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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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  • Friends


    Saturday, July 28, 2007
    Yesterday,i accompanied my mom to the dentist as she has been complaining about her tooth ever since,ever.So finally decided to drop by the dental clinic and my mom went on to PULL OUT her tooth.

    You could just faint seeing the amount of blood and how deep the hole was,or rather,is.

    Mom looked so poor thing,her whole body was shaking from the pain.I really can't imagine the pain,really cannot!!!And guess what?She didn't even shed a tear.If it was me,i'll cry myself a river.HA HA,hmm..ok.

    One thing about all Mothers i guess,is that,after going through labour,i think the word 'pain' is no longer in their dictionary.Agree?Agree.No choice,i have to QnA myself to keep myself entertained.This kind of self-entertain pain is also almost unbearable.

    So while we were walking back to my grandma's place,i felt so heart-ached for my mom,i don't know what happened to me,i took out $150 and gave it her,AUTOMATICALLY.Eh wait wait,i'm not trying to say i'm filial or anything leh,ok,maybe i am,but what i'm trying to say is that ok yah,i'm filial.HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!


    Ok anyway,i really didn't know what to update lah.

    CELINE CHEN keep asking me to update so as to entertain her.Then if my post not as interesting,she will say she's disappointed with my entry.And then,she will be like,

    [mind you,all caps hor!]

    HURTING ONE LEH!People always break my fragile heart one.

    I feel so pressurised now because when she looked through the webcam,it's as though she's staring at me.

    Anyway,here's one conversation just now i had with Cel and it made me laughed so damn hard,i think my back might have a relapse.*CHOY*

    Cel:last time don't know who say Joseph(cel's bf)looks like the Prison Break guy.
    Cel:yea,my crew also got say.Which one?
    Me:the botak one lah.
    Cel:show me leh.den they also say he looks like Bruce Willis.
    Cel:yah lor,i think insulting Joseph
    Me:PLEASE LEH!is insulting Bruce Willis can?!

    And we both started laughing at the other's end.

    I personally feel other than Richard Gere,Bruce Willis is the next good-looking old man.HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!I LOVE RICHARD GERE LOR!!

    i know i looked like crap but heck,focus on her will you!?

    i decided not to disgrace myself twice,so i followed edison by colouring the face. anyway,she's damn smart now.she knows dat i'll secretly take her pic and 1 second later,she turned around and combed her hair before showing her face infront of the webcam again and said to me,'ok,can take now.'


    Seriously,can someone kindly tell her she looks like a...housefly?'HOR SIN' in hokkien.OMG,MY HOKKIEN ROCKS!!

    cindy [ 4:25 PM ]

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007
    Of the blogs i've visited lately,about 90% of them has put up pictures and alert to find Felicia.Even strangers are helping!It's almost like an islandwide news already.You can see notices and pictures of her all across town,it's almost everywhere.So i think i should do my part as well,since i know her personally.

    It's quite sad to think about it since we last saw her just a day before she went missing,which was the day we sent Christy off.She asked us to accompany her to the toilet as she felt her feet stinked because of the flats she was wearing.And when we were in the toilet,she wanted to put her feet into the sink so as to wash it and i was laughing at her.I gave her a better suggestion instead.

    'Eh Felicia,just damp the toilet paper and clean lah?'
    'OH YARRRR hor!!'*laughs*

    The few times i've talked to Christy,she seemed so down and lost.I totally understand where she is coming from.Her best friend is missing yet she can't even be here to look for her.Nobody will never want anything to happen to their friends,so the only thing we could really do now is to spread the word.

    We don't really know what's the reason behind her disappearance but i guess whatever it is,i just hope so much that nothing will happen to her!Singapore is a small city,but to find a person can be quite disheartening,especially when you don't know what is really going on.

    I believe no matter how long it takes,your family and friends will always be waiting for you,Felicia!

    In the meanwhile,let us all just pray for her safe return.

    P.S:If you just happen to stop by this blog,take a moment to visit this blog that is specially set up for Fel by her friends who are all waiting for a miracle to happen!Do help to spread the message around as this is the only thing you can do and it will definitely mean so much to her loved ones!

    cindy [ 11:55 AM ]

    Monday, July 23, 2007
    Here i am,sitting and typing in pain.

    Chatted with my elder sis till this morning about 4am.I was okay all along until when i wanted to stand up,i realised i couldn't stand up at all.My back friggin hurt like crap!I couldn't even sit straight!Then my elder sis was looking through the webcam and i felt as though she was watching some drama episode or something.Hahaah!Ok,very bad time to joke.But yea,i was in so much pain until i couldn't even shout.

    Initially Cel thought it was funny because she said i looked like i was in labour.But after the pain persists,she got panicked and called but i couldn't even talk properly.I know the 'hollywood blood' is in me lah,but act so long also tired right?LOL!So she asked me to wake my maid up but please,she sleeps like a pig too.

    Then i decided to call up Ruiza because i didn't want to wake my dad up.Luckily she wasn't asleep so i asked her to accompany me to Thomson Medical.Wrong choice.They don't have the X-RAY and i had to wait till about 8am,so forget it.Then the nurse asked what happened and i told her and she was like,

    'maybe your kidney got problem.'

    WTF?!SERIOUSLY,i wanted to swear so damn much because i was really damn scared.So she was saying better go to the big hospital because if we stayed on,they will refer me to the big hospital anyway.So okay,we decided to go to Mount.E instead.

    While on the way there,at the back of my mind,i was worried sick.You may find it stupid because i kept praying and think to myself 'have i been a good person?'.HAHAAH,yes i know,damn *&(^%#$ right?So i was like,

    'please let me be ok.i promise i will be a better person',and stuff like that.

    I don't know lah,it's just me.Everytime when something bad happens to me the first thing that comes to my mind would be 'have i been a good person?'.

    We reached there and the doctor suggested to give me a jab to 'minimise' the pain.RIGHT.........
    So i was like asking the nurse,

    Me:is it pain?
    Nurse:if i say no then i'll be lying.

    WOW,that really helps!Then after that,they refer me to do some XRAY and the doc was telling me if the pain still doesn't go away,i'll have to go for an op and some physiotherapy.Yah,that serious.And what's more serious is that,it costs a bomb ok!?Just this XRAY thingy already cost more than my 1 month's pay.PUI.

    But thank god everything's ok,i mean compared to *CHOY* if my kidney got problem.Stupid nurse,gave me a fright.

    cindy [ 6:05 AM ]

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007


    Okay,i know what you're thinking.BASIC ONLY WHAT,right?SHUT UP!You won't understand how i feel ok.HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

    Met up with Jumay just now for lunch+HER shopping spree.She bought SO MANY THINGS!Anyway,while we were eating just now,she was unusually high today!I mean,she gets damn high easily,which i have no idea why or how.Oh,and she can self-entertain too!She was laughing at her own jokes while i just looked at her,blankly.Then while we were eating,this conversation made me laughed so damn hard i nearly choked on myself,

    J:hey!you like to eay kway chup?(pig intestine)
    C:OMG,yah!I LOVE IT LAH!
    J:YAH!!ME TOO!!I would raise a pig just to eat it's intestine!

    HAHAHAHAAH!SERIOUSLY MAN,i usually find myself dumbfounded when i talk to her.You can never predict what's gonna come out from her mouth.

    My elder sis is such a joker.She kept asking me if i have updated my blog and i told her NO and she was like,

    Cel:chey!why?update leh!
    Me:nothing to update tell me what to update lah.
    Cel:you can write how you lose to me in reversi for 3 rounds consecutively mah.


    And then another thing is that,she loves to self-poison!You know,she made me sit infront of the webcam just to watch her eat when the food she cooked is, really,NOT TEMPTING AT ALL.One look at her porriage,i knew she would self-poison.And when i told her to add alil pepper to spice up the taste,she practically pour the whole pepper in!OK,not that exagerrating BUT it was really too much.And she can tell me this,

    Cel:you also never tell me put how much what.


    LOL!Tell me lah,will vomit blood not?

    WAHHH is today my lucky day or what!?I just switched to Channel U AND TODAY IS ALL ABOUT EDISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOT HOT HOT!!And he's so sweet to his gf.BLOODY HELL!HAHAHAHAHHAH!

    Ok lah!I gotta go now!Heeeee!=)

    cindy [ 8:15 AM ]

    Monday, July 09, 2007
    Okay,so my exam is like 5 days from now and i haven't even touched the book yet.What's new man?!I don't know why but i've been feeling so tired these days that i dread to go out.I'm already acting like a 40-year-old even though i've yet to hit 20.DIE!

    Met up with Jumay on friday after my work and did some catching up.In fact,ALOT.Right,Jumay?

    For the past few days,my house smelt like durian!My pimples are popping up all over my face,my shit and urine smells like durian and my breath,OHMYGOODNESS.HAHAHAHAHAH!Okay,too much details but you know what i mean.My aunt bought like 70kg of durians which costs 500+bucks!SIAO!!MY ONE MONTH PAY LEH!And dad can actually say,

    'OK what!Quite reasonable.'

    Tsktsktsk,i don't know what to say.

    Ok lah,for a week of durian aura in your body that even your waste smells like durian,i'd say 500 bucks it's quite a good deal.=D

    I think Celine should be cursing me now while reading this.I wanted to eat the durians while webcam-ing with her and her immediate reaction was,'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!'


    I'm not mean leh.It's only fair what,she everytime MADE ME WATCH HER EAT INFRONT OF THE WEBCAM,you know it's damn tempting not?You don't know right?!

    I'm so bored now,damn!

    cindy [ 8:51 AM ]

    Friday, July 06, 2007
    I was supposed to wake up at about 9.30 to get ready for work today.BUT!!I slept through the endless alarm that has been ringing from my hp,all the way till 11pm.Sometimes i think to myself,if there is a fire in the house(CHOY!)i'd probably die like a roasted pig.


    Anyway,met up with Ruiza,her mom and sis for lunch cum dinner.It's been quite long since i saw her mom and no,it's not really awkward because her mom is really very easy-going and nice!YAHYAHYAH,den you guys will probably think because i'm not shy what.

    I am shy hor!You better believe.

    So after which,i had to go back to work and later on,met up with Esther and Sam.Well,initially Esther wanted to 'surprise' me.But guess what?I 'tio hung' until damn used to it already so it's quite hard for me to 'hung tio' now.

    Then,we went to Crystal Jade as Sam and Esther were very hungry.I ate the Mango Pudding,again!=)While we were there,we had alil quibble over something.Yah,it's damn rare we actually argued but well,it all turns out real good after that.

    You will find it damn silly on what we were quibbling about,so i'd better keep quiet so as to NOT embarrass ourselves.HAHAAHAH!But after Esther cooled down,me and sam kept re-enact the whole senerio and kept laughing at her.It was really damn funny!Luckily,she did not moodswing on us again.Her moodswings are really unpredictable,it's quite a challenge.=x

    After that,Sister Zaw came to join us and they went off to Youth Park for dinner again while Sam and myself went to get something for my dad before joining them.

    On another topic.
    Wah lao,i can't believe it!

    There's this auntie who is one of the supplier in our company actually came up to me that day and ask,or rather,say,

    Auntie:eh xiao mei ah,did you put on weight?that time i saw you,you still look ok come now like dat?

    WAAAAAAAH!*pi-ang*I can literally feel my heart shattering all over the place lor!What does she mean by how come now like dat?!Bloody shit.And my cousin has been telling me i've shrunk.WTH man?!CANNOT!But actually,i really do feel bloated every now and then lah.How?I can't say no to food what.So stupid.Please don't start the 'huh,since when you become so weight conscious?'.Okay,i shall declare,since NOW.I'm changing,so please accept it.HAHAHAHAHAH!It's about time what,i'm getting older leh.

    Anyway!Yeah,sometimes i feel i can be the mean-est friend in the world,especially to Esther.But,laughing buddha,you still love me right?How can you not?!;)

    cindy [ 4:42 PM ]

    Thursday, July 05, 2007
    Today started work at 9.30am!Wiki joined me today as we needed alot of people to help us with the stocktaking.Had our lunch and Wiki was talking to Christy on the phone when their conversation led to something like,

    wiki:its ok lah,when we go australia you let us sleep on the bed ok?me and raymond.
    christy:(dont know what she said,but probably something dirrrrty!HAHAHA!)
    wiki:harya,nvm night if you hear 'ah ah',just pretend you never hear lah

    And i was already on the verge of laughing.

    So after Wiki passed the phone to me,i continued the conversation with Christy.

    me:so christy,now we know when she *ahem* she goes 'ah ah'.

    And both of us starting laughing,oh,and Wiki too,laughing at herself!HAHAHAHAH!It was damn funny i swear!!

    Anyway,heard from Wiki that a friend has gone missing.Although i'm not really close to that friend but i really hope that person will be fine and please go home soon!Everyone is very worried!

    HAHAHAAH!look at this!

    cindy [ 1:31 PM ]