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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Thursday, November 30, 2006
    i hope and pray and pray and hope dat someday,hopefully SOON,someone will invent some sort of a 'Lizardcide' or something to perish ALL THE LIZARDS!!I SWEAR I WILL KOWTOW TO THAT INVENTORHERO!

    Lizards are just digusting lah!I CANT AND WILL NEVER STAND THEM!
    just where the hell did they come from?can someone tell me?

    i can just go on and on about how much i hate them but i think i'd better case,*CHOY* they find their way in to my room just like how the other time it happened to me.*choychoychoychoychoy*

    by the way,guess what?!I PASSED MY EXAM!!!!!!!YAY!!!im just so damn bloody glad dat i dont have to retake the paper again!phew!
    lesson was pretty good today!i just found out 2 of my gurlfriends' birthdays are so near to mine!ok,so whats the big deal?erm,nothing.

    yesterday night,or rather morning,i couldnt get to sleep!i slept at 5am ok!grrrr...!!i was thinking to myself,you know how some people who will show others how they looked like in the past(probably choosing the worst photo ever),commenting how they looked from head to toe,from their worst hairdos to their bad dressing and the list can go on.and they will take their pictures,then and now,and make a contrast of it thinking 'what the hell was i thinking when i wore that outfit?'and such but they never feel embarrassed.instead,they will rather proud of it even to the extent of mocking themselves.

    i mean,at dat point of time(your proclaimed worst stage),you were probably thinking you looked best.and say,10 years down the road when you looked at your pictures again,you will think dat you look way better now.and then you start making comparison again.

    i was thinking,confidence boost maybe?

    it is so interesting to see there are so many different people in the world but their reaction to dat one thing is so know what im saying?

    hahaa,lame entry i know.ciao!

    cindy [ 3:43 PM ]

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006
    super cold weather thesedays!anyway,today i packed my room becus i seriously cant stand the sight of untidy and it doesnt give me any motivation to start on my project.den i realised ive been collecting a truckload of rubbish.

    really,i think my room has been collecting alot of dust.i suffered sooooo much while trying to clear it.imagine,i still have my sec 1PRIMARY 6's exam paper AND the notification for BCG.

    my chinese exam paper.

    TIME TABLE!hahaha!

    and,errr..yes,i was a HUGE Britney Fan too.i was basically everyone's fan lah.
    tsktsk,just too many stuff.

    im so dead.i dont even know how to start on my project!i cant even think of any product to market.shit.
    song to recommend,strongly: Justin Timberlake - All Over Again(Another Song)
    fifty thumbs up!

    class tomorrow.fifty thumbs down.
    pictures from the other day.

    Goodbye MHSS ='(

    its been quite awhile babes!;)

    cindy [ 3:47 PM ]

    the weather and the project are the 2 main factors dat are making me a more homely person..


    OH!and of cus,$kaching$.im jobless yo?so..heh.
    but you guys are always welcome to my house yea?HAHAHAH!

    anyway,yea its bored staying at home but all thanks to the weather,going out seems to be very troublesome too.becus..

    1)i dont bring umbrellas!and i always get scolded for that from my parents.
    2)and becus i dont bring umbrellas,an ALL-SHELTERED place is a MUST.
    3)its either dat or no going out.

    yah.and trust me,people cant stand me for that.dont blame me,really no choice what!hohooo~

    so im glued to the computer and teevee for like 24/7.even my father was like
    'i see you whole day do nuthin but EAT,SLEEP,WATCH TV!no school?and please lah,go out and [sai tai yang].'(sunkiss,in short)

    the problem is,there's no sun for me to in,literally.=/so its not like i wanna stay indoor for like,,not my fault lor.

    like,i realised my sentences always have alot of like,like.damnit.

    ok,dat was quite bullshit.fine,it IS bullshit.

    and seriously,i think im suffering from insomnia AGAIN.whenever im out of job,out of school,whatever.the problem keeps getting back to me.its not as if my dark eye circles isnt obvious enough!=====.======"
    i'll usually hit the sack at about 3.30am and wakes up at 10am?MAN OH MAN!i just dont know always seems like theres something at the back of my mind dat just keep making me feel..unease.its damn annoying i tell you!

    rrrghhhh!you see,i wanted to type out a long entry but nuthin's coming out.its time to start on the project!!!CIAO.

    cindy [ 4:32 AM ]

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    oh by the way,if you guys didnt know cus i bet you guys didnt know..long before the Cindy-only-wants-Edison-and-no-one-else era,i used to like nsync and,not love.cus i know of gurls who goes crazy over those bands..more ridiculous ones would be those who really went 'gaga' over what?5566 and err..F4.=.="

    man,i really wont go to dat kind of extent.even for edison,no.

    but anyway,justin timberlake is the man yo?hahaa!generally,i just gotta admit man,January babies rocks!!=)))))

    OH!!guess what?im having 3 classes this week.CAN I SCREAM?!!AND and,did i mention ive got project coming up for this module?YAH!!SHIT right!?marketing anyone?=(

    cindy [ 1:20 PM ]

    Thursday, November 23, 2006
    went back to mhss in the evening,for the last time.there were like millions of people..haha,ok im exaggerating.but seriously,there were alot of people.its really sad to see mhss closing down,but i guess i'll have to look at it at the bright side..

    'even the best thing has to come to an end.

    saw many many familiar faces;and becus there were far too many people around,i think ive missed out a few people.but then again,everyone's busy with everyone so..hoho!;p

    after which,went singing with sam,esther,kelvin,wiki,wendy and xueling.AND urgh!i thought we've already missed the last bus so we walked all the way back to heeren to withdraw money and back to the cab the end,i saw the bus passed RIGHT INFRONT OF ME.RRRAAHH!!!i swear i really screamed when i saw the bus.

    anyway,i think i'd better go another time,my com isnt working..again.nite y'all!=)

    cindy [ 5:54 PM ]

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    man,staying at home with a wardrobe of tidbits is definitely not a good thing!and plus,when you're at home doing ABSOLUTLY NOTHING AT ALL isnt helping the least afraid in a few more days to come,i might not be able to even squeeze myself out from my main gate.

    if you realised..CINDY?WEIGHT CONSCIOUS?!OH MY!!

    oh yes,i wont growing and changing so,its about time people!;)

    but dont worry,you wont(and will never i assure)be reading an anorexic or bulimic's blog.

    'oh,today i only ate half an apple but guess what?i felt guilty because i was not supposed to eat for the day,so i forced myself to purge.'

    lol,the fact is..i cant live without food.yah,the truth is always cruel i,as a matter of fact,kudo to them please.

    AND and!
    i sincerly,from the bottom of my heart,HATE gurls who keep saying that man!and worse,when they put their pictures on friendster with the caption,'im fat!';'ugly and fat me';'i look fat'.


    sometimes,i really dont understand gurls.yah,im alil confused abt my inner sexuality.
    INNER.thank you.

    ANYWAYS,why am i even on the topic of this?
    my dad's out of town,AGAIN.he's always like dat.he dont and wont tell me personally,he'll write me a note on the table;telling me what i have to do;when will he be back and a 'haha' behind.AHH!!just give me all the money in the world and i swear i wont be here,idling around,wasting my youth.damnit!

    right,im gonna hit the sack right about now dudes!nite y'all!

    cindy [ 5:34 PM ]

    Sunday, November 19, 2006
    went cycling with wiki and luckily,my arse doesnt hurt as much as the other day!*phew~you guys have no idea how pain is!

    im friggin hungry now..anyway,


    had a short conversation with her earlier in the day and she had to remind me im turning 19teen soon.wah lao!19teen leh,nothing to celebrate!its ok,you guys shall wait for my 21st before i make it a grand one yea?i promise it will be people,3 more years to go!=D

    and i feel so bad not celebrating with her although ive known her for quite sometime already.sorrie babe,im sure you have your own share of fun anyhow!HEEEE!(what a great way to feel guilt-free!)JUST KIDDING LAH OIE!

    aiight,i shall wish you good health,more wealth and..ok i cant think of anything dat rhymes!hahaa,but i sincerly wish you happiness always!=)) lubb euu worxx! HAHAHAHAH!ok not funny.anyway,miss you babe!!and i'll see you real soon!;)

    cindy [ 3:05 PM ]

    Thursday, November 16, 2006
    i dont know.

    sometimes i feel the world im living in,the people around me are plastics.none of them are genuine.they are all wearing a mask and behind those masks,i dont even know who they really are.

    this world is selfish;full of morons who only lives for themselves.
    full for shitheads who only cares about themselves.
    full of hypocrites whom,on one hand,made you believe who they are but on the other,never letting you know who they really are.

    just too many to list out but one word sums it all;Fake.
    please,to those who feel im talking about you,stay out of my life..its really fine even without you people.and i believe it will be even better.

    cindy [ 9:31 AM ]

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006
    wah laooooooo..

    im so bored lah!!

    my dad didnt give me any work to do leh..

    he's out.

    and ive got nothing to do!

    having class later,sian.

    okay,so i havent blog about my new lecturer.

    i missed the first class the other day becus my sis was back so i thought i'd rather spend more time with her than attending the class becus i know i wouldnt pay attention sheena was like telling me how cute and funny the lecturer is and blah etc.okay,i was KINDA looking forward to it(becus i have my doubts on sheena's taste you see,LOL!).so on saturday,i went.and well,i wouldnt say its to my disappointment lah.hes cute in a way.angmoh-ish cum japan-ish look.he has curly hair though!but well yea,i dont like curly hair guys..i mean,i like them in a way like,like them but not dat kinda like-like term..get it?ok nvm,you dont.

    and miraculously,he has dat kind of 'power' to make you listen to him and pay attention in class.just imagine,nobody talks in his class ok.everyone's giving him like 101% attention.

    olrite and then now,i dont know how to continue with this post.i think im gonna grab some char siew rice and eat.CIAO!

    cindy [ 6:54 AM ]

    Monday, November 13, 2006
    im just so glad Britney's finally decided to dump K-Fag Fed.
    now,its not any of my business here but im just so glad!=)D

    how does it feel to be cycling again?


    been so busy with work and school for the past few months ive neglacted my bike for a long long time.and yes,it turned rusty!now,i have all the time in the gonna use you very often man!

    we cycled all the way to East Coast Park,damn nice.although it was friggin tiring becus my pedal wasnt really working,the chain was too rusty and my tyres were..fine,i admit,my bicycle sucks.there were so many people there.i think next time i shall try rollar-blading.friggin cool!

    so anyway,went over to the jetty and sat down.very windy;very nice place to be emo.hahaa!yup,basically dat was all but it was an accomplished day for me!;))

    if you havent realise,ive quit my job already.yes least this time i worked longer than the other 2 times.but anyway,for the first time i kinda regretted on my decision.i told my supervisor just the day before(which was thursday)dat i was gonna quit the next day.she was so shocked lah.

    her:huh!?why?!why suddenly?!
    me:huh?erh..cus i found another job.
    her:but so sudden!

    my heart ached when i saw her reaction.i dont know why.i just felt so guilty and sad.maybe becus well,technically,i havent exactly found a job(well,if working for ur dad counts..)but the reason i wanna quit is becus the work which they gave me doesnt require any much brain cells.its quite dead.i mean of course its easier and stuff,but i dont really see whats so 'helpful' from it even if say im gonna have 10 years of experience doing other words,i see no future in it.

    another thing,ive said plenty of times.the pay.its really,i can never say enough, proud to say the last month,October,i only took a day off from work due to my examination.yet,when i received the payroll a few days ago,my pay was still unbelievably low.i dont understand whats the CENTS about.$***.16.

    like,wth right?!

    so basically,those are the 2 factors which really made me decide on my decision.

    before i went to bed on the day when i told my supervisor i was quitting,i was actually thinking if i should just take back the resignation form.yah,dat was how much i was regretting.but then again,i'll lose my value lah.i mean,seriously okay,i was kidding.hehee!i was battling myself with my own mind games.

    olrite,let me continue about my last day.

    i went to work as usual and some of my colleagues,ok,it sounds pretty weird becus they're old enough to be my anyway,news travels fast.they were like asking me quite alot of questions.

    was it my last day;why am i quitting;am i still gonna study.blah etc.

    and this came the part where i became an internal emotional wreck.i distributed chocolates and candies to them to show my little appreciation to them becus they have been rather nice to me.yea so now you're gonna remind me how i used to curse dat burping machine but seriously,they are very nice people.

    i didnt know im such an emotional basketcase.i was fighting back the tears when they wished me well and all the best for my future and all.i could feel my tears welling up my eyes dat one blink and i know it'll be a running tap.the feeling was undescribable.i never knew ive grown to be so attached to dat place and the people there.i just never knew.i thought i'd be some cool kid;come and go with no strings attached,but i was so wrong.

    why am i regretting when its already been decided.i can foresee im gonna feel lost tomorrow.even now i can feel it biting me.

    but as for now,my ass hurts and i think im gonna sleep.

    cindy [ 3:56 PM ]

    Monday, November 06, 2006
    can i not wait till Christmas for my Shepherd's Pie and LOGCAKE?!

    can i have it like,NOW?!NOW NOW NOW!?


    cindy [ 3:55 PM ]

    i just watched the 'Jue Shi Hao Bra'.SUPER hilarious!damn stupid but damn funny.somemore got my Louis Koo,awww!!SO HOT!=)

    'Ali Bra Bra'

    HAHAHAHAAHAH!!i could just die laughing on my sofa.

    'Ali Bra Bra'

    WAHAHAAHA!!funny shit man!

    i adore Hongkong drama serial/movie and of cus,the guys there!!Hongkong,i'll be coming soon!

    Singapore?a big SIGH.why cant they be alil bit like the Hongkongers?i meant the guys.they're more gentlemanly;more family oriented.okay,maybe i watched too much of Kindred Spirit dats why im stereotyping.but seriously,ive got a 'thing' for Hongkong guys.heheheheheehehee!yah,stop dreaming.

    olrite!hitting the sack right about now folks!

    cindy [ 3:50 PM ]

    Saturday, November 04, 2006
    today's the last episode of the 9pm show(which i had no idea whats the name of the show,hah!)and man,i'd say im quite impressed with Fiona Xie's acting.i think she has improved quite alot compared to her earlier roles such as the infamous 'sai-nai' genie(in a sitcom).

    i cant believe i actually teared when she cried so bitterly to ask Zhiyun to forgive her.and when she was accidentally stabbed by Zhiyun.awww,Pierre Png!i meant,Fiona.
    haha,i think she should just keep to playing the villian roles.she made people cursed at her,she made her haters hate her even more,and..she's just good lah!=)and oie!im not her hater lah.infact,im beginning to like her after this show.hahaa,im serious!

    so anyway,today's my exam.and well,same'ol word..SCREWED.

    but you know what?whatever i studied actually came out.its just dat my mind went completely blank when i was inside the room.just imagine how i answered one of the question;dont laugh!

    Define what is Fixed Cost.
    'Fixed Cost is the cost that is fixed.'


    YAH,i know you are laughing.damnit.when i told sheena and my other friends,they started laughing like some madass!wah lao,i mean..its better to write something than leave it blank right?although i know it WONT earn me any marks.i think the makers will probably die of laughter or somethin'.


    im so prepared to retake dat stupid paper.becus you know why?there're about 30 plus people RETAKING the econs paper today!so yah,the room was packed with 50 plus people.ROOM,not not to be stressed?when i came out of the room,they were telling me i looked damn pale and my hair is totally messed up like,i dont give a damn.

    but honestly,the paper is not the least difficult.becus the questions are exactly the same as of in the book,just dat the figures and the names have changed.AND,my whole class was practically cursing my lecturer becus NONE of the things he taught came out in the paper.i didnt blame him lah,becus i dont pay attention in!;P okay,not dat im proud of it..but just dat well,dudes..its over yo?just get ready ur money and retake the paper man!HAHAAHA!

    i swear im so gonna be wallop by them if they ever come across this site.

    hoho,alrite..its time to get some good night sleep!NITE Y'ALL!=)

    cindy [ 3:50 PM ]

    Thursday, November 02, 2006
    before the day ends,i would like to wish Ruiza a Happy 19th Birthday!

    and since i dont know what else to blog about,this post shall be dedicated to her.

    every year of this day,i'd be the first person to wish her.but this year,i wanted to do something 'different'.i became the last person.

    NOT becus she's not important.
    and definitely NOT becus ive forgotten about her birthday.

    i want to be the last person she'll be the last friend till our hair turns grey.

    ever since she came back from Australia,ive noticed a change in her.a change dat made her a stronger person,a more unique individual.we dont talk as much on the phone,we dont go out as often,we dont even talk that much when we meet up after say,a few months?but im not saying its all dat least i dont feel the distance.

    as i grow older,i realised dat the term 'friend' doesnt neccessary have to be someone you can have endless topics with,or someone who comforts you when you're down.i mean,of cus it'll be better to be consoled but what i mean is that,someone whom you can sit down for hours even without much to say,someone who only listens becus she knows dat you're the 'just-listen-to-me-cus-i-dont-want-to-listen-to-you' sort.that,for me,is called a friend.

    i remember a long time ago,i once told Ruiza i dont believe theres such thing as true friends. after i got to know her alil longer,she told me she felt sad when i told her that and she said she wanted to be a friend whom i know i can count on to.i bet she doesnt remember this but i do,till this day,becus dat sentence really moved me.

    of all the friends dat ive known,none has ever said that to me.

    shes one of the very,very few that came across me,crying my lungs out when i had a bad day.i dont usually go around calling people and start 'hurhurhur' becus well,i dont usually call people in the first place.

    but anyway,thats not the point.

    the point is,despite the 3 years she was in Australia,im glad our friendship stood strong.i know that in a few more years to come,or even now,we each have a different approach in life but i just wanna say that the only thing that hasnt and im sure will not change will be this friendship.i know ive said it before,but im gonna say it once more.

    this friendship is gonna last till my very last breath,i sompah!:))


    cindy [ 3:45 PM ]

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    surprise surprise!my elder sis is coming back,AGAIN!!yes yes,this coming sunday!;)its only for a few days though.but well,better than nuthin i guess!

    anyway,its been SOOOOOOOOOOO damn long since i 'revised' my 'schoolwork' with my dad.the last time was..pri 1?!!?!oh,revised in a term i would just short cut and ask him to summarise everything so dat i dont have to read through.reading is a torment for me,yes it is.

    and surprise surprise again,i can actually understand him better than my lecturer.=.="HAHAAHA!!to tell you the truth,ive NEVER actually exactly understand what my dad taught.from,chinese to omg,maths!he will just go ROUND AND ROUND THE BUSH when the answer is like,in the face kinda thing.

    yup,so now im taking a breather from 'revising' for my exam and im gonna hit the books in a whiles'time.i think its gonna be burning midnight oil tonight!ive got just so much to study and i hate it to the core!so who am i blaming now?

    aiight,shant waste anymore time.ciao!

    CYCLING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON OK KELVIN?!the haze is gone!!!=)))


    cindy [ 3:30 PM ]