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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010
    I've actually noticed there was a great jump in my meter counter and it got me thinking why is that so.It couldn't be that random strangers are starting to read my blog cus i'm entertaining right?AHEM,okay self-praise is no praise.

    So i logged into my Nuffnang account and saw this.

    Basically,Nuffnang has this 'feature' that allow bloggers to know how people are directed to their blogs.So being the normal curious human that i am,i clicked on the link and it prompted me that i have to sign up to be a member to see the forum.And so i did.LOLOL!Don't judge me.

    So i was directed to the page which i clicked and there,i found out the reason why my counter meter hit to a new high..erm,not that it has been very high before.

    Geez!It was the post about Jam Hsiao's concert.I was so freakin' amazed by it!Not sure if he/she will be reading my blog again but thanks and kudos to the person,PanadolID(i suppose??) who helped to translate it into mandarin and posted in the forum!!!!:D:D

    My analytics for this week is a whooping

    I think he/she expressed it better than what i wrote man.And it's really amusing to know he/she actually knows what SIANSATION means!LOL!!!!!!!!

    '噢! 令人厭煩的感覺。'

    Oh yes indeed!

    Wonders of internet!:)

    And,Jam Hsiao really has alot of fans.

    cindy [ 10:58 PM ]

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010
    Celebrated my grandma's 86th birthday on Sunday.

    I don't know about you but i think i have an illness called the 'age freeze syndrome'.It's when you freeze the person's age and takes you awhile to defrost it.

    It generally happens when you don't realise that time is passing so quickly until it hits you that they are no longer as young as you think they are.I age freeze my dad,mom and sis(s).And my grandma too.Age freeze some of my friends too!LOLOL!

    Anyway,Econs paper is on Thursday and i haven't really sat down and study like i should.I mean i did but i don't think it's enough.Freakin' running out of time man!I kept reading through the past exam papers and it seemed to make sense,like i've finally understood what Economic is all about.For now,yes but when exam comes,i bet it'll look alienic,if there's ever such a word,to me.

    Hate the graphs man!Why do we need to draw the graphs?!It's not like i'm gonna be an Economist or what what.Like who in the world invented graphs?Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Such a grumpy post,i know.There's more.

    I haven't even started on my Accounts yet!!!!!Thank god i attended the Mass Revision the other day.The lecturer was god-like.Believe it or not,i understood every single word he said.It's like he miraculously appeared out of nowhere to answer my questions.You tell me,god-like or not?

    Okay,back to my econs.

    cindy [ 1:02 PM ]

    Monday, March 29, 2010
    I seriously don't and can't understand why is it that whenever i seemed to be having a good day,someone just have to ruin it for no apparent reason.

    What's wrong with asking people to go ahead with dinner without me because i need to study?!?!?!WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?! CAN YOU FREAKIN' TELL ME?!?WTF!!!!!!

    I was happily eating lunch with my family when M called.Shouldn't have picked up that call.

    Yah,i know it's nice of them to ask me but i don't want what.I didn't reject it in a rude manner somemore!F*cking hate it when people talked to me in an accusing tone!What?Using my sis as a shield?Wtf lah seriously.If i don't wanna go,i just won't.Why would i wanna use anyone as a shield?No logic at all man.

    Hate it when people keep pushing!Keep pushing and just jumping into conclusion.

    So what if i can't study in peace?I feel more ease staying at home what.How would you like it if you're having an exam or if you're really busy at work and people keep pushing you,asking you to go out and say all sort of things to put you down?You won't like it too right?

    Don't understand why must i accomodate with people when there are times they don't and i get blamed for it.

    F them all,i say.

    cindy [ 3:45 PM ]

    Saturday, March 27, 2010
    Totally slipped off my mind to update about Jam Hsiao's concert.It was fantabulous!His voice is really soulful especially when he sings live.Thanks to Casey for the tickets man!Miao and myself got pretty good seats!:D:D

    (Click here for the pictures)

    Er yes,ever since FB was created..i feel that uploading pictures on blogs are such a chore.Teehee!But who knows,one day i might upload pictures on blogger again to make my not so interesting blog more interesting.

    I shall upload the videos though.

    Jam Hsiao performs Jolin's See Me 72 changes.Yah,direct translation can or not?

    And then,it was Ai De Bao Bao and Nobody.Freakin' funny!I was damn amused by it.But the video was really laggy which i have no idea why!

    Overall,i'd give the concert a 3.5/5 stars despite the fact that i went to his concert not knowing any of his songs and his costumes were fugly.

    BUT!!!!His complexion is flawless!And he's actually quite good-looking close up leh!Kekeee!

    Alright,i shall stop blabbering shit and get back to my econs.


    cindy [ 10:05 PM ]

    Friday, March 26, 2010
    So i was looking through Facebook and i noticed a few of my friends joined some retarded page like,

    'See who is looking at your profile!'

    Seriously?Why would people wanna join that?Okay,so you know who has viewed your profile..AND THEN?What's next?What are you gonna do next?Just makes no sense at all man.Okay lah,they probably joined out of curiosity or maybe trying to see if their crush is checking them out or what.

    These are the possible scenarios after you see who has viewed your profile
    *[Might not apply to all]:

    1) Random person;fugly = What the hell!?Why is he/she looking at my profile man?! [Ignores]
    2) Random person;good-looking = Wah,who is this person?[Clicks on their profile]
    If he/she happens to be your type,you'll probably be smiling stupidly to yourself.
    3) The person you wish who would check out your profile = OMG!He/She checks my profile!!!!!
    4) Person you don't wish/can't be bothered with checks out your profile = STALKER/KPO.

    For what,i say.Going through all this emotion rollar-coaster,siao or what!

    Maybe i should set up a page,

    'For everyone that joins 'See who is looking at your profile!',you're an idiot.'

    Just saying.

    cindy [ 3:29 PM ]

    Friday, March 12, 2010
    The sleepy bug is killing me man!!!!:(

    Crap,can't believe i really dozed off and the best thing?I'm at work.

    Friggin bored and the weather is terribly good to sleep in.Argh!!@#$%!I suddenly miss Nata..because usually she'll be the one covering Fridays.

    Anyways,my bass teacher is awesome!He got me a pair of tickets to Jam Hsiao's concert tomorrow!LOLOLOL!!I'm not a fan of him but who cares!It's FREEEEEEEE!!!:D:D That's definitely a plus point for working in a music school!:)My 2nd concert this year,ain't it awesome?!

    Celine is coming back on the 19th!

    And erm,that's about it.

    Shittttttttttttt,i'm dozing off again.

    cindy [ 3:20 PM ]

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010
    I'm so in love with my new wardrobe!!!!I feel it's damn chiooooooooo!:D:D

    [eh,ahem,the picture doesn't do her justice k.she's much more chio than this!]

    Bid farewell to my old love.Kinda sad but life has to go on and i think i'm a biatch because my attention was totally on my new love right after the old love was moved out of my room.

    Suddenly i feel my room's not good enough for the new wardrobe.Maybe time to change more things.Like my table and all..i'm just saying.Kekee!

    cindy [ 8:36 PM ]

    Sunday, March 07, 2010
    YAY!!!Finally getting a new wardrobe!!!


    Was contemplating to get a new one because other than the mirror,my wardrobe is still in a good condition.Then again,i think it's time to change cus it's bursting soon!Can't wait for it to arrive on Wednesday!

    Went Partyworld with Kiong and had a good 4 hours of singing man!Awesome crap cus we both have been itching to sing.

    Oh,i just read the newpaper about Jack Neo.What a disappointment!So the saying is true,expect the unexpected!Geez,men these days..they gotta learn to stay faithful man!Humans in general are getting more disgusting.They don't even feel ashamed of themselves doing things like that.

    And dang,at least choose a prettier one?!The 'mistress' is cui max!-rolleyes-

    Aiight,gonna hit the sack right about now!Night y'all!

    cindy [ 11:23 PM ]

    Some people should learn to mind their own business man.It gets really annoying when they wanna poke their noses into everything.

    Maybe i'm just too sensitive.

    cindy [ 12:53 PM ]

    Saturday, March 06, 2010
    Damn!My intention was to sleep at 7pm today since i kinda wasted my whole day away and also,i thought it was time to finally let my eyes have a good rest since those dark eye rings are getting really terrible!

    Feels quite weird but real good not working on weekends!Just simply sitting on the sofa on a lazy afternoon,switching on what almost seemed like an alien to me - Television and watching every available channel!Me like!!:D:D

    Ahhh,short-lived happiness i'd say.

    Exams coming soon!!!!Means?Mugging soon!!But when i think back about the last 3 papers i conquered(which reduced me to tears but thank god i passed!So the tears are worth it!),i feel i have to pass this last 2 papers no matter what!

    I've been thinking a lot lately.Maybe that explains why i can't have a proper sleep!Hmm,nothing in particular..just general stuff like my future etc.Sucks to grow up!

    I've always wanted to go on a holiday on my own but i'm not sure if it'll be anytime soon.Feel like isolating myself for,not anything emo-ish but i feel like slowing down the pace alil bit and instead of getting caught up by things around me,i should catch up with myself first.In the middle of losing myself,maybe,i don't know.

    It's great to be blogging again though..just like how i used to blog about random things and when i read back on my past entries,i amused myself sometimes.HAHAHAA!Geez,so corny.WHATEVER LAH!

    So just a few updates in case my memory fails me.

    Month of Feb:
    - Bad move on sending my laptop for repair.Instead of a cheaper alternative,i had to pay even more!Damn angry.
    - Had a minor accident,which i blogged about in the earlier entry.Money gone too!

    The only good thing that happened in Feb was going to the BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT!!!!!It was on the 28 Feb,so yah,kinda wraps up my Feb in a good note,almost.They were so awesome!!!Definitely worth my every penny!!It was my first concert too..never been to any before so yup,thanks BSB for making my first a good one.HAHAHAAH!!:D:D

    (Click here for pictures!)

    March is such a broke month.I have no idea why!Probably cus of all the money i spent in Feb..argh!I hope April will be good though.I know,i's only starting of March and i'm already complaning.Can't help it alright?Wait till you're left with $0.48 in the bank then you'll know how i feel.

    Caught Dear John the other day with Sam,Kiong,Kim and Majidah.Such a disappointment man the show!Didn't even shed a tear.Was expecting it to be a tear-jerking kinda show but nah.Now i'm waiting for The Last Song!Hopefully it will be a good one.

    Okay,gonna try to knock myself out again.Toodles!

    cindy [ 11:02 PM ]

    Friday, March 05, 2010
    I just farted..and it stinks!

    Okay,that's not the point.WOOOHOOO!!!I'm back to blogging!Finally using my own laptop after a gazillion years!Can you imagine the torment my poor laptop had to go through for the past few months?!?!NO YOU CAN'T!!!NOBODY CAN!!!!POOR LAPTOP,YOU BETTER BE GOOD THOUGH!Spent quite a lot just to get you working again!

    Speaking of which,oh sigh!

    I'm officially broker than broke!

    Freak,can you imagine i'm only left with $0.48 in the bank!?!?!CAN YOU?NO YOU CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!NOBODY CAN!!!!$0.48!I was so shocked because i thought if you have less than a dollar in the bank,they will close your account.Apparently not.

    My hp bill amounted to $281 this month..okay,maybe cus it's been accumulated since January but damn,i've never exceeded $150 before you know.Sigh!Long story behind but oh well,don't feel like talking about it.

    So this month i think i'd have to survive solely on bread and water man.:(

    Alright,now that my laptop is back..i'll find time to update like how i used to okay!:D

    cindy [ 11:07 PM ]