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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Friday, August 28, 2009

    Okay,i so need to update what happened yesterday!

    The other day,i was just thinking to myself what would happen if the car were the breakdown on me.And damn my thoughts,it happened!!!But luckily it was in my house's carpark!

    My dad left for China on Sunday(yah,he went on holiday AGAIN).He's friggin enjoying his life now man!He got me worried sick when there was an earthquake in Indo.Wah the other way round now man!He,enjoying while we,worrying.

    So anyways,i get to use the car.The last time i drove it was on Sunday itself and i left it for 2 days because i had to work on Mon and Tues and i vowed i'll never ever ever ever drive to work again on a weekday and so,i kept to my promise.

    My supposed plan was to drive down to school because yesterday was the 1st day of the new module and initially,i was quite reluctant to go but at the back of my mind i kept telling myself to persevere because it's the last 2 modules for this diploma already!LIKE FINALLY!!!!

    So yup,got ready and all.

    • Went up the parking lot,couldn't open the doors using the car remote.I thought was because i dropped it for too many times but apparently not.
    • Used the key to open the door instead.
    • Tried to turn on the ignition but to no avail
    • I panic!
    • Tried again.
    • Still can't.
    • MORE PANIC!!!

    And i was sweating like a pig already because i climbed up 9 storeys okay!!!They should friggin hell upgrade a lift already!

    I was completely lost!Didn't know what to do.And i couldn't stop cursing myself for having that stupid random thoughts.So in the end,i called up Nata(colleague+friend)and she was so damn ONZ!She knew i was very panicky and she was like,

    Nata:Okok,i come down now.

    And she took a cab!Damn!Good friends are hard to come by.

    Yup,and thank god for the drum instructor in my school!!So in the end,i called the mechanic down and the uncle was so nice!Though its kinda ex but well,at least a load off my back man!

    Really thankful for the people around me!Really!:D:D

    In the end,i missed my class.

    So after which,Nata and myself went to HK Cafe at ECP and a very impromptu decision for KTV session!The day before that,i went there with Piggy,Christy,Kiong and Wiki and we went crazy doing our own 'MTV'.Friggin hilarious!

    Today,went over to United Square for grocery shopping!

    Lesson is on tomorrow and i die die must go!

    Last 2 modules already,Cindy!BUCK UP!!!!

    cindy [ 12:04 AM ]

    Monday, August 17, 2009
    Oh man,i'm actually waiting for my dad at the airport now.I didn't know i can blog with my phone,hehee!Friggin cool please.

    Anyway,my dad missed his flight!Goodness!To think i was probably the only person who would ever missed her flight,my dad proved me wrong.Maybe it runs in the family ah?

    I'm people watching now.I think those sitting opposite me must be thinking i'm some madass busy typing on the phone like i'm really damn busy.This is awesome!I LOVE AIRPORT!:):)

    Anyway,i wanted to blog the other day.I was bored at work and decided to search for diet for my blood type group and bloody hell,the NO FOOD for my blood type are my favorites and the BEST FOOD are the ones i can never ever see myself eating.Things like,RABBIT MEAT?!?!!Mutton,beef meat basically because type O are meat eaters.-_-"

    So i've been eating wrong all my life.

    What rubbish lor.

    Alright,i think i'd better go walk around.Shall update again!

    cindy [ 5:42 PM ]

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009
    I almost forgot i have a blog!

    Haven't been updating for the longest time.Even National Day is over!It's not that i'm lazy,okay,maybe alittle but blogger has been giving so much problems every time i wanna update,it either refuses to change its font size or you know,just give problems lah.

    And now i don't even know where to start.

    So yesterday was at my grandma's place to visit that little boy.Sam went too,and initially our plan was to go ECP to pop her blades'cherry but that little boy was so busy,by the time he came home it was about 7ish in the evening.We waited for him for almost 3 hrs!-___-" We left at about 9.30pm so change of plans,we went to sing instead.

    Dropped my dad off and went to Kallang Leisure Park and sang at Kbox.Wrong choice man!It was so friggin ex for a weekday!!We felt so cheated after that and decided that it'll be the last time we're gonna sing at Kbox.And yes,i'm serious.

    Anyways,Celine is coming back again today.She'll be flying to Brisbane then back here then back to the camels again.And my exam is on Friday.

    Organisational Behaviour.
    I'm doomed.

    I really have no idea why i'm taking business when i don't even have interest in it.Should have just gone ahead with my gut feeling and take a course which i have interests in.Probably like,early childhood or even interior design.Then maybe,just maybe,my blog will be filled with more happiness and sharing on what i've learnt every other day instead of constantly seeing things like,

    'My exams are coming,die.'
    'Exam this coming [date].Siao liao!'
    'Exam over,don't wanna talk about it.'
    'I flunked my exam,again.'

    Just can't wait for it to be over!Then i shall analyse and make a smarter choice after this diploma.

    You see ah,i really wanna update on alot of things but i really don't know where and how to start.So many pics to be posted but i'm using my desktop and it's gonna be friggin laggy when i transfer the pics.

    Sigh.I love life!
    Time to hit the books now.

    cindy [ 4:17 PM ]