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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Friday, September 30, 2005

    but after 2 experts taught her how to do it..TAADAAH! she joins in the flexible tongue club! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:11 PM ]

    at first,esther couldnt do the tongue thingy Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:10 PM ]

    hear no evil,see(pouting)no evil..speak no evil.or isit tok no evil? speak rite? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:10 PM ]


    cindy [ 4:09 PM ]

    erm..? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:08 PM ]

    AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:08 PM ]

    we're so adorable i knoe.especially me of cus.LOL! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:07 PM ]

    hahahaa! harna..act dont u find it damn familiar? like those ah lian always taking pic with the numbers sign? =p Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:07 PM ]

    and they follow suit.hahaha Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:06 PM ]

    LOL! this is hilarious..hehee! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:05 PM ]

    hahaa! look at dat pigsy behind.HAHAHAHA Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:04 PM ]

    the dao face..yah i knoe sam look damn SL.ooops!=x Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:04 PM ]

    finally something more presentable. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:03 PM ]

    hahaa.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:02 PM ]

    hahaa,harna..act cute(I) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:02 PM ]

    okai,i cant upload the pics! sorrie,my patience is wearing thin. i kept uploading the pic and they kept telling me nuthin but 'sending of pic fail' fail fail fail! ahhh! something is damn wrong with blogger and picasa!! i shall try again later,if not..some other days!

    cindy [ 11:06 AM ]

    skipped sch fact,i wish to skip sch everyday from now till the O levels. im always not looking forward to going to sch..the onli reason i go is becus well,for my frens? heard they got back some of the results.and hais,i got 59 for my english.disappointing man. and dat andy can actually win me.WIN me when he onli wrote 3 sentence for the,wadeva lah? hahaa! yah lah,he and derrick got the same marks lah,big deal meh?-roll eyes- LOL! jkjk. sheena called me jus now and she also told me abt my results.i wasnt looking forward to my results aniwae..cus i knoe i was going to fail all of it. cant imagine O levels. =(
    aniwaes,so esther and sam came my house to slack. didnt do much..jus looking at pics, playing computer[only esther]and looking at magazines.decided to order canadian pizza at the person told esther he will call us back.i was like 'huh?got like dat one meh?' so in the end,we ordered mcdonalds. jus so nice,after we put down the phone..the canadian pizza guy i was like 'oh no,its ok..we dont need alreadi'. and sam was like 'too bad,he lost one customer'.its three.
    so after the food came,we ate and watched teevee.and of cus,not time! haha.see,i told u..taking pictures liven up atmosphere! =)) hahaa..aiight!gonna post up the pics! laters!

    cindy [ 10:39 AM ]

    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    me,esther and half of sam Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:49 PM ]

    fnn paper today.hahaa,im happy with myself cus i studied last min and it so happened dat the question came out from there.heh! but,im not gonna pass aniwaes..=p
    sam waited for us for 3 hrs+ cus at first she wanted to cut hair.but in the end,we went to eat long john at Far East. andy,derrick and sharul joined us later. after dat,sam,esther and me went off to take,the other 3 went home.
    so,since its the last day of the prelims and it was still early..we wanted to go to esplanade and eat Ah Pek ice cream,but in the end,we took surprise bus instead.imagine,we took from one interchange to another interchange.haha! bt i didnt knoe sam was so ON!=) after which,we took mrt home cus we were feeling rather dizzy.
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!! jus now got one guy delievered the printer ink to my house..cus my dad ordered it.and at first,i was quite pissed becus i heard the guy toking outside.but i refused to go out.den,my sis came knocking at my door and asked me if i have money to pay for the ink and i said no.and she was like 'but the guy waiting outside'.so ive got no choice but to go out.he was standing at the door and,OMG OMG OMG!! HE LOOKED LIKE JULIAN HEE LAH!!!!!!!! den i was like..'erh,mus pay now?' den he said 'yea'. so,i quickly run to my room and digged out all the money i have.omg lah! he's damn handsome i swear!! DAMN HANDSOME!! he makes my heart go BOOM! LOL!! realli,omg! i knoe i sound like one stupid crazy freak going gaga over some stranger,but omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg,this is the first time im like dat ok! even if its caucasian,i also seldom have this kinda reaction.infatuation i would say..but!he's friggin handsome i tell you!! SHIT! hahaa! so after dat,i quickly called esther and told her abt it. and she was like 'huh? reali ah!? den y u didnt take his no.?' LOL! eh,dont wan lah..he sure will reject me and also,im scared of rejection!=p and whatmore,my skin isnt so thick to the extent. wahh!! wad a good day to end!!!!!! =)))))) i shall go order more printer ink. HEHEE!

    cindy [ 9:48 AM ]

    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    2nd post of the elder sis came over awhile for she's leaving tmr morning.yup,it would be another year before i see her again. one thing i cant stand abt my dad is dat..he always choose to hide his feeling instead of showing it out. take for example,jus sis came over and it was so obvious he wanted to like tok to her and all..but he didnt.maybe its becus my cousin is here,he jus sat at the sofa,watching the show..blankly! u could see from his eyes.and i kept asking..'are we going for dinner?' im like,trying to create a chance for them to speak up. so my dad was like shaking his head. so i went to ask my sis,'eh..are we going for dinner?'. and my sis was like 'huh?no..dunno lah,u ask daddy lah'. i mean its like,they both are realli stubborn in a way.perhaps,it runs in the family.
    so before my sis left,she said bye to my dad and my dad jus looked at her..=.=" HUG LAH DAMNIT!! paiseh wad sia? my parents used to kiss/hug us when we were younger,but when we grew older..dat custom doesnt follow animore.its a pity,realli is.

    cindy [ 11:25 AM ]

    sometimes i feel i should jus be a boring person instead well although yes,i am alreadi boring. perhaps ive never came across stuff like this?i dont usually have any problems with my frens as a matter of fact.but realli..i knew it would turn out this way but i didnt expect it to be so much of a crap..initially,i realli tot dat it was all for fun and nuthin else[dat includes not treating pple as laughing stock] it wasnt supposed to be.i knew wad the consequences would be after finding out the truth but at least,let me have the honour to tell u myself..from my mouth and not others. and,its not dat she wasnt supposed to tell u..its jus dat i wanted to be ready to face the music.i realli didnt knoe and of cus,nv expected it to be such a big issue afterward? aiight,ive learnt my lesson. once bitten,twice shy.

    cindy [ 9:13 AM ]

    Sunday, September 25, 2005
    woke up at 10.30 in the morning.i suddenly realised my waking time is damn standard..its always between 10-11am. amazing eh? i didnt knoe it has become a habit ever since...ever? hahaa. wanted to clean up my room but didnt knoe where to start. the sight of the books dat are being piled up on my desk irks me! it jus made me hate studying even more..and i knoe ive got no one to blame except for myself. im not untidy by nature,but whenever exams or as a matter of fact,school days occur,my room will be ultra messy!
    wadeva it is,my room is still in a messy state cus ive yet to clean up.heh! tmr..tomorrow ok? so after waking up,i checked my phone and saw karen's msg cus i was alreadi asleep when she msged. and her msg was damn lame..'u awake?' purposely one i tell you. lol. so after dat i replied and she called. so i asked her if she wanna come by my house so dat we can go eat the claypot rice at the market and she was so ON.hahaa.
    after she reached, we went to order claypot rice,chicken cutlet and sugar cane drink. wanted to order more but i doubt we could finish although i knoe i can.LOL! so yup,it was damn filling. after eating,came back my house and we watched Kindred Spirit[Zhen Qin]. Xiaoan is so damn cute! hahaa! yup,and we slacked all the younger sis's fren was here too.
    den we wanted to go play pool..but in the end,we didnt. karen wear until so lok kok lah! oh,did i mention when we went to the market..all the chee koh peh(s) were like ogling at her? becus her shorts were like realli short?okai,maybe its not realli dat short but i mean..all the uncles there are like chee koh peh(s) wad! lol.the best is 'bao kah liao'. heheee!
    yup,so we chatted awhile and i seriously think my place is the best place to slack at.HAHAHA! if onli theres a sofa,a teevee and a'd be perfect!!

    cindy [ 12:59 PM ]

    Friday, September 23, 2005
    i never knew i was so stupid till today. its common sense rite,say..if u dunno how to do a question,u'll AUTOMATICALLY skip to, perhaps a question u'd knoe how to do rite? no~ im the abnormal one.
    first,section A the first question was okay.i was pretty confident abt it. andy see! the nick applies ok..the higher i hope,the greater i fall! so i was like..'woah,ok..not too bad'. its after the question abt vectors dat i started screwing things up. dont even remind me how i did for my vector test becus it doesnt even help at all. shucks! so i tot, 'okai..i shall skip this question first'. yes,i skipped questions after questions. i seriously dunno wad the * i feel like cursing*..i dunno wad the HELL i was doing lah! and the best thing was, there was a few questions my tutor went through with me yesterday! and i was like..'oh shit!'. im dumb.
    section b,dont even tok abt it! 12 marks GONE!! we're supposed to choose one outta the two,i chose the first question. i solved the equation;becus i knoe i can do it.BUT to hell with the PLOTTING OF GRAPH! i suddenly went blank and i have totally no idea why! so i jus sat there..trying UBER hard to figure out how to plot. becus the usual plotting of graph is like, 2 cm to 1 unit.and dat question was 4cm to 1 unit and 4cm to 5 units. my mind's not flexible lah! so i jus stuck there..for like,15 mins? IMAGINE,DAT 15 MINS I COULD HAVE DONE THE OTHER QUESTION WHICH I KNOE HOW TO DO! and i onli realised it when i was onli left with 15 mins. so i gave up. oh no,i drew the 2 axis[thinking dat i might gain sympathy marks].
    CRAPPPPPP!!! TOTAL CRAP I TELL YOU!!! but like wad derrick says,hopefully i can learn from the mistakes.. urgh! and im sure my tutor's proposal on wanting to see me 2 times a week will be granted. SHIT!

    cindy [ 11:17 AM ]

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    nonsense.cannot use UBER MEH? fine,i shall use STANDARD english to write from now onwards. since i cant use the word UBER and since derrick feels dat the word UBER is damn cheena toot toot,i shall replace UBER with DAMN ok? derrick and andy,no more UBERS ok?
    im still UBER confused why i cant use the word UBER!!!
    ANYWAYS,had my maths paper1 and MT1 today. maths was a ok..easier than mid year i'd say.or wad many would say.but still,i left out a few shitass questions which requires quite a number of braincells..which i cant afford.yes i knoe if derrick is reading this,he will so totally agree.and its always derrick,ONLY! i dunno abt others who might be anti-me,but for his case,its kinda sorta yup,u get my drift.
    *voice of ryan's mom* -what am i gonna do with him?-
    aiight,nuthin much to update actually.gonna take a nap now for physics?-bang walls-

    cindy [ 6:03 AM ]

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005
    had social studies and english paper2 studies was alrite,jus dat i didnt have enough time to finish up on my source-based cus i practically spent hour on the essay itself.=p however,im quite happy with wad i wrote..hehee!
    after the paper,andy told me karen was waiting in the General Office.i didnt knoe she was coming cus she needed to pass the vcd(s) to andy.and yes,she took a cab down and becus of dat..she claimed dat she is damn noble.i think she's more dumb than noble lah. hahaa! she's too eager to see me lah dats y.*teehee
    so after dat,wanted to eat at newton..but in the end,went to eat at Far East with karen,andy,derrick,kelvin,sam and sharul. they are damn gross lah..what dig nose using the fork and such. =.=" so after eating,we all headed home. me and karen wanted to go to the national library..becus being the usual suaku,karen has YET to go to the new national library. but i didnt bring my book to revise,so we tot of coming my house to get changed and den go the library..
    went to the NTUC before coming back..came home;slacked;karen lying on MY BED! [but realli,those who come my house..the first thing they do is to lie on my bed is too comfy,i agree] den after dat,my elder sis called and asked me and my younger sis to go down to toa payoh central to choose maid from Nation. i asked karen came we cabbed down and saw a few profile of the maids. found one and she will be coming down for interview tmr.
    after choosing the maid,didnt knoe where to eat my elder sis suggested sakae sushi. so went to eat sakae sushi den swensens for dessert.hehee.dinner was on my elder sis.wooo! damn stomach filling day.heh heh!
    after dinner,we wanted to play pool..BUT ive got exam tmr,so decided to head home instead.took a cab home and karen took a bus home from my place.yup,and now im on the phone with the expert in maths *ahem* i mean,2 experts..karen tan and andy tham. and i realised i knoe nuts abt maths.shucks! i ought to be shot in the head!

    cindy [ 12:19 PM ]

    Monday, September 19, 2005
    3 months of life without a maid is not easy to cope..however,when im starting to become all independent dad decides to employ yet another one. and my first reaction was..'for wad?' okai,im on a rather neutral stand when it comes to employing maids.
    after the previous one left//all the shits dat happened,im starting to develop a phobia on having a maid around. yes,dats how weird i am. my frens knoe dat i can never get along with my maid and i have absolutely no idea why. maybe our character jus clashes..*hmm?
    and maybe i shouldnt even stereotype all of them..given dat my previous maid worked for us for 6 years.they are bound to be bolder and whats not. urgh! however,shouldnt i be happy abt it? i mean..this means dat i'll have more time to focus on my studies(though it doesnt realli make a difference) and perhaps,i dont have to wash laundry/iron clothes/sweep+mop floor/clean beadsheets/clean toilet/wash dishes/cook animore? (lol,okai..actually i dont realli do ani of the above!) erm..yay? oh wells,we'll see how it goes den! =p
    on a lighter note,i did alil revision on maths today. not much,but at least i put in the effort.heh! gonna hit my s.s book after i blogged. musnt waste time animore!! aiight..shall get going now! laters!

    cindy [ 9:57 AM ]

    Sunday, September 18, 2005
    to think dat i can give Ruiza a surprise by calling the end? she surprised me by not sounding surprised..=.="

    -on the phone waiting for Ruiza to pick up-
    Ruiza: hello?
    me: HARLOOOOOO!~!!!
    Ruiza: yah?
    me: huh?
    Ruiza: se mo? (what?)
    me: lah,wad u doing now?
    Ruiza: dancing (at her fren's house)
    me: orh..ok...(i kinda went blank becus she didnt sound surprised!)
    Ruiza: zuo se mo? (why?)
    me: lah,jus tot of calling mah.okok,nvm lah,den u go dance lor..dont disturb u.
    Ruiza: arh??
    me: arh wad?
    Ruiza: why u call!?! huh! i tot was my mom becus it was private no.

    *phew~ so in the end,she was surprised.LOL! now tell me,how can anyone be as blur as her?
    dats y i was wondering how come she answered me in mandarian..such as se mo and zuo se mo? becus as a matter of fact,though we do speak in mandarian and we rocked at it, we seldom communicate using the language. HAHAHA! aiight so we chatted awhile and she said she'll get back to me later.WE WILL SEE!
    so,yesterday was the first paper.english and geography.dont ask me how was it cus im gonna give u the oh-so-usual answer.after sch,went to meet karen cus she wanted to meet me so badly. karen,i knoe im the air ure breathing..yes i knoe.
    so we went to walk arnd in Far East which was so boring..den she said she has never been to Harbourfront. so suaku. being the usual saint i am,i brought her there. when we reached there,she was like ' omg,this is heaven.' karen,besides being the air ure also YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL. betta cherish me i tell you.
    so we went to mac becus i was uber hungry and she,didnt even tell me she ate! i told she havent had her lunch dats y i was thinking we could go and eat together..but NOOO,she ate alreadi.too bad,she gotta see me eat lah. and den,she started to act real retardedly. although shes alreadi one lah..cant stand her.and she kept laughing when i dont even think its furnie. oh! u knoe wads the real reason? becus she finally get to see me! hahaa.. and u knoe wad i found out abt KAREN TAN YANRUN!?!? SHE DOESNT LIKE KIDS AND BABIES! hais..shes abnormal.
    anihows,we went to walk arnd..wanted to cut hair but its fated i cant. so after dat,i need to go becus ive got tuition..and did i mention she was damn free? she actually accompanied me all the way from Habourfront to my place and from my place,took a bus to her place. i estimated,the total duration for the journey from Habourfront to my place to her place is arnd..1 and a half hr. she's got lotsa time to spare man. hahaa! =)
    wads my plan today? erm..i did alil revision on my maths becus even my tutor commented dat ive been slacking too much. i knoe i i shant waste time animore.i'll tok to Ruiza again..dats provided if she calls.....*hmmm?

    cindy [ 7:32 AM ]

    Friday, September 16, 2005
    after sch went to newton to eat..but before dat,we saw christopher lee! okai,im not a fan of his but omg,he's uber good looking i swear!! we were standing alongside the carpark becus esther sorta 'boxed' kelvin and he bled alil bit..hahaa! yea,dont mess with her..she's strong! so there was this car dat drove past us and at first i was like 'woah,nice jeep'.and obviously when u see a nice car,u'll see the driver too rite? so i was like 'wah handsome!' den i realised he looked damn familiar so i shouted out ' EH! CHRISTOPHER LEE LEH!!!' so they were like..huh!?realli meh!? lol,i cant believe i shouted out jus like dat *snap fingers*.it was an immediate reaction i guess! and he realli looked alil bit like EDISON! ahh! LOL! so we quickly walked towards newton..and i meant BRISK WALKING! i seldom brisk walk lah,dats y.hehee! so,he was still in the car..styling his hair.=.=" den we were like walking reali slowly so dat we could catch a glimpse of him and perhaps..waved/take pic/shake hand/autograph/hug him.LOL! so we sorta like waited for him and finally,he came out of the car.hahaa,wiki(who was beside me) was like 'cindy,he's behind you'. like,if he's behind me..he's also behind her rite? i turned around and waved at him..taking the risk dat he might not even wanna wave back.but he did and he smiled.i melted.*teehee! he's uber hot i tell you. tanned,nice hair,tall,handsome,well-built,mesmerising smile and not forgetting..edison-look-alike.hehee!!
    prelim starts tmr and yes,i havent touch my geography yet. in fact, i havent touched any of my books just yet. and im knoe im so!

    cindy [ 7:38 AM ]

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    ahhh!! this is the real sleeping beauty!!! erh,without dat pair of fat fingers..which is so obvious who is it lah uh! =.=" NOT ME! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:38 PM ]

    NO THAT IS NOT ME!! dats my younger sis..see,beauty and the beast.LOL! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:37 PM ]

    ahh!! SO ADORABLE!!!  Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:36 PM ]

    MY BABY NIECE!! (taken from my cousin's friendster..i need to say this becus i think i can be a betta photographer) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:36 PM ]

    today was jus crap i tell you.first thing first.morning woke up;late.look at the time;jump outta bed(as usual) but i was pretty calm today as i walked to the bathroom instead of running.hah!so my dad was sitting at the sofa..[to think he was actually waiting for me..but NOOOOO! he was waiting for my younger sis! biased =p]aniwaes,i got myself ready and looked at the clock was onli 7.10. i cant believe i onli took 15 mins to get myself all ready and go.took cab and i reached ON THE DOT.7.30am.but the gate was alreadi i tot i was late.but,dat gurl(dunno wads her name)let me in and she was like..'quick go in..behind got pple'.haha! think dat i actually finished my fnn! i onli had 29 pages when the minimum requirement was 40 pages! and i was like..oh shit! and the best thing was..wendy,wiki,sam,jaffar was absent.the fnn students.why? they were all rushing to complete it at home.and i was so dumb to go to sch lah! so i looked at sheena and esther's coursework and i realised dat i missed out on ALOT of things!i panicked.but i tot maybe i will stay back after sch and complete.BUT NOOO! COMPUTER LAB WAS CLOSED!!!! its the cursed! i forgot to paste the pics of the practical,i forgot to do my content page,i forgot to do bibliography,i forgot to do practical time plan and the list goes many things have been forgotten! so ive got no choice but to rush home to complete it.took a cab home, again! and im alreadi bloody broke..okai,dats besides the point. but lucky thing was dat i met a good taxi uncle.he was like so uber friendly and all..and ok,again..dats beside the point. so i did my coursework for 3 hrs,wharrrt the hell rite?!! i was so proud dat i did 'finish' my coursework the day before dat i went round showing off.see,karma!
    den my dad suddenly tell us we're going out for dinner and i was like..-_-" moreover,im
    i quickly finished up and my dad sent me to sch again to hand up the damn coursework! but before dat,he suddenly asked me about what's my plan for the year-end vacation with Ruiza and i was like..huh!? i mean,i was friggin shocked becus he seldom ask me abt the holiday plan.hahaa..
    okai,back to rushing of was so stormy lah,traffic jams everywhere!and when i reached sch,ms soo alreadi went home!but holy damn damn damn relieved dat I AM SERIOUSLY DONE WITH FNN!!!!!
    *applause* we went to eat at a restaurant at bukit timah and man do i enjoy the dinner :) but if only my mom could join us..oh wells! we talked and talked and laughed and laughed. can tell dat my dad misses my elder sis so damn much.after dinner,we went to eat dessert! haha so we went to the shopping centre off sixth avenue and ate the Venezia[or however you spelt it]ice cream. dinner and dessert was on my sister! she was like..'harya,small case!' such a snob,i knoe.
    after which,we went for some grocery shopping! its been econs since we shopped..well,after the maid left! so yup!
    den we sent my sister back to her hotel and we went back home too. well,happy times flies isnt it?heh. aniwaes! today,ive recruited another new member to the oldie club! hahaa!


    cindy [ 1:36 PM ]

    Monday, September 12, 2005
    my sore throat and runny nose is irritating the shit outta me! i did not have a good sleep yesterday as i was coughing like crazy..hopefully i could jus coughed out my lungs! okai,i was kidding.heh! but realli..i hate to be jus made me sound so weak and i'd lose my appetite; which is so not good.and when its time to hit the sack, i'd have a pretty damn hard time trying to get to sleep due to the amount of fluid dat had caused the blockage in my nasal passage and the only solution to dat is to find more pillows;stack up and allow me to breathe easier.<-- its very important so dat i dont die in the middle of the nite due to lack of oxygen!
    on a lighter note, LISTEN UP PEOPLE!! IVE COMPLETED MY FNN COURSEWORK!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! yes,im damn bloody relieved dat ive finally completed it.though i knoe its not gonna score well but,TO HELL WITH FNN! FNN caused me to have..
    1) insomnia
    2) fall sick,again and again!
    3) dark circles
    4) no time for revisions on other subjects
    5) phobia on FOOD (okai lah,kidding! hahaa!)
    yes,ive completed it..PLEASE BE PROUD OF ME CUS I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF! haha!i woke up at 9am today.yes,ITS A SUNDAY but becus of the air-con man! these 2 men had been disrupting my sleep ever since..ever! first, was the COMPUTER MAN.then,came the AIR-CON MAN! =.=" ahh! i woke up and ordered MacDonald's breakfast! hahaa! ive been craving for dat for econs and finally i got to eat it! heheee! after which, i came online and played checkers with my cousin..played for awhile and i went back to sleep.LOL!so,i woke up again and revised alil of my work and watched teevee! i have no mood to do anything,seriously.the cough/flu/sore throat/throbbing headache is realli driving me up the walls!
    drats.tmr's a new sch term.which means? PRELIMS IS JUS A FEW DAYS AWAY and O LEVELS IS LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! urgh! i cant believe it..its jus too fast! im out!

    cindy [ 10:07 AM ]

    Sunday, September 11, 2005
    okai..yes im ALMOST done! left with evaluation and taadaah! oh,for those who have sore throats,pls drink PI PA GAO! its damn effective!! *teehee
    gonna upload a few more pics we took dat day cus yesterday derrick and andy sent me.LOL.the pic of derrick being the cover of WOMAN is uber furnie i swear! hahaa! but derrick,can i put dat pic on my blog? haha..i need to seek permission from u first.if not,i'd be considered defaming you.=p and karen is high again.she saw the pic and voila! she's damn high! haha,aiight.pic's will be up!

    cindy [ 10:21 AM ]

    yes,i predicted down with sore throat and flu.all thanks to? none other than my FAVOURITE subject,FOOD AND NUTRITION.ever since the starting of my blog,ive been ranting abt fnn.cus it realli suck and i have no idea WHY DID I EVER CHOOSE THIS DAMN SUBJECT IN THE FIRST PLACE.i used to think fnn onli involves cooking and maybe alil bit of theory.but ive NEVER tot it consists coursework too! yes,im dumb and i regretted it.where can fnn get me to? FOOD SCIENCE! BLAH! like,i dont even like science to begin with!
    others alreadi started muggin for their other subjects,and me? im still(as always)stuck with fnn! friggin annoying i tell you.and plus,the best thing is..i cant even score in fnn!i mean for theory.and i alreadi knoe my partB's mark.B4..wonderful?!i knoe for sure im so gonna fail theory dats y im pinning so much hope on my task A.but guess wad? i think my task A is not even good enough for a c5. im not stressed,i am not jus irritated!the coursework is like never ending.crapp! ahh! can someone jus shoot me now? end my misery once and for all? please pretty pleeeeasssseeee! IM OFF!

    cindy [ 3:05 AM ]

    Saturday, September 10, 2005

    *awww~ how so very romantic *shy* Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:30 PM ]

    me and karen tan yanrun at Marina Square's Cafe Cartel. i jus like to spell out her full name! haha! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:30 PM ]

    dat disgustingly chicken cutlet..made me have a hard time finding for the MEAT..haha! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:29 PM ]


    cindy [ 7:28 PM ]

    Friday, September 09, 2005
    went out with karen,derrick and andy today.cus me and karen decided to give them a treat as birthday present for we seriously do not knoe wad to get for them.haha. so,i met karen at 11am for kbox and we were supposed to meet the other two at 2.30,so we sang all the way to 2pm. after which,we went to walk around to kill time while waiting for the guys. so after they reached,we were in a dilemma on wad to eat but in the end,we still decided on Cafe Cartel. the chicken cutlet was -_-" i should have taken a pic of it! haha,bet u guys would lose appetite after looking at it.(okai lah,actually its not dat bad) LOL!
    so after dat,karen was supposed to 'challenge' derrick and andy in pool and she kept arguing dat she is taller than the cue.(which by the way,is NOTHING to be proud of!) haha,but she's jus so proud of we went and i watched them play. it was uber furnie lah..especially derrick. the white ball can actually bounce outta the table,so yea..jus imagine how pro he is.HAHA.den after dat,me and derrick saw this couple dat was walking past and den the guy was alil unsteady,as if he was drunk,and the gurl was like pulling his hand towards her and OH MY GOD,dat guy actually pulled up her skirt! okai,its not realli pulled up..its like,he was hugging her and his hands were at her butt and taadaah! *tsk* youngsters nowadays!
    after pool,we decided to play arcade..onli for awhile.and andy was so enthusiastic to challenge me in Daytona and so,we challenged..the four of us. and guess wad? I BEAT HIS ASS! haha!! although its onli one position,but i still beat his ass lah! he was LAST!LOL! and he was left speechless! wooo~ i love the feeling! =))
    so after the victory,we walked to esplanade for the esplanade ice-cream.okai,its not called the 'esplanade ice cream' its called ' Ah Pek Ice Cream'. haha,cool rite? so yea,being the usual oh-so-generous cindy,i treated them again. although its onli a dollar lah,but still! HAHAA! so we sat at the..wad u call dat? benches? and session time! and derrick think he's some photographer..kept taking pic of esplanade -_-" and he was like 'Welcome To Singapore'.yes i knoe,he's lame. after dat(LOL,i knoe theres alot of after thats) we went to the esplanade library becus yes,im damn suaku..ive never been in there before! haha,after reading the magazines..we went up to the roof and enjoy the night breeze.haha! den we realli didnt knoe where to go,so decided to head home as derrick WANTS TO yup,went home straight and taadaah! im home! and karen was like so high on msn jus now..she was like 'I LOVE MY FRIENDS',like hello? how can she NOT love her friends? haha..especially us,we are such a lovely bunch of people.hoho! and u knoe wad ive discovered? taking pictures will cheer pple up! so yup,go on and take more pics..GO ON! :)

    cindy [ 2:13 PM ]

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    we were trying to squeeze in..but well,failed attempt.RUIZA ah,where are you.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:37 PM ]