy!:)

    cindy [ 1:53 PM ]

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Met up with Chrisy,Kelvin,Wiki and Wendy yesterday night for supper and went over to Kelvin's house for MJ till about 4 in the morning and headed opp Mustafa for breakfast.It's so rare to get the 5 of us out together because our timings always clash but,thanks to last min planning,we got to meet up!

    Initially Wiki and myself decided to head home since none of them seemed keen to meet up.But..haha!That is why i love last minute plannings!:)

    Did quite alot of catching up and we started 'playing' this game like how we think of each other.Examples like,who is the most BHB?Who is the most MAN?Who changed the most?And so on..and it's quite funny lor.

    If not for the sleepy bug,we could have stayed longer.I don't know when will be our next meet-up man!It's unpredictable.

    So anyway,i stayed home for the whole yesterday afternoon as the people came and do up all the windows.To add the solar film or something.Apparently if you close the windows during the day,the people from other blocks will not be able to see through the windows.

    It wasn't my idea.It was my dad's.

    I feel it's damn misleading.

    My room looked like it was only 7am when i woke up at 11.30 today.I only realised how bright it was when i opened up my windows.

    I'm dead.My clock and hp would better not die on me ever again because other than those 2 equipments,the ONLY way to get myself to wake up is to look outside the window and make a rough guess at the time when i'm too lazy to even look at the clock.It was my hidden talent.But i guess i'm gonna lose it thanks to the solar films.

    Anyway,was out with Miss Piggy last friday and i tell you,that pig is a joker.

    We were at this shop at Vivo and we came across this candy which we proclaimed to be our favourite when we were in primary school.So she was like,

    Miss Piggy:eh!want to buy or not?
    Me:you want ah?ok lor,let's get it.
    *happily taking out the plastic sheets to put the candy in*
    Miss Piggy:but i no cash with me leh.
    Me:smart sia.

    And she burst out laughing like as if the whole world was deaf.Her laughter was so loud,i wanted to leave the shop almost immediately.

    I had no idea what she was laughing at,seriously!

    So she continued,

    Miss Piggy:wah lao!usually like that people will say like 'its ok,i'll treat you',can't you say something like that?!


    She was the one who suggested to get the sweets,so hyper and all only to tell me she had no cash.If that's not smart,i don't know what is.I should learn from her.Shifu!

    And did i mention,she's damn loser ok!

    We went over to the arcade to play Puzzle Bubble and after 3 rounds of losing to me,

    Miss Piggy:i don't want to play already!
    Me:eh don't loser leh!

    So she won the 4th round and she was like,
    Miss Piggy:HAHA!YES!!I WIN!!

    5th,won again
    Miss Piggy:eh you lousy leh.

    6th,i won.
    Miss Piggy:i don't want to play already.

    Sickening ass!

    cindy [ 3:40 AM ]

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008
    Hi!It's been awhile,again.

    Anyways,alil update.

    Headed down to Timbre@theartshouse in the evening for our annual class gathering.This year,however,seemed like there were more people who turned up than the last.Which is good of course!:)It's always good to catch up with people whom you haven't seen in ages.

    Anyway,the service there is horrible.

    Initially when we(Ruiza,Sam,Jeffrey,Aaron,Binghong,Yuhow,Esther and myself) went in,they were okay.Then,after Sera and Carol came,that was when the drama began.

    The tables which was reserved for us were separated.So since the rest were late,they went on to take 2 chairs and sat at our table.Nothing wrong right?But the manager came and told them to immediately put the chairs back as it was reserved for another table,which by the way,was empty until about 9ish.So okay,they put it back but the staffs started giving us attitudes.Ridiculous.

    Sera went on to order beer and guess what?One of the staff actually asked her to show him her IC.Laugh out loud please.Of all people,he asked her.Really never die before.

    So yea,she was damn pissed and started saying out loudly how lousy their service was and etc.And the staffs were practically staring at our table.Truth be told,i was quite startled by their services.Sera called me just now and told me she's gonna write a complain letter to their management.HAHAAH!Totally left me speechless.But oh wells,i guess they deserved it somehow.We were actually deciding whether to leave or not but in the end,we stayed because there were still people coming to join us.If not,i think we would have left on the spot.

    The gathering was good.Seeing those familiar faces and how they've changed,physically and mentally.Some doing NS,working,studying,'s all good!:)


    me and carol

    sam and carol


    ah! more!

    sheena emo-ing...

    me and sammie

    trying to eat again,christy?

    raymond and sam


    marilyn,me,sam,esther,i know sounds lame.shut up!

    with ruiza

    take one.

    take two.i think take one nicer.
    Saw me at home,nua-ing on the sofa the whole day.Didn't feel like going out partly because it's been damn long since i stayed at home on sundays.In fact,on weekends.I'd usually be working in the centre and only to be home at night.I can't possibly let my weekends go wasted right?HAHAHA!

    Anyway,guess what!?

    I've finally plucked up the courage to tear down those posters which have been on the walls for almost 7 years.
    R.I.P guys!You all have been good.
    You've been my pillar of strengths when i'm desperate to look at cute guys.Thanks a million!:)

    My plain and naked wall now.So sad:(

    cindy [ 3:25 PM ]

    Thursday, April 03, 2008
    Just came back awhile ago from a spin!

    Yes,Elena Lim FINALLY drove me around!She kept to her promise..yay!Worthy to be my best friend.LOL!:D

    We went to Miss Clarity cafe for some bites and then off to River Valley to see our primary school.It has shifted to a new location and all these years,i've been trying to locate it but to no avail until just now,Elena drove me there.

    Singapore is really damn small.

    With a car but didn't know where to go.

    Without car also don't know where to go.

    My primary school!

    Joker sia.Failure shot 1.I was supposed to be inside!And elena was laughing like siao!

    Failure shot 2.
    'forget it elena,can you stand at the other side!?'

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    I think the screw is loose somewhere up in my head.

    I'm actually very addicted to the songs from High School Musical 2.I'm dead.Soon,very soon,you'll see me snatching the CD away from my younger sister.Yay!

    I can never forget that period when Disney Channel kept on repeating the show and my younger sis will be sitting right infront of the tv,watching,eating and even sleeping with the tv switched on.Why?The songs are her lullabies.

    It almost drove me nuts!

    And now,i feel so ashamed of myself.Shh,she must not know this.Ever!

    Anyways,went for my driving just now and damn,i suddenly feel driving is very stressful.No,the instructor karen introduced to me is damn nice.In fact,i think he's too nice already.Too nice until i feel the pressure to pass the test.Really!

    But then again,i know i shouldn't have high hopes on myself.Ok,take it easy baby!

    So,back to my work.

    I've been working at the childcare lately and can i complain,again,that i hate working,again?

    This girl recently joined us as a part time faciliator and may i say,she's one helluva KAY KIANG SI GINA!

    Working is never the same again with her around.

    You see,the thing is,she's new right?But she act like as though she knows everything and REFUSED to listen to you although you worked 1/2 year earlier than her.I'm not trying to say i'm some laojiao or anything but please,show some respect can?

    The other day i left a note telling her NICELY to take note of certain things and guess what?The next day when i went to work,she showed me her si gina chao face.


    I'm not in the wrong for shit's sake!It was the owner of the centre who wants it that way,i'm merely carrying out orders,damnit.

    So this is what she has to say.

    *O,using her super bo gum wan voice:Oh yah,i read your notes already.By the way,i wasn't the one who.....[yakking away..]
    Me:I'm just telling you what i was being told.That's all.
    *O:[yakking away again...]if anything,you just tell Mrs S to ask me lah.
    Me:Oh yah?Then what if you're not working on that day and i'm on duty?
    *O:Just ask her to call me.

    *O = Si Gina

    I didn't exactly say out bitch to her but obviously my actions speak louder than words.

    See,what an ass.

    It's sad to know such people really do exist.Sigh,what to do?

    Now,i'm dreading to go work.

    cindy [ 5:03 AM ]

    Tuesday, April 01, 2008
    The other day saw me out with Celine to shop for her new toy...

    Ok,the gadget itself is not really THAT newly launch but still,it's friggin cool!And i'm quite surprised my bimbo sister can actually get the hang of it quite fast.


    See,wahhh..already using it like a pro.

    Past few days were just plain working for me.Work work work.I almost dread weekends already!Have to wake up early on both days to work,argh!I think i'm destined to have the slog-hard-till-you-die fate.

    So,Celine is going back today.Going back to feed the camels,as quoted by her.HAHAAHA!Did i mention she drinks like a camel,too?Wah lao,you won't want to know.

    Normal human beings have 70% of water in their body right?I believe hers is 90%.

    I'm trying hard to think of what to blog but i really don't know what else to blog.Sorry,i have a life.But a boring one.

    cindy [ 2:41 AM ]