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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Monday, June 27, 2005
    ahhh shits!! sch gonna start tmr!! my goodness,cant believe one month jus gone by,like dat! =.= okai,i bet alot of pple are still in da holiday mood.muahaha! im not alone =) my gosh,first period tmr is chemistry followed by GEOGRAPHY.need i say more? plus,PE! OMG,first day of sch,PE!!! -bang walls- sure is measure height and weight lah. hoho.
    im in dead shits serious.ive yet to finish my S.S. ive onli completed the one abt Venice. abt Singapore? i havent even touch! how!? LOL. this is da consequences i hafta face after slacking for sOOoOoooOoo LONG! ='( and i onli did alil of chemistry.and my fnn! tsk tsk.i can hear ms soo's sreeching voice now!~! 'cindy ah!wad u wan to do month of holiday dun wan to do ur work now den do.this is O level leh.u die lah u DIEEEEE~!'
    omg,her sadistic voice..-hair stands- when she say 'U DIEEEEE~' u realli will die u knoe? see how evil she is? and da words coming out of her evil mouth? *tsk* no good. bt luckily tmr dun have her period! YAY! this is worth for a celebration though! LOL! aiight,i think i'd betta get going..gonna pack my stuff! and sleeeeeeeeep early..=(

    cindy [ 12:18 PM ]

    Sunday, June 26, 2005
    changed my tagbox..didnt knoe it wasnt working until kaijia told mi.dat explains y my tagbox seems to be so quiet.=p yay! next tuesday we're gonna watch Initial D! cant wait to see my edison! LOL!
    supposed to go out today..i alreadi planned.BUT,it rained.see,never ever plan wouldnt work out! so no choice,jus gotta stay at home..aniwaes ive yet to finish up my assignments lah. haha,so betta make use of the time.=) oh,and kaijia said i sound like an indian woman!wah lao wah lao! where got!? =( hahaa.hais,sch gonna reopen soon..SOON! shits,im still in a holiday mood eh! and i knoe when sch starts,alot of pple gonna 'piah' all da scared,how!?
    okai,i dunno wad to update bored..argh!gonna do some homework now..see,im such a good gurl =)))

    cindy [ 4:57 AM ]

    Friday, June 24, 2005

    this song suddenly has a huge impact on me..and yes,its an old song from Mariah dat i realised wad im going through,the lyrics to me is jus so meaningful and powerful.

    There's a hero
    If you look inside your heart
    You don't have to be afraid
    Of what you are
    There's an answer
    If you reach into your soul
    And the sorrow that you know
    Will melt away

    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive
    So when you feel like hope is gone
    Look inside you and be strong
    And you'll finally see the truth
    That a hero lies in you

    It's a long road
    When you face the world alone
    No one reaches out a hand
    For you to hold
    You can find love
    If you search within yourself
    And the emptiness you felt
    Will disappear

    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive
    So when you feel like hope is gone
    Look inside you and be strong
    And you'll finally see the truth
    That a hero lies in you

    Lord knows
    Dreams are hard to follow
    But don't let anyone
    Tear them away, hey yeah
    Hold on
    There will be tomorrow
    In time
    You'll find the way

    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive
    So when you feel like hope is gone
    Look inside you and be strong
    And you'll finally see the truth
    That a hero lies in you

    cindy [ 9:23 AM ]

    i realised my inner-self is half dead.
    im tired..jus sick and tired of everything. things are not going right,not how it used to be. cant turn back time,cant bring forward stuck in the aims,no fine,i realli am.deep thinker like me are bound to have more problems than the others as more of the problems are created by,myself of cus.i dun wan sympathies,it makes mi look and sound darm not a strong person(as in emotionally lah) but im not weak either.whos life is all dat perfect,all dat wonderful? no one. had a friggin long talk with my cousin yesterday and she realli enlightened wad she said..

    [ 'when a problem occurs to you,is how u choose to face it. if u can accept it and get through it,its an experience for u.but if u cant,jus take it as a challenge for u..nobody's life is all dat wonderful and perfect but its how they wanna live it.' ]

    im thankful dat ive someone to tok to when i need help.surprisingly its not frens dat i turned to,its someone dat are related by blood dat help mi get through all these shits dat had happened to mi..piled up shits.and im glad dat i relieved most of it yesterday.its not dat i dun trust my frens but jus dat,when u tok to pple of ur own age,u tend not to think rationally.ur thinking will tend to be very,by looking things onli on the surface.instead of thinking on accepting the fact,u will keep thinking why do things turned out like dat and all the If Only(s)..get wad i mean?
    tok to my mummy jus now and i was choked up with emotion.crapp,im such an emo person lately.tear tap has been running nonstop,cant seem to turn it off. i hope wad my horoscope says will come true. 'this will clear up soon' hopefully,all these shits will clear up soon. its a no wonder my left eye twitched da whole of yesterday until shits happened. i knew it,i jus knew something bad's gonna not quite a superstitious sort,but my left eye can realli predict things.bad things to be yes,dun mess with me.

    cindy [ 12:27 AM ]

    Thursday, June 23, 2005
    woot..wad a day! had remedial in the morning.after dat..went to far east to grab a bite with helle. after eating,we walked to lucky plaza cus she wanted to get something for herself(pamper herself to be precise.)went to look at headphones.but nuthin seems to interest her.den we walked back to true yoga.she sat at da lounge for an hr.cus she cant go inside da class..den elena was jus on time..cus she accompanied her mom for body check up.after dat,helle,elena and mi went for steambath.but before dat,i went to check my phone..9 missed calls.omg,first time in my life so many miss calls (besides my bdae,which i actually fell asleep!lol) yup,and da reason is? asking if im going jaffar's bbq.okai,i didnt went in the end.was feeling ultra guilty at some point of time becus of first i tot she was angry,but in the end she called and asked mi if i was angry..den i was like

    me: no lah,angry for wad? i tot u were da one whos angry.
    christy: wah lao,do i sound dat petty to u!?
    me: arh,yes?
    christy: thanks lorhs,but im not lah.

    hahaa.called a few pple..esther,sheena and abishek.esther couldnt go cus she had to work full shift.and sheena was out with her neighbours.abishek couldnt go too cus he had to visit his cousin or something.and actually i was at fault too lah.cus i told them most probably im not going.and i didnt give them a specific yea,partly my fault an indecisive person,seriously.i cant realli decide on things..such a failure =( lol. so after ive decided not to go in the end,i went back to true yoga with elena.after dat,we went to river valley road to have roti prata.i mean,since its near orchard too..and its kinda 'our place' cus hello?we spent 6 years of our pri sch life there!so kinda brings back fond memories,yea?hehee..oh! and we saw..guess who?? Robin Leong.and u knoe wad? yes,he SMILED AT ME..AT ME.NOT ELENA,AT ME! woooHOo! okai lah,not much of a big deal actually.i dun go 'gaga' over him also.UNLESS he's EDISON lah! wah,jus imagine..edison eating roti prata at river valley and before filling his stomach,he SMILED AT MI!?! my god..i think i'll be da happiest woman alive! wahaha! (dream more cindy! dream more..)
    and usually my curfew is around 11.30 -12am.but,my grandma kept calling and rushing mi to go home.and it was onli 8+? hais,i knoe shes worried for mi lah..but i dun always go out u knoe?! especially this june holiday!ive stayed at home 24/7..except for remedial days.=( den my sis(s) smsed mi.first was my younger sis(xt).she was like

    xt: jie,i got something to tell u when u get home..but i knoe u sure gonna scold mi.
    me: abt wad?
    xt: internet thingy..

    den while i was in da bus,my elder sis smsed mi and asked mi abt stuff.when i got home,luckily my grandma was sleeping..hehee!(if u knoe wad im saying!) spare my ears..den my younger sis told mi abt da things she wanted to tell lah,im not gonna post!nanny nanny poo poo! =p
    den christy called mi jus now and i asked her who went for da bbq she was like not dat many lah.wah,darm guilty lah.but wad to do?its over..heh.aiight,i think dats abt it.gonna hit da sack now! nite pple!

    cindy [ 2:58 PM ]

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005

    cindy [ 11:18 AM ]

    oh my god!! knoe wad? EDISON's IN TOWN!!!!!! or so i think.and i didnt knoe it until JUST NOW!! cus after maths remedial helle and mi were walking along Lido area and we saw this huge banner or rather,poster of Initial D starring of cus,my hubby.and some other i dun quite care actors.LOL.den at first we saw alot of fences den i told helle dat scully they are coming down to promote da movie.and,UNEXPECTEDLY when we walked outta Borders,we saw this stage with da big poster stating ' Red Carpet Event',which means? THEY WILL BE COMING DOWN! and its TONITE! den helle was like persuading mi to go home and take my camera.but da problem is if i go home,most prob i wont be going animore..moreover,my dad wans mi to be home tonite cus we're gonna employ a new,he needs mi to help him choose lah. shits man! den helle asked mi to buy an instant camera so i dun hafta go home to get but its alil dumb rite?LOL.haha..she was more excited than mi! and when we were walking away,stupid helle kept telling mi..

    helle:see cindy!edison(poster) kept looking at u..u see other actor not even looking,onli edison!
    -_-" wahaha! i dunno when im gonna stop da 'edison craze'.

    den i called kaijia to tell her abt da thing..and u knoe wad? she KNOES! but she DIDNT TELL ME! SHE DIDNT TELL ME!!!! and i was like..

    me:wad!?! and u didnt tell mi..
    kaijia:huh? i tot u knoe mah..
    me:wah lao wah lao! if i knoe i'd earlier ask u go down with mi rite!
    kaijia:(laughing non-stop) i tot u knoe mah..

    hais..its fated lah uh.but im nt sure if im going down later or not.cus my dad's home so yea..wad do u think? damnit!! i smsed christy and asked her to accompany and she said ok..YAY!! but now,da problem is if my dad allows..*prays
    actually im not da sort dat will go to this kinda event and stuff..but i realli wanna see him! we shall see,yea?
    aiight,before da whole 'oh-my-god-edison-is-in-town' thing,helle and mi went to eat at burger king.and we were toking abt Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.cus Katie Holmes grew up with Tom Cruise's posters in her bedroom and she dreamt of marrying him.and now? she's a soon-to-be Mrs i was like saying..'i think i should paste more of edison's poster!(although i alreadi had 2..LOL) and dream more on marrying him'. lol,and dat helle kept laughing non-stop.wad the hell? LOL nuthin is impossible k!? see,they have a difference of 17 years,edison and me onli..6 years wad! can lah! heheee! i can give him a sense of security. wahaha! okai lah,im jus crazy.but im realli nt sure if im going down later or not.arghh! aiight,shall update later.

    cindy [ 7:03 AM ]

    Tuesday, June 21, 2005
    hais,u knoe its important to knoe who ure mixing with and,u mus be realli wise making frens? fine,i admit i sucked at it. derrick heng has to remind mi of my pimples,literally. u knoe how he greets mi when he sees mi? no..theres no 'hi or hello'. is HITTING MY HEAD. unique eh? wanna try,pple? its amazing how i could still stand fact,TALLER than him.LOL.(no personal attack here!haha!)
    so..wad abt online greetings?i mean,since he cant HIT MY HEAD. 'still got pimples ah?'. yes,dats his greetings to mi! ='( see,dats y i said i sucked at making frens.good frens to be exact.this kinda fren..kept 'sooting' mi whenever he can,well i'd say..its jus my luck! HOWEVER,since under my influence for nearly 4 years+,he does have his good side too.did i mention dat its under my influence?oh yes,he was willingly to SHARE his facial cream with mi! yay! LOL.okai,my point is dat..its okai if u sucked at mixing with da 'correct' frens,as long as ur good urself,u'll soon influence them with angelic-powers.LOL.(okok,i knoe alot of pple are gonna anti-me now..hehee! jk lah!)
    jaffar called jus now and he was asking if im going to his bbq on not sure either.becus imagine the smoke,my pimples!lol,okai im crapping..actually its da venue. east coast park is realli far man.transportation is defintely a problem.becus i dun think my dad would be so good to fetch mi and i havent bought anithing for him yet! i dun even knoe wad to get..wad do guys want?? suggestions pls!~
    erh..chatted with ruiza online yesterday.okai,not realli chatted lah in she sent mi her formal pics.and omg,she looked so different!darm pretty lah.shes a grown up =) sorrie,cant publish her pic i said,its HER no copyrights allowed. hehee,i think 'someone' is regretting now eh? wahaha!jkjk!
    hmm,yesterday i did my coursework.wooohoo! i DID MY COURSEWORK leh! but i forgot how to do da i stopped. =p but no worries,im gonna continue later! eh, ive been drinking alot of water leh..but y my pimples still stuck there?hurhur ='( no use lah..harya,actually ive got nuthin to blog abt,jus dat im realli yea..boring entry lah.=(

    cindy [ 7:52 AM ]

    Monday, June 20, 2005
    can someone save me from this misery!? my aunt came to my house jus now(she's still here,by the way) and she was asking mi wad i wan for i was like,i wan 'tau suan' with more 'you tiao'.so she was like okai,and she left with my younger sis. when she came back,she was like 'gurl,come and have ur 'tau suan'. so okai,i happily went to the living room and while i was still enjoying my tau suan,my aunt was like....

    aunt:WAH!(it was darm exaggerating,i swear!) wad happened to ur face!? pimples!?!
    me:heh(trying to fake a laughter),yah hot lah.
    aunt:haryo!den u still ask mi buy more 'you tiao'.if i'd known earlier how BAD UR FACE IS,i'd have said no..
    me: harya,dun like dat leh
    aunt:no, ur face leh.mus knoe how to take care of ur face.drink more water and eat less 'you tiao',u knoe 'you tiao' is so oily..will worsen ur condition.
    me: -_-"" (wah,thanks leh!)

    (my sis was laughing at me and my aunt HAD TO ADD ON ANOTHER VITIATE remark)

    aunt: u laugh somemore lah,u wanna be like ur jiejie also har? later got scars on ur face den u knoe.
    my sis: wont lah,my complexion betta than hers..
    (right~ like hello? its in the blood! if mine's bad,she cant be ani betta. and if hers good,mine cant be ani worse.rite?so,i seriously hope she do some soul-searching.)

    after hearing wad my aunt had to say abt mi..or rather,my BADLY CONDITIONED face,I WAS or should i say..i AM DEMORALISED!!!!! ='((((((((( omg! wad does she mean by HOW BAD MY FACE IS!?!!? WAH LAO!! WAH LAO!!! WAH LAOOOO!!! other than WAH LAO i dunno wad to say lah! after hearing dat demoralising statement,i couldnt enjoy my tau suan session animore.but i finished it up aniwaes,with GUILT! more 'you tiao' leh,excuse me?!='( how?! i tuesday hafta go back to sch for remedials leh! wah lao wah lao! pls,someone jus shoot mi..SHOOT MI NOW!!!

    cindy [ 6:38 AM ]

    Sunday, June 19, 2005
    shits,my pimples doesnt seem to go off! ='( how how? isit gonna stuck on my face forever!? lol,okai..dat sounds dumb but harya harya! okai..back to a not-so-stress note(pimples does give mi stress y'all knoe? and mi pimples!!)
    i did nuthin much fact,everyday!,i havent get started on my holiday,i havent get started on my fnn,i havent started on my revision.yes,i cant get myself started!! omg,those who are loyal-cindy chen-blogreaders..i mentioned in da earlier entries dat im starting on my research,rite?okai fine,i lied.LOL.i didnt exactly lied..i mean,i did my research.jus dat im stuck half-way u knoe,when u stop u cant get going again sorta thing.yesh,dats wad im feeling right now! man,i realli hafta get myself started to do lotsa things alreadi.revisions,assignments dat has been left on the desk for several weeks..collecting dusts!my fnn coursework is a MUST! 50% eh,how can i NOT give a darm!? cus i simply knoe my theory's gonna suffer like,i can onli rely on coursework!
    im listening to da Madagascar's theme song, I like to move it. well,i HATE to move it!! i cant get myself to MOVE IT! lol.okai,im crappy..dun mind mi =p

    cindy [ 11:18 AM ]

    Saturday, June 18, 2005
    hmm,did nuthin much today.was craving for prata!! my god..CHEESE prata to be precise! argh,but im jus too lazy to go down and buy.wad to do?life with no maid..jus gotta endure the cravings the stomach seeks for. =( okai,i sound like a brat here..but im not!
    chatted with karen on msn in the afternoon.she was asking mi abt blog stuff (which btw,im not realli very familiar with!) but anihows..we chatted for alil cool huh,her teacher needed them to start a blog of their own and and den,she needed to think of a i was like..'sparkzger'.cus u knoe,long before our time..there was IRC.and her nick was sparkzger.the min i suggested it,she jus freak out..she was like '&^%&^%gf' u knoe,typing all sorts of rubbish.LOL.furnie shits.haha..den i was like,'okok..wad abt fruitella?' it was also her nick.and she was like..'oh ok,at least fruitella is betta' hah.but in the end? the username is NOT AVAILABLE.awww,such a pity =p
    msn seems to be so quiet today! nobody's online..='( i mean,there are pple online..but i mean those whom i tok to.argh,so bored! im stuck at home..elena went to pub,or dunno where lah uh.dat kuku chiongster! she was like 'come lah,dun be shy'..oh purrleasee,im a decent gurl okai! okok,sorrie..i didnt mean dat those who go clubbing or wad are not decent,jus dat..i dun live dat kinda 'happening' lifestyle',yes?well,not yet.and i dun think its anitime =p im so!!! i need prata,i need coffee,i need you tiao,i need soyabean milk,i need,KINDER BUENO!!HERSHEY'S COOKIES N CREAM!!all in all,i need fooooooood! omg,ive been eating realli heaty food these days!and i think dats da cause of the pimple outbreaks!! =((((( harya harya,this is life =)

    cindy [ 2:23 PM ]

    Friday, June 17, 2005
    help!!!! shits..pimple breakouts! how!? how!? has been so long since i had pimple breakouts!! da last time i had pimple on my face was becus i laughed at...let mi see..hmm..i laughed at.....OH! sam heah!but i vowed NOT to ever laugh at pple alreadi wad,how come still got pimples!! =(( could it be STRESS? hmm,i think so too..been pretty stressed out these days. man,and da air's not good..nono,not good at all! harya harya! stupid pimples,i hate pimples! i hate pimples!! -pouts

    singapore is realli small.realli small.bumped into yanchin today..well,she's my pri sch fren.she also went for da yoga we did yoga combat.something like combinations of thai-boxing and..erh i dunno!lol.i jus went for da sake of going.cus nobody accompany elena.if not she'll be alone.arghh i decided to accompany nice am i? very.heh =) after dat,went home.i took a BUS.yay! hehee..
    hmm,aniwaes..we've decided to get a new not a spoilt brat by the way..its jus dat,its betta to have a maid arnd,rite?to keep da house clean and all.i mean i did all da house chores these im proud to say dat im pretty much a sensible gurl. LOL.
    erh,aiight..yesterday christy,wendy and wiki came to my house to watch 'La Pi Xiao Xin'..after dat,they complained dat my fish was realli smelly..okai,actually da fishes are NOT mine.its my sis's but she jus couldnt be bothered to clean up.u guys must be thinking..den y do i bother rite? its becus i couldnt put up with dat stinko smell.realli.if no one's gonna clean up,da whole place is gonna stink like..worse than crap!so okai,i asked christy to help.becus seriously,i dunno how to change da water =p so okai,onli christy was daring enough to help.wendy and wiki jus stood there kept complaining very smelly and hello?i knoe rite..i can SMELL too.okai,they did help alil bit but in da end it still became a mess lah uh. we carried dat darm fish 'tank' to da rubbish chute area wanting to pour it down,but it was too heavy.and mi and christy were trying to balance it out,but we failed..badly!c'mon,onli 2 of us to carry?den we lost balance and da dirrrrty+stinky water jus came pouring down on da both of us..our shorts i god! den after dat they wanna play bball and i was like..okai,since im alreadi so smelly..and its ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA smelly,i might as well make use of it! LOL! okai,im cus usually i dun smell dat bad!in fact,i dun think i smell bad.LOL!! after dat,came home and bathed..i put extra extra extra shampoo and soap!and my gooooodnnnnesssss,i smell good!..i still do! =)) LOL. gonna hit the sack now!nite pple..

    cindy [ 2:41 PM ]

    Thursday, June 16, 2005
    hi pple!! sorrie,past few days had been rather busy and okai,i admit..its jus PURE LAZINESS for mi to blog.heh
    monday,went to my grandma's house in the dad was supposed to pick us up before 12 but he off his hp,means?he was OUT OF REACH.nvm,so i asked my uncle to send us home..cus ive got maths remedial da next day.den christy msged mi and asked mi where was i and i was like in my grandma's she and wendy slacked arnd at..-dunno where- until i reached home.called her,she came up and we watched vcd.forgotten wad movie was dat. did i mention ive got maths remedial da next day?in the morning? oh yes,in da end? after watching da show,they stayed on.came into my room and we started toking..girls' talk.until 5 am,5 AM mind u!! and i was like..'wah,thanks ah..dun need to sleep alreadi' and dat stupid kuku,christy lee still can say..'harya!dun need to sleep one lah!' omg,omg..wad did i do to deserve this!? it was furnie shit lah.after they went home..i tot i'd straight away fall asleep.but nooooooooo..i couldnt sleep!i fell asleep until i sang myself lullaby.(okai,dat was crap..actually i counted pigs instead..cus i realised sheeps doesnt make mi sleep =p)

    tuesday had maths remedial.furnie how i wasnt realli dat sleepy.after remedial went to eat at newton with helena,esther and abishek.after dat i went to lido's mac to wait for elena.did alil bit of my maths there while waiting for her.we went to True Yoga again.this time we went for da fusion dance.its was furnie shit too lah.da instructor was so gayish and onli mi and elena were like laughing throughout.i think some of da pple were being influenced by us cus they started laughing too.i think we wasted most of our energy laughing..our arse off! hehee!after dat,i took a cab gosh..ive been spending money like water again.taking cab where-ever i stopped dat habit a LONG time ago..but now?im picking it up again!crappp~ pls,knock some sense into mi!

    today..went for maths remedial was supposed to be on friday,but ms goi said she got something,moved forward to today.algebra..argh!hate it man.but i managed to do some of it =) after da remedial,came grandma is at my place now.wanted to catch up on my sleep but i realised tmr i had NOTHING ON!! meaning?i can sleep my arse off!! yay!! these few days my family had been toking abt da maid's maid or not? not sure able to cope with it now is becus its still da holidays..but wad will happen when da sch resume?man..i cant maid or not?new maid or not?????? -_-"
    oh wells,christy and company might be coming later to watch crayonboy(la pi xiao xin) and she was like..
    christy: lets watch wiki!
    mi: huh?wiki?wad u mean?
    christy: cus crayon boy mah..
    (its becus they say dat la pi xiao xin looks like wiki becus of her thick eyebrows! LOL)
    mi: harya..not crayon boy dat is crayon MAN! LOL!
    (erh,okai i think this is more like an inside joke! =p)

    argh,my internet is down..and now im using my sis's inconvenient!dat kuku man lah.dunno wad he did to my com!everything was PERFECT at first..but after dat day he came,everything became screwed!harya harya!sorrie lah,i knoe im very grumpy these days..jus bear with it.BEAR WITH IT pple!

    cindy [ 5:42 AM ]

    Saturday, June 11, 2005
    had chemistry remedial today.after dat went to far east's subway to eat with esther(naomi) while waiting for helena to go to True Yoga.dat place is realli darm nice..tranquil and not forgetting,classy=) hehe,today's class onli consists of 4 pple. esther,helle,mi and another lady.erh..yes,i can feel my body's aching! elena SUPPOSED to join us today..but she said her body's aching due to yest's pilates.but,im not aching leh? =.= and she's got a yea. haha,today we were supposed to attend this 'bollywood dance' class (okai..dun laugh!) bt last min we decided to change to Ashtanga still trying to get used to all this,cus im not an active person by y accumulated to my present state.hohoho!im glad dat they enjoyed it..hehee!
    after we changed and all..walked arnd cus esther and helle needed to get some clothes.but nuthin seems to fantasise them.den helle said she wanna go to bugis to look,so i went with her.esther went home instead.//when we reached bugis,we were ultra hungry..went to walk arnd to find fooood.
    pasta mania?no.swensens?no.billy bombers?no.yoshinoya? in da end went to eat court instead! den after eating,went to walk arnd again cus she wanted to get a polo-tee. but couldnt find ani..den suddenly,wendy called sorta da first time she called mi.cus it was an unknown i picked up and...
    wendy:cindy ah..
    wendy:wendy here..
    me:oh yah..wendy ah.y?
    wendy:i had a nightmare..and it involves u.
    me:HUH?!!?! y?y? tell mi wad happened..

    she sound as though she was crying..but she wasnt lah told mi abt her nightmare den i was like relax lah.moreover,she dreamt of da similar things TWICE. man,how freaky is dat!? den before she put down she was like..
    wendy:eh,i called to ask u take care leh..
    me:huh??(speechless) oh..oh..okai.
    wendy:realli leh,u betta take care of urself.
    me:oh okok,thanks thanks..u too u too.

    den we hanged down da sweet rite? i mean..when out of a sudden a person called u up to ask u to take care?alil freaky but sweet isnt it?? and knoe dat a fren actually cares abt ur well-being =)) haha.realli sweet of after dat,we went home.was dead beat.
    and gonna catch da 9pm show!so,cyars!

    cindy [ 11:59 AM ]

    Thursday, June 09, 2005
    im feeling so much betta..thanks to my two best frens =) thank you so very much Elena and Ruiza! one's my pri sch best buddy and the other,my sec sch best buddy! wad would i do without them??!

    the day did not start off dad had moodswing,was kinda pissed but i remained quiet.told u i wasnt being myself these past few days..cus usually i'd jus argue back with him.when 2 stubborn ox meet,need i say more? had alil misunderstanding with elena earlier on,but we cleared it out on msn.when we are not happy with each other,we would jus speak up..after dat,we'll be nuthin happened.dats wad true frens realli are. den esther called,tok to her for alil while..her usual question "u got miss mi?" -_-" haha. den ruiza called. tok,well..not realli tok but was on da phone for merely half an hr but im feeling so much betta now.see wad good frens does to pple like mi?? aiight,like i said..i need time to readapt everything give mi time pple! i promise,the old cindy will be back soon =)

    cindy [ 11:18 AM ]

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005
    ive realised dat im becoming rather quiet these days.i dun tok as much as i used to(although i dun realli tok much in da first place.)bt yes..i dun seem to have da mood to tok/laugh/joke or even,smile. i dunno am i physically tired or mentally or..both.but no lah uh,i think im jus crazy.need time to re-adapt trying to be not so emo no apology if ive bored anione to death.

    went back to sch today for physics remedial.not many turned up.and i was late.i wasnt late at first..but my dad took such a long time to get ready,dats y i was late.i dun understand a single shit of wad's been taught. okai,i mean..i understand some.=p after remedial,esther(naomi)wanted to eat she asked andy to go along.supposed to eat at newton,but most of da stalls were she suggested to eat at macdonalds. when we reached da mrt,roy pangseh andy..he wanted to go home and since andy alreadi walked so far..he had no choice but to follow and esther kept bickering god. after dat,we went home.i went to my grandma's house.long time no visit tot of visiting her.was so tired dat i slept for an hour or so den after dat,took a cab home.oh mom cooked fried rice..its so yummy-licious.her beehoon and fried rice is da best,i swear!! it jus makes u wanna eat more and more and MORE!!
    aiight,nuthin more to update.ciaos.

    I MISS MY ELDER SIS!!!!!!!! =(

    cindy [ 8:27 AM ]

    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    well,today's my pri sch best bud bday.time flies..ive known her since pri we onli got closer when we were in pri 5. we didnt like each other at first,bt see..wad fate does to pple like us.became best bud after dat.despite being in different schools,our frenship is still going strong.
    in my life,there are onli a few frens whom i realli treasure/value/love very very much.and speaking of which,im gonna dedicate this entry to my best sis,Ruiza.

    5 years went by quickly..VERY quickly in fact.when i stepped into monks hill,i never knew i'd survive there.and needless to say..find a bossom fren.i very much wanted to jus get out of da faces,new environment and a completely new class.i tot to myself 'wah,im gonna stay in this bloody sch for 5 years? gonna die.' but dat very day,when da class gurls were supposed to go out as a group,they stood us up.we were da onli 2 'fools' asking each other if we would still wanna go out and lunch together.we both were so shy(okai,actually onli mi!lol,jk!) kept asking for each other's suggestion on where to e end,we decided on KFC.started toking..although we were both so paiseh cus we dun realli knoe each other,but we did have a nice conversation.came to my mind..'wah,nt least i got someone to tok to now'. i never tot dat we would be such great frens afterward. da next day,we went out on our own without telling da rest and we realli had a great time gossiping and laughing our ass off. end of sec 1,during da dec holidays,we had BBQ at ur house..which became a yearly was fun.realli fun.during da holidays,we became closer.we have moved on to another level,close frens.
    beginning of sec 2,i went back to sch with a totally different feeling.i wanted to go back to sch so badly.cus i knoe dat i wont be alone animore,ive got i expected it to be,da feeling was simply fascinating. it was arnd mid year we became much much more closer.with da other 2 gays..(u knoe who u r)! 'studying' at YMCA's macdonalds for our mid year exams,how would i ever forget dat?it was,no doubt,da best memory i had in my life.dat instance,i knoe dat these are da pple i'd not wanna lose.they're like bros and sis to mi.and rushing our papercut over da phone? man,dat was realli fun. we also had our cold wars over some stupid,REALLI STUPID STUFF..friggin childish of mi.den u told mi u were leaving for aussie.i went blank.i kept thinking if we didnt have dat friggin shit cold war,we would have used up da time more wisely/meaningfully/worthwhile. im to blame.
    sec 3 wasnt a pleasant year to began with.da feeling which i had in sec 1 came back.and it sucked,totally! we would write letters and u,always being da sweetest thing..would send mi cards to encourage grateful for dat,realli.i'd always look forward to ur next visit in singapore becus i knoe we have plenty of things to catch up on.we never had empty conversations(although on msn,we will always go 'hehe,haha')but,when we tok to each other face to face,there wont be empty conversations.u knoe dat i'll be there for u to pick u up when u fall,jus like i knoe dat u will be there for mi too.when i saw ur nick on msn,i was fact,realli touched.i knoe dat i might not be a realli good fren sometimes,but trust mi..this frenship is gonna last till my very last breath.although i knoe perhaps in a few more years time,all of us will be moving on with our lives..even making a new group of frens.. but ure definitely one of da frens,a confidant,a sis i wouldnt wanna lose.

    cindy [ 11:15 AM ]

    Monday, June 06, 2005
    aiight,independence day starts from today.maid went back this morning,it was kinda a last min thing.becus we wanted to arrange her to leave on monday..but well,she keeps buggin to go no choice,everyone woke up early to get her work permit cancelled and all..and bought da air ticket at da ex can! if it wasnt so rush,we could have bought da ticket at a lower price,which is i think onli abt $240+?! bt becus we bought it at da aiport,it costs us abt $500+? see da difference!?! im not sure if my dad's gonna employ a new maid or wad but i dun realli see theres a need younger sis is old enough to take care of herself and needless to say,myself.
    crapp..past few days has been da suckiest days of my life.but im da sorta person who tries to look things in a different point of view.and dats y my frens,or even my family seldom see mi in a foul mood or in an extremely drastic behavior.whatmore,im a grown up..not FULLY yet,bt am proud to say im able to handle things relatively well.erm,heard some..erm,how should i put it? some stuff dat could mark da turning point of my life.not so soon but..soon.its not so much of a big deal or good/bad kinda thing.its jus da way u see for mi,i feel dat it can be good and bad.i realise dat when one grows up,different situation starts occuring and u realise dat when u have no one to turn to,da onli person u can trust/rely/depend/confide(although its rather weird in this case),is someone who is not realli very dependant on my parents.i prefer doing things on my own and using my own point of views.unless,when it comes to some major stuff and i realli need someone to guide mi,den i'll seek guidance from for frens,they are onli there to perhaps,give u moral support.or worse,not even there when u need them da most.and if ure dat kind who are realli dependant on ur frens,oh..may god bless members do,however,able to help u get by alil bit more than ur frens.but ultimately..da onli one dat can realli affect ur mood is,yourself. (okai,i dunno y am i preaching here..but jus let mi continue,will ya?)
    in fact, ive come to terms with a lot of things during these few years.from childish acts to scoldings to consequences i hafta bear..ive been through it all.(i mean,i knoe almost all of us had been through it all..but hey,this is my blog lah let mi say my never realli knoe wads da true meaning of 'Nobody is Perfect' is all abt.but now,i knoe. when pple make mistakes,they would use 'Nobody is Perfect' as an excuse. but fact,i feel dat everyone's perfect until they make a mistake.okai,i dunno where is this leading to..but harya,let mi say wad i wanna say..=p aiight,actually i dun even think i wanna continue writing cus i knoe i'll go on and on and on. yup,i think i'd betta stop here. thank you very much for reading,u must be darm free.

    cindy [ 2:02 PM ]

    Sunday, June 05, 2005
    went out with elena today.signed up for the thing and went to far east to walk around.bumped into so many pple today.okai,not many..a few! first,saw derrick and sam.stupid derrick,u knoe usually when pple bumped into each other they will AT LEAST say HI first rite? but noooo..for my case,his 'greeting' to mi is HIT MY HEAD! i was like walking past da shop..den suddenly someone hit my head and i was like 'wad the hell'.cus i knoe elena defintely wont hit my face,NOBODY hits my head except for derrick heng yun!! so i turned back and taadaah,there he is -_-" sam was cutting her hair,so went into da salon to say HI to her den we left.
    walked around far east and we both bought a cant possibly go home empty handed rite?! LOL. yup..den walked arnd again but nuthin much to shop so decided to go da bus stop,while waiting for da bus..sam came out of nowhere and gave mi a shock(i was day-dreaming by the way!LOL!) den derrick heng hit my head again! seriously,sometimes i realli wanna avoid him as much as possible.i got this feeling my head's gonna shrink if he continues doing dat.although im VERY USED TO IT alreadi,but..this cant continue! now u knoe y derrick and sam ends up together? one like to scare da hell outta mi,the other? always hit other words,both LOVES TO ABUSE MI! =(
    den after dat,took bus with elena onli to realise da bus stop dat im alighting doesnt have,no choice..i hafta take 147.concidentally,i bumped into my was on her way to hospital cus my cousin is hospitalised.wanted to give him a visit,but i dun think its convenient cus all my uncles and aunties are there alreadi.thought of going to visit him another day with my other cousins though!(this cousin shares the same birthday as mi! erh..okai,dats not important!LOL!) den chatted with her on the bus..she had to alight at SGH and my bus stop was 2 stop after SGH(okai nvm..i knoe its very complicating but dats not da point lah uh! lol!) den when i alight da bus,bumped into my primary sch,wad a small world.okok becus singapore is small lah uh! =p
    and toking to ruiza on msn.she always take YEARS to reply mi!! why?tell mi why!? and omg,im so addicted to da song End Of The Road by BoyzIIMen! knoe y? cus they played it in one of THE OC's episode!!LOL! total madness! OH! elena passed mi da finale of season2 of THE OC and u guys,man beggin u! GO WATCH THE OC!!!!! realli,seriously! if not,pls..go bang yourselves on the wall/door or whatever dat can knock some sense into y'all thick skull! to u pple who dun watch/havent watch THE OC,u guys are realli missing out on something BIG!!and i mean it! laters!

    cindy [ 11:46 AM ]

    Saturday, June 04, 2005
    am i a good gurl?? u bet! lol. im proud,VERY proud to say i sat down for 3 hrs doing my maths over and over again.continueously.thank you thank you,i knoe most of u are very impressed by now =) i definitely live up to my name huh? BHB queen..hehee!
    woke up at 9am.i realised ive been sleeping LATE at nite but i wake up early everyday..isit healthy?or let mi correct dat..isit normal!?! and i dun feel tired even though i wake up so early!,i wanted to clean up my room..but i dunno where to start.LOL.should i start from da table first?da cupboards or da shelves?and i realise im rather indecisive for example mi and ruiza are planning to go overseas at da end of da year,but we kept changing our minds..okai,only mi! we decided on hongkong at first.but a few places started to pop up in my,resort island,europe(impossible lah!),china,korea,japan..(eh,some were suggested by ruiza! lol) we couldnt realli decide. den yesterday,when we chat on msn again..she said australia.aussie did came across my mind becus i was thinking of going to movie world again.heh.but,we should try out new places,rite?? yup..too many choices too lil dad will be paying for my tix but i think for da expenses,im gonna pay myself.cant possibly ask my dad to pay for everything rite? im a good/responsible/sensible and not fogetting filial gurl/daughter.LOL.stop making da puking sound lah uh! bt of cus,if my dad insists on paying my expenses,i wouldnt be so bad to turn down his offer lah! LOL! okai,im thinking too far ahead! its onli JUNE,cindy chen wake up pls! LOL,man..i feel darm energetic/high!!
    aiight,i think i'd betta get going before i start blabbering shit...hohoho!

    cindy [ 3:39 AM ]

    Friday, June 03, 2005
    wooohooo~!! 2 days..i finished watching 23 episodes of THE OC in 2 days!!! am i satisfied?? wad more could i ask for!?!! my so,so,soooooooooooo addicted to it! y'all knoe wads da routine for mi da past 2 days? it goes. wake up(including brushing my teeth and all),switched on da com,sit back and relax and watch THE OC!!! no lunch,no dinners..except!for toilet breaks! heheee! im jus so addicted to it i dunno y! and u knoe wad? im so gonna watch it again! HAHA! =))) this is wad holidays' all abt,isnt it!?! lol. well,at least for da first week!=p
    hmm..alrite,yesterday i did not went for sheena's bdae.instead,i watched THE OC almost for the whole day!=) yup,boring as it may when ure actually watching it,u wouldnt notice da time.its like..i started watching since 11am all the way to.....9pm?1 episode is abt 45 mins,so ur math!u can jus throw mi another set of THE OC,maybe season3? and i can jus sit on my lovely armchair da whole day watching it,seriously! okai..i can hear negative remarks life?boring? hey,its da holidays man! and i think im using it wisely,for da first week at least!*bleh*
    i guess i'll onli be able to enjoy myself this week.cus from next week onwards,i'll be going back to sch for remedials.erm..EXTRA lessons would sound nicer =) haha.aiight,i cant realli concentrate right now cus im chatting on msn! so..more updates soon!

    cindy [ 9:57 AM ]

    Thursday, June 02, 2005
    wakey wakey! am i an early bird or wad!? who says da early bird gets da worm?! not even an ant is on my table! no breakfast for mi.sad.and da lamest answer to da question on WHY THERES NO BREAKFAST FOR MI!?!..'oh! i didnt expect u to wake up so early.' oh yes,thank u very much.i didnt expect myself to wake up so early either. well,i woke up early is dad asked mi to!=( he was on da way to work and he called mi..

    daddy: eh cindy,ah ma came to our house u knoe?
    me: huh?i knoe ah..(still in da sleepy tone)
    daddy:how u knoe?
    me:she came into my room wad..
    daddy:oh,den u still sleeping?!
    me:of cus lah..i tired leh.
    daddy:wake up lah!go tok to ur ah a good gurl.
    me:HUH!(looks at da clock..8.40am)

    oh!in case u guys didnt grandma wakes up at 5am EVERYDAY..i dunno how she did it,but dats da way it is!got off da bed and went to da living room to tok to my grandma.da first thing my grandma noticed when she came into my room was my radio!she was like.. 'wah,sleeping still need to on radio ah?u realli knoe how to enjoy life hor?' -_-" radio is essential to mi!!! heh. so chatted with her for awhile and yes,da usual questions.=p haha.she jus went home and i cant get back to my decided to update my blog.
    hmm..i slept at 2am yesterday.came online but nobody was online so went and wendy came over to my house to watch monsters-in-law.2nd time watching and i still find it furnie.=)they bought mi fooood! cus theres pasar malam near my place.they wanted to buy roti prata at first,but how dumb can christy get??she actually forgot wheres da shop!! LOL.oOops!sorrie im not supposed to break her heart again.otherwise she'll start sprouting nonsense,again!! haha.they stayed till arnd 1.30am?yup..
    plans for today..well,supposed to go to sheena's birthday party or something.but i dun realli feel like going out.reason being?im kinda broke right dad hasnt give mi my allowance!! =(( lol.but i feel so bad for not im in a dilemma!to go or not to go? i still have..3 hrs to decide?-_-" well,aniwaes..jus in case sheena's reading this blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEENA!!
    aiight,pretty long entry eh?told u im bored!

    cindy [ 1:13 AM ]

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005
    new blogskin!*teehee =) i was so bored dat i decided to actually re-newed my skin! woke up at 12.30pm!! man,its been a long time since ive slept through without being disturb! and do i feel energetic? hell yeah! LOL.
    well,sch holidaes has i'll be going back on A LOT of days!so,yup..doesnt seem to be like a holiday season to mi! -pouts. chatted with christy on msn jus now.told her abt yest alright now,no worries. like wad she said,dat was yesterday =) so yup!let bygones be bygones. hmm..wad are my plans for today? nuthin much..since ive alreadi spent half of my day rotting in my bed,i might as well rot for da whole day! hehee! aiight,nuthin much to post actually.laters!

    cindy [ 6:56 AM ]