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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Monday, August 28, 2006
    i cant believe i just finished watching 'Ying Xiong'.and i cant believe i actually liked it!HAHAHAAHAH!i didnt catch it when it was out in the cinema becus i tot it would bore me to death!oh shit,nono im not a boring person lah oie!

    the show is really not bad leh,surprisingly.but the Zhang Ziyi was like an extra in the show.LOL!!ok sorrie just kidding dudette!Tony Leung is totally SUAVE man!!woooo!!and the digital effect i'll give thumbs up..especially the slow-motion part when Jet Li had to use his sword to aim at this brush dat was thrown in the air and slit right through it.and at the end,u can hear a 'purt' sound.POWER!!!
    the moral of the story is good too..dont carry too much hatred in u.yes i know,easier said than done.if everyone thinks like the character in YING XIONG,there'll be world peace already.and wait,i dont think when pple..especially women,say they want world peace is bimbotic at all.haaahah!really lah!

    but u know what?believe it or not,even after the show..i still dont know if Qin Shihuang(King of Qin Dynasty)is a good man or not.HAHAAHA!so i quickly run to my dad's room and he was so danm surprised i actually watched it too.he was like,

    'WAH!!!(not exagerrating at all)u actually watched it ah?!u wan i got all the books in the room,u can go read them and figure out urself if hes a good man or not!'

    =.="!!its as though im asking myself right?so enthu to let me read all his ancient-like books man.goodness!

    anyway,here's to you karen bitch!HAPPY WORKING TOMORROW!!!remember to wash the cars until SHINY SHINY HOR!!no lah,i really think they'll be understanding enough not to let u wash cars lah.change tyres will do!good training!no more flabby arms;)LOL!jk bitch!but do help me look out for handsome cum rich cum gentleman cum nice bods hunks ok?i will reward u handsomely!wakakakaka!

    aiight,i think i'd better go working tmr too,saddening.i'll help u guys look out for obasang who BURPS non-stop like a burping machine ok?

    cindy [ 2:39 PM ]

    Sunday, August 27, 2006
    it feels so weird to be staying at home on a saturday at this not saying i miss having class but it feels strange.hmm,maybe i do miss it?=.="

    harya,4 sept will come.then i will dread the thoughts of it.THATS ME lah,weird but loveable.LOL!!i am so funny.


    and yes my darl ruiza,i read.hahaah!i told u britney and justin looked good together!;)i had a really weird but somehow good dream last night.a dream dat will never come true..hurhur!:'(

    im so bored!!guess what?ive been compiling lyrics from different songs to make it a song itself.LOL!!i'll share it with u guys once im done with it ok?
    i wonder how would it sound like if i were to compose a song myself.ok,no need comments from u pple,shut it.

    work was a torment for me yesterday!and it was the BEST example i could ever find to describe the word Annoyance.

    this woman,i dont know if shes suffering from some serious burp-rrhoea or something,she burps every 10 sec THOUGHTOUT THE DAY HOR!im SO NOT exaggerrating at all ok!thank god she was sitting quite a distance from me..if not,i'll die of disgustion.she made me hate pple who burps even MORE.women especially.GROSS TO THE MAX lah.everytime she burps,i'll get super me,if ure someone who doesnt mind 'the burping sound',u should really go try sitting there the whole day listening to the 'burping music'.it was to the extent i wanted to just go straight up to her and tell her to shut it.from where she gets all dat GAS,ask her.she burps like as though she wants to compete with the roar of the thunder.and guess what did one of her colleague actually told her?

    'oh..u know u sound like baby having hiccups.'

    WAH!!!i wanted to kill dat colleague of hers SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY LAH!!!total pui-ness.sound like baby.its the worst and the most disgusting curry-favouring words ive EVER HEARD.
    maybe i should also try burping infront of her to show her how annoying it is huh?

    urghh!enough of dat.

    theres alot of things i want to and need to do but i dont know where to get started.HOW?i feel so pressured suddenly.its been so long since i felt dat way..

    cindy [ 6:00 AM ]

    Friday, August 25, 2006
    i was struggling to stay awake during work and i mean REALLY STRUGGLED!!i went to the toilet 8 times just to wash my face,just imagine dat.but the moment i sat down,my eyelids immediately felt heavy again.the feeling was crap i swear!it was to the extent of skipping my lunch during lunch break becus i was too tired and lazy to chew the food.

    so anyway,went to Newton for some dessert with sheena after work.well,initially for some dessert.but after looking at the picture boards above the stall,we felt hungry so we ordered satay,carrot cake and den,some dessert.hahaah!

    and we made a pact with each other.NO MORE TAXIS FROM TOMORROW ONWARDS!

    so after which,sheena decided to come my house becus she has never been to my place before even though she knew me for so many years!slacked arnd and although we didnt do much..just talked ALOT,we really had a great time!and the time passes so damn was as though we havent seen each other for years or not gonna see each other for years when in fact,we have to see each other almost everyday!=.="

    and do you guys know dat sheena ia friggin tall?yes she is!

    cindy [ 3:04 PM ]

    Cindy Chen's theory on borrowing money from different level of friends.

    $20 below = Friend
    $20-$50 = Good Friend
    $50-$100 = Best Friend
    Above $100 = True Friend
    $150 and above = Really,Very True Friend

    AND ITS PROVEN.Ruiza is under the Really,Very True Friend catogory cus i owe her nearly a total of 200 bucks!=.="i'll explain why later.

    first and foremost,im pissed.i actually flunked my BDT which was damn bloody chicken was the just-use-your-common-sense kinda questions but i dont know how in the world did WE managed to fail.yup,not only ruiza and myself flunked the test.PLENTY of them too.wasted my trip there and my sleep!AND MY MONEY!!!!RRRRRRggghhhhh!!!so we had to pay AGAIN and wait for another month to take the test AGAIN.i dont mind re-taking if the test was hard BUT i just cant swallow it becus the test was REALLY DAMN EASY!!!!=((

    so anyway,we took a bus down to marina square as we were meeting kaijia there.we spent a total of 5 hrs in cafe cartel(in between while waiting for kaijia and jiahui to arrive).ruiza and myself was trying to eat as slowly as possible while waiting for kaijia to come becus we both have a habit of eating fast.and,before we could finish the food,we were already damn full.

    sat there and talked all the way till i was telling them about my borrowing money theory and i bluffed kaijia and jiahui dat i owe ruiza more than 150 bucks dats y we are true frens and they actually believed.HAHAHAA.and they even asked me how come so was i to know it really came true?!=p so after dat,kaijia and jiahui had to go so me and ruiza went to walk arnd again and decided to go for some groccery shopping!!hahaa,i cant imagine if we live together man.the whole trolley will be filled!

    this is the part why i owe ruiza money.
    a few days ago,i was asking my dad..more like CONFIRMING with him if the card he gave me will be accepted if i go groccery shopping.without a doubt or any hesitation,he was like..

    'can lah,i say can means can.dont keep asking.the card is accepted EVERYWHERE.'

    so fine,i HAD TO trust the end?i went Giant for the groccery shopping,scanned everything,handed my card over to the cashier and... ..... ......

    'sorrie mam,we dont accept this card here.'

    without me asking ruiza to help me pay first,she automatically took out her wallet and walked towards the counter to help me clear the bills.LOL!!oh my!i repeat,AUTOMATICALLY.hahaah!she's like my ATM lah seriously.

    so i reached home and the first thing i did was to go to my dad's room and thank him for the assurance.and he can actually laugh at me!i knew it lor!i told ruiza before we went dad sure will laugh at me one,and he didnt prove me wrong.he act so innocently 'si meh??(is it??)i really dont know lor'.just imagine if i were there ALONE.pheww~

    lesson learnt,go figure out urself!;)
    work tmr,sian!!!!

    for the past few days,ive been 'doing research' on Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.hahaa,yes i link at all.but seriously,this video made me cry(and others too lah actually).they were picture perfect man!ive never been a britney nor justin die-hard fan but i do like them lah.and guess what?after i watched all the videos..and i mean every single one of them,im beginning to like them even more.i dont know why!but its really sad to see how britney's life have changed so dramatically.from a damn sweet looking young and innocent gurl to a..well,i dunno how to describe.i must say this,she looked BEST when she was with Justin Timberlake.dont believe me?go see for urself.

    okai,im gonna go now!CIAOS!!

    cry with me man!

    cindy [ 3:26 AM ]

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006
    you know the one thing dat could really allow me to kill myself is to 'urm-chio'.

    today,while i was FULLY concentrating on my work,this colleague turned around and 'EH' very obviously,i turned to look at her but sadly,she wasnt calling well,i was trying to get back to work while listening to what she has got to say to other colleagues.ok,more like she was asking a question.

    'EH!is Vagina part of USA?'

    HOLLLLLYYYY MAMA!!!dat instant,everyone turned around and looked at her.Virginia,she meant.seriously,i got the SHOCKED OF MY LIFE!she said dat SOOOOOO LOUDLY and she knew she already paiseh-ed herself so she quickly turned back to face her computer.

    i tell you,i wanted to laugh out loud so badly lah!but its like,nobody was laughing so ive got no choice but to 'urm-chio' for half an hr till my lunch kills not being able to laugh,seriously!and believe it or not,i actually burst out in laughter while i was having my lunch.HAHAHAAHAH!=p ok lah,i know u guys probably thinking im some nutcase but harya..i dont care lah uh?

    YUPPPP!!and tmr's my OFF DAY!YAYyyyyyy!!aiight,gotta go now!

    *i really think i have a crush on u*
    (dont bother to ask..hahaa,cus u know i wouldnt tell.)

    cindy [ 12:49 PM ]

    Monday, August 21, 2006
    i dont know why,but my eyes have been twitching of late.yes,both left and right!i sure hope and pray nothing bad's gonna happen.

    cindy [ 12:37 PM ]

    Saturday, August 19, 2006
    time for an update!

    went out with esther yesterday after work.initially,i wanted to try going out alone.ALONE,yes alone.hahaah!well,it doesnt seem to be a great deal for myself but i just dunno why i cant stand it when people tell me they're alone.its weird i know.

    shopping alone is great though!
    (i think i'll sob while eating.or just cry on the table)

    the food will NEVER taste nice when u're alone,trust me on that.

    anyway,so i met esther at PS and we wanted to catch a movie at first.but there's no other shows and plus,i feel movie is a waste of time so we decided to walk around.and for the first time,we really didnt know where to go.usually when we go out,we'll be damn steady.we'd suggest a place and without any hesitation,we'll just go.but yesterday was a different story.

    we went to cathy to take photos with non-living things.HAHAHAA,it was quite funny actually.and after which,we walked aimlessly.*shit,my eye just twitched* but in the end,we took a bus down to holland v and settled down in a very cosy cafe.

    im seriously considering holding my next bday there.

    its sort of my 'ideal cafe'.the one i've been mind-mapping out myself.the ambience and everything..i want my cafe to be something like dat!but,of addition to SOME OTHER THINGS(which i'll not reveal until i really open one).

    so we were basically chilling out and,after a day of forcing her to get something out of her chest..erm,literally,she finally did and the day ended pretty well.becus it feels rather weird in the beginning as she didnt really talk much and somehow,if ure someone whos observance enough(ahem)u'll notice and u wouldnt really know how to get the ball rolling..FOR ME AT LEAST LAH.=x

    took a cab back becus i was totally worn out and i hate myself for allowing myself to keep doing this.just 3 days and ive spent more than 20 bucks on cab fares.KILL ME lah?dont start saying im a brat becus u wouldnt know how it feels to be waking up at 7 in the morning when u've been waking up at 2 in the afternoon ever since..5 mths ago.(unless ure in the same state as i am,or have been living the same lifestyle as me but suddenly making a drastic adjustment to ur body clock)and just imagine having a class after dat,wouldnt it kills?

    speaking of which,tmr's my last lecture for this module.and taadaaah!my holidays are here.makes no difference anyway..WORK!!!but all i can say is dat,its really fast.alrite,i think i'd better be going now!gotta hit the sack before the clock strikes 12..niteee!

    cindy [ 2:13 PM ]

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    lastly..:) thanks babe for all the laughters and the one-sided love all these years!HAHAHAAH!!the one and only...MISS PIGGY!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:50 PM ]

    LOL!we were just bored..;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:43 PM ]

    myself and esther.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:40 PM ]

    lol! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:37 PM ]

    at the cafe.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:35 PM ]

    myself and sky and myself and sheena ah rai. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:32 PM ]

    LOL!! THIS IS SUPER FUNNY LAH!!!we were laughing like some mad ass.QUEEN OF CHATTERBOX!! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:31 PM ]

    no kidding,we really do study and pays attention in class. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:30 PM ] classmate,Sky,did this.she's a nice gurl man..forever typing out notes and even sent it to us.;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:28 PM ]

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006
    went to watch 'Click' with ruiza just now.well,it wasnt as good as i expected but its not too bad either.i'd give it maybe 3/5.i did tear towards the ending part lah..ok actually not only me.i could hear ruiza sobbing next to me.HAHAHAA!sorrie sis,didnt mean to embarrass you!;)well anyway,its trying to tell us not to take things for granted.i dont..cus i love my parents!!=)) and life,maybe.hahaah!its always comes first!

    lets skip the work part.its ROUTINED.

    anyway,ruiza and myself were chilling at cafe cartel before the movie and we were toking about some stuff.hahaa,its funny how sometimes things can turn out to be so unexpected yet expected.LOL!get what i mean?i dont know how to put it but harya,my vocabulary is very limited so try to interpret in ur own way can?;p

    hurrraayyy!my elder sis will be coming back in like..about a month's time?!cant wait man!its been really long dude.i meant the presents.=))))))))))))))))))))))))))) HAHAHAAHA!just kidding!i miss her too,seriously!

    aiight,i think i'd better be going now.its 11!I NEED TO SLEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP!!!!
    nite y'all!~

    OH WAIT,before i end.IM JUST SO DAMN BLOODY PROUD OF EDISON LAH!!!HAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!he's QUIT SMOKING ok!?!OMG,like hello pple?he's the MAN man!!LOL!!kids,please learn from the living dont have to smoke to be cool yo?CHILL!~!;)))

    cindy [ 2:08 PM ]

    Monday, August 14, 2006
    WOOOO!i feel GOOD!slept for nearly 14 hrs undisturbed.luckily my hp was on silent mode,if not..there goes my beauty sleep!

    to think dat i actually got up at 8 thinking ive got work..i must be mad,seriously!

    anyway,did i mention my class is getting alil havoc?haaha!yes it is.yesterday especially.i think its becus of the week's break and everyone's missing everyone.HAHAHAA ok dat was bullshit.but yea,it seems to be getting A LITTLE bit better.;)im not saying im loving it but at least i dont hate it as much as before.

    alrite,better be going!gonna visit grandma now..ciaos!

    cindy [ 6:44 AM ]

    HAHAHAAHA!! this one is damn funny..LOL!!stupid wiki,feel like chopping off her finger. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:40 AM ]

    i told you..can my hair be any messier? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:38 AM ]

    pk was telling story and its obvious kelvin's not interested. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:35 AM ]

    hahaa,look at christy! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:35 AM ]

    HAAHAHA!;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:34 AM ]

    heee ;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:33 AM ]

    myself,felicia and xueling Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:32 AM ]

    hahaa ok lah,we actually tip-toed.:P Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:31 AM ]

    u will realise dat my hair will be very messy in all the pic..hahaa,and yes we're dat TALL ;) HAHAHAHAHA! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:30 AM ]

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    my bad.i did take pic..but this is the ONLY pic i took dat day. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:32 PM ]

    the cake! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:29 PM ]

    cutie pie! and dats not me lah.dats my sis..:P Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:28 PM ]

    HAHAHAA,let me present you..the 'ZHAO CAI MAO'. :) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:28 PM ]

    today,i went around everywhere with a BANG man!

    knocked onto the table twice while i was working on the knee and the other on the shin.while i was closing the door,i dont know why but the door closes so damn fast dat it hit my elbow so damn think dat 3 bangs were bad enough,i hit my toes on sheena's chair when we were in,its not over yet.went over to wendy's bbq and i knocked myself against the seat while trying to get up.hurhur!='(

    despite dat many HITS and BANGS,i was quite suprised to see the numbers of blue-blacks.2 really HUGE one.URRRGGHHH!!

    anyway,went to ECP for wendy's birthday bbq.didnt really do much..just eat and chill.hahaah!found a few quite interesting stories from pple.heh heh!GOOOOOOOOD,I LOVE STORIES!;)left at about 11.30 and shared a cab with kelvin and wiki.

    finally,im able to sleep till my hearts content tmr!!!!!!!ive been waiting for this day to come ever since i started work ok!?and although its only the 3rd day,im already suffering from serious backaches.

    cindy [ 4:21 PM ]

    Saturday, August 12, 2006
    today's work was well,random.but i get to play the 'scanner'.you know when you go to the supermarkets,the cashier uses the scanner to scan?yah dat.hahaah,super fun lah.LOL!!when i was younger,i even thought of becoming a cashier JUST BECUS OF THE SCANNER.den my mom bought my younger sis this small counter toy and it has a mini scanner but i would snatch from her.HAHAAHAH!WHAT?!im the one who always wanted to be the cashier what!heheee!and most of the time,the sound effect was produced by ME becus the toy wasnt so advanced then.'ti!' =))

    anyway,i was happily packing my stuff,waiting for the clock to hit 5 before i knock off and thinking dat finally,its friday.ive COMPLETELY and ADSOLUTELY FORGOTTEN about needing to work on a SATURDAY! yes,thank you very much.damnit!!yea although i have school but still!at least i can sleep until 12 right?!

    wah lao!
    wah lao!!

    and i seriously think im not cut-out to work in an office.its really not my cup of teh leh.i need to struggle to stay alert and i lack the most important tool in handling office stuff.... ..... ......


    i really,really cant do it.its either im lagging far behind the job or completely screwed it up.EITHER WAY.GGGRRRRggghhhh!!
    even tai-tais need to multi-task leh.manicure,pedicure,facial,hi-tea and mahjong.

    yes yes i realised im talking nonsense again...and off lah..sayonara!

    cindy [ 10:19 AM ]

    Friday, August 11, 2006
    work was boring to the MAXIMUMok?!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? filing AND?pasting of 'sticker'.GOOOOOODNESSSS!!and,ive been yawning 9575634173940 times since i stepped into and out of the to wake up early just to work.ok what am i toking?

    but guess what?time passed by pretty fast!i even worked OT man!HAHAHA yes,first day of work and im working OT..u guessed it right,im buttering up my..whatever you call her lah.


    its becus ive got nuthin to do even if i go home,so might as well earn more bucks rite?;)it was quite interesting flipping through all the documents.and you know what,i think i have a sudden interest for accountancy!they earn big bucks lah!!den it brought up topics for me and my dad and we were like discussing abt it.LOL!yea,maybe i should really study accountancy.

    alrite,the yawning is back while im still thinking of what to blog.ok im not gonna torture myself anymore..ciaos!

    cindy [ 2:33 PM ]

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    anyway,celebrated my niece's birthday was packed with children man.haaha!but of cus,the cutest of them all is still my niece!

    took quite a few pics but i realised none have my face in it!becus i was busy being the photographer!=( but its ok,i enjoyed my job!LOL!

    i missed the fireworks becus i also dont know why!BUT..esther's now sending me the video of it!hahaa,thanks babe!although i would very much prefer watching it LIVE,but ahh..its ok!;)
    right,i think i'd better be going now..i seriously doubt i can wake up early tomorrow man!its been AGES since i woke up at 7 am lah!

    morning calls will be very much appreciated.HEEEEEEeeeee!i wonder who will be the kind soul lor.

    cindy [ 2:16 PM ]

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006
    was feeling so confused in the afternoon after i received a call from the ICA building.finally after 2 weeks,they called and offered me a job.i was stuck between the childcare centre and the i called sheena and we were like stating out the pros and cons of the 2 choices.hahaa!so in the end,i gave up the former.i seriously hope i wont regret!

    so anyway,today was basically vcd marathon!HAHAAHA!esther recommended me the show,'Full House',and it sure was addictive.its a korean show by the way!=)) when my dad came back jus now,he was like 'WAH YOU STILL WATCHING?!!'HAHAAHAH!!i started from 12pm and when he came back,it was about..11.30?now im jus worried about the electrical bill!!but finally,ive finished the whole show!;)the satisfaction is there you see.

    oh my,its past midnight already?!HAPPY NATIONAL DAY pple!!lol,ok dat was quite bad!

    alrite,nuthin much to blog about!gonna hit the sack right about now~ciaos!GOOD DAY Y'ALL!

    okai,below is a short clip of the makes me wanna sing along!HAHAHAHAAH!SUPER FUNNY!!go on and click it!;)

    cindy [ 4:07 PM ]

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006
    hihi!yea,my com is BACK!but i think im still gonna get it repair..just in case!

    anyway,ive quit my job...AGAIN!yes lah,i also realised i dont stay in a job for more than 2 mths.=.=" i went for an interview in a childcare centre.HAHAHA!YES!its just opposite my house,so i thought it would be so super on transportation fees somemore!=)so i went and man,the supervisor simply loves me lah.LOL!shes such a nice lady..the interview took an hour!we were chatting and laughing away.she was like..'im sure the kids will love you.' OMG,i think so too man.HAAHAH!the kids were like..'hello new teacher!'woahh,feels really good i swear.

    den she asked me to go home and think abt it first..and give her an answer by thursday and she will straight away sign me on.wah seh..felt so honoured lah!hehee,but most probably i'll accept it parents also asked me to go for it since well,i like kids!;)

    so after dat,wiki came my house and we went jogging.ahhh JOGGING!lol,but we only ran 1 round.HAHAHAHA!hello!?jogging is really,really,really really really not my cup of teh.den after dat,we went to eat at the coffeeshop nearby my house and yes,the perspiration all gone to waste becus why?i ate satay and MUTUBAK.OMG,i told the uncle i want SMALL one..but in the end?it was like 3 person's share lah.

    kelvin wanted to eat too,so we cycled all the way to bugis area wanted to eat at one of the shop they introduced but halfway there,wiki stopped and told me the shop closes on monday.=.="i wanted to vomit blood kelvin called and we met him first before discussing where to the end,settled at some steamboat shop.super worth it lah..its like buffet steamboat and its only 15 bucks.piang.stupid mutubak..=(

    cindy [ 3:25 PM ]

    Saturday, August 05, 2006
    no,my com is not fixed using my dad's now.its quite annoying becus ive to delete the trace dat i had left after surfing the net.

    anyway!back to yesterday.yah i really couldnt blog becus of the noise ruiza was creating.she was like QnA-ing herself while i was trying damn hard to FOCUS on blogging.but i failed,miserably.she really did amazed me however.being able to talk/laugh and continue talking to herself despite me ignoring damn hyper!=.="

    correction on yesterday's MY WEIXIONG.its WEIXIANG.

    OH,today's the last episode!meaning?no more weixiang after this week..BOOhoohoo!:'(((((i know kelvin and co.probably will go yay becus seriously,a tv-manic like me..can give up almost everything just to watch the show.the few times when we go out during weekdays,they will always hear me saying..

    'eh,i need to reach home BY 9.'

    i dont think im able to give up hunks just yet.HAAHAHAHA!!ok kill me kill me.

    and,just when are the sales REALLY OVER?!

    cindy [ 5:28 AM ]

    Friday, August 04, 2006
    hello!!im at ruiza's place now.becus im scared i wont be able to catch my 9pm show!its the 2nd last episode,i cant afford to miss it you know!?MY WEIXIONG!!!my com is down,again!rrrrghhh im just scared dat all my pics will be gone!i swear i will cry my lungs out.

    anyway,went out with tecksin,wendy and ruiza jus now.did nuthin much..jus walked arnd and do some catching-up?i dont know what to blog now cus ruiza is like looking at me.LOL!ok,ruiza was just telling me to blog abt how we have grown up.she's like toking to herself now so nvm.hahaa,okai jus so to share with you guys.she said..

    'jus blog abt how we've grown up..last time we talked abt boys now,we talked abt MARRIAGE.'=.=" yes,shes desperate to get married,any takers?

    i seriously dont know what to blog now!shes driving me crazy.all of you know dat i cant multi-task but she keeps talking to me while im blogging.RUIZA,CAN YOU KEEP QUIET?!and shes laughing to herself now.OK I THINK I BETTER GO NOW!SHE REALLY CANT STOP TALKING!!

    cindy [ 11:35 AM ]

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006
    ITS AUGUST ALREADY!!cant believe it.

    had to wake up early becus the aircon man had to fix my aircon.its giving me so much trouble i swear.anyway..HAHAHA,remember the guy who wants to entertain sheena so badly until he paiseh himself?you guys wouldnt believe it..his name is actually,LIN JUNJIE!LOL!ohmefriggingod.=.="

    wah lao i almost died of laughter yesterday lah.he added me on msn and his nick was something like..(in chinese)'wo shi JJ lin junjie.'

    and i was like 'JJ?!' den he said 'yah' omg,i was laughing nonstop until i went to see the list of names and really,dat was his name.=(

    i sure hope he will never come into this site,ever!!!!!!!

    also chatted with esther and roy and i swear,yesterday was the only day my room was filled no one but my own laughter throughout.they were both damn funny lah.aiight i think i'd better get going now.update later!

    cindy [ 3:00 AM ]