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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, April 30, 2005 and christy jus went home.okai,christy left earlier cus she gotta meet wendy and all..they going ktv. hmm,both of them came over to my house to cook.sorta like a practice for da practical(which is coming real soon!) yup..and i hafta a LOUSY cook ='( i dun understand y..both my parents' culinary skill is mom's fried rice is 'mo tark teng'(in canto)which means very good,i think?LOL yea..and my dad's erm,let mi think..fruit salad(although it doesnt involves much skills!) is tasty too! lol.if onli i could have half of their skill..hmmmm~
    i like cooking but i dun like cooking.contradiction?yes i's fun becus u'll get to sorta maybe outta nowhere create a new dish? and from there u can learn,da tot of washing up all da dishes is soooooooo frustrating! dun u think so? lol! no,im not acting like a spoilt brat cus im definately proud and am dare to say! =D harya,im tired lah fingers smells of onions! =.= ive tried using da soap to scrub it off,bt da smell doesnt seems to be fading abit.=( nvm,i shall try again tmr..until my hands drop off,yes? lol.see,im so crappy! ahhh..i so need to finish up my coursework! yes,i knoe ive been saying this for ages..and da coursework doesnt seems to be finishing ani sooner,bt am trying..trying realli hard,k? and my time plan..i havent even find da recipe and da practical's like 2 weeks from now!? ah,ms soo is sure gonna scream her head off mi!am so used to it,seriously.
    hmm..oh let mi update alil abt yest. esther came over to my was a last min thing.cus we wenta orchard library to borrow some recipe books and our bags were friggin heavy and i was too lazy to take bus home + it was nearing to peak hour,which means..da bus would be darm crowded.and u dun expect mi,carry a heavy bag,standing through da whole journey rite?,esther said come to my house to study cus if she go home she would sure fall i tot why not?so we cabbed e end,she spent most of her time surfing da net (which was predictable)lol.i mean its a sure thing.computers are sooooo tempting! den after which,she revised alil bit for da chinese.and i jus sat there..stoning.heh. i realised whenever im stress/sad/tired jus not feeling realli good,i will simply STONE.hohoho..
    ah,alrite..gotta hit da sack soon! ciaos..

    cindy [ 1:55 PM ]

    Thursday, April 28, 2005
    hello,hello,hello pple!! hehee,i knoe i hadnt update for days! so sorrie..becus i realised dat there isnt much to update! =p
    pe was 2.4,again! flunk,again!wads new man? tell mi!-pouts
    felt like vomiting after dizzy eh.but hey..NO MORE 2.4 ANIMORE!! woooOHooo!! *cheer*
    wenta UOB bank with helle and esther after sch.after which,we wenta eat at pizza-hut at centrepoint.chicken shrooms is so yummylicious! *weeeet! ;) as usual,took quite a few pics using esther's hp.haha,and da couple on da opposite table kept looking at ahhh! heck! we do wad we wanna do! =) den chatted for awhile.u knoe time flies blah blah! girls talk,yes? lol! yup..den after dat,we headed home.helle took mrt and esther and mi took bus. den lucky us,got up da bus and saw this hp on da seat.we didnt knoe wad to do cus it was both our 'first time' HEH! first time as in picking up hp lah uh! lol!den we were discussing wad to do.den jus nice da andy i asked him wad will he do..and,as PRACTICAL as he is,he said he would keep da phone or sell it lah duh?-speechless- lol,bt..being a civilised citizen and good students (ahem) we knoe dats NOT da right thing to we were still figuring out wad to do! so,i called helle and asked her.and again,another PRACTICAL fren of ours asked 'wad model?' lol. did i mention it was an old model? okai,yea it was an old she added on,give back to da are we supposed to give back to da person if we dunno wheres da person? and worse of all,all da numbers in his hp werent singapore was all overseas nos. so we hanged up da phone and still,deciding on wad to do with it. den helle msged mi and said' 'u had a great meal todae,so do some good deed!' lol.okai,so as we did..we wenta da NEAREST police station to make a 'report'.notice da inverted commas? yes,becus we merely sat there for abt 20 mins as we were told to 'have a seat'.hah.den da policeman told us dat da person had called back and he will be going down to get it back and blah blah. den esther was like 'den we sit there so long for wad?!' and she started singing 'my happy ending'. she's high lah uh! lol! yup..den we went different directions.
    hoho,i do feel goooooood in a way becus i truly understand da feeling of having to lose ur hp!! its a torment, yea,do feel proud of mi.....well,us yah?! hahaa! okai,dats abt it!

    cindy [ 10:50 AM ]

    Saturday, April 23, 2005
    its past midnight and still blogging! came home abt..15 mins ago? jus before it strikes 00.00am!(which is supposingly be my curfew) i dunno y bt my dad seems to be rather lenient to mi these daes..and he always volunteer to send mi if i were to go out.heh.and i truly appreciate dat! =D my mom seems to be nagging lesser too! good..good things are coming my least for now?!
    okai..went out with kelvin,wendy,christy and esther. they wanted to eat dinner.although mi and esther alreadi had our dinner,we still tagged along..we met at little india's mrt and from there,we wenta p.s. walked arnd but found decided to go lucky plaza as they wanted to eat some indonesia cuisine.oh btw,we walked from p.s to lucky plaza..imagine how far is dat!? we passed by Istana,meriden,heeren,paragon den lucky plaza! okai,nvm abt dat part! lol. den in e end,when we reached there..half da shopping centre was alreadi we wenta scotts Ajisen to eat. after dat,didnt knoe where to go..wanted to pool at parklane but something happened. one of our schmate got drunk(no names shall be mention here) den christy decided to 'rescue' wenta find not trying to say anithing lah uh,but i mean if u cant hold ur liqour well den DONT drink.and if u wanna drink,knoe ur limits.duh rite?! to mi is like making a fool outta urself..yes i understand dat some pple drink to drown their sorrows,but..argh! i jus find it darm fake..sorrie but i need a place to not angry or against anione or wadsoever..jus dat i cant stand pple who doesnt knoe their limits.=.=
    so in e end,christy and kelvin had to help da person by sending her to wendy's house to god knoes when she will 'wake' up. den mi and esther didnt knoe where to go so we decided to go home.
    ah,enough of dat. went to borders after sch todae with esther and finally!haha.bought a book by nicholas sparks,da writer of 'a walk to remember','notebook'..jus to name 2 of his bestselling novels. and after which,went home.bag was friggin heavy therefore no mood to walk arnd. lol.
    alrite,gonna upload some of da pics we,stay tuned! hehee! =) nite pple..

    cindy [ 3:58 PM ]

    trying to act sweet..failed attempt.LOL Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 1:08 AM ]

    smileeeee..okai,im smiling can u see? Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 1:07 AM ]

    erh,us again..isit betta this time? lol Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 1:06 AM ]

    lol,okai..poor photography skill,i knoe. Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 1:05 AM ]

    mi and esther.. Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 1:04 AM ]

    chris,wendy and kelvin..such awkward position christy!  Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 1:04 AM ]

    kelvin,christy and mi at da Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 1:03 AM ]

    Thursday, April 21, 2005
    here i am..blogging once again.heh.jus got back home from harbourfront.finally ate subway!-contented- chill at subway while esther continues her like i said before..never-ending but todae was ultra furnie lah uh! we were talking abt this guy from my names shall be mention here! so lets name him..'T' i lame or am i lame? nvm! ahaha..cus we saw T digging off his nose during CME class and it was such a turn off. hah! den after sch,he was like walking behind mi and esther den esther was like..'faster walk faster walk'. and roy tot dat we were playing with them so,they increased their speed too. LOL. den esther came out with this lame idea..she told roy dat she left her books in sch.den roy volunteered to RUN back to da sch and get it for her.LOL.den esther was like..

    esther:ah?nvm lah nvm lah..(turns back and continued walking)
    roy:nvm lah..i help u take,u tell mi where is it? i run back..
    esther:nvm dun need.cus jus now i look inside my bag dun have da book den i look again,den its inside..

    hello esther?u think magic ah? LOL! omg,i was alreadi laughing like a mad woman..and da roy still can continue saying wad erm dun bluff lah..blah blah! haha.
    okai,den at subway..we were talking abt T and his behaviour. cus dat time,pe lesson he fell on her.den she told mi..its like an elephant fell onto piglet leh. omg! i realli kept laughing non-stop lah uh! until i had back ache. my gosh..i should realli calm myself down in times like this! lucky thing was dat da subway's not realli dat crowded.jus a couple of pple..heh!
    after which,went home.supposed to have tuition at 6.30 my tutor couldnt make it so yea.hah.yup!guess dats abt it..gonna bathe now! laters pple!

    cindy [ 8:35 AM ]

    Wednesday, April 20, 2005
    harlo ha! jus finished conferencing on da phone with ruiza,andy and derrick.hah its been ages since we last conferenced =D and da -toot- derrick kept singing non-stop,goosepimples were alreadi standing up and he doesnt knoe da limits! =.= heh.yesterday didnt blog cus was kinda lazy.okai darm lazy! =.= so gonna briefly summarised wad happened yesterday (for all dat i can remember!) esther and i was thinking on where to go and eat cus she need to go to parklane to buy something from da we tot of going to far east's subway to grab a bite but onli to realise theres an outlet at paradiz centre,which was near parklane! bt we took da wrong bus,so we alighted at far east.den esther wenta find something and blah blah..den! when we were abt to cross da road, oh btw,esther was still busy toking to! and when we were abt to cross da road,there was this merz dat was coming towards esther..and i was alreadi like 'got car!' den she was still busy toking/nagging dat da merz actually horned at her! lol.and she still can act 'so cool' and continued onli to realise she was shivering from da shock in da bus! HAHA! her action was so furnie lah uh! den we kept laughing non-stop and da person infront of us was like looking at us. haha! den,she prayed to God..thank God for saving her da bus.yes,in da BUS. -_-" haha bt it was so furnie lah uh! i kept laughing..i dunno y! she got this comical face lah uh..and her actions are always so exagerrating. lol! den after dat we wenta P.S to eat KFC.and she started to tell mi her story all over again.haha!wonder wad keeps her going eh? lol! her story is like..never-ending.heh!
    okai,den back my maths test and MT paper.passed both but not very high scores so yea..nuthin to be proud of. had Napfa in da afternoon after da assembly and Vigour won da cheer compeition! vOila! =))
    eh im proud of my sit and reach..but darm dat andy tham.i tot maybe i could win him at least 1 station,bt NOooo..he wants to prove to pple how FLEXIBLE he can be.-argh!- bt ahh..heck! its over! wanted to go home but esther asked if wanna go eat,so wenta far east(majidah's mom stall i think?) to eat with derrick,sam and esther. cab-bed home cus too lazy to wait for bus/peak hour/crowded/pure laziness. dropped esther off at p.s cus i felt bad not accompanying her to take bus. =p she wanted to drop at little india bt da taxi driver dropped her at p.s..den after dat he apologised to mi cus he said he tot dat one of us wanted to drop and p.s and another one wanted to drop at little india.hah.
    oh im gonna upload a pic of esther..she asked mi to upload it! LOL! and dat was da picture i was laughing my arse off becus taking a pic with wiki.i looked as though i jus cried.confusing? haha,nvm..u'll get wad i mean! heh!

    cindy [ 11:28 AM ]

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    HAHAHA! dun u think she look like da 'zhu ba jie'? hahaa! no lah jk! and when i said dat,she can still laugh..! LOL! heh.esther,i uploaded alreadi..happy? haha! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:32 PM ]

    before taking this pic i was laughing my arse off..cus i saw this pic of esther............HAHAHAHA! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:31 PM ]

    Monday, April 18, 2005
    boring day! hmm did nuthin much,been a potato crouch da whole day! hrumm..well ruiza is not coming back afterall.='( hmm,bt at least now dat ive learnt to be smart..i didnt plan anithin,heh.disappointed as i well! im still very looking forward to end of da year!
    i wanted to so very much revise my work i jus got no mood to do it! =.= toked to ruiza on da phone for merely 12 mins cus my card was running outta money..heh.den esther called jus now and she said dat shes very bored..hello miss?ure not da onli one =p haha.come to think of still stuck with my fnn! haha.tmr's sch again,darm! >.< whole new week,again. but i guess this week's gonna be more of a physical stuff yea? tues is da napfa which i knoe im gonna be so wed's pe and thurs,2.4 again! shaiteeee! tsk tsk,its okai im gonna give it yet another try.most come to most..i'll skip sch da next day! aha! i was
    my digestive system doesnt seems to be working well todae? lol.harya,im bored! tmr's da maths test part 2.and im in dead meat cus i was supposed to have tuition todae,bt my tutor have got something its gonna be postponed to next wed.and i was thinking of asking her to go through with mi da transformation argh! gonna rely on myself den!(which is not realli a good idea) heh. its okai,relax relax..alrite,gotta run! laters!

    cindy [ 9:58 AM ]

    Sunday, April 17, 2005
    Good morning! its 10.11am now..wonder y did i wake up so early? wasnt voluntarily. christy called mi at abt 9am and she was like :-

    christy:cindy! quick quick quick,i need ur help!
    me:huh?(still half-sleeping)
    christy:quick!go on ur comp now! i need ur help!
    me:y?harya im still sleeping leh
    christy:quick lah! im doing da amazing race now! quickkkk!

    so okai,i woke up and help them search for da place and taadaah,im awake. i wanted to get back to sleep,bt i cant..='( so tot of blogging since ive got nuthin to do now! hmm,yesterday was a blast! okai..not so much of a blast yah? lol! erm let mi start from da MT exam first and foremost! (p.s: its gonna be quite a long entry!)
    AH,darm dat paper! it was so difficult okai!omg,da comprehension is like -wad the hell- and i dun realli understand wad is it toking abt! like,okai..i knoe its abt dunno wad certificate and all,bt..its hard lah uh! den okai nvm,after da exam wenta meet jumay..wenta developed my photos for my grandmama.den we wenta cream bistro to eat.during which,jumay commented dat im a harsh person..okai lah,maybe i am.okai,dun tok abt it..
    den wenta cityhall mrt to meet da rest of da pple at 7 cus we were planning to celebrate andrew's,christy came over to my house at 6.45pm as my dad said he wanna send us..oh,den we quickly wenta buy da present for him a levis shirt. den da whole lot of us-abt 15?- walked to suntec city's sky garden..dats where da 'surprise' took place.haha.den when they reached,we sang da birthday song and blah blah..took quite a number of pics.gonna upload later!=D so sweet lah da 'beng-lian' couple! lol! oops! we demanded them to kiss and christy recorded down!(using my cam of cus! haha!) so sweet lah =D den took a group pic and wenta food court cus most of them were esther and mi wasnt very hungry so she said she wanna look at da skirt,so we wenta see..dats where da furnie part begins! LOL! esther was like looking at da skirt and she realli liked one of them,bt she tot da cutting was too big for her cus it was L..da salesgurl was sitting next to her so she conveniently asked the salesgurl..

    esther:erm,u think da cutting is too big for mi?
    salesgurl:for who? u?
    esther:yah for mi..
    (btw,esther was still smiling at dat point of time..)
    salesgurl:for u?can ah..(in mandarin)

    ta-ta-taa dahhh!! esther mood changes! her face turned black in an instant! lol!(if u get da point lah uh!) haha,bt esther's reaction was so furnie i couldnt help but kept laughing! haha! even now when i think of it,i'll still laugh out loud! bt da salesgurl also very wad lah uh,dunno how to do straight-forward for wad?! haha! esther,jus kidding! =) no lah,bt seriously,da salesgurl is realli dumb.and they gave da plastic bag is like those pasam malam plastic bag u knoe? ahaha! and esther was like..'wah!' haha,bt so furnie lah uh her reaction! =D haha,okai den we joined da rest at da food court..who was there ah? erm okai..there were.. abhisek,andrew,wiki,andy,helle,yunjin,esther,jianwen,binghong,yuhow,kelvin,roy,roy's bro,royce,steven,manoj,jaffar,christy,wendy and mi! yup,20 of us..
    after dinner,helle,abi,yunjin went home first..and da rest was waiting for christy,wendy and kelvin cus they wenta play arcade.slacked awhile and wanted to go home BUT christy they all took my hp and they boarded da bus first,so i have got no choice but to go parklane to get it back..da christy,wendy and kelvin went there first cus we missed da left roy,roy's bro,andy and mi..esther and royce was there at first,bt i think they went home another yea.den reached parklane,they wenta play c.s and i knoe nuts abt c.s so i jus boringly stayed there..den derrick and jason came.they too,played awhile den after dat we left.den they wanted to eat supper bt i was realli tired lah,wasted all my energy getting my things back..den haha,luckily kelvin went home to change first..if not....... lol! den derrick,andy and jason took a cab home and christy,wendy and mi took another cab home.da christy and wendy went home to take their bike i think,bt i went home to SLEEP!
    yup.athough it was a lil boring but it was quite a fun day lah uh. yea..phwalar,long entry isnt it? i wasted nearly an hour of my life typing this! lol! alrite..gonna grab something to eat now.heh!

    cindy [ 2:01 AM ]

    Saturday, April 16, 2005

    da new band! haha.. Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:29 AM ]

    erm..?!?! haha Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:29 AM ]

    hello? da camera is here..onli 1 person's looking! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:28 AM ]

    at da mrt..i dunno who took it? Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:27 AM ]

    superman and lana lang? oh pur lease! haha! =p Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:27 AM ]

    im taking pic with a lian! omg..haha! wiki and mi =D Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:26 AM ]

    da 2 yandaos..ahaha! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:25 AM ]

    at da sky romantic =D haha! erm,we do look like monsters cus i forgot to set red-eye reduction..hehe! so sorrie =p Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:25 AM ]

    mi,helle and esther..helle thinks dat shes a superstar..-kaaaa pui!- LOL jk! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:24 AM ]

    share with his beloved lian! i mean,gf ! =D hahaa! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:23 AM ]

    da bdae boi tot da cake was too yummy until he cant resists but to.......... Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:22 AM ]

    i have got no place to sit..='( Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:20 AM ]

    ah!da cake =D Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 11:19 AM ]

    Friday, April 15, 2005
    hellloo..jumay jus went home. yup,met her after sch todae at city hall..wanted to watch miss congeniality2,bt again,failed attempt ='( so we wenta marche to grab a bite. jumay wanted to go kbox and i was like 'crazy,tmr i got MT exam eh,go kbox?!' den she was like 'harya,u must relax abit..den u can study betta' (u knoe,typical jumay chin's theory on getting betta results?) haha! den after dat we didnt knoe where to go and my bag was friggin heavy! so decided to come over my house. before dat,while we were waiting for da cab,theres this taxi driver..friggin attitude problem.becus there was a long queue infront of us and we didnt knoe dat he was changing shifts den jumay tot he was asking us where we going cus he wind down da window,so jumay shouted -da place we were going,which was my and da taxi driver was crazy..he shouted back 'im changing shifts lah,wad da hell did u say!' something like dat lah uh.i mean infront of so many pple k?! den jumay shouted back 'wad da hell is ur problem?!' and da taxi driver jus drove off..crazy fellow.and thus,jumay's mood was kinda spoilt. realli crazy driver! hahaa
    we didnt do much,watched da jay chou's concert in da dvd..although im not a jay chou's fan,bt yea..i hafta agree his songs are nice =) yup,did nuthin much..

    sch todae was as usual.boring.todae's pe was 2.4 again. lol,ever wonder how sway a person can get? yesterday missed by dunno how many secs and todae? missed by 3 secs! 3 secs eh! LOL! and dat person is none other than Andy Tham! LMAO! who ask him? wanna act tough..yesterday ran,regret.and todae wanna run again..haha! wad to do?he thinks hes a superman..haha,bt its okai lah uh week lorhs! since u like running so much..HAHA! =p oh, and esther..though she failed by merely a few secs,could tell dat she realli tried very hard. haha,i dun even have da determination to run throughout okai! so yea..i knoe ure reading this esther,haha! its okai lah uh, at least u tried =D next week can do betta,k? jiayou! heh!
    yup,dats abt it! tmr's da MT exam! gonna study soon..heh! laters!

    cindy [ 11:04 AM ]

    Thursday, April 14, 2005
    omg! jumay shocked da hell outta mi!! haha!i was thinking perhaps after re-arranging all da cards,i can get started on my maths.okai,den i came across this card from jumay for my bday.den after reading,my hp was jumay! okai,it was alreadi quite freaky..da 15 secs conversation went like this:-

    jumay:hello cindy!
    jumay: go to ur door now!

    put down da phone, dashed outta da room,to da door and..

    me:ahhhh!! why are u here!?!
    jumay:i wan to surprise u wad!(hands over da prezzie she got from shanghai)

    took a few pics bt turned out like shet,so decided not to put it up(or she'll kill mi),chatted for awhile as i was still recovering from da shock.. she stayed for onli half an hour? yup..haha =)she wanted to stay longer,bt her mom's not realli happy abt yea,betta dun!i mean yea,she comes back once in a while of cus need to spend more time with her family,rite? =D haha,so yea! got 2 surprises todae.heh! im a happy gurl =D

    cindy [ 11:25 AM ]

    my leg's alreadi starting to ache..ran 2.4,flunk it,wads new? hah! and next tues is da napfa alreadi,and thursday gonna run AGAIN -faint- wads there to run when i knoe im gonna flunk it? =.=
    tmr having da maths test which i knoe im gonna flunk it aniwaes! (okai,wads wrong with mi? i seems to be failing everything!)no,this cant continue,this seriously cant continue! =
    shet,i think im suffering from some short-term memory or something! i dun seem to remember even a teeny bit on wad happened todae!? oh gosh! erh..erh..okai,after sch wanted to go borders but den helle got da malay remedial so in da end,went home instead.took a cab home becus i was dead beat and da friggin weather is driving mi nuts! cool/warm/cool/warm..argh! do i sound grumpy? im not lah uh,i jus dun like da weather! ='( friday's da MT exam! jus 2 days away.. bt one thing i like abt having exams is dat..can go home early! heh! other than dat,i dun see theres anithin for mi to be happy abt =p oh!todae received a card from ruiza =) so nice of her,always doing da sweetest thing.hah! aniwaes,i knoe ure reading this(although u dun tag!)..thanks sis! =D im gonna buy a big box to keep all da cards dat she gave mi cus over da years,da cards dat she's given mi can alreadi fill up da whole box! im serious!(aww,do i sound les-cidified enough?!) heh!
    erm,alrite i realli think theres nuthin else for mi to update on! so i shant waste animore of my precious time blogging,gonna revise for maths! so,ciaos!

    cindy [ 10:04 AM ]

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005
    harlo!!! man,do i sound energetic or wad!? hoho!jus woke up like..5 mins ago?yup,u read it right..i jus WOKE UP ! harya,no choice lah so tired! slept at 12.30am yesterday aiight! yesterday's desperate housewives were great man.haha!especially da nanny part?it was friggin furnie! tsk tsk,and to look at da oh-so-fine Eva Longeria is simply fasinating!(im 100% straight,no worries!) jus dat i find her jus to attractive even a woman will be attracted to her?she has dat sweet yet seductive look.heh! and Teri Hatcher(if i got da name right) she's pretty attractive too.=) and i kinda forgot da name..not da one with da small kids,bt da one with da boy dat knocked down gabby's mother-in-law? yea,dat one..!i feel she looks like Nicole Kidman!(okai,i can hear pple protesting,but..i say TO ME lah uh!) haha!
    hmm,nuthin much todae,went home straight after sch.oh,and todae is da Friendship Day if im not wrong?wiki bought for all of us a small box with sweets and chocolate inside!so sweet isnt it?u're da man wiki!(as in,not man-man,but man..ah,u knoe wad i mean!) heh! thanks wiki =)) i seriously need to buck up on my maths!i dun seem to quite understand wad is going on although da question is kinda straight-forward! how?how? da exams are so near yet im still slackening!=p haryo,this cant continue..this cant continue! bt anihows,i brought my textbook theres no excuse for mi to not to revise,i knoe. -_-"
    perhaps like wad ms soo said..we're da last graduating classes for monkshill,so make da best outta it? i mean,even if monkshill gonna merge in abt a year's time,we should merge with pride? something like dat lah uh! which i agreed with her (for da first time!) monkshill did,in one way or another,gave us fond memories and maybe,chances to explore?(okai,im not making sense in this,bt yea u knoe wad i mean) this is da place where i met all my frens,peer pressures and all..haha! all my 'zhu peng gou you'(if u dunno,dun bother to find out..its nuthin great!lol!;p) oh but i have to add on! i have no regrets meeting y'all yah? =D and for those whom are close to mi,they sure do left a significant place somehow and somewhere in my <3.> okai,im getting outta topic! so as i was saying..since its da last year,we should work double-hard for da Os to mark da end of monkshill history..ok,this sounds realli saddening. ='(

    okai,i think i betta start revising for my horrible maths! so,cyars!heh.

    cindy [ 10:35 AM ]

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005
    hoooo..cold day todae! well actually not da WHOLE day,its like da weather is rather bizarre! i was perspiring non-stop in da morning and now,im freezing! is this a symptom of da world's ending soon? HAHAA! dun mind mi,im crapping (as always!) no nt sure wad happened to mi lately! kept thinking abt da world's gonna end soon..dun get it wrong guys,not dat i wished it to happen..but im jus afraid we're gonna face it real soon? okai..touch a million woods! x) cindy chen,wad da hell is wrong with u!?! oh wells,may god bless everyone!!

    hrum,after sch stayed back for awhile..waited for helle to finish her remedial.went to da library with wendy and esther teo.and dat esther kept taking pics of herself..(multiple times!) tsk tsk,no shame! haha! jkjk! oh,they had to stay back becus of da dental appointment..i dun need,cus i have HEALTHY GUMS/TEETH! -ding- okai,den after dat helle was done with her thing and we went to far east to eat.da curry chicken from kfc is not too bad,i feel it was betta than da satay chicken? or isit satay burger? harya,something abt satay! haha! da curry taste nicer =D den went to buy shorts..saw this mp3,its darm cool! bt da brand is not realli recognised,bt heck!da features were great and they are giving lotsa freebies! haha! u knoe like da speakers and i dun think im buying lah uh,although im realli tempted to buy! somehow i jus feel dat mp3 is a waste of money..i dunno y? perhaps its time for mi to change my mindset bt as for sticking with da such-a-waste-of-money mindset! lol! den after dat wanted to go she gotta rush home for tuition,so yea went home altogether =D oh man,tmr's da listening! okai,its not dat bad lah uh..jus dat im scare of friday's paper! oh,and thursday gonna have another maths test..this time is transformation.and im dead sure im not gonna do well for it! darmit,gotta start revising more slackening!
    alrite,shall update tmr! laters!

    cindy [ 10:57 AM ]

    Monday, April 11, 2005
    hi pple.oh gosh,todae i felt another tremor(s)..2 times! and my left eyelid jumped furiously during my tuition(btw,if u guys didnt knoe..whenever my left eyelid jumps..coincidentally, something bad will happen!) is it freaky or wad? -_-" jus hope those affected areas will be able to receive help asap!
    omg,i knoe i shouldnt be saying it,sometimes i DO feel dat da world's ending soon =( (slap my mouth gazillion times!)im trying to be real optimistic here..but ah,nvm! one piece of advice everyone..cherish everything u have now =) be contented!

    okai,back to something more chirpy!eh..ruiza might be coming back this april! bt nt confirmed yet lah uh! this gurl has nv ending nonsense! LOL! jkjk! (oh no..i knoe she's reading da blog,bt haha! sis,im joking =pp) bt i seriously hope dat she'll get her arse back here for awhile! i mean,at least before i get started on my revision?heh!and..nono,im not gonna plan anithing becus it has not been finalised if shes coming back or yea!
    -cross fingers!- i knoe not onli i wan her to come back lah uh,derrick and andy also cant wait! HAHAA! am i smart or am i jus brilliant?! heh! and dat darm karen..everyday work,work,work! such a workaholic,i think she's realli addicted to working right now!=p bt seriously,hasnt been able to catch up with her for a while..=.= bt she must be doing fine lah uh,with her darling..tsk tsk!

    ah!tmr is sch again..boring!sometimes i jus feel like staying at home to revise on my own,seriously.i do have alot to catch sec 3s + sec 4s revision! da books are piling up my am i gonna finish it? haryo haryo! hahaa,alrites!gonna hit da sack soon!so..ciaos!

    cindy [ 2:25 PM ]

    Sunday, April 10, 2005
    my god,my stomach is realli killing mi! its been aching since this morning since i woke up!(okai,nt morning..early afternoon) im nt sure wad is it dat caused da ache! i swear,if it persists im gonna see da doc! my legs are in a wobbly state due to da number of visits to da toilet! and i cant eat anithing now..wadeva i eat,it wil eventually be wasted(if u knoe wad i mean!=p) look,im not trying to be disgusting or its da fact lah uh! im craving for some many yummy-licious food right now! prata/kinder bueno/cha kuay tiao/carrot cake/popiah/mua chee/fried rice/sugar cane/soya bean/etc! realised its all unhealthy food? LOL dats how i ended up in this size lah uh! heh! bt life's short man..gotta use it up wisely =)
    my cousin's birthday todae! HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY MIAOMIAO! her name's nt realli miaomiao lah,its jus how we called her..haha! thought of celebrating with her bt she'll be working till 9pm! so yea,perhaps another day?=p time flies isnt it? she's alreadi 20..kept thinking she's 18! NOT becus she looks young!bt u knoe sometimes when u look at someone who's close to u,it seems dat they're stuck at dat age? take for instance,ruiza.she's turning 18 this i kept thinking she's 15? again,NOT becus she looks young..LOL! bt she does lah uh =p and i still cant believe im 17! turning 21 in jus merely 4 years time!! how fast is dat?! =(
    sometimes i dreaded da thoughts of growing up..i realli do! when u grow older,ur heart tends to feel more empty? eh,at least dats how i feel! its like,things are starting to change..for da betta or worse it all depends. people around u tends to change too for da betta or da worse it also depends? and da way u look at things is totally different as u tot when u were younger.
    im starting to feel im quite an emo person..i tend to indulge myself with da nt sure why either? it onli happens when i hear songs or see things dat are realli familiar to mi.. bt every other days,im pretty normal! LOL! do u guys feel this way too? or am i da onli one? -_-" heh.
    my elder sis wrote mi a testimony in friendster..onli after reading it,i realised how much i missed onli able to see her at da end of da year which,btw is still very long! hoho,bt she kept bugging mi to upload da pics for her! and i dunno how to scan eh? lol! okai..i shall go watch tv now,such a boring day! =(

    cindy [ 6:06 AM ]

    Saturday, April 09, 2005
    hello.(noticed i dun sound as hyper as before? lol)
    well,this morning da principal announced dat monks hill is gonna merge with balestier hill in 2007.yea,it doesnt realli affect us(da graduating classes) directly bt somehow it does.get it?like wad many pple said..its da memories we had in da sch!actually there was this rumor going on da past we didnt expected it to turn out to be a CURSED.i mean yea,sometimes we'll be like 'aiya,mhss gonna close down alreadi wad' something like,we DONT realli mean it lah uh!=(
    da principal took up da first period,so we're supposed to carry on with da second period lesson(which is da same lah..cus we got 2 LTK's lesson) and she was rather emotional lah.cus someone asked her if she's sad..i mean duh?!of cus rite? she's been teaching in da sch for how many decades?(maybe not dat more or less!) and she cried..i mean not as in cry out loud or something,its more of like..sobbing? and she quickly got herself tissues to wipe her eyes.i almost followed her..cus i cant stand da sight of seeing pple cry.its like we cant do anithing abt it?feel so i seriously hope dat MOE will allow us to preserve monks hill's name(although LTK said it was quite impossible)bt we did had a good reputation rite?oh,and da SKIRT!i realli realli hope dat they wouldnt change da SKIRT!(although again,it's quite impossible cus it wouldnt be fair to da balestier hill's pple which btw,i cant realli be bothered abt them!)ah crap!im speechless,seriously.
    okai,lets tok abt something lighter?
    erm..erm..oops,i dun see it as anithing LIGHTER!in fact,its heavier! friday is da MT EXAMS!!! my god,its realli very very very fast! -_-" i knoe pple hate it when i start counting down to exams and i cant help it!!! i hate myself for doing dat too! HAHAAHA! laters!

    cindy [ 10:20 AM ]

    Friday, April 08, 2005
    finally caught a movie..after so many many many months! bt oh wells,its not miss congeniality 2..we went to lido bt lido doesnt have miss congeniality!so we tot of going to cathy and when we walked past da under tunnel going towards da mrt way,we saw this huge poster of 'Samara' helle said wanna watch dat so we can scare da shet outta us,lol!(self-scare?) den i was like..okai,on ah! hahaa so we headed back to lido and was so we went up,bought tickets and straight away wenta da cinema.sit down and jus in time for da show to start!i mean usually we watch movies will like 'geleh geleh'(i think dats how u spelt it!)rite?it was so-so lah,cus its sorta a sequeal from THE RING,so yup!bt throughtout da movie,we were like scaring each!and i covered my ears all da way..hehee!i dun mind seeing da images,bt i cant stand da sound effect!and helle?WORST! she covered her EYES!ridiculous rite? i mean u paid to WATCH da movie and u COVERED ur EYES,how are u supposed to watch?! LOL..quite dumb lah she!hahaa!den after da show,sat down to grab a bite den went home.
    hoho,realised something!i think my younger sis is sorta going on a diet?HAHAA! its obvious lah uh,everyday see her eating nuthin but porriage and a WHOLE cucumber!and jus now sorta heard her and my maid's conversation..something like' like dat how to LOSS WEIGHT!' HAHAA! was laughing like hell in da room!im so evil i knoe! bt harya cant blame..gurls are gurls!there sure to come a stage whereby we'll care abt our image and stuff.its a part of growing up yea?heh!
    oh,my elder sis sent some of her pics over..she sorta looked different =p guess she'll onli be coming back end of da year? jus hope everything's okai for her over there =) she seems to be happy,so happy for her too!i mean she's old enough to make her own decisions so we could onli give her moral support i guess!
    yea..guess dats abt it for todae!ciaos

    cindy [ 10:04 AM ]

    Thursday, April 07, 2005
    argh! i so wanna watch miss congeniality 2! bt no one seems to be free! asked my cousin,she said shes not free..working.(i realised she always reject mi! and i have YET to reject her okai! nvm,soon!) asked elena bt in e end she watched with her frens,so nvm.esther have to use up da savings bt i dun wan lah..i mean like so evil,might as well use da money to buy food rite? so dun wan..i feel darm evil -_-" i have yet to ask helle bt i doubt she wanna watch with ME!now dat someone's more important..hah.
    *sObz* if derrick reads this,he's sure to say dat i have NO FRENS..harya which is so true lah uh ='( cant even find someone to watch movie sad can my life be? or maybe i'll jus give it a miss den..wait for da dvds to come out! aniwaes im not a movie-buff kinda person,so it doesnt realli matter =p and there quite a few movies im quite anticipated to watch! bt seems like ive so little time left? exams round da corner and i still havent switch back to da 'working like shet' mode! how!? im starting to get worried bt yea i knoe..actions speak louder than words,bt i cant seems to get my arse started!=.= i need motivation,i need motivation!!
    omg,im driving myself nuts! im fnn's driving mi up da darm walls and my science aint giving mi ani break either! i need to start working..working hard!!
    pls pardon jus going crazy =p

    cindy [ 9:42 AM ]

    Wednesday, April 06, 2005
    jus felt like blogging,though i have nuthin much to blog abt =p todae is yet another boring day for mi! after sch went to meet up with karen for awhile as she needed to pass mi some books..den after dat went home straight! was so ive said before,no amount of sleep seems to be sufficient for mi!! i dunno y! :'( sorta kept dozing off in da bus,so embarrassing! bt no choice lah uh,tired ! =p
    den came home,bathe and woohoo..hit da sack right off! it was raining~! such a nice weather to would be such a waste if i dun make use of it,rite?! da weather's kinda on and off eh? some days are cool,some days are friggin hot! heh. man, MT prelims are jus round da corner..its NEXT FRIDAY! fast isnt it? den will be followed up by da actual exam! da BIG O..O-M-G! bt its kinda good too yah? get it over and done with so dat we'll have lessen burden!(though MT is not realli a major subject,like u HAVE TO pass it to get into a poly?) bt,its all abt da attitude man! no worries,im gonna strive for it =D strive for da best! my pri sch's,am i loyal or am i loyal?! hahaa!
    zZzzZz..tmr's pe will be da 2.4! im so dead,im so dead! lol! i'll TRY to complete it..though its kinda impossible? hehee! never give up! =p im like toking to myself? *hello cindy,wake up pls!*
    hahaa,okie dokie dats all for todae! laters!

    cindy [ 1:33 PM ]

    Tuesday, April 05, 2005
    hoho,went to da gym with wendy after sch.did treadmill and phwala!i completed da distance!!i failed da past attempts okai!wooohoo!im so proud of myself =D bt im still gonna flunk if i were to run at dat speed for da 2.4!! (i knoe im not gonna pass,so y bother!?) heck! HAHAA!
    jus watched a few video clips on Pope John Paul II..i was realli moved when i saw this clip abt this guy who were among da crowds actually shot right at the Pope's stomach and caused chaotic scenes after dat..cus many pple were shocked and tot da Pope's life may be in danger,but funny how da Pope recovered realli fast! of cus da man was arrested on the spot!i mean..who would have thought someone's after the life of the Holy Father,rite? after da Pope recovered,he went on to da cell to preach the man who assaulted him!how magnanimous is he!? i mean,who would be so forgiving to da person whom was once after your life?! and after dat da man seek for forgiveness..of cus da Holy Father forgave him =)from wad i knoe,da guy was a communist..and Pope John Paul II do not encourage communistism..okai,i knoe i sound alil political!bt i think its rather interesting :)oh!and,one thing dat i admire him is dat..becus he was suffering from Pakison's disease and he was alreadi at da stage whereby during his final days,he had alreadi lost his voice..and many pple were wondering if he had receive special healthcare,bt despite dat,he said dat he strongly believes dat sufferings are part of the journey in life..God didnt make him special by not letting him suffer,bt its da way he looked at it dat makes him special..
    moving isnt it? yup,i knoe :) well,its obvious da great man had left a significant place in da world's heart,and no doubt..he is happy to be with God now =)
    do i sound like im preaching? nono,im not..its jus a thought for da day!

    cindy [ 11:11 AM ]

    Monday, April 04, 2005
    its so annoying to have a younger sibling,seriously!especially a sister!
    wadeva i do,she follows..wadeva i have,she wants it too..wadeva i wan,she DEMANDS! so darm irritated+annoyed by her bloody actions! cant imagine how nice life would be without her!!y cant she jus get a life and stop acting like a spoilt brat!!(now i truly knoe da meaning of wad goes arnd comes arnd..i used to copy wad my elder sister does! and she was friggin annoyed by it,bt i was enjoying it..DARM!bt,i am NOT a spoilt brat!)
    karma,this is called karma! argh! hate it hate it! i knoe i should be more magnanimous..wads more shes my sister,bt no! i cant! i cant do it..i dunno y! wanna knoe how irritating she is? example..this is a mere example.say if i got a new hp,she will be like giving dat kinda face as if everyone owed her money..and my dad will be like 'okai,wad u wan i buy for u lah'.. wad the! and the thing is dat i jus got a printer NOT LONG AGO,and she was like 'daddy,my printer not good lah(like..kiss my ass?theres nuthin wrong with da printer!) i wan a new one'..eyeing on MY PRINTER! obviously my dad wouldnt ask mi to give it to her..instead,he BOUGHT a NEW one for spoilt is she?! bloody brat...and den,another time da computer man came to fix da comp and she conveniently asked my dad to ask da man to change da comp,which by the way is a NEW COMP,to a FLAT SCREEN..such an ass rite?i knoe! and next,she will be damanding a new camera..i bet with u guys!
    y not i give her my ROOM instead? so she can SLEEP ON MY BED,USE MY COMP,LISTENS TO MY SONGS,USE MY CAMERA,USE MY PHONE..USE MY EVERYTHING LAH UH! argh!! i wan my elder sis to come back and deal with her..NOW! (no,betta not..they'll combine power to deal with my instead!) argh! pathetic life i have, i knoe! pity mi pls pple..

    cindy [ 11:00 AM ]

    Sunday, April 03, 2005
    yoohoo! jus came back from Fete Des Francophones! its organised by the French Embassy and Alliance Francaise..i knoe u guys must be thinking i go there for wad rite? nah,i went to support my won some prizes so tot of going there to sorta give her support? yup,and we ate quite abit! theres this 'delifrance buffet'(u knoe deliFRANCE lah,dats!im being lame correct rite?) and da food was yummy-licious!
    OH,and besides dat..*hiak hiak* i feel darm SATISFIED! many angmohs!!! hahaa!!! and we saw this realli cute+tall+suave+omg..frenchmen(duh!?! its a french-alumni!)haha,and i was actually quite dead at after looking at him,phwaahlar! lol! (let mi live in my own world) den my cousin was like i help u ask for his no. lah,den i was like..'pls,if u ask he will straight away walked off!' hahaa,jus let mi admire from afar!!
    and i drank alil worries,im not in a bit tipsy!bt my cousin and her frens?cannot make! one of her fren's face is reali red! tomato red mind u! they're cute lah uh! wads wrong with these pple? yest alreadi dealt with 4 drunkards..todae,another 2! =p bt i guess..i decide to learn FRENCH! hehee! i'll upload da pics soon..alrite,guess dats abt it? nite pple!

    cindy [ 2:25 PM ]

    Saturday, April 02, 2005
    jus got home not long ago..
    first,went out with wendy,christy,wiki and kelvin..we met at 4.30 at bugis den wenta eat steamboat..quite yummy lah =) haha,den after dat went to arcade..they're so darm pro with da machines there!and mi?i feel so suaku k! i knoe! den after dat they wanna go clubbing,bt i didnt want to..(bt in da end i went lah uh) BUT! its not dat kinda club-club,it was calista's dad club? den we sat outside da club and da 4 of them drank..nope,i did not dad will kill mi if i drink! -_-" den they played daidee..left at arnd 10? den kelvin wanna go eat supper with we met derrick and andy at da little india.
    before meeting them..da kelvin was crazy!i feel he was drunk lah uh,bt he said he is not (i mean,which drunkands will admit they are DRUNK?) lol,fine he said he is he was blabbering shet! den nvm,we walked from bugis all da way to little india! my gosh..(actually alot of things happened lah,bt im lazy to its not as though its very serious or whatsoever..)
    den after dat we wenta eat dimsum..den they were still hungry,so we left to eat roti prata..i didnt eat lah uh,im sick of prata alreadi! den omg,we saw this 3 gays..darm gross! they are disgustingly disgusting! hahaa! (if theres ever such a word!) lol,den da kelvin kept saying he's gonna vomit and stuff! bt its so furnie lah uh! hahaa! bt it kinda turns mi on man..LOL! i was just KIDDING!see,u can tell da difference if im tired or not..haha! bt i mean,seriously..its realli %%$i*%4! i think singapore should set up a anti-gays federation! i strongly discourage gays,bt im alreadi experiencing frens gaying arnd with each yea,im getting used to it! haha! okai,im realli sleepy now! im kinda forcing my eyelid to open as wide as possible bt i guess i cant hold on any longer! plus,i hafta meet my cousin tmr! =.= nites pple!

    cindy [ 5:16 PM ]

    Friday, April 01, 2005
    bad day, bad day!
    miss soo jus had to ruin my day! nuthin realli happened todae except for da last 2 periods..which was fnn,and she was so bloody kind to jus spoil it all! its nuthin jus dat i realli hate it when she lay her fingers on mi!! yesh,i dun usually get angry bt this time bloody pissed at her!
    to hell with her,im serious!im all calm now dats y i decided to write this entry..if not,this entry will be full of foul words dat u guys wouldnt believe ure reading cindy chen's blog!
    i dun wanna elaborate more on 'what actually happened' becus nuthin actually happened jus dat YES,SHE LAY HER FINGERS,or should i correct dat..her HANDS ON MI!! grrr! u knoe wad i feel like doing now? i feel like chopping her into pieces..MILLIONS of pieces mind u! and jus dump it in da middle of da road or something and allow da cars to squash it over and over and over and over and over and over and over AGAIN!!!and all da wormies will come and bite bite bite bite bite bitee,BITE on her rotton body! argh!! i guess dat would satisfy mi =)
    MUAHAHAHAHA!LOL! im so HECKED! she spoilt my day and cindy definately DESERVES to have evil thoughts on her! its a fair-fair situation kinda thing! grrr! and after dat went for da library,its so bloody lame! my day's alreadi half-screwed and had to go through another torment!
    ahh!todae's not a good day..bad day!bad day! its okai..hopefully tmr will be a betta day!(ah,crap!!)

    cindy [ 12:19 PM ]