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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Tuesday, May 31, 2005
    had my O's MT today..well,yest(its past midnight!) guess wad? i think im so gonna retake it! yes,i dun think i did my sad? oh wells! oh,and my elder sis msged mi to wish mi good luck,heh.its been awhile since we kept contact cus shes been travelling arnd non stop!! after da paper..went home to get changed cus i wanted to go to da food fair at expo. SUPPOSINGLY onli mi,wiki and wendy.but okai..first was wiki,she said her dar dar's cool with it. i didnt wanna go at first,but wendy kept saying 'go lah go lah,u ask us go one leh..da most i peh u.' well,fine. i went. guess wad? wendy brought her gf too.freak.i felt so dian tern pao(gooseberry) can!? i so wanted to jus head its like a waste of my trip fare,get wad i mean? so nvm..kept quiet throughout da whole journey. 2 couples,wad u expect? i mean i dun realli feel outkast or wad..okai,maybe alil.but i mean,she should have told mi her gf's going rite? like it was so out of a sudden thingy.yea rite,peh mi indeed.
    reached there,it wasnt as fun as i expected it to be.wad to do? mood spoilt.jus walked arnd,did nuthin much. msged esther and thank god she called. so she asked if wanna meet her and i was like okai..after dat,we went back to her mom's shop i think..and i went to meet esther at city hall mrt.den wiki msged mi and apologised for today..but i mean wads there to apologise? its shall be da first and da last time im gonna be tricked like dat.met esther den we walked to marina square to get da tickets for is a good show,i swear =) J.LO is so sizzling hooooottt! oh yea~ lol.i knoe she did try to somewhat cheer mi up lah uh and im grateful for dat.cus she went all da way down to meet mi.=) but i mean,sometimes when ur mood is spoilt..its hard to get it back into da good mood again,no?
    finished da show at abt 11.30pm and we went home.den taadaah,im here to update wad happened before i hit da sack.aiight,guess dats abt it.ciaos

    cindy [ 3:54 PM ]

    Monday, May 30, 2005
    tmr's the day! oh my lordy! how time flies huh? in a blink of an eye..O level's MT is here! woooot~ hopefully i can jus clear this paper once and for all,yes? aiight,nuthin to update! LOL

    erm,is anione still reading my blog?? i seem to have a lonely blog =(

    cindy [ 11:05 AM ]

    Sunday, May 29, 2005
    bad day..i hafta turn down 3 pple today due to my body aches! shucks! first was karen..she asked if wanna go out shopping cus she need to buy her comp stuff too but in e end,she said its okai ask mi to rest at home.den jeff called.asked if wanna go out den i told him my body aching but he dun believe it.den jus 5 mins ago,wiki called and asked if wanna go cycling. my lord!! if it wasnt for da body ache,i would have gone out with them! its not by chance dat so many pple asked mi out y'all knoe?! lol! especially on weekends! cus most of them knoes dat i dread da tots of going out during weekends becus it would be so darm crowded.especially TOWN! ahh..wad a day to spend!=( and im practically doing nuthin da whole day..i did revise alil on my chinese but i fell asleep after reading a few of the cheng yu(s)!! see how powerful is my bed!? den woke up,watched kindred spirit.yea its an old show but i still enjoy watching it =) hmm and msn's like so dead? theres pple online..but all seems to be 'away'.how sad? lol

    cindy [ 9:54 AM ]

    Friday, May 27, 2005
    phenomenon is da word i would use to describe both BO Bice and Carrie Underwood..da American Idol contestants.da final two showdown is simply fascinating! rocker vs country girl..wowness! but yes,although underwood won da title,i'd still believe dat Bice deserves da title as well.
    although im not exactly a 100% AI fan,da first time i saw Bice..on tv of cus,he doesnt give mi a relatively good impression.but,after watching da finale jus now.. for once,i hafta agree with my cousin dat Bice,despite his dirrrty look..u knoe long hair+unshaved beard(or isit moustache?ahh wadeva~), indeed has dat kinda irresistable charisma. i did,somehow,got da part when he winked at da heart melts,instantly!wahaha! cus i dun usually look at or be bothered abt those pple with dirrrty look. =p bt realli,seriously.u guys soooo have to watch da 2nd telecast if u missed it. it was overwhelming. da anticipation is different with da other seasons..well,at least for mi! =)) two thumbs up!

    cindy [ 9:02 AM ]

    didnt go to sch today.heh.overslept..but well,i didnt wanna go to sch in da first place.told my dad yest dat i dun wanna go sch..i tot he would scold mi,bt in da end,he said i was like,yay?! lol! bt i was thinking..if i overslept,den so be it..but if i wake up,i'll go. lol. so wad? i choose da former! wahaha.frens called and msged and i feel so loved!(although da first sentence dat they say is not realli,LAZY!) =) da feeling is jus so nice when u knoe dat theres pple who actually cares abt u and dat ur existence realli does make a difference..its like,u feel dat ure worth living for dat very moment.=D they passed da phone arnd and argh! da baby was there!!! and esther was like 'so?u regret NOT coming?'.. how mean =(
    was supposed to finish up my research..but when i woke up,i felt so lazy. ive yet to study for my MT!! and Os MT is on monday! gosh..i felt so slacked!which i knoe i shouldnt..especially at this time of da year.i realli pinned lotsa hope on my MT cus i knoe dats da onli subject i can realli count hopefully,i'd be able to clear this paper once and for all and focus more on my other subs.and i knoe my tutor expects mi to do well for my maths too and i do not wanna disappoint anione,anione at all.feel da intensity.
    da coursework is realli taking up alot of my time.i knoe i should have done it earlier but i cant seems to get going! =( lol.this entry is more like a self -confession one eh? wahaha.
    aiight,i think i'd betta get going..perhaps do alil bit on my research! =)

    cindy [ 5:20 AM ]

    Thursday, May 26, 2005
    my god..i mus clarify this! kaijia,i DID update on mon! but i dunno y/wad the heck,it seems like da entry is..gone!?!! friggin piece of crap! i typed a LOOOONGG entry by the way!! shucks..!! craaaaappppp!!!~!!!

    23 May 2005

    met my classmates/schmates at bugis' seoul garden.sorta a belated celebration for abi's wasnt a pleasant day somehow BUT i cant remember remember lah uh! did i ever mention i have short-term memory?well..yea,its my guess! took a few neoshots(i preferred calling it neoshots instead of neoprints becus..neoprints sounds alil kiddo,no?) okai..took a few neoshots with christy,wendy,wiki,sam,yunjin and myself.after walking arnd,went home. it wasnt realli as fun as i expected,bt it wasnt as boring as well. like..average? yupp~
    yesterday was yet another boring day..cant remember wad happened cus i dun think ani major stuff happened! =p and today..erm,pe was floorball again. versus 5A,rough game indeed. i dunno if they're targetting da ball or da players..OR da keeper as for my case! lol. da ball was so hard until my leg got this red patch.wahaha,but its okai lah uh..its onli a game =) today's period was like so slackening! LTK and mdm leela were absent and darmit,i went to sch was becus of da CME lesson..cus i wanted to watch da show so badly!!=(((
    first 2 period were english..didnt do anithing.everyone were jus sleeping.den after recess,2 period of CME..nuthin but slacking as well! den social studies,which was relieved by AKK..den maths. arghh! if onli i knoe,i wouldnt even go to sch. time wastage,tsk tsk!
    den during maths,ms goi told us who are da ones whos parents they wanna meet and i was ultra relief when she didnt call out my name!! hehee! meaning,im so gonna strive for my prelims..i swear! haha! man,its like so stuper mon's gonna be da Os MT alreadi!!!! friggin fast!! hoho,aiight..chatting with ruiza on msn now! so,ciaos!

    cindy [ 7:55 AM ]

    Sunday, May 22, 2005
    jus came home..well,10 mins ago! waiting for hair to dry before i hit da sack! went cycling with wiki and wendy..they came my house first,den after dat we wenta esplanade to have da ice-cream! hehee..cold day today yet we eat ice cream.we DO knoe how to enjoy life,dont we?heh heh!oh!there were fireworks too!dunno wad occasion?? vesak day eve??? lol. den after dat,da wiki so furnie lah was supposed to be Thai Express,but NOOOO she pronounced as Express they wanna go eat at Thai i dint wan at first cus we wear until so lao kok kok! SHORTS leh..go esplanade. -_-" but we went in e end lah uh.see,im so understanding! =) den da wendy so furnie lah..she ordered fresh orange juice and it costs 4 bucks! she tot was onli 1.60.but i remembered it was kinda ex cus i wanted to order it at first.den we asked da person to give us da menu and we look IS 4 bucks! den wendy's expression was like..@_@. wahaha,furnie shit..haha! den we kept laughing non stop.okai,jus mi! =D da things there are EXPENSIVE,i swear! NEVER,and i mean NEVER eat there..UNLESS theres pple kind enough to give u a treat! LOL.
    den after dat,cycled to..bugis.they wenta play arcade and i jus stood there,watching. after arcade,we wanted to go to da beach..erm,okai not beach..kallang river.but wendy gotta wait for christy and its gonna be a long way back so tot of coming to my house's nice lah got river too. den wiki wanted to stay over my house but her dad wont allow.understandable lah,cus my dad wouldnt allow mi to stay over too.UNLESS its a last min thing.dats my tactic =)) den when we reached,da bridge's light was off,so UNROMANTIC! -pout. so,we wenta this area..u knoe those stone-like thing?and u hafta walk on them? yea..we walked,we endured and we crazy! it was soooo painful lah uh! at first it was okai..but in da middle,its starting to hurt.and there was this lil indian gurl,she practically walked throughout.and i was like..wad the?!!? cus im onli half way through and shes alreadi behind mi..tsk tsk,children nowadays!
    after dat,they sent mi home..which was jus 3 mins ride =x ahaha! and here i am,blogging! arse is realli painful man! its been soooo long since i cycled! we used to cycle on friday(s) but,when laziness get onto mi..i jus couldnt resists! heh!heh! aiight,i think i'd betta hit da sack now! having tuition tmr..=( nite pple!

    cindy [ 3:36 PM ]

    Saturday, May 21, 2005
    im so sleeeeeeeepy!! mock exam today was a okay. its jus paper 1,so yea. after sch had chinese remedial..after remedial wenta far east with esther to meet elena. wenta eat at subway,again. wahaha..kinda getting sick alreadi BUT dats da onli food dat can fill my hunger! =x after dat,esther went home so mi and elena wenta walk arnd..she bought herself a top and sunglass. im broke lah,so was jus window shopping for mi.sad.oh,den we saw jingting. its been quite awhile since we met up,so yea. haha. den after buying all da stuff,elena said she need to go to 7-11 to get magazine for her sis,so we went there. den jonathan and andy saw mi,so they wenta 7-11 to call mi.i jus waved at them.felt so dao but i was so tired lah i dint knoe wad i was mi and elena were looking at da FHM magazine.omg,we were like laughing man.cus we saw this pic behind da magazine,theres one dat showed Pamela's Anderson 'you-know-what'. and oh my friggin god,its HUMONGOUS i swear!!!! da bikini top dat she was wearing onli able to cover her nips. like so eeeee-wwwwlllll!! and elena was like ' OH MY GOD!' i think da stall assistant thinks dat we're crazy..but seriously,i dun understand wads so nice abt FHM..i mean,da guys buy it rite? but i dun understand y? to see humongous watermelon like pam anderson?!!? yucks! -_-" haha.okai,see told u im tired/sleepy/shagged. im starting to tok crap again!! aiight,shall update again..cyars!

    cindy [ 11:09 AM ]

    Friday, May 20, 2005
    harlo..had practical todae.crap day.the electricity went off 2 times.luckily i wasnt baking or anithing(as in using grills/oven)quite a few got affected.but all went well in end,well..quite. i cooked lemon chicken,sweet and sour fish, fried cabbage and potato and carrot soup. christy said my fish was not too bad but i didnt even dare to eat it myself. LOL. i had a few bites lah. my lemon chicken was crap again. lol. i think becus it turned cold.and da chicken hardened dats y its not as nice. im such a lousy cook. =(( i'll improve lah uh!! give mi time! i'll IMPROVE i swear! after dat,took a cab home with sheena. and omg,sheena is REALLI talkative! REALLI REALLI EXTREMLY/ULTRA talkative! from da starting of da journey..okai,nono! from da time we left fnn room,she'd start toking non-stop.i was thinking maybe she'll get tired after awhile but NOOOOOOOO..she became more energetic and she CONTINUES toking NON-STOP in da cab! -_-" shes like one ah ma,tok non stop..kept yaking and yaking! den i was like..'eh sheena,can u keep quiet not!?' den she's like ' eh why? cannot i cannot stop toking one u knoe' omg,so furnie lah uh.

    me : sheena,pls spare my ears lah! i dun understand how u can keep toking leh,u not tired meh?
    sheena : i am,but i dunno y i jus cant stop toking! harya u boring lah u.i tok so dat can add some atmosphere to ur life.
    me : its not helping lorh, and ah..wadeva u tok/comes out from ur mouth is all nonsense/rubbish can? wad add atmosphere to my life!?
    (she kept quiet for a few SECS..)

    da taxi uncle he was like laughing after sheena got off da cab. den he said 'wah,ur fren like those express train ah..non stop' lol. friggin furnie i tell u. haha! =)) but i realli cant imagine if one day,our dear sheena would shut her gap for one whole day..okai,maybe not dat long..jus two hours will do! =x *meanie*
    den for pe todae,played basketball..okai lah,i didnt realli played cus i didnt run nor snatch nor go after da ball..i jus stood usual jus lazy lah i admit.=x thus,I AM da result on being too lazy.LOL.
    tmr having MT mock exam..kinda a last min thang,bt hopefully i still can do well lah uh! aiight,gonna upload da pics of my fnn practical. it looks nice but taste like crapppppp! haha!

    cindy [ 10:09 AM ]

    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    and again! =) Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:16 PM ]

    and another again.. Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:16 PM ]

    and another.... Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:15 PM ]

    okai,thought of uploading this too..although it has nuthin to do with da dishes! lol! but da sky is so nice isnt it?! taken from my room's view =) Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:15 PM ]

    lemon chicken! it doesnt taste as good as it look =x Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:14 PM ]

    fried cabbage with small prawns..this looks nice =) Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:13 PM ]

    potato and carrot soup..look so....healthy? Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:13 PM ]

    sweet and sour fish Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:12 PM ]

    wahaha..this is NOT wad i cooked for da was from da Regent Hotel,nice isnt it? tot of uploading it,heh! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 7:11 PM ]

    late for sch,its been long since i was late for sch! (which by the way,is nuthin to be proud of! heh) woke up at 7.05am and i was like SHIT! jumped off da bed and quickly wenta get myself ready. asked my dad to send mi to sch..i forgot to set my alarm clock and wonder how i woke up? maid didnt wake mi up,she overslept herself! i was dreaming abt this thing lah..NIGHTMARE i would say! cant realli remember wad i dreamt,bt its something like i looked at da clock and i was like SHIT IM LATE! den taadaah,i woke up! and da time on my clock was exactly da same as da time in my dream.freaky isnt it? lol!
    i was alreadi rushing like nobody's business,den my dad was like 'relax,sure got alot of pple late one..' i was like 'wah,still ask mi to relax! i late alreadi leh daddy!' lol. but it was so friggin furnie lah uh! how many parent/s would ask their child to RELAX when ure alreadi late? for sch to be precised. haha,im pretty sure my dad is one of da odd one! =p i'd always enjoy da trip to sch when my dad send mi..always tok so much crap!=x den got back our results.expected it to be dung-like results =( bt 'wondefully' my whole class got F9 for maths. onli wiki,she got an E8..can tell ms goi was stuper disappointed,bt i guess she sorta prepared for it lah. guess we'll hafta work harder for our prelims den! especially mi. though im not as disappointed lah,cus i knoe/am prepared dat my results gonna be no good,at all! onli passed english so far..and i think MT? basic lah,languages is sure to pass..but i realli need to work for my other subjects too. maths especially.
    after sch wenta prepare da food for tmr's fnn practical. im realli very nervous cus da dishes ive never tried cooking before plus this is da Os practical,so wish mi good luck? heh. aiight,guess will update again tmr..if possible!

    P.S: kaijia,i UPDATED! haha!

    cindy [ 12:07 PM ]

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005
    wheeeet! had science practical todae.dunno wad was i after which,went to Regent Hotel for some sorta course? but before dat,something dun feel like/lazy to explain.on a happier note,da trip to Regent Hotel was indeed a fruitful one =) at first i tot it was gonna be dead boring,but hey!turns out to be pretty cool =D see,expect da unexpected!
    first,they brought us to da different kitchens to see how they prepare da food yadda yadda..den after dat,it was our turn to cook.they had this 3 'stations' for us to go.we were split into three groups.da first station for my group was da pastry.after which,was da salad and da last was da pasta.da pasta station was da funniest and most interesting cus its conducted by an angmoh! WAHAHAA! okai,lets shall not be rude by calling them angmoh,caucasian to be exact.hehe.and i was so paiseh lah uh.cus i was stir-frying da mixture and i was supposed to add in da Penne.okai it goes something like this..

    angmoh chef : alrite,now u guys may turn off da heater and serve it on a plate.
    me : eh? how come u all have da Penne ah?
    angmoh chef : (walks to my place) add in da Penne,wad are u waiting for?

    (everyone laughs) ---- EVIL!
    so paiseh lah..den after dat everyone had alreadi serve it on da plate,and poor mi..i was still trying to scoop all da Penne in da frying pan..

    me : eh eh,u all wait leh..dun so fast lah.
    (everyone laughs,again!)
    me : okok,wait ah! wait!!
    (angmoh chef stood beside mi)
    angmoh chef : oh man,this is gonna take a long time
    me : okok..(feeling ultra paiseh!)

    but dat chef is a furnie man a blur kok kok person like mi,it makes him look funnier. wad the hell? lol! da dinner served was fantabulous! (though it was da same dishes we tried cooking earlier) it tasted SOOOOOO (times gazillion) much duh rite?they're CHEF(s)!! hehee..
    realli had a great time though! da pple there are so friendly/warmth/hospitable =)) aiight,i shall upload da photo! cyars! oh oh oh! theres no sch tmr!!! yooohooo!!

    cindy [ 11:53 AM ]

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    at da stairways..da CAPTAIN helped us took this pic.he's got skill =) Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 9:01 PM ]

    christy said its a FORMAL pic..i knoe i looked rather comical lah,but i alreadi tried to look serious! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 9:00 PM ]

    wendy,christy,pk,wiki,esther,jaffar,sam and da Regent Hotel Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:59 PM ]

    me and esther,again..this time is self-time cam! heheee Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:58 PM ]

    all da fnn(s) student Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:57 PM ]

    wooo! cheers! sheena and mi  Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:57 PM ]

    me,another (dunno specialise in wad) chef and sheena. Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:56 PM ]

    esther and mi Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:55 PM ]

    me,da furnie angmoh chef,sheena and manoj Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 8:55 PM ]

    been running to da toilet.having severe diarreoa and am feeling stuper those who are laughing ur arse off,jus a note to u aint furnie at all.try experiencing it and u will knoe how it feels.ever heard a proverb saying 'only when u meet a mishap,u'll knoe who are the ones dat truly cares for u?' in this case,it isnt ani mishap,jus diarreoa.
    im not angry or whatsoever,jus dat im disappointed to a certain extent.i dun usually get angry or even disappointed easily.although im proud to say im a rather forgiving person,perhaps to pple whom ive high expectations on,i will,in one way or another feel ultra disappointed or even angry.but i'd choose da former.angry isnt da exact word to use when da person/thing failed to reach ur expectations.
    when pple are feeling helpless/weak..CONCERN(s) are very important,no? and as a matter of fact,human needs concern(s)! jus a simple ' are you ok' (although its abit dumb asking dat question cus obviously u knoe dat da person's not feeling good) but at least u showed concern.dat will simply make a person's day. how would u feel when u tell a person ure dying soon and da person,who by the way is very close to u jus laughed?i'd rather be off dead. perhaps i came across as a person full of craps and never serious,dats y everything i say/ jus seem furnie to pple.even when SEVERE DIARREOA occurs.
    i guess this isnt a realli pleasant entry,but i so need a place to rant at.although i knoe there are pple reading this blog,but hey..bear with it!cus my entries' not all abt ranting yes? =p

    cindy [ 5:01 AM ]

    Sunday, May 15, 2005
    i felt da tremor again jus now..i tot i was thinking too much,bt christy msged mi on msn saying 'earthquake!'. oh man..this is da 3rd time!this year doesnt seems to be a good year either? =(
    on a lighter note..i bought for myself a pair of BIRKEN! =)) although its not da one im looking for,its still comfortable.hehee.
    yest didnt realli update wad happened during da bbq..erm,when we arrived,all of em was there alreadi.some bbq-ing,some went cycling/blading,some play water/some got drunk..nt exactly drunk-drunk lah,jus nt as sober.guess everyone was tired.den we bought for wiki a mp3 was friggin nice/cool/small/ jealous can! lol!bt as long as shes happy..=)) and it can store lyrics u knoe?how cool is dat?! but before all dat,we sorta hid it somewhere(in da sand) sorta like a 'treasure hunt' and asked wiki to go dig it out..after dat we asked her to guess wad is it..there goes da questions and answers session...

    christy:guess wad is it?
    wiki:(shakes da box)chocolate?
    christy:close..something like dat
    wiki:(shakes da box again)is it edible not?
    christy:erm..can say so
    wiki:eh give clue leh..
    christy:can use for very long
    wiki:(drops da box,pick up again)chocolate lah?
    kelvin:give u another 3 tries..
    ( pple put clothes in a box?and its in a SMALL BOX!wiki ah..wheres ur brain?lol!)
    christy/kelvin/ more try
    wiki:if i guess wrongly how?
    cindy:no present for u..
    wiki:wah lao!where got like dat one!?(shakes da box) i dunno leh..
    christy:nvm,u go back there to open up..

    she opened,she smiled,she appreciated it.haha.BUT,she started singing again..if u guys dunno,da way wiki sings is like..u knoe,before chicken gets slaughter..dat kinda sound?yea..LOL!jkjk,i think it worse.wahaha!
    *evil* its okai wiki,we dun belong to da can-sing catergory.but at least i sings with tone..hers is MONOtone.yea u knoe wad i mean? haha!
    ahh im so bored!jus played gold miner level lame? -pouts

    cindy [ 5:41 AM ]

    Saturday, May 14, 2005
    hey..jus came home from bbq at east coast,celebrated wiki's bday.erm it was okai lah,i was busying bbq-ing food for,how noble?jkjk.and i ate onli two pathetic sausage.=p
    so pissed.friday the 13 indeed.left house at abt 6+ den took a cab down to derrick's house to pick he and andy up,den down to ps to pick binghong up.but before all dat stuff da stupid taxi driver with what-the-hell attitude.kept like scolding mi..but like hello lorhs?i asked him if it was okai to go three destination and he said OK leh..piang.count my luck.den he kept mummbering to himself dunno wad lah uh.den reached derrick's house,bt he wasnt ready i asked da uncle to wait awhile den he jus kept quiet(though i knoe he's alreadi pissed).but after alil while he kept doing da 'tsk' sound,u knoe especially pple with friggin attitiude problem,so i tot maybe i get another cab lah since hes so unhappy abt it.den i said,nicely,'erh uncle,its okai lah..i stopped here den'..slience..or perhaps,he was PRETENDING to NOT hear wad i jus said!like hello!?den i was realli on da verge on getting off da cab lorhs! den he said 'can u call ur frens to hurry them not?!(in mandarian)den i was like 'there,they come alreadi'.piang,was so pissed.fuming mad man! =(( den after derrick and andy got onto da cab,da driver said hes not gonna wait again..cus we hafta pick binghong up.wad the hell? sucks man. this is da FIRST time a cab driver realli pisses mi off man.shits.shit happens lah uh! nvm..let bygones be bygones.
    den after da bbq,my dad came to fetch drop off derrick and andy as it was on da way.yups.jus feel so tired and my face is friggin oily much smoke!(as in BBQ's smoke,i COOKED for, in da comfy of my room,and da temptations on lying on my bed..i guess i should be off now! so cyars!

    cindy [ 3:19 PM ]

    nice isnt it? i wanted this..but da outlets doesnt have,so yea.=( Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 2:59 PM ]

    my birken! its not all dat nice..but its realli comfortable =D Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 2:57 PM ]

    oh no..i knoe i shouldnt have posted this.this is supposed to be sensored.children,dun try this with strangers,yes? Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 2:55 PM ]

    wad was she doing!?! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 2:52 PM ]

    shes drunk..hahaa Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 2:51 PM ]

    mi and sam sam again =) Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 2:51 PM ]

    haha! this is hilarious! look at christy and wendy! full-of-shits.haha! Posted by Hello

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]