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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Wednesday, July 22, 2009
    I'm back using my desktop.Laptop decided to turn it's back on me..after quite awhile actually and oh well,what can i say?Sometimes old things are still DE BEST!:):)

    So like any other normal humans,i started exploring my folders in the desktop and found lots and lots of old pics which really put a smile on my face.Abit stupid to be smiling to yourself ah.

    I really miss the old times!But quite frankly,i don't think i would ever wanna wind back time.Probably there are things which made me regret til this day,but still,i believe everything happens for a reason.Besides,whenever i looked back at the past..i've never once frowned.It's always a smile i feel that is plastered across my face.Good and bad.And whatever that's bad didn't really turn out to be that bad afterall!Thank goodness for that.

    I came back home and my dad was eager to show off his curry noodles.Before i even get to say anything,he was like,

    Dad:It's very good!

    So yup,okay was good lah.

    I need to start packing my room,again.I don't know why room is always in a mess!Like now.Infront of me is not the desktop,it's a pile of books!I had to stack everything to one side so i can see the screen.

    Can't wait for my diploma to be over!Then i can make my room into a NO-BOOKS room!:D:D...AS IF!

    Okay,time to hit the TV!!!Awesomeness.

    cindy [ 7:33 PM ]

    Monday, July 13, 2009
    I don't know why but i'm so friggin addicted to Akon's Be with you.I've been putting it on repeat since yesterday.The song is stuck in my head!!!!

    Anyway,my dad bought a laptop for himself and yesterday night,i was trying to help him configure everything.Can't believe it,i'm quite a computer noob myself and i have no idea how i did it.So he added Celine on MSN and Celine was like,

    'wah!!so high tech ah u!'

    HAHAAHA!And my dad asked me to add him on my msn list,wah..i need to think about it man!Abit sian if he knows what i'm up to.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Summary of what happened the past week:

    • Went ECP to exercise with Sam,Roy and THE D after god knows how many years,feels friggin shiok to sweat!They skate while i cycled and Roy bought Sam a pair of new skates which costs a whooping $***!!Bloody generous.
    • Roy sent us home.
    • Had class in the evening and Sam crashed class with me.
    • Roy picked us up after my class and we went for car rides!:D:D Awesomeness!
    • Went Mount Faber and then to OCH!WOOOO!!It was so eerie please.
    • Picked Roy's friends up at Goodwood and went for supper at Swee Choon.
    • Had interesting stories..ghost stories,duh?
    • Roy sent us home again.

    Next day was meet up with Karen.

    Newton with Christy and gang at night.PK was gonna enlist the next day,so had a mini gathering.

    • I LOL at Christy when i bumped into Wiki and her while walking to Novena MRT.I friggin LOLed damn loud and couldn't stop myself from laughing again when i met them later in the night.
    • Meet up with Karen the bitch is always nice.We always have endless topics and NEW JUICY gossips to update each other.I LIKE!!:D:D
    • After Newton,the rest wanted to go..i don't know where and i decided not to join them,as usual.Roy needed to go home too so he forced me into his dad's car.LOL!Okay,sounds wrong.We waited for his dad to pick him up and he asked his dad to send me home.Damn paiseh but..yah.Not acting shy!

    Work was as usual,borrrrrrrrring.


    • New part time maid came and WOOOO!My dad paid for it.Yah,cus usually when he moodswings,i'll be the one paying for it.So yay to that!
    • Very good,i like her.Clean very good.HAHAHAHAHA!

    Basically,that's it.

    Gonna eat my breakfast now.Ciao!

    cindy [ 11:48 AM ]

    Sunday, July 05, 2009
    So Celine is back with the camels.

    Dad dropped Celine and myself at the airport to meet up with Miao before Celine's flight.So fast man,18 days gone just like that!Goodness!

    Last few days she was sick,so ended up doing nothing much.

    Chilled at GWC's Starbucks on Friday with Siaoyun.Smart move!I needed sometime to cool down as my dad was being quite unreasonable again.And it turned out to be okay in the end!I woke up quite early the next day and he asked me to follow him to buy food back instead of going out to eat.Talked to him in the car and i guess it was pretty cool.I thought another cold war would be up soon!LOL!

    So anyway,bought cake back for XT..advance birthday celebration for her before Celine flies off.And yup!

    I feel like as if i'm writing summary man.

    Today's work was soooooooooooooooooo friggin slack!Sometimes i really think i get paid for nothing man.Tsktsk!Not good!

    Err,okay..i really have nothing much to blog about.HAHAHAAHA!Will update when i have something interesting to blog about.Or not.


    cindy [ 7:47 PM ]

    Wednesday, July 01, 2009
    HI THERE!!!I know i haven't been posting a proper entry for the longest time.My bad.

    So last week saw me working 9 days straight to cover Nata(colleague)'s shift.It was..tiring like mad!Not the working part,but the waking up part.Especially on Thursday and Saturday.I will find myself talking to myself and go like,'i don't wanna work already..i wanna sleep.'

    And i was literally dragging my feet to the bathroom because i was so darn sleepy!Thank god it's over!

    So this week,i have Nata to cover for me for 3 days since my sis is going back this Saturday. For the past week,i've been working and was hardly at home so decided to just maybe chill alil for this week.

    Hmm,nothing much i guess?Or probably there were but i was just too lazy to blog and kinda hard to recall it now.

    See the thing is,when you stop posting new entries,you'll find there's no point doing so as time passes.And abit sian ah,like everytime come into my blog but see no updates or pictures or anything.HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Ok lah,will find time to blog a proper entry soon.Heeeee!:D:D

    cindy [ 1:11 PM ]