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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, December 29, 2007
    [When you love someone by Bryan Adams.]
    I came across this song when i was watching one of Britney's Spears Wedding video(yes,that's how bored i can get)and i'm so friggin in love with it!

    The lyrics is total wowness:)

    When you love someone you'll do anything
    You'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain
    You'll shoot the moon - put out the sun
    When you love someone

    You'll deny the truth - believe a lie
    There'll be times that you'll believe
    You can really fly
    But your lonely nights have just begun
    When you love someone

    When you love someone you'll feel it deep inside
    And nothin' else can ever change your mind
    When you want someone - when you need someone
    When you love someone

    When you love someone - you'll sacrifice
    You'd give it everything you got and you won't think twice
    You'd risk it all - no matter what may come
    When you love someone
    You'll shoot the moon - put out the sun
    When you love someone

    And please,don't be shallow.This kind of love could be in friendship/kinship term too,not only in relationship.Very meaningful song:)

    Anyway,Celine has gone back to AUH.I bet she's gonna have problems fitting into her uniform.That aside.You know what?I HATE MY 'NEW' HP!!It's bloodily giving me so many problems!I hate to have to travel all the way down to the service centre to get it repaired when it's actually not FULLY repaired because once i started using it,all sorts of problem starts surfacing again.Eh handphone,you think i very free isit?!Ok maybe i am,but can you not do this to me!?

    I don't know why in the first place i bought a new hp when my old one is serving me so well!

    It has never given me any problems at all even after 4 years!Just because you looked abit obiang,i have no choice but to change you.I'm so sorry for being so judgemental,old love.You're still the best!At least for now.

    So the other day,i was talking to Elena on the phone straight till about 6 in the morning.It's been so long since i talked on the phone for so long and whatsmore,with Elena!Ever since we graduated from primary school,we seldom or almost never talked on the phone for more than an hour.We don't even meet up anymore!It's not that we don't want to but it's really hard to accomodate both our schedules.When i'm free,she's not and vice versa.Oh wells,but i'm really blessed to have a buddy like her!12 years and counting:D

    Speaking of schedules,guess what?I hadn't been working for this whole week!No work,no money.But it's least i'm finally giving some time out for myself!I'm ready to embrace year 2008,and turning 20!

    cindy [ 8:43 AM ]

    Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    Wow!5 more days and it's the end of 2007.Very very fast indeed!:(

    By the way,haven't you guys already heard?Jessica Alba is pregnant,too!Everyone's getting pregnant,yoohoooooo!!~ hohoho!Next year is gonna be an interesting year,i guess?

    Came back from my grandma's house not long ago and i'm stuffed to the max.Ate like a pig!Food was good except that this year,NO PRESENTS FOR US!!DAMN!!I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!NO PRESENTS!!Just when i mention on the other post that we never fail to get presents every year,THIS YEAR NO PRESENTS FOR US.AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!No presents,money also good what.Christmas no presents,how special can it get?!

    Make sure CNY red packet will be a fat one!Okay,i better shut it since i've a jinxed mouth.

    Okay,my bad.My aunts came down today and gave us money to buy our own things.HEEE!

    Anyway,nothing much.It seems like this year all my friends are celebrating with their bf/ all good.HAHAAHA!Kidding lah!

    Aiight,gonna upload a few pics.Till then.

    See,what's underneath the xmas tree?NOTHING!!!

    Christmas pudding with ice-cream.heavenly!BUT damn thirsty after that.So you thought i'd say it's sinful isit?Please,you will never hear the word SINFUL from me because eating is never a sin.So shut it if you're one of those pple who always go like 'ah,that's damn sinful' when you've eaten something that's..fattening.Such vocab is just so unnecessary.Sinful,then don't eat lah.Pui!

    Scandalous!HAHAHAA kidding man!that's my cousin and sister.he was showing her the MARTEL bottle which we'd always thought it was err..the alcohol inside the bottle?But it turns out that my uncle actually put chinese medicine inside.....great discovery after 19 years.

    wooo lala,the chicken pie!friggin good!i'll never get tired of eating it!

    the ham and filling.potato-cheese filling.damn good lah!

    not one

    but TWO logcakes!!and the one above was MANGO!!

    dad at the gate


    And..these are the food we bought from the other day.

    dad and sis.


    cindy [ 4:50 PM ]

    Sunday, December 23, 2007
    I didn't know my tagboard isn't working until now!DAMN!No wonder it's been so quiet lately..not that it's always flooded with tags but still!

    Christmas is just 2 days away!Will be going down to my grandma's place(dad's side)on Christmas Eve again this year.

    It's actually an annual affair to celebrate Christmas at her place since young with very traditional routine like,we'll only get to collect our presents underneath the Christmas tree when the clock strikes 12(luckily they don't have the practice to sing christmas carols),and the table which is full of CHRISTMAS FOOD!

    Okay,i know it sounds damn typical right?IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

    Before all of that,i'd always wait at the balcony and call my friends because i was too darn bored.But ever since Celine started flying and me,having graduated from high school(which is actually erm,no connection for me to NOT go at all),we didn't make it a point to go down anymore.Oh well,shit happens.

    Despite that,the presents still keep coming in,which is a good thing of course.

    Anyway,the most important thing isn't about the presents.Like i said,CHRISTMAS FOOD!It's the SCRUMPTIOUS FOOD!!OH FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!!

    (OMG,THERE'S MORE!!but i can't think now..i'm friggin craving for the above!LOGCAKE!!!!)

    I don't mind putting on another 10kg just for the food!

    ARGH,why did i even start posting this entry?!!?I'm starving already!

    cindy [ 6:26 PM ]

    Saturday, December 22, 2007
    Okay,what the hell.

    16 and pregnant,Jamie-Lynn Spears.

    Shockness please.

    But then again,it's a norm amongst teenagers already,isn't it?But seriously,SIXTEEN?!?-.-" Enlighten me,anyone?


    Anyway,was out with my sisters today for some shopping.Okay,INTENSE shopping.But it's always good to shop with your older sibling because 99% of the time,you won't be footing the bill.However,if guilt starts to creep on you before heading home,you might wanna volunteer paying for the cab fare.

    We bought so much food before going home!Took a few pics but i'll probably upload it another day or something.Whole day revolves around FOOD.Even before we started eating our lunch,my elder sis was already planning on what to have for dinner.And,this was what happened shortly after..

    Celine:wah i'm damn full!i think can skip dinner already.
    Me:please.i give you 2 hours,you sure hungry again.
    Celine:NO LOR,i won't.
    Me:we shall see.

    *after 1/2 hr*

    Celine:eh,i very hungry never eat like that.
    Me:oh my god!see,i told you!but it's only half and hour leh!
    Celine:really meh?how come ah?

    *stares at her stomach*

    Seriously,she eats like a..pig.

    Alright,i think i'd better go now.It's 3.20am and i'm still wide awake.WOW!!OH,and did i mention i ACTUALLY passed my project?!!?!YES I DID!!!UNBELIEVABLE!

    5 hours of rushing is pretty worth it.HAHAHAA!

    cindy [ 7:24 PM ]

    Thursday, December 20, 2007
    Thank goodness!Britney is OFFICIALLY BACK!It's even better than 'Gimme More'.

    cindy [ 3:37 PM ]

    Sunday, December 16, 2007
    I've been staying up late these few days and it's not very healthy.When i say late,it can range from 4-7am but funny how i always managed to wake up before the clock strikes 2.Not something to be proud of,i know!

    Anyway,i love chatting with Kim Carter on MSN!

    I think we always have endless topic to talk about.Especially HOT GUYS because we both shared the same taste.It's really very rare to find someone who share the same views as you!And i think i can relate to her somehow.We're quite similiar in a way!That's why we can click so well even though we weren't really classmates back in secondary school days.

    I was telling her if we were classmates,we'd have already gone crazy over guys a gazillion times!Sorry,correction.We'd have already gone crazy over HOT guys a gazillion times!It's really not something we can control.I wish we could,but we can't.There's no remedy to it,yet.

    I'm thinking should i just get my ass off the bed and start packing up my room since i've been procrastinating to do so ever since..ever.Did i mention how cluttered my room is?

    Take a look.

    Ok,i know it's time to take those posters off the wall.Damn old school.But then again,i think i won't.Neh neh li bu bu!

    Fine,i shall go clean up now.Can't stand the sight of it too.

    cindy [ 5:49 PM ]

    Saturday, December 15, 2007
    I was out with karen yesterday.We FINALLY,and i mean FINALLY,went to sing ktv.The other time we were supposed to go but in the end,that biatch had sore throat.Not that she can control right,you must be thinking.NOOOOO,she COULD,IF she didn't eat all those junk food she had on cruise.Super know how to enjoy herself.

    Anyways,yes,we were singing our lungs out especially when it came to the F.I.R song.That lead singer's voice too high lah,so whenever we picked their song,it's usually for screaming.Quite shiok you know?;) Right bitch?

    Looking back at this week,i think i'm crazy.

    I've been working everyday for the past few days and will be working for the next few days as well!7 days a week leh.And i didn't even realise until yesterday night when i was lying on my bed thinking what's my plan for the next day and think back what was my plan the past few days.Only 1 thing - WORK.

    And because my work is so irregular(different place and timings),i had to make reminders for myself.

    I think i need a break.... clean up my messy room,which is cluttered with all sorts of rubbish. sit down and have a proper meal with my family. visit my grandma. also finish up the grocerries i bought which are gonna expire soon. lie on my comfy bed not because i'm tired but to just stare at the ceiling like i used to,thinking about nothing at all. sit on my sofa and watch tv programmes which i haven't done so in a loooooooooooooong time!(i was a tv-addict,couch potato you may call it) think about things.

    ...for myself.

    *snap back to reality*
    I'm gonna be 20 soon,SHIT!

    cindy [ 4:07 PM ]

    Thursday, December 13, 2007
    Picture post!

    Took a few pics using my new baby!:D It makes me i can touch the sky.Ok,don't mind me

    HAHAAHA SORRY ESTHER!but seriously,can someone tell her she really looks like the boy who's picture got circulated around the internet.The boy whose face was almost everywhere because apparently,his face was cut out from the photo and pasted at every damn character.LOL!LAUGH WITH ME!

    come on baby light my fire..

    why ya ya yippie ya yeh yippe yah yoh yippe yah yeh.

    one word.CHIO!

    Phathom of the OPERAHHHHHH

    tsktsk,she's grown!=)

    I LOVE THIS PIC!my ah ma and niece:D

    isit that difficult to take picture with me?SHE ALWAYS REFUSE TO SMILE,damnit.

    ok,that's fake..callister a.k.a qiqi


    Working tomorrow,sigh.

    cindy [ 5:38 PM ]

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007
    Great.The time now is 5am sharp and i'm still wide awake.Why?Because i stupidly didn't know tomorrow(which is today,hello!)is my deadline for my project.

    I thought i will have all the time in the world to do it,i mean,since next week i'll be quite free already but nooooooo,i only came to realise tomorrow's the deadline(if not i'll be DEAD)at 11pm.WOW!!

    So the past 5 hours of rushing was..i don't know.I just hope i didn't produce shit.


    5 hours ago,i don't even know what product/service to market for the stupid project ok?!So,what say you?

    Okay whatever,i did my best.At least for the past 5 hours.I really sat down and do man!I didn't even know 5 hours have past.Time passed super fast when you're preoccupied with something.

    Anyway,since i'm wide awake i shall update on my past few days.


    SHIT,I'M REALLY DAMN IN LOVE WITH IT!!HAHAHAHA!!YES,i'm typing on you now baby.awwww!;D

    This is what late nights plus eating chocolates in the afternoon do to you.Ok,to me.Damn,chocolates are like alchohol to me.How ah?!

    Everyone's falling sick thesedays man.I hope i won't.At least till Thursday after my OH LANG YA YUE~tolong tolong!

    Ok,i shall update again tomorrow.The thing is that,i think i'm starting to type nonsense already.Don't believe?

    hfUIujf(76%4^$#476(nb UIhKFbUfm

    cindy [ 9:05 PM ]

    Saturday, December 08, 2007
    I had the weirdest dream ever.

    I dreamt of Oprah Winfrey,can you believe it?!

    We were sitting on the rooftop,chatting.Don't ask me why rooftop.How i know?I can't control my dreams what!Anyway,we came to the topic on Money.She was asking me what is my concept on Money and,okay,i suddenly think i'm a damn hypocritical person.

    Since i know she's Oprah Winfrey right,like duh?OPRAH WINFREY LEH!!Of course i have to suck up abit.I was trying damn hard to impress her and i think,i really did.Because in the later part of the dream,she actually said she'd leave her billion dollar assets to me leh!!

    Yes,i know it's only a dream.The only thing that made me realise it's a dream was her pet.

    A unicorn.

    Tell me about it.

    cindy [ 4:33 AM ]

    Friday, December 07, 2007
    I'm so pissed with myself.Wanna know why?WANT?WANT?WANT NOT?OK I TELL YOU.




    So,i called Miss Piggy up and SHE WAS DAMN NOBLE OK?!She was actually in the cab with her colleagues,who dropped her off IN school,yet she walked over to the bus stop to pick me up.AND getting half-drenched as the umbrella was too small for 2 person.ALL BECAUSE OF ME.She could have been all dry and went for the class as per normal but because of me,she was semi-naked.And having a bad flu now.I owe her one.Ok,i shan't cook you for dinner and pray to 'dua bei kong' anymore.

    Anyway,back to the part which pisses me off even more.

    I reached class and realised the inside of my bag was flooded with rain water.So i quickly took out my hp,and yes,kns,it hanged.My mood had swung to the maximum and i kept blowing the back of the card reader like i'm doing CPR to my hp until the 2 girls who were sitting beside kept looking at me.I COULDN'T BE BOTHERED OK?!I JUST WANTED TO RESCUE MY HP!!

    But to no avail.It died on me.Basket!

    I was shivering like crazy in class,wearing jacket = not wearing jacket because half of the jacket was already wet before we even reached the school.So,i only managed to use the other half of the jacket to cover half of my body.

    And today,i overslept because i was so tired i think i could sleep forever.But i have to wake up because i had work today.So,decided to take a cab down and guess what?Suay-ness is in love me.I actually knocked my head against the rim of the door.WAH LAOO..can you believe it!?!It's not as if it's my first time taking a cab can!?The bang was so loud until the taxi driver was like..

    *think,suck in your breath when you pronounce the letter 'S'*
    (it's a form of reaction when you witness something that is incredibly painful,or seemed painful)

    Then,while i was on my way home after work,i realised my ipod isn't working too!!!

    (it's a form of reaction when you get especially fed-up with things which is beyond description)


    cindy [ 3:30 PM ]

    Thursday, December 06, 2007
    The weather these few days have been rather chilly.GOOD!Cool weather to sleep in:)

    Anyway,yesterday was down at Taka to help out at the shop.I was supposed to reach there at 9am but,as usual,i overslept and only managed to reach there about 10.Luckily my supervisor was understanding enough and didn't scream her head off.

    We re-arranged the whole shop and damn,it was friggin tedious!Imagine those big cupboards which are bigger and weighs heavier than normal human being?Yes,we have to move it.KNS,like coolies like that.Sweat like a pig!My body is aching like CRAPPPPPPPPP!

    I left at about 5,i'd faint if i had continued.

    So,decided to drop by United Square to visit Amanda(my ex colleague)at her new workplace since it was only her 2nd day,and man,i miss her!Working is not the same anymore.

    Met up with Miss Piggy and Sister Zaw for dinner at Pek Kio and while on the way there,we bumped into Mr Seow!It was damn funny because Sister Z was helping us to take a picture when Mr Seow who,initially wanted to walk pass us,decided to U-turn as he didn't want to interupt us.Then Miss Piggy and I were like 'MR SEOW!!',not even concern whether Zaw has taken our picture or not.

    Did i mention we actually WALKED to our dining place?Yes,we did.Miraculously with Miss Piggy.Ok fine,and myself.But it was because and only because the weather was pretty cooperative.CHILLY,i like!=)


    Went to her place and had my virgin mahjong experience.

    I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY MAHJONG CAN?LAUGH LAH LAUGH LAH.HARNA,I don't even know how to play dai-dee lah.Please tell me i'm almost extinct.

    My dad is off to Korea.Can i cry now?For that unreachable kimchi.

    cindy [ 9:21 AM ]

    Sunday, December 02, 2007
    YAY!I've finally gotten myself a laptop!=)
    just hope that i won't regret it.okok,i wont!

    Went to hunt for some good deals at Sitex yesterday with Wiki and her bf.It was still walkable though,unlike the IT fairs in Suntec which i can barely move around.Wiki got herself a camcorder too.I was damn tempted to get one and it was a miracle i actually managed to tame myself down throughout the 3 hours because if not,there could have been alot of impulsive buys.

    So today,went down again with my dad to make the payment and after seeing the crowd,he gave up and U-TURN back to the exit.

    I think it runs in the genes.I hate crowded places too!Damn annoying to be squashed/pushed/stepped on and the many 'accidental bump' by people.

    Anyway,2 days back,i was talking to Celine and Joseph(ine) on MSN..

    Sorry,the pictures were taking up alot of space and it was damn laggy.Plus,it looks damn untidy,therefore,i took it down.

    cindy [ 3:03 PM ]

    Saturday, December 01, 2007
    Life is so unpredictable.

    I guess everyone has already heard the news about the 5 DragonBoat paddlers.They were all so young.It really came as a shock for everyone but at least i believe they've lived their life to the fullest.They did what they loved to do.

    But their passing on indeed,i believe,awakened some of us.For me at least.

    You know we're always telling ourselves and others that life is too short so you should do whatever you want but seriously,how many of us can actually do what we preach?It's not exactly hard,but it isn't easy either.

    I don't know but i'm feeling so emo now.It's 12.24am now and it's rather chilly,maybe that's why.

    Just a few days ago,i couldn't contact Wiki.Yesterday,she finally picked up my call and..

    Me:wah lao,you don't know how to pick up call one hor?why you off your phone
    Wiki:wah lao,i kanna robbed in JB lor.

    When i heard that,i almost cried,in the shop where i was working.

    I think none of my friends know this.

    I'm actually someone who cries damn easily.

    1)Simple things can make me cry.
    2)Listening to a sad song can make me cry.
    3)Singing a sad song can also make me cry.
    4)Goodbyes make me cry.
    5)Confession makes me cry.
    6)Knowing someone whom i know or who are close to me and is in trouble yet i can't do anything about it makes me cry.

    All in all,I'm an emotional basketcase.

    Really.I'm such a big girl yet i act like a small girl.Maybe even small girls don't act like that.

    When i say Goodbyes make me cry,it's in a sense when i won't get to see the person again or anytime soon.And by Confession,i mean when i talked to someone who is close to me like my family.My dad especially.Sometimes when he isn't moodswinging and when we can actually sit down and talk for hours,i have this feeling inside me which is undescribable.Then,memories start flashing back.Good and Bad ones.

    Anyway,back to Wiki.

    She went on to tell me what exactly happened and thank god what they wanted was only money.It was such a close shave and i don't even wanna think it.

    Then came today.

    I was happily shopping at Taka and while on the way to the MRT station,my colleague msged me and told me today was her last day working at the shop already because the boss had transfer her to another shop to help out.I quickly went to the shop and just nice,everyone was there.My supervisor and another colleague are planning to quit too.I was so damn upset i actually cried.

    It's really very heart-wrenching to see people whom you've worked with for the past 8 months go.Especially for me!

    Everyone knows that my previous job(s)won't last more than 3 months and just when i thought i have finally found the job which i can stay,everyone starts leaving me.

    I've said this so many times.The prior thing i look for in a job is the people whom i'll be working with.And these people are the ones who makes me look forward to work everyday!Maybe except for that sissy guy.But if by accepting that sissy guy who always makes my day down could change all that's happening,i would!I really really would.

    See.Although the pay is friggin damn low,i don't mind.And the only and i mean ONLY reason i continued working is because of the people.

    Sigh,i don't know man.I feel so lost.I've never felt this way ever since after Os.

    cindy [ 4:55 PM ]