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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Sunday, March 29, 2009
    I almost fainted when i switched on my laptop just now.All i can see was a Recycle Bin icon on the main screen and NOTHING ELSE!!My Start menu was blank too!I was quite calm at first,thinking everything will be okay after i restart my laptop.So i did,and the same thing happened again.

    I was practically cursing all the way until i found the 'solution'.I just randomly clicked on whatever i can see because i mean,since everything is supposedly 'gone',no harm clicking whatever you see right!And phew!Finally got anything fixed again.Scary man!

    So,i met up with Binghong after my work and finally someone can help me with accounts!I'm sooooooooo thankful man!I think other than Karen,the only person whom i can understand the explaination will be Binghong.Seriously,i need someone who can explain to me and though sometimes Karen will be like,

    'Can't explain one,it's like that!'

    I can SOMEHOW still understand her.And wah lao,Binghong..seriously.*kudos*And i'm so guilty for asking him to come down all the way from Bukit Panjang!That's like friggin far man!Really owe him a big favour.Gonna meet up with him again on Thursday for a final revision before my exam on Friday!I just can't wait for the exams to be over!!!!!!!!!!!

    This week flew by so quickly!I worked almost everyday this week and gonna be working for the next 3 days before i take off again for my revisions!Tiring man,seriously!

    Guess i'll be updating more after my exams then!

    cindy [ 11:25 PM ]

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009
    I've finally understood how private institutions make money.They will make you sit for your re-exam on the same month as your current exams so that you can't juggle all your modules and bingo!Fail again!Fail again means what?

    Means REMODULE.
    REMODULE means what?
    Means MORE MONEY.

    SEE!That's their evil plan!Money suckers!!

    They make it seem like they are being fair but actually you know what,they are not!How can they put the examination dates so bloody near lah!Harna!I know i'm not the only one studying in that bloody school but it's so friggin unfair man!Don't even start with 'who ask you don't wanna study hard..blahblahblah',it's not about me now!It's about them!

    Money suckers,seriously!

    cindy [ 3:15 PM ]

    Monday, March 23, 2009
    I feel so hardworking today.Did my laundry,changed my bedsheet and packed my table.Life still kinda suck without a maid.

    So i took leave on Saturday and met my cousin cus i seriously need someone to help me in my accounts.And erm,yah..not much of a help but it's ok lah!Really appreciate it!:):)She came all the way down from Jurong i'm feeling guilty too!She say i always 'bully' her,made her come down all the way from Jurong.HAHAHAHAAH!True ah..

    And then yesterday was back at work.

    Gosh!It was so quiet because there wasn't any lessons going on!And the 'best' thing was - the internet was down!!Can you imagine me being stucked there from 10am-7pm with NO ONE,NO INTERNET - NOTHING.Okay,maybe my Accounts notes.Luckily Sam ended work at 3pm and since she was just 1 MRT stop away from me,she decided to accompany me till i knocked off.Cool shitzo!So we went to get FOOD.1 pint of Ben&Jerry,Ice-cream milkshake and Mcdonalds.Seriously,that's the only thing we can do.

    So after work,i accompanied her down to Haji Lane to collect her dress and we walked over to the steamboat place to meet Kelvin,Kelvin's friend and Wiki for steamboat.Reached home about 10ish.

    This week is gonna be a long week for me because Nata is going back to Indo.Which means?I have to cover her shifts too.Damn..working is really a waste of time.When you work,you can't study.I've tried bringing my books there to study but whenever i wanna get down to it,there'll be endless calls and things for me to do.It's a cursed or something!Damn idiot one leh.Then everytime when i don't wanna study,the whole place will be so yesterday!

    Ok,i'm gonna go now.Bye!

    cindy [ 12:33 PM ]

    Thursday, March 19, 2009
    I know this is very random:

    I WANT TO EAT ZHUI KUEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (picture kop from google's image)


    cindy [ 12:13 PM ]

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009
    Met up with Esther after my work at Novena's TCC and i was an hour late,even though my workplace is just across the street.Hahaaa!Apparently i was talking to lady boss and she decided to 'give me a lift' on the way.Not that i'm lazy okay!Just..some things.

    Anyway,that Miss Piggy really cracks me up big time!So we ordered our drinks and the waiter came,

    Waiter:Rose Juliet?
    Esther:Orh,Rose Juliet is her.

    I never knew i was Rose Juliet until i met her.

    She probably got too excited upon seeing her Litchi Tea Freeze or maybe she was too hungry - I don't know.But,WAH LAO EH!!'Her' and 'Hers' alot of difference leh!Chicken NAI NAI POK!

    While Miss Piggy was laughing,i suddenly realised her laughter sounds like a horse.HAHAHAHAH!No,seriously.I shall record it down one day and make her famous.

    And we felt so bloody cheated!We went over to Haagan Daz for some waffle ice-cream,and in the end,that waffle is so pathetically small that only one scoop of ice cream could be on it.REALLY FELT DAMN CHEATED OK!The picture looks damn big lah!With maple syrup somemore!But in the end?We only got a friggin small waffle which i can finish in one mouth.Not that my mouth is big,it's just an example.

    I was so 'dui' when i realised today is a Tuesday.Which means?Gelare has got 50% off!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    I know this post seemed very choppy.Like 'ji bua ji bua' cus i just wanna summarise everything and go to sleep!

    K,that's all.Bye!

    cindy [ 10:28 PM ]

    Thursday, March 12, 2009
    My god.

    Me:Scientology is bullshit!
    Celine:Oh,then Tom Cruise must be a bull.
    Celine:Because shit can't be so handsome right?


    She keeps saying she didn't see any blonde in LA but i guess she hasn't really looked into the mirror yet.

    cindy [ 12:58 PM ]

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009
    OH MY GOD,study is killing me!!!!

    I'm so dead i swear!

    I REALLY HATE STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ACCOUNTS IS FRIGGIN KILLING ME!!I don't know how am i supposed to cope!I still have Econs,Marketing and HRM to cover..damnit!

    I think i can't study at home.I've got too many distractions!Think i should head out to Esplanade library tomorrow.

    Anyway i'm watching American Idol now while blogging.Cool shit!This week's theme is Michael Jackson and i love all his songs!

    Great stress reliever!


    BTW,i think Paula Abdul is drunk.She looks and sounds drunk.The judges are not really making any sense at all?Give more constructive advices!!Gosh.

    cindy [ 10:48 PM ]

    It was my grandma's birthday yesterday.Actually,every year is different because they follow the chinese calender.Anyway,it was good..i stoned like 3/4 of the time because i woke up at 7am in the morning.

    Went to her place right after i knocked off at 2pm and became the receptionist there.

    Cake from me this year!Nice ah...

    My niece who has grown up so quickly!

    HAHAHAAAH!Guess what will my grandma wear next year?LOL!!I was telling my relatives that every year,grandma wears the same shirt.

    There's still aplenty of photos to be uploaded but i'm just damn lazy right now.

    My leave starts today and that means i have to start mugging now!

    Hate studying!

    cindy [ 11:02 AM ]

    Sunday, March 08, 2009
    I don't know why but i just felt like calling Karen just now and when she picked up her phone,her reply was,

    Karen:Oh my god.
    Karen:I swear i was just thinking about you like one sec ago.
    -OMG here OMG there-
    Karen:I was thinking to msg you after i highlight my sentence..

    Goodness!It was really damn scary.It's just at that moment kind of thing.

    Seriously,sometimes i think i share a telepathy with all my friends.Somehow or another.

    Like this morning,i was online searching for the Fisheye camera and just now while i was on MSN,i saw Derrick's nick mentioning about Fisheye and he told me he just bought the lens.

    Then there's the other day when i called Miss Piggy and almost right after i called,Sam called in too.I swear we didn't talk to each other before that!

    Like there's really too many such incidences and you find it amusing and amazing at the same time!

    I know very random ah..sorry.Going to sleep now!Bye!

    cindy [ 1:04 AM ]

    Saturday, March 07, 2009
    Samantha Heah is damn idiotic.

    Me:Oh my god!Are you like praising me?
    Sam:Oh shit,i think i am.

    And guess what?That woman thinks she's damn cool balls.

    Yeah balls!

    She left a comment on my FB saying,

    'We look like DJ's balls!'

    Yah,DJ'S BALLS.How does a DJ's balls look like!?

    cindy [ 11:00 PM ]

    Thursday, March 05, 2009
    Was out with Sam today.Initially wanted to Wii again but decided to go Marina Square instead.

    Ate at HKCafe;played arcade(like yah~hahaa!)then off to watch Slumdog Millionaire and my goodness,that show is fantastic!Totally deserved the awards they have won!I mean,the child actors were really awesome.Kudos!

    Media Fiesta.Some media thingy where they invited 3 of the ah lian looking singtel grid girls.oh gosh,i certainly hope this year's grid girls will be of much higher standards.Like,seriously.

    Anyway,i digress.

    You know i used to think to myself how nice it would be if i were the only child.No such thing as siblings rivalry and such but that was before i was on better term with my elder sis.

    I believe all of us who have siblings would have gone through the stage where you would quarrel/argue/fight about anything and everything.Unleashing all your childish/fierce/unknown sides and whatnot.

    And then as you get older,when your maturity reached to a certain level,you would somehow or another learn to forgive and forget,to know when to listen,to know when to apologise when you know you're at fault,to know you need to communicate to sustain a relationship,to know to be more responsible for your own actions and the list goes on.

    I'm not saying that nobody quarrels when they get older.It's just lesser.

    For my elder sis and my case,i guess we just kind of let it go.Sometimes when i think back about our bad past(our quarrels/our really really bad terms with each other),i'm just really very thankful and happy that we are getting along so damn fine right now!I really am!It was something i thought which will never happen.

    I've always hope the same miracle will happen to my younger sis and me but you know what,i'm more than definite it will never happen.

    I really envy those people who can treat their younger sibling so well,be so close to them,cuddle them and you know,just being such a loving older sibling to the younger ones.I've always wanted to be that but my younger sis has never given me a chance to.Or rather,given herself a chance to show people that she deserved to be shower with love like that.

    Her mentality is just,i don't know.It's just something i can't stand her.

    She's friggin 17 but she acts like a 13-year-old.

    I get it.

    'She's the youngest'
    'She's still young'
    'Treat her better'
    'Don't bully her'
    'She will listen'
    'Give in to her'


    I don't act like that when i was 17!?Did they excuse me like how they excuse her when i was 17?All i ever got when i was 17 was,

    'You're old enough to think for yourself'
    'Be more responsible for your own actions'
    'You're not a small girl anymore,grow up!'

    And now that i'm 21,i still have to shoulder that extra responsibility on making sure that the younger one is being taken care of when i had to constantly look out for myself when i was her age?!And even getting scolded because of her doings and not even my f*ing fault at all?

    Very funny.

    I don't even know what or how to feel anymore.

    I just hope someone will friggin scream at her or just give her a big tight slap to wake her up from her bloody dreamland.

    So sick and tired of it!

    cindy [ 10:48 PM ]

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009
    I suddenly recalled my dream last night,went to google it and this is what i've found.

    Normally an unfavorable sign in a dream. It signifies displeasure and also shows that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you.

    And this is not the first time i've dreams involving my teeth.There was once,i dreamt that my whole upper set of teeth dropped and yah,it was damn scary because it felt real.Last night's too.I dreamt my 2 front teeth were really shaky and i didn't even dare to my dream.And another time was i had buck tooth instead,which i think i blogged about it.

    So i was curious and went on to search for more 'meaning of dreams' and these are the ones that usually occurs to me.

    Loss of honor. Fear of failure. Loss of power and feeling out of control.

    No restraint. Freedom. Distance. There is something that you want to escape from.

    Restricted communication. Afraid to say something.

    Violent resolution. Release of energy. Building or releasing conflicts.

    Discovery. Realization.Infidelity.

    Relaxation. Volatility. Need for spontaneity.

    Emotional release. Grief. Domestic trials are on the way. Emotions need to be released

    Wah lao,it's all kinda true.Oh gosh.Why am i giving myself so much stress?!

    And to end off.This is for you,Celine.

    Pleasure or greed. Nourishment. Fortune in love affairs.

    HAHAA!Tell me about it.

    cindy [ 9:24 PM ]

    Miss Piggy posted this video on FB and i swear,it really inspires me.I can't help but to cry because i don't know,it's just what i'm feeling right now.

    If life hits you hard,are you going to finish strong?

    I hope i will.

    Enjoy the video.

    cindy [ 8:17 PM ]

    Monday, March 02, 2009
    Crap.I'm up at this unearthly hour.Okay,correction.I haven't really slept!The time reads 5.14am,why the hell am i still awake!?!?

    My eyes are hurting cus of the constant rubbing!Too much dust i guess?Been really sensitive lately,alil bit of dust and i can sneeze for like half the day?



    cindy [ 5:14 AM ]

    Sunday, March 01, 2009
    I think this woman is seriously crazy.

    There was one solitary fan, customer service officer Katalina Jiang, 21, who had gone to the airport at 10am.

    An Edison fan since 2003, she said: 'I took leave because I want to pass Edison my telephone number. I cried when news of the scandal broke. I have a feeling he'll call me.'

    She said she 'envied the girls who slept with him' and that speaking to reporters about him had taken her 'one step closer to Edison'.

    'I have a feeling he'll call me'

    Let's laugh!!

    First of all,she's stupid enough to hold that photo article of him which in my opinion,was his worst day of his life,and she just had to remind him of that.

    Secondly,who the hell takes leave just to do impossible things like passing her telephone number to her idol?!!?That's friggin dumb.

    I think she's sick in the mind.She actually ENVIED THOSE GIRLS THAT SLEPT WITH HIM!THAT'S JUST MADNESS!But anyway,it doesn't really matter.Hypothecially she's one of those girls,she'll be put as 'unknown woman' in the papers anyway!But yucks,envy.Gross b*tch.

    Lastly,yah,let's just laugh!She has a feeling he'll call her.

    FRIGGIN DREAM ON LAH!!-rolleyesuntileyeballstuck-

    An Edison fan since 2003?I was a fan since 2001!Then he should friggin call me!No wait,i have a VERY STRONG feeling he'll call me.


    (The Electric New paper)

    cindy [ 3:37 PM ]