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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Friday, February 27, 2009
    Yesterday was singing at Partyworld with Miss Piggy,Sam and Sister Zaw.It was just snapping of pictures all the way.I swear my camera's battery was full bar when i brought it out and it left 1 bar after we finished singing.

    I don't think i'm gonna upload all though!It's friggin alot.I've uploaded most of it on FB anyways,so go check there out.

    Anyway,received a really shocking news from the boss.Damn,i don't know what to say man.I knew this day is coming,but just never expected it to be so soon.

    And guess what?I think my dad's temper is worse than a woman's menopause!He can be so friggin annoying and unreasonable that i seriously can't stand him.I don't know what is his problem lah,really!I think i've been too good that he feels uncomfortable not scolding me or finding fault with me.Like i've said plenty of times,there can never be a peace moment between the two of us.Every month,there will sure be a cold war between us.Without fail!Whether i'm at fault or not.

    And this time,seriously,i don't think it's my fault at all.

    It's just a habit since what,a friggin long time ago and he's like telling me he only realised it now.

    WTF,really.I've been using that F word alot recently and i'm not very happy with myself.But really,WTF!

    He even pasted a note saying,


    Whatever lah,i don't give a damn anymore.

    Fathers just don't understand what their daughters need.He's becoming into someone i don't know,who doesn't even do what he preaches.And no,i'm not saying i hate my dad.I love my parents,no doubt at all but i just hate what has become of him.I used to love his way of teaching us good morals and all and although he likes to brag alot,we find it amusing and amazing in a way.But i guess we just kind of lost it all.Sometimes you feel like you know the person,but deep down inside,you don't really know who they are.

    For one,i've always try to make myself think positively because i mean,come on man,there's more to life than this.It's cliche but true in a way when they say why choose to frown when you could smile your sorrows away?Nobody said it was easy but i'd love to remember my life in a good way than to cry myself to die on my dying bed.

    But i guess those who knows me well enough would know that i'm not someone who will find excuses to make them look victimised just because of family matters.I think it's bullshit.Yea,probably you'll get affected to a certain extent but ultimately,it's your life.Your choice,your life.

    Life is getting so depressing each day,i wonder how long i can hold on.I have to quit this emo shit.I hate being emo.Being emo = can't think straight.Argh!!

    Anyhoos,Celine(my awesome older sis!i'm just really thankful we're all grown up now and i truly understand what do they mean by blood is thicker than water!:)although she's a bimbo..but anyway!),she's got really cool stuff from Abu Dhabi!


    Cool right!?It comes in alot of models too!

    Guess what's in this box?!Without the hairy hand..



    You can have your own Shisha session at home now!HAHAAHAAH!

    Anyone interested????

    cindy [ 11:21 PM ]

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009
    I've just finished watching the documentary on Britney and man,what can i say?She rocks!!

    She's such a sweet person!

    And funny too!

    'I go through life like a karate kid' - Not easy being her.

    It's like underneath it all,celebs are just normal people.

    Okay,i've concluded.


    cindy [ 11:28 PM ]

    Sometimes i find it really hard to find a balance in life.

    I've been feeling really stressed up lately and i'm the kind of person who will rather keep things to herself than opening up to people telling them how i'm feeling and stuff.And i mean,look,they can only do
    this much.

    You can go on and on about how your day/life sucks and the most positive answer you'll ever get will probably be,

    'Cheer up!'

    Life hasn't been a bed of roses for me recently.

    Ever since i know i have to sit for 4 papers in April,my mood has been really bad.Not that i'm blaming anyone since there's really no one for me to blame except for,oh yes - Myself.

    It's really not easy juggling between work,school,family,friends and housechores.

    Every day,i wake up early to go to work.

    It will be good if i'm working at a place where i can learn new stuff and keep myself occupied but it just pissed me off when my job is so relax and really,i feel like i'm wasting my time away.Imagine the time i'm 'working',i could be catching up on my sleep,cleaning up my room,going out with my friends,revising my work - okay,i can actually do that now but anyway,that's not the point.

    Then on days like Wednesday and Friday,it's a friggin long day for me especially when i have test,which leaves me with no choice but to attend class.Never mind the fact that the train is always jam-packed.It's the lecturer that keeps going on and on and on and on and my eyes will be glued to the clock waiting for break time to come.

    And then i will be cursing myself every time i come home and see the mess in my room and sleep with a frown on my face.

    And every day,the same thing repeats itself.

    Then there's days when i get to hang out with my friends and since i can only hang out with them after my work,i'll always have to count how many hours are left for me to sleep at the back of my mind.Isn't my life sad?Sometimes i'm really thankful i'm not in a relationship because i think it will probably add on to my misery.

    And ever since i'm stuck with this routine,i've not been visiting my grandma/driving her and my mom for random rides and I hardly even see my dad!And i've only webcam-ed with Celine countable times because everytime when i'm online,she's asleep and when she's online,i'll either be going to sleep or well,not online.And there's the younger sis who gives nothing but trouble.Like seriously,she's not a small kid anymore,why can't she just grow up and start using her brain and think?Not as if i don't have enough problems myself,i have to cope with hers as well.

    I wish i could be like those people who can just breakdown and cry and be that fragile of a person they are.

    It's not easy pleasing everyone when i can only handle this much.It's really hard.I always thought as we grow older,we should be mature enough to handle situations better but i guess i was wrong.In fact,it would only make matter worse and more awkward than it already is.

    I'm really hating this..

    cindy [ 2:12 PM ]

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    A year ago,i had to overcome the Anti-Edison campaign and endure all the criticism on 'Edison and his secret abalones.'You might even say i was grieving on Edison's decision to quit showbiz indefinitely.Seh,i really sound like some diehard fan-cie man!

    Now a year later,he's friggin coming to Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok,it's not like i'll bump into him anyway but yah,just so you know,I LOVE YOU EDISON!!


    cindy [ 6:46 PM ]

    Monday, February 23, 2009
    Last night's cycling was fun!!

    First time cycling with Natalia(friend+colleague)and man,although it was only the two of us,it was cool!We cycled to Esplanade and had satay and sweet corn and just chilled.

    Okay,so we had this scary/abnormal encounter.

    We were cycling towards my place and this guy was cycling the oppostion direction.So he was like 'adjusting' his seat while cycling and i was just being curious why he keep adjusting it so i took a closer look and BAH!Curiousity kills the cat!He was friggin masturbating lah!!!!!!!!!!


    SERIOUSLY MAN!!So i told Nata about it and the next thing i know,we were paddling triple the speed man!

    Then back home,while we were at the door,i swear i heard her saying 'where's my breast'!!I was like,

    Nata:NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!I said where's my purse!
    Nata:I DIDN'T!!!Your mind is corupted now!

    And we started laughing like siao from my place to the bus stop!HAHAAHAHA!!

    Wah lao,what corupted man!More like traumatised!Sick!!

    Celine and Jojo is coming back in April!!!!!!!!Can't wait man!!We're gonna Guitar Hero till the cow comes home.HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    cindy [ 12:21 PM ]

    Thursday, February 19, 2009
    Okay and i just realised i always skipped entries on the days i've enjoyed myself.

    Like the other time Karen Tan came over my place and we actually went crazy taking photos with all the party decorations and the infamous geek specs.
    [*Note:I've never liked to use the word 'Camwhore',so stupid!*]

    And then there's the car madness where Miss Piggy,Sam and myself embarrassed ourselves while 'video-ing' without realising there were actually people looking at us from outside the car.


    Cheap thrills i call it:):)

    Okai,so here are the outdated photos!

    Will try to upload the video some day!It's hilarious!:D:D

    cindy [ 10:01 PM ]

    Just back from visiting Jon Paul.Poor boy,he's down with a fever.

    Nothing much to update.Have been pretty stressed with the upcoming exams.I don't really show it but infact,i'm really worried.Been secretly praying real hard that i'd be able to cope.I'm gonna chiong for the whole month of March already man!Can't afford to lose more time..really gotta buck up on my studies!It ain't cheap resitting the exams man.

    Anyways,some pics from the Guitar Hero Session!:):)

    Addictive game i say!

    cindy [ 9:42 PM ]

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009
    I've never quite understand how anyone can get addicted to games until last night,i think i have some form of experience myself.

    I think i'm addicted to Guitar Heros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I can't believe i actually said that out.

    It's damn addictive okay!

    And i think WII is the greatest invention ever!!!:D:D:DD:D:D

    cindy [ 2:24 PM ]

    Monday, February 16, 2009
    WOOOHOOOOOO!!!Just received the letter from GST Offset Package!!That's one damn good thing about turning 21 in Singapore man!!:):):):)

    I like i like!!!!!

    cindy [ 12:54 PM ]

    Saturday, February 14, 2009
    I know its really amusing to hear that i don't eat any other meat except for chicken,pork and fish.

    I might even be considered a semi-vegetarian.

    I've been asked aplenty of times on why i don't eat those meats and no,it's not because of religion.It's just something i can't quite explain.

    People have been telling me i'm missing out on alot of good food(like,beef especially)and etc and seriously,i'm not very easily tempted.Moreover,it's something i've not tried for the past 21 years of my life.So,to actually try something i've not tasted in my entire life,i really need alot of time to adjust to it.

    The other time we went to Fortunate Restaurant with my dad and sis(s),it took me quite awhile to plucker up the courage to eat the Beijing Roast Duck..SKIN.

    Yes,just the skin itself already took me like an hour to 'psycho' myself.

    Even my dad was like,'JUST EAT LAH!!!'

    But,i don't know.I guess it's probably i'm being brought up in an environment where we seldom see dishes like BEEF,MUTTON,DUCK or anything out of ordinary on the table and i think my dad plays a major role in it since he's a vegetarian.

    Now it's a totally different case if we shift the attention to Celine.

    She eats almost EVERYTHING.

    So you see,having a vegetarian dad may result in 2 extremes.

    One that doesn't eat any other meat other than Chicken,Pork and Fish - ME.


    One that eats EVERYTHING like she was deprived of meat throughout her life - Celine.

    I won't say that i will NEVER eat other meat since we wouldn't know but now,since i have a choice,i'd like to be firm to it.

    However,if there ever comes a day when i truly become a carnivore,i'd very much wanna try the Mushroom Swiss from Burger King!

    So,we shall see;);)

    cindy [ 9:51 PM ]

    Happy Valentine's all!!:):)

    So Ruiza is back for a day before flying off to Hongkong.I didn't even know she was coming back today until she called me and since she was using an unknown number,i sounded quite kiam pah.

    The thing about her is that,she doesn't even tell me who is she.She just expects me to know who is she.

    Person-on-the-line:Eh,where are you?

    And the thing about me is that,i don't really care who is the person and i just answer whatever they asked me.


    After what seemed like 5 mins,then i realised she was Ruiza.

    So both Henry and her dropped by my workplace and i tell you,i gave my FIRST TIME(s)to Ruiza Wong.

    The first time i tasted beef was at her place,where she INNOCENTLY gave me a piece of,what we called,BAK KWA and only to realise it was BEEF KWA.

    And today,history repeated itself.

    My first time tasting duck meat.And she can ask me,

    'You don't eat duck one meh?'

    Yes Ruiza,i don't.

    Bloody hell!To think that i actually thought it was quite nice.:X I seriously thought it was chicken until a part it tasted quite wrong so i asked her and she gave me the most horrfic answer,ever.

    So i think the next time she buys food for me,it's better i asked her first.

    cindy [ 5:57 PM ]

    Friday, February 13, 2009
    Shit,i failed my last 2 papers.Not that i didn't see it coming.


    This means that i will have to sit for 4 exams in April.


    cindy [ 11:26 AM ]

    Monday, February 09, 2009
    Night cycling last night was great!At least my ass isn't burning like last week!

    Cycled down to Little India,Balestier then down to Kallang Leisure Park for movie - Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.

    It was okay,very long and draggy though.But Brad Pitt is really friggin hot!No joke.

    I was watching American Idol online and man,this season's really full of drama!Whiny girls totally pissed me off!OH!And i think Danny Gokey is very charming!I personally don't fancy guys with specs but i don't know why he really caught my attention.Heheeeee:):)

    On a sidenote,i think my younger sister is in love.From what i've observed and i've always trust my instinct!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Celine,we shall interrogate her soon!And i think she's picking up you and mom's habit okay!Spraying perfume like nobody's business!

    cindy [ 1:02 PM ]

    Sunday, February 08, 2009
    The teachers here really cracks me up sometimes!The drum teachers especially!

    So i was talking to this drum teacher's student and when the teacher came in,he was like,

    'wah,you young boy trying to chase Cindy ah you!'

    LOL!!!Full of shit man,seriously.

    And the other time,it was the same teacher.He actually drinks Tiger Beer during lesson so that he can be more 'wild'.


    He says it's for better feel.

    Yeah right.

    I don't know why but i'm starting to love my job even more now.It's like another family here,which is great!:):)

    cindy [ 6:21 PM ]

    Saturday, February 07, 2009
    Another thing i love about my job is that,the parents are really nice people!

    I've been getting angpows from them!!:):)


    cindy [ 11:26 AM ]

    Friday, February 06, 2009
    I feel so hardworking!Been updating and posting pictures on my blog!Heheee!:):)

    Not gonna post a wordy post because my eyelids are really heavy right now.Will do so another day!

    In the meanwhile,pictures!!

    Seriously,sometimes i think my ah ma is more ONZ than my mom.My mom has chicken guts.

    At Mount Faber!

    Darling nephew boy!!!Whenever i look at him,i feel like singing Karen Tan's favourite song - Pretty Boy by M2M.

    Of course i hope he will be a hunk instead.


    cindy [ 12:34 AM ]

    Thursday, February 05, 2009
    'Lo Hei' at my cousin's place.With Celine,cyberly.

    Cheeky Monkey

    My cousin just showed me this.

    LMAO!!!!!So confident somemore.'KEN LEE~!!!!'

    cindy [ 12:50 AM ]

    Tuesday, February 03, 2009
    My legs are friggin numb now!I don't even feel like i'm walking when i walk.Okay,sounds dumb but..i don't know how to describe.It's not even aching,it's more like..numb.Ahh,forget it.

    So met up with the 2 bitches at Weejun and Roy's shop.Yes,they are their own bosses now!And this is their website.

    To all Monkshillian reading this blog,you should go down and show some support man.If you either know Roy or Weejun,all the more you should support!It's located at Blk 3 Queen's road,somewhere around Bukit Timah.

    It's nice to see your friends working towards their goals and i think it's only right that we show support.I mean,how many of us can actually do what we want to do?It's always easier said than done,so i think it's really admirable for those who are determined to achieve their goals.

    Yes,i'm just about to stop preaching.

    Now i'm gonna complain.

    School is starting tomorrow,again.And i'm already feeling friggin lazy!I'm feeling so lazy to even get up and walk over to my bed.

    Alright,the sleepy bug just kicked in.Night!

    While webcaming with Sam a moment ago:

    Can see my 'hung tio' face?!!?

    It says: Small Breasted Women are generally Big Hearted.

    Sure Sam.

    Wake up and smell the coffee please.


    I know Kaijia's gonna comment soon.SO FYI,i wasn't trying to act cute okay!My fringe was irritating the hell outta me and i don't own any clips so yes,that explains why.


    cindy [ 11:50 PM ]

    Went cycling with Kelvin and Wendy last night and man,it felt so good sweating it all out!!

    Never mind the fact that my thighs and my ass hurts like crap now and i literally walked like a sumo wrestler this morning from my room to the bathroom.

    I've decided to make cycling a weekly affair so,it's time to get a new bike!

    I had to pedal like crazy cus of the flat tyres despite pumping it 5 times(before and while on the road)since Wendy brought a portable pumper.We became a pro pumping it!

    My healthy living begins now.Or at least that's what i think!

    cindy [ 1:44 PM ]

    Monday, February 02, 2009

    It's a Monday!And it's the second day of February!Yes,February already.Goodness!

    Yesterday saw me and my dad's side family went to the studio for some photoshoot without Celine.She's enjoying herself in India now!HAHAHAAHA!After the shoot,went to The Jewel Box at Mount Faber and man,it's a nice place!I mean,i've heard alot of pple talking about it but don't have the chance to go there and have a look but yea,was pretty impressed.NOT with the food.The food sucks.

    Anyway,i'm friggin bored now.Been finding things to blog about but there's really nothing to.You have no idea how many times i've came to this page yet end up closing it with a blank page.

    On a brighter note,guess what?I'm determine to start saving up money!

    I'm already planning where to go this year.So hopefully,it'll come true!:):)Been procascinating for far too long and never really had a real holiday before,so yes,i'm gonna give myself a big treat this year!HOPEFULLY!I won't mind going alone since i'm AN ADULT(hello!?HAHAHAAH)and i think i deserve a good long break for myself.That is definitely gonna be after i graduate!I can't wait!!I've given up asking people to go holiday together because it will never happen.I mean,what's the point right?Having to accomodate everyone's schedule and all.

    Holiday is supposed to be a time when you feel like you'd just want to relax,get set,ready and go kind of thing.Not when you have to flip through the calender countless times and still can't find a date to go and bloody enjoy yourself.Life is short man!

    Take for example,my dad.He's going to Macau tomorrow.Everyone should learn from him man.Going holiday as and when he likes.For the past year or so,he's been travelling for god knows how many times and been to don't know how many friggin places.So shiok that the word 'Shiok' is not good enough to describe.


    cindy [ 3:50 PM ]