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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Monday, January 30, 2006
    im back.
    today's my mom's bday..wanted to get a cake to surprise her..but,i forgot all the shops are closed today.yes,i should have booked earlier..urgh!
    hmm,funny how i feel this year's cny isnt as happening as the previous years.i dont know if anyone's feeling the same way as me..or maybe its just me.the mood just isnt there you see..oh wells~and plus..this year's angpows collection isnt as fruitful as i thought it would be!=(( okok,im being rather grumpy here..and i know i shouldnt be!its only the first day of cny man!hahaa! =D aniwaes,on a lighter note..heard a very good news from ruiza.HAHAHA!she's coming back for GOOD.yes,FOR GOOD!=)) ok,maybe not for the next 10 years..but the next 3 years i assure!and believe it or not,it was actually one of my birthday wishes..i was actually just hoping she could stay in singapore alil longer..just alil longer.but hahahaaa!now,shes so gonna stay for long man!!=D unbelievable!!im now hoping for yet another wish to come true.well okai,wishES.
    aiight,i think i'd better be going now.need to get some serious sleep mom was like telling me how bad my dark circles are.THIS IS SO SADDENING LAH!!can someone teach me how to get rid of them???hurhur ='(

    cindy [ 3:59 PM ]

    ive got nuthin to blog about just bored!yes,shouldnt i be collecting angpows now?already did =) im stuck at home now..its so weird!becus usually for cny,around this time..i'd be at my grandma's house[dad's side]and after which,i'd head down to my mom's side.but this year..becus my dad's mom staying with us,my relatives are gathered here instead.which means?i'd have to wait until about evening before i set off to my mom's side.=( i can clique more with my mom's side,seriously!urgh!im so bored now!my dad's entertaining them with his specialised TEA..hais.ok great,they are calling me now.shall blog again!

    cindy [ 5:39 AM ]

    me and my mom! yah i know we look alike..hahaa! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:13 AM ]

    yes,the focus is on her.SHES SO CUTE LAH!!! :)))))))))) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:09 AM ]

    me and one of the most important person in my life! <3 Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:09 AM ]

    yes,she's soon-to-be-a-21-year-old..yet she still poses THAT handsign.need i say more? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:08 AM ]

    yay!she finally smiled for the camera!know why?becus i was standing beside the camera..trying to get her attention.ooooh,she loves me! =) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:07 AM ]

    how can you not love her?? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:07 AM ]

    hahaa,even when she cries..she looks SO DAMN ADORABLE!!!! and no,i didnt make her cry hor.hahaha Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:05 AM ]

    Saturday, January 28, 2006
    woke up quite early myself ready and went back to monkshill for FCD.thought ruiza was going as well..but in the end,she couldnt make it.
    aniwaes,it was nice.though there wasnt many stalls..but still it was nice to see alot of familiar faces around once again.and yup,karen..i bought the bears!!nanny nanny poo poo~ HAHAHA! its friggin cute lah i swear!although its kinda expensive..but i think its so worth the money!=D bought 2 coupons but only managed to used 1 and a half of it.visited christy's stall too and got myself the tube gel-like thing that has got my name in it.yah its common,but it was just to support her lah.hahaa!=))
    den just sat at derrick's stall for awhile before esther came and after which,i had to leave early for work.but before i left,we took a couple of pics for them to send it.cus their stall is something like you send the photographs to them and the principal will choose the winner.and guess what?according to andy..we won.i still have my doubts wasnt even unique lah?its like some normal pic.hahaa,but it wasnt the principal who chose the was the OM.
    so aniwaes..after which,took a cab to work and yes..i was late again!becus of the traffic jam!but today's time passes ultra quickly!and it was quite relaxing and fun.hahaa!we were practically talking throughout..joking and laughing at silly stuff and that sarcastic guy,for once..talked to me nicely.and we talked about quite alot of poly,guys,gurls and EDISON!HAHAHAH!yes,my colleagues knows I LOVE HIM! HAHAHA! c'mon,if u're my fren..this is the basic ok? =)) den wanted to meet up with ruiza and all for supper but in the end,decided not to.changed it to another day.while on the way home,i met Ang Li Juan on the bus.hahaa!damn coincidental.but didnt really tok to her much..hrumpf,who ask her dont wanna go to my chalet.LOL!just kidding!urgh!!im so hungry now!right..shall go hunt for foooooood now! LATERS!!

    cindy [ 3:23 PM ]

    Friday, January 27, 2006
    hi im back!and im gonna blog like an 18-year-old now.LOL!
    yesterday was the best January 25th i ever had. shall blog in the later part.please do expect this to be a very,very long entry.

    went to work as usual on the 24th,and after which..went to carrefour to get all the drinks and stuff before going to the chalet.went there and i fell in love with the was so damn nice lah!and for that instance,i know the money spent was so damn worthwhile.only the three of us were there.ruiza,andy and myself.becus i need them to help me sign in and prepare/carry the things.the night went by quickly becus by the time i reached there,it was already we put everything in the kitchen and just slack around.den i started to feel alil hungry and we decided to order macdonalds since its the only fastfood i know is of 24-hour service.went to bathe;the food came;ate;take pictures;played some games;slept at 4+.

    25 january:
    the day finally came.i dunno if its becus im excited or i simply couldnt sleep any longer,i woke up at 8am.andy WAS SUPPOSED to wake us up,but in the end i was the one who woke them up.hahaa,den we ordered macdonalds breakfast and decided to go to the arcade for some games since we didnt know what to do.challenged andy the street fighters and yes lah,i lost..obviously.den went to play pool and i seriously sucked at pool!and we played this soccer thingy.den went back to the chalet to wait for the food to come.

    not long after the food came,elena came i went to bath again..[i bathed 3 times..LOL!]and after which,we decided to start the bbq.den slowly came the first we were worried the food might not be enough.but guess what?its much more than enough.den we start to bbq the feels good to have all my close friends helping me with bbq-ing the food and all although it was friggin hot and my face was so damn oily after that,but it was really nice!=) i was worried elena might feel left out but im relieved and glad that she msged me and told me she really enjoyed herself very much.ok,not very much.just enjoyed.hahaa!yah,maybe she doesnt want me to feel bad lah..=p
    the night came and ruiza came to the living room with a cake on her hands.and the whole lot of them sang the birthday song.i was quite paiseh lah actually,becus there were quite alot of pple.but im touched anyhow!=)) and the cake was my favourite! MANGO CAKE!! it was delicious!! =D they know me best i must say.hahaa!den derrick cut a small piece of cake and i really thought it was for me..i totally forgot theres such thing as cake smashing becus well,im usually the one who go around smashing pple.=p and after which,yunjin followed by jaffar,cut another small piece and smashed on my face again.
    den soon,helena and jannah left early to catch the next shuttle bus.after which,elena,karen and tecksin needed to go as well.wanted to send them to the bus-stop for the shuttle bus but we thought they missed it already becus on the way there,we kept taking pictures.LOL!so we walked back and wanted to book a cab but it was we walked back to the main entrance again,but there were no signs of cab so we decided to go back to the chalet again.den karen called her brother(lin junjie)LOL!just she called her brother to pick her up.while waiting,ruiza,elena,karen,esther and myself were playing the soccer ball.we were like passing to each sounds boring,but actually its not.hahaa!maybe becus im with all my best gurlfrens lah uh? =D den slowly,the crowd starts to disperse.

    so me and ruiza went back to the room to open presents.hahaa!den derrick,roy and jaffar came in as which,the 2 of them left and left me,ruiza and derrick.den andy came in.we were all so tired lah.derrick was tired from his hockey training and we were tired becus we didnt have enough sleep the day before.
    but after which,we decided to grab some bites so we went downstairs for some snacks and drinks.sat outside the chalet and it was damn nice.very peaceful and windy.and we just sat and chilled.its been a long time since the few of us have the chance to just sit down and chill.
    after that,i went to bath and i felt so refreshed man.hahaa!but still,i managed to sleep becus i was really feeling damn tired.and we have to get up by 8 becus we have to sign out and all.

    then today,woke up at 9am.and this time,it was andy who woke us up.miracle i know.and the thing is that,i didnt even hear him waking us up.and please,he said im worse than his maid when i was waking him up..hes much more worse than that ok.damn naggy ok!!
    den we had to carry so many things ive mentioned,the food was MORE THAN ENOUGH.den we carried to the adminstrative office to check-out and esther,andrew and yuhow went off first becus they need to catch the shuttle bus.and left shahrul,derrick,andy,ruiza and myself.went to sit at this corner and it was so comfortable!wah,i seriously love that place man! den shahrul also went off to catch the shuttle bus.
    so i called my dad to ask if he could pick me up and he said while waiting for him,we took quite a few pics and went to 'lau yu sheng'.hahaa,quite cool man becus instead of using chopsticks which we dont have,we used satay sticks.hahaa.den went off to play bowling.i dont want to talk about,i dont admit defeat..i have no sportsmanship.dont care.hahaha!
    den my dad came and he dropped the 3 of them off at tanah merah mrt.yup..that was it.but it really feels good to have all my close friends celebrating this day with me.i dont need suprises,just by having them around..what more can i ask for?=D although seriously its nuthin but just eating and a small gathering,it is the best birthday i ever had ever since..ever!i really enjoyed myself and i seriously hope they do as well.[although i think im not a very good host..=p]what im gonna say isnt mushy and all becus im not one who would always say these things verbally and becus of that,PEOPLE might think im not APPRECIATIVE..HAHAAH!but oh wells,i just wanna say i really thank them for the gifts,the wishes,the effort to go all the way there to just celebrate this day with me and all in all,for accepting me as who i thankful to them,and i love them all the same from the bottom of my heart.

    cindy [ 8:32 AM ]

    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    and omg,my favourite picture!!! I THINK ITS DAMN KAWAII NEH!! LOL!!! but seriously OMG,I DIDNT KNOW WE CAN BE SO ADORABLE!!!!  Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:10 PM ]

    myself,ruiza,andy and derrick.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:06 PM ]

    hahaa!erm..look at the positioning of andy's hand.LOL!! OOPS SORRIE! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:06 PM ]

    ruiza and myself.bad photographer andy tham.1,2,3 DONT SMILE. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:03 PM ]

    the people who celebrated the day with me =)) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:01 PM ]

    us! =)  Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:01 PM ]

    esther and me Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:00 PM ]

    with tecksin Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:58 PM ]

    jaffar,me,esther and yuhow.they like to pose like this.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:58 PM ]

    sam,myself and esther =)) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:58 PM ]

    HAHAAH!! I LOVE THIS PICTURE! =D Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:58 PM ]

    my best gurlfrends =)) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:56 PM ]

    ruiza and karen Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:56 PM ]

    heehe Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:56 PM ]

    i love her tooo! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:56 PM ]

    she forced me to take with her.hahaa!just kidding =)) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:54 PM ]

    oops this is retard.stupid karen,already said make funny faces!hahaa..nvm,she looked funny enough.HAHAHA I LOVE SUAN-ING HER! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:54 PM ]

    i love them too!my 2 best friends since secondary school..oh sorrie,the one wearing the long only my 5th runner up friend.LOL! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:52 PM ]