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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007
    Yesterday after work,i felt as though i flew back home.It took me only about 30 mins to reach home,just in time to catch the last episode of Mars vs Venus.Sometimes it's good to have motivation.Instead of walking in my usual pace,i walked triple the speed ok?!

    I'm quite sad that the show is over.9pm is just an empty slot for me now.=(

    HOWEVER,i'm looking forward to the new 7pm show.ELVIN NG BABY!=)

    Oh,i've watched Miss Universe 2007 just now and i'm quite surprised that Japan won.Surprise as in PLEASANT surprise hor.It shows that Asia is slowly climbing up eh?Then again,what has it got to do with me?LOL!

    Anyway,while waiting for the bus just now,i bumped into someone.This is Karen and my secret.So bitch,don't even tell your bf hor!But i know you confirm say already,that's why you're a bitch.HAHA!JUST KIDDING MAN!;)

    My immediate reaction was to msg bitch to tell her.

    I tell you,i was trying to urm-chio to myself so hard i almost choked.It friggin' brought back loads of secondary school memories!

    Speaking of secondary school,my elder sis,who was also an ex-mhsslian,was being a joker.It's either she can't accept the fact that Monk's Hill doesn't exist anymore or that she is suffering from serious STM.After so long,she still can msg me and ask

    'monk's hill still around?'

    I wish it is.

    Ok,i'm damn sad now.Christy just told me she's leaving for Perth soon.Wah lao,Australia has been luring alot of my friends there you know!Believe me when i say environment changes a person.I know it's hard not to but it's true.I've seen,felt and overcome with the changes in another person.

    Let's just hope Christy will stay the same,really!Because the only friends whose character i admire alot would be Elena and Christy.No,seriously.And,no offence to my other friends.I write what i see and how i feel.

    I think i've said this before about Elena is that,i've rarely or almost never seen her get FUMING MAD before of the 12 years i've known her.Angry yes but she'll cool down very fast.And that's what i like about her.

    For Christy is that,even if she gets angry,she'll try to make the people around her unaffected by her emotions.If she's angry with say,A,she wouldn't vent it on B.Unlike others,sometimes including myself,we always practice the 'everyone is equal' ritual.So if A makes me angry,B will get it too.Get what i mean?

    I mean seriously man,their bfs/future bf/future husband or whatever,better treat them better than gems.

    Ok enough.I'm off.

    cindy [ 4:12 PM ]

    Monday, May 28, 2007
    If you don't really know me well,you may continue reading.If you think you know me well enough,you may skip this post.But i know you will continue reading it,so heck what i've just said.

    I HATE,and i mean HATE TO THE CORE kind of hate,people who keep calling my name every 10 seconds.Ok fine,maybe not that precise as of 10 seconds but you know,like calling your name more than 10 times in a short span of 5 mins kind of thing?Bloody hell,especially when you're doing something halfway.It's really,really friggin annoying to me!

    I really don't give a damn who it may be.

    Like for example,today.

    This colleague of mine,probably in his mid-30s,i don't really have a problem with him.No,seriously.Ok,maybe a little.But how do i put it?He's nice enough to buy food for people and erm,thank people after they finish their shifts.

    One thing i can't stand about him is that he's those sort of 9 o'clock sharp and i'm off kind of person.It's the time when the shop closes.And if there's still customer in the shop after 9,he will moodswing and seriously,give rather bad service to the customer.So yah,i pity the customer.

    I mean,be flexible lah?Yes i agree,some customers can be a pain in the ass sometimes but,you know.

    And when it comes to lunch time,even worse.For example if he request for 1pm,no matter how busy the shop is,he won't allow it to delay him for more than 5 mins.And say,if he comes back to the shop 5 mins earlier,he will tell you this.

    'i'm still having my break ah.'

    Meaning?Don't ask him to help.

    Ok,so my main problem with him probably lies with the calling-my-name-as-though-it-was-free-of-charge-though-yes-it-is-free-of-charge but still?!I don't know how many times i've moodswing from left to right today.He was totally oblivious to it.Until..

    colleague:eh cindy
    me:-no reply-
    -walks to the counter-
    colleague:*blah blah blah*
    -nod my head,did whatever he asked-
    colleague:eh cindy
    me:-no reply-
    me:what?!*with the super annoyed face*
    colleague:oh nothing,i thought where you go.
    -walks away-

    And then,he finally shut his gap.HURRAY!

    You guys have no idea how many times i kept walking behind the shop so that he can't see me and went over to the other shop to talk to my another colleague,because seriously,the colleague is so much better.He is so much quieter.I really needed peace in my ears.

    Work tomorrow again.But i'm sure it'll be sooo much better.Duh?The person who annoys me the most isn't working what.

    cindy [ 1:05 PM ]

    Sunday, May 27, 2007
    I think channel 8's 9pm show,Mars vs Venus,is damn nice!And i hell love the English song by Redwan Ali!Remember my earlier post i mentioned i saw Huang Biren on my 2nd day of work at GWC?And she was filming just beside my shop?Yah,it turns out to be this show.

    But the most important thing is because whenever they showed her at the workplace,i will get damn excited because i can get to see my QUAN!=) HAHAHAAHAH!Harya,you all don't know one lah.

    OH!And channel u's 10 pm show too!Very nice!

    Anyhoos,I'm suffering from serious insomnia,again!

    Yesterday was a miracle.I slept at 10.30pm only to find myself waking up in the middle of the night and FINALLY went back to sleep at 6am.I swear i kept tossing and turning in my bed until i got damn tired.

    Oh yea,i passed my accounts.But i'm very disappointed because i was really quite confident about it.Well,what to do?I should thank god for the very last min revision already.At least managed a pass.DAMN!I'm friggin good at consoling myself.

    OK,i gotta go now.SCHOOL.
    Shaker fries is damn nice;)

    cindy [ 3:52 AM ]

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007
    Yesterday was damn shiok.TV marathon from 12.30pm to 12.30am.HAHAHAHAHAAHAH!It's been damn,damn,damn long since i can actually do that.

    Anyway,it was my first time catching the new season of Beauty and The Geek.Okay,i don't know if it's the new season or what but yah.

    So it came to this part whereby the guys had to go to a room for some 'challenge'.And,one conclusion after watching the show.

    Throw a naked talkative woman infront of MEN and all they could and will ever notice will be,'SURPRISE!'TWO BOOBS.

    I mean,fine,which normal man wouldn't,right?But do re-read the above sentence.

    They didn't even notice how talkative this naked woman is because all that is present to them are nothing but well,two boobs(obviously?!).What can i say?Shallow.

    Now some MCP may probably hate me to core and may even think i'm a FCP(if,of course,this definition even exist)but sorry hor,i'm not.

    I suggest you people go watch it.Somehow,it seems to me that people who reckon they have 'better brains than others' could be the most annoying species of mankind.Or rather,they ARE the most annoying species of mankind.I just need to say this sentence.


    cindy [ 2:55 PM ]

    Sunday, May 20, 2007
    I'm so bored!It's been awhile since i've had time to laze around!4 days straight,how shiok?!But man,it can get really boring.All i do is eat and sleep.I'm too lazy to even shit.

    Had alil chat with Elena just now,and i'm really very happy to see her in love now!Yah,i can't stand talking to women who are in love.HAHAHAAHAH,yah lah,SOUR GRAPE CAN?!It's so funny how one day the person can be single and then the next,she's attached.And for her case,she could predict that day was her last day on being single.WTH right?LOL!

    Now i'm thinking where to go when my sis comes back.

    Ok,i don't know what else to update.Anyway,i'm just so glad blogger has the auto-save thing now!CHEERS!!NO MORE SUDDENLY-DISAPPEAR-AND-WASTED-HOW-MANY-MINUTES-OF-MY-LIFE POST!!YAY!!

    cindy [ 5:16 PM ]

    Hi all!Sorry for the lack of updates.Been BUSY BUSY BUSY!School has just resumed on Wednesday and yea,i think i'm gonna struggle!It's the last module already!!DAMN FAST CAN!?

    So anyway,since yesterday i've got nothing on and i mean totally FREE,i've went on to wikipedia-ing some celebrities.AND!!This is what i've found out.

    Most of the friggin'good-lookers(and i meant it as MALE only)are born in OCTOBER!!WAH LAOOOOOOO!!I swear man!I can EASILY name you three.

    WU ZUN.


    Jimmy Lin.

    He's my childhood idol.LOL!Damn cheena,i know.But who cares?I think he's damn cute!=D
    *wolf whistle*

    'Why all Asian?',you ask me.Cannot har?I'm damn cheena one you don't know meh?And i think i'm starting to change my mindset.No more angmoh.


    Yah i heard you.When will i ever stop this craze right?Already did.

    I think my school is stupid.They have a Popular bookstore which is as small as say,you can't put 10 of me inside.And the cafeteria.NOT that i want to be fussy but the food there isn't the least appealing to me at all.Totally CMI can?!ROAR!

    WHY OH WHY am i full of complaints?

    BUT SERIOUSLY LAH,can't they built a lift or something?OR something that's more..practical?MAYBE a room for all the smokers and let them breathe in each other's smoke rather than smoking in open space?You could easily pick up 50 cig-butts in a bin from any part of the campus.

    Ok,i think i'd better go prepare myself now.School later!=(

    cindy [ 3:36 AM ]

    Friday, May 11, 2007
    HARYO!!I don't know how many friggin times i've said this before but GOODNESS!!JESSICA ALBA IS DAMN HOT WITH A CAPITAL H.O.T LAH!!

    I'm not really an 'American Idol' kind of person ever since Season 2.Perhaps only on a few occasions,i do stay on to watch the results show.And fwalahhh!Today's results show had Jessica Alba in it for a few mins.I'm so gonna watch Fantastic Four when it comes out!

    Or rather,Esther's 'FIREMAN' when we saw the preview while watching Music and Lyrics.HAHAHAHAH!

    JESSICA ALBA *drools*
    (though her blonde locks in the show doesn't look as good as her original colour,but still *drools*)

    Yah,i'm straight.Can't you see?

    EDISON CHEN *drools x 1000000000times*

    Anyway,working at Gateway is damn stressful.Yah,i'm having 2 jobs now.Karen introduced me the job.It's not that tiring becus the timing is very flexible BUT it's stressful.


    And after working there,i realised one thing.

    I CAN'T and i mean CANNOT(!!!!!)work with 'kan chiong' people!

    It's like,they're so kan chiong it makes you damn stress becus you have to be kan chiong too when you can't be kan chiong becus you're not a kan chiong person.

    SLOW and STEADY man!

    Can you believe it?I've only started working less than a week and pimples are starting to pop up on my forehead ALREADY?Yah i'm damn serious!It's been quite awhile since my pimple outbreak and now,i think they're starting to conquer my face soon.VERY soon.

    Karen lah!Such a bitch.She set her standard SO HIGH and i think this manager is not very please with the way i do things.Of cus she didn't say it out but hello?I trust my intuition.

    Bloody hell,i'm just not cut out to do anything lah seriously.

    Admin stuff?Check.
    Money management?Check.
    Time management?Check.
    Can't even pass a BTT?Check.

    Sometimes i think i'm really damn dumb,i don't know why.Just let me wallow in self-pity for once.

    'I'm not a perfect person,
    There's many things I wish I didn't do
    But I continue learning....'

    Okay,so how lame can i get?URGH!!I'm so vexed!Can i start my life all over again?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cindy [ 3:35 PM ]

    Monday, May 07, 2007
    Tsktsk,sometimes i feel i'm such a workaholic but yet,i always don't see any money coming in.DAMN!

    Yesterday during my dinner cum lunch break,met up with the 3 couples.YES,THREE.Tell me about it.They were each in their own world,including me,with my IMAGINARY friend.Just kidding,lah!But seriously,how cool can i get right?Going out with not one,not two but THREE couples.

    But anyway,only met them for awhile and i had to go back to work.

    Today,i wanted to stay at home becus the time of the month is here AND it's like,you'll just feel like staying at home after going out for the past 6 days of the week.When i say GOING OUT,it meant as WORKING.NOT TAITAI-ing!

    WHY?!!?WHEN,WHEN?Just WHEN?!

    Ok so in the end,the usual 3 muskeeters(Esther,Zaw and Sam)let's name them Z.E.S,actually DISAPPROVED me when i say i don't feel like going out.

    DISAPPROVED leh!Wah lao!

    So yah lor,no choice lor,took 1 hour to travel down to Habourfront to meet them and go Sentosa.BUT!!It's worth it lah!

    We went to sit the Skyride and played LUGE.It was super fun!It was Sam and my first time sitting the Skyride so we were pretty freak out when the thing went up.Ok,we're probably damn 'sua gu' but i think very few people know this,even my close friends.

    I'm actually afraid of heights.

    HAHAHAAHA!I'm serious!But i like the thrills lah.So generally,i wouldn't mind trying out new stuff.But yea,it's scary when i know my feet can't stand on firm grounds.

    So we played luge,it's something like go kart but it's a different version.It's super cool,erm,minus off the smelly helmets we had to put on.I swear it's friggin smelly to the max!Then we went to have our dinner and after which,we went to watch the Sound of Sea.OMG,it's damn nice!Somemore got fireworks and everything,it's really damn damn nice!I'll give it a 5 star!

    After everything,we went to vivo to meet Christy and Sam Chua.On the way there,we were sitting the skytrain back to vivo and there was this couple PDA-ing infront of us.


    Seriously,what's up with people thesedays?!GET A ROOM YO?!I believe both parties will be more entertained behind doors and WE,the public,are MORE THAN HAPPY not to be entertained becus we DO NOT need that kind of entertainment.

    SO after we reached vivo,Esther and Zaw went off first and we waited for Sam Chua and Christy to finish their LJS before heading for Rochor's beancurd.Thanks to Sam becus she was driving,so it was pretty convenient.SIGH!WHEN CAN I DRIVE?!

    Pictures will be up when i find my USB.CIAO!

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    Saturday, May 05, 2007
    Work is damn tiring today!

    Can you imagine sweating in an air-conditioned shop?I don't usually sweat in the shop becus the aircon is damn cold.But today,we have to shift alot of stuff from one shop to another and trust me,i walked in and out for more than 30 times!NOT exagerrating at all.I'm damn serious.Even those aunties and uncles sitting at the bench near our shop were asking me,

    'bu lei ah?(not tired ah)

    LEI LAH!But no choice!My that damn nice supervisor is pregnant and i can't bear to let her do all the chores.Even though i'm friggin lazy,when i see her squatting down to take stuff for customer or climbling up to restock,i can't help but to tell her

    'it's ok,i will do it.'

    I suddenly realised i can be damn nice too,wah lao why like that?

    So anyway,met up with Ruiza for lunch cum dinner.I realised everytime when we meet up to eat in Taka,the only place we'll go to is Delifrance.Okay,more like I EAT.It's like,of 10 times we meet,8 and a half time i'll be the one eating.And her appetite is like mouse.2 bites of pizza and she will say she's full.Yah lah,i heard you.Our size says it all.But i SUSPECT she's on a secretly never-ending diet or something!:p just kidding.

    After work,met up with Sam at J8 and bought some food back to her home while waiting for Esther.Didn't really do much becus Esther and myself(ok,mostly myself)are practically zonked out already.

    Tomorrow's Esther's company D&D and i'm still feeling pretty guilty about not going.Sorry babe!I shall just wait for your dvd then!=D

    Alright,i think i'd better hit the sack right about now!Ciao bellos!

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    Yesterday was out with karen bitch.It was nice catching up with her becus i don't know why when we talk,we always have endless topics.BUT,you can't talk to her more than 2 hours on the phone,she will moodswing.

    We went to TBP's Mos Burger for her first fish!Wah it's really damn nice lah,i can eat it everyday.I really don't mind.So after that,she wanted to explore my school so we went back and walked around before heading to my grandma's house.I have some pictures but i'll probably upload it some other day becus i'm rushing to work!

    After which,we went to Bugis for some Mango Ice.WAH IT'S DAMN GOOD LAH!HAHAAHAHA!That bitch knows me well,damn.

    Ok,will update more IF my computer is working tonight.CIAO!

    cindy [ 1:03 AM ]

    Tuesday, May 01, 2007
    *before you continue reading,lower your speaker volume just in case you kanna hung tio by the song i've uploaded*

    I think i've said this before.

    Only movies which can make me laugh till i die or cry till i'm blind are considered good movies.

    And,200 pounds beauty has hit the benchmark.=)It didn't make me cry like there's no tomorrow though but it's movie i'd say it's worth to watch,or even,inspiring as quoted from my cousin.Not that everyone should start going to the plastic surgeon to fix appointments of course!

    So anyway,i realised i've never been to Bugis's movie theatre before until just now.Wah lao,it's damn old school can?The seats are like,crappp!Luckily both my cousin and myself are tall enough,if not,i think the entire time we'll be staring at the seat infront of us instead.Like that poor little boy sitting a few seats away from us.He has to occasionally stand during the movie to watch.

    Saturday was class gathering for 5C at Mind's Cafe.Quite a few turned up though,and i guess it's not that bad.Those who joined us in the later part,as in,REALLY LATE kind of late,kinda missed out a few games we played before that.Bumped into Ruiza and company outside Mind's Cafe while we were going out.

    So in the end,3/4 of them decided to head for MOS.Although i know my reputation has probably been ruined,but i MUST clarify it was a last minute decision.I just didn't want to spoil the mood,really!

    Anyway,this is what Esther has to say.

    Alright,i shall let the pictures do the talking then.

    i like this picture!(Below)

    no seriously,

    sometimes i dont know VART THE HELL she's doing too.

    this picture is nice too!

    1st group pic

    2nd group pic

    with the guru master

    miss piggy!

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]