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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Monday, September 29, 2008
    Did i mention my younger sister is the biggest bitch around?Yes,she is.

    I'm friggin sick and tired of trying to keep the house clean but that bitch is always trying to or rather,never fail to turn the house upside down.


    And you know what's the best thing?

    My dad ALWAYS thinks she's the goody-two-shoes she portrays infront of him and i'm not gonna be a bitch exposing her since i'm ALWAYS the naughty one amongst the three,like as if he will believe me.

    They are the ones who are spoilt,having maids serving them since forever and now that there's no maid,they are friggin treating me like one.Bloody hell!They can't even wash their own dishes!!And that bitch,she's really a bitch.I don't know how else to describe her.I've tried respecting her and not bully her like i used to but forget it,she's not worth my time and effort.Don't even start saying what a lousy sister i am,i'll friggin fight you back till the end.

    Even SIMPLE things like,wiping the damn table after eating seemed so hard for her to do.F**KING spoilt brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what,i give up.I give up trying to be the nice sister/good daughter shit.They want the old cindy back,they will get it.It's always easier being the bad person.

    Too long since i created a havoc huh,i bet they miss it.

    cindy [ 12:53 PM ]

    Sunday, September 28, 2008
    So today was my last day at the centre.Surprisingly,i didn't shed a tear.It was like a normal day for me,just that i received more hugs from the kids than the 1 year i've worked there.LOL!Just kidding.

    Initially i wanted to take a bus down but i don't know what's wrong with the people.They never see gifts before isit?I stood at the bus stop and the next thing i know,everyone's staring at me like as though they just saw Santa Claus.This uncle even more joker.He walked past me and tried to have a peek inside the bag and when i looked at him,he looked back at me while walking.Idiotic.So in the end,i took a cab down instead.

    Distributed the goodie bags and i love seeing their happy faces!Kids are so easy to please.:)

    Will have a steamboat dinner with my colleagues soon but in the meantime,i'm gonna take a good rest before Tuesday comes.Heee!

    the kids!top row:Shermen,Wesley,Chloe
    2nd row:Shannon,Leo,Prisha
    3rd row:Gordon,Teresa,Jadon

    take 1

    take 2

    Gordon's lil sis!Janel:)DAMN CUTEEEEEE!

    me and Janel!:)

    with Gordon!!:D

    I don't know why but the kids looked stiff.hahaa!


    Of course these are not the only kids in the centre but Sunday class is short and have fewer kids than Saturdays,so..yup.

    cindy [ 4:31 PM ]

    Saturday, September 27, 2008
    So,i've finished watching Season 1 of Gossip Girl and 4 episodes from Season 2.It's so funny because we watched shows like Mean Girls,Gossip Girl - whatever.You know,those that involved high school dramas and usually those girls in the show are being described as popular girls.You can try using Asian girls,especially living in Singapore.We'll address them in this way,

    Ah lian.

    You might also wanna add a 'chao' infront to make the ah lian more prominent.

    Where got such nice words like,'Queen Bee'?

    Anyway,tomorrow's my last day at the centre and i actually have mixed feelings about it.

    Got my ass down to the supermarket in the afternoon to get some sweets/chocos/biscuits for the kids.Advance Children's Day present.:)

    My colleague from my new job called and told me our boss wants me to start on Tuesday instead so that they can pass me the keys and stuff so yup,i'm starting work on Tuesday instead.Mixed feelings about it too.

    I think i think too much.You think so?Yah,i think so.

    Sigh..i love my life.

    I'm really thankful that i'm able to do what i want(don't have to remind me of the many jobs i've worked,quit,worked,quit).First it was the art shop,then the childcare.Both are my interests and the longest jobs i've ever worked for and it really helped that the people i worked with are nice!Art shop,especially.I'm really thankful for that!!:))

    Now that i'm moving on to my another interest,which is music,and i hoped and can only hope that it's the right path and i will enjoy what i'm doing.:)

    I've always like this phrase,

    'You are not working when you enjoy what you're doing.'

    :)So let's hope it stays this way.

    I'm gonna head to bed now,at 9pm sharp.NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!;)

    cindy [ 8:39 PM ]

    I'm finally at the last episode of Season 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT ACHEIVEMENT THERE!!!!:))Yea,i can't believe it either.

    18 episodes,2 days,almost 22 hours.

    Did i mention i love my life?

    I do.

    SEASON 2 up next!!

    cindy [ 12:37 AM ]

    Friday, September 26, 2008
    The thing is,i'm not really tired right now..but i know i have to get to bed before my dark eye circles get worsen.

    And of cus,to let my mind run off alil while with all the

    'you know you love me.
    Gossip Girl'

    It gets quite annoying after sometime.Probably cus i'm watching it continously,ahh that explains!

    I really,really wanna continue watching but for the past 10 hours,i've been doing nothing but stuck infront of the lappie and i'm friggin serious when i say i'm addicted to it.

    Tomorrow's gonna be another marathon!Or so i hope!14 more episodes to conquer!!

    AHHHH!!I LOVE MY LIFE!!:))))))))))))))))

    cindy [ 2:18 AM ]

    Thursday, September 25, 2008
    After getting so many,

    'have you watched Gossip Girl?'

    from almost everyone,i've finally got my ass down infront of the lappie and watched the show.'s friggin AWE-PI-SAI!!!!Okay,awesome.It's like,ever since THE OC,i've never really got so addicted to a show anymore.Maybe Prison Break but,you know,like,you know.

    Don't have to remind me that Chace Crawford is super hot!WOOOOOOO!

    The show kinda reminds me of The OC though,not that's its surprising because it's from the same producer.It's probably the plot.

    Rich and famous.
    Blond and Brunette = BFF
    Hot guys(!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Not that i'm complaining.Heeeee!;)

    So it's like a Gossip Girl Marathon for me today.I'm still at Season 1,episode 7.Gotta finish all before my work starts!!


    cindy [ 7:53 PM ]

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008
    I can't believe i'm blogging almost everyday now.This just proves i'm super bored to the max!

    I don't know why i feel like a carnivore today.I want meat!!Probably the past few days i've been a herbivore,no,carbovore(cus of all the noodles/pasta/blahblahblah).I need proteins!MEAT MEAT MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Throw me beef,i will still not eat it.

    Stop telling me i'm missing out the best thing in life or whatever.If i can survive not eating beef for the past 20 years,i don't see why should i eat it now.Don't ask me why i don't eat beef,i just don't.

    I won't deny there are times i feel so tempted to have a taste of it but i just can't bring myself to eat it.There's a connection between us.Don't laugh hor,i'm serious.Like everytime when someone offers me a piece of it,somehow i can feel it's telling me 'don't eat me,don't eat me'.

    I'm exagerrating.

    Esther has been feeling very stressed up at work and actually,i'm quite worried for myself too.It's another week before i start work and i hope everything will go on smoothly.

    I don't know what else to blog.I'm hungry!MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cindy [ 2:31 PM ]

    Monday, September 22, 2008
    I'm officially THE most unhealthy person on earth!

    I've been eating cup noodles,cup pasta,cup everything for the past few days i forgot how does rice taste like.Or even bread.I don't know why am i torturing myself and the body seems to be adapting well........NOT!!Been having bad diarrhoea ever since the day i started eating all these junks and i don't think i can hold it any longer....LITERALLY!!BRB!!

    Ok bad back.

    I'm serious.I've been visiting the loo every hour it's not even funny at all.

    But the funny thing is,my throat has become better even without seeing the docs!Thus,i shall recommend you guys this incredible lozenges!!



    It's so much better than Strepsils!For some reason,Strepsils makes me lose my voice even faster!Probably it's just me,i don't know.

    Anyhooos,it comes in 3 flavours.Original Menthol,Butter Menthol and Fresh Peppermint.But i always choose the Fresh Peppermint because the Orginal is too strong for me whilst the Butter i've yet to try it.I guess it all works though!For block nose and sore throat!

    In fact,it's so good i think i love it more than Edison already.I started snapping photos using my webcam without realising i was actually blocking him.Fine,his poster.

    I think maybe they should endorse me or something.

    HAHAHAHA kidding lah,chey!

    cindy [ 4:47 PM ]

    Sunday, September 21, 2008
    I just received a msg telling me that i don't need to go down to help out at the Graduation Ceremony for the kids tomorrow.


    DAMN YOU MSLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN YOU!!!

    I was already on the bed trying to get to sleep because i know tomorrow's gonna be a long day but yet it's all in vain.

    I'm seriously damn disappointed in them.Disappointed and friggin angry!!Somemore i told the kids and some of the parents i'll be there since they know i'm quitting already but now??

    DAMN YOU MSLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To think that i was doubting my decision,i guess my choice was right.

    cindy [ 1:19 AM ]

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    You know how i always complain i sound damn man whenever i have sore throat?Seriously,just give me that manly voice now!!!I REALLY DON'T MIND,REALLY!!!!!!!!

    Shit,i sound damn sick man!Gross to the max!I don't even dare to talk to anyone now.How ah tomorrow!?How to talk to the kids?!OMG!Scarli they think i went for a sex change or something.Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOW HOW HOW!!!!!??!?!?!?!

    cindy [ 7:18 PM ]

    Friday, September 19, 2008
    I seriously hate going to the west side of Singapore!

    The day before yesterday,i went over to my grandma's house after class and since i've got the car,i asked if she would wanna pay my aunt a visit.After much persistence,she finally gave in.So,we set off at about 9ish only to reach my aunt's place at 10.45pm.

    Tell me about it!

    I got lost in some ulu pandan place.No,as in..ulu place.My ah ma was so freaked out she kept asking if i know the way or not and if i don't,just ask the cab driver beside us to bring us there and we'll pay him for that.

    She repeated that for at least 5 times.I kept reassuring her i know the way but i mean,action speaks louder than words.She knew i kept calling my cousin for help so i guess that kinda blew off her confidence in me.

    When we reached my aunt's place,my grandma was telling them she was very scared and really,i felt like crying that instance.It's like,i don't know why.Then i kept telling me cousin,

    'eh how time ah ma don't dare sit in my car already!'

    So when we were about to go back,we asked my grandma if she wanna follow me or my cousin and my grandma was like,

    'anything lor..if you on the way then i follow you,if not i'll follow (my cousin) car.'

    See how traumatised she was?!

    The next day came,i called her and asked if she wanna go my aunt's place again and surprisingly,she was like,

    'you wanna go we go lor!but you sure you know the way?'


    So anyway,yes,we went to my aunt's place again the next day.Brought my niece along and while the adults were talking,i brought my niece and sister down for some 'bonding' session.It's amazing she's growing up so fast!But still very adorable,except the part that sometimes,she speaks like an adult.I don't like kids who talks like an adult.

    Wah lao!So small but wanna act like you know alot,very annoying you know.


    And it was home sweet home after that.

    I don't know what's with her and that mouth.Trying to act cute..but ok lah,cute lah!

    below my aunt's place

    in the car

    DAMN!Everyone's falling sick..and my friggin sore throat is friggin killing me!!:'(

    cindy [ 11:23 AM ]

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008
    I guess everyone has one of those days,feeling unwanted,unappreciated or misunderstood.Okay,it can be simply put across as Emo.

    I'm feeling emo now,on a bright sunny Wednesday afternoon,even as i'm listening to 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'.

    I saw this on someone's nick,i can't remember who,but someone.

    'Have you ever wondered which hurts the most?Saying something and wishing you had not,or saying nothing but wishing you had.'

    I guess either one is gonna make you 'urm dui'.But as for me,i'd choose saying something and wishing you had not.That's because i realised sometimes,the things i said are very redundant.

    No time for jokes now,it's all serious business.

    I had a conversation with * just now and i don't know why after that conversation,it just made me feel so bad about myself.For all i know,i'm never that judgemental person to anyone especially to my friends to say the least.It's just that i'll never seem to get the 'just keep your opinion to yourself' thing into my thick skull.

    Like sometimes,an innocent conversation can turn into something so..drastic.And it's all because of my stupid comments.Seriously,i should learn already.

    And then it comes to people whom we label as Friends.

    I'm sure all of us have 'different degree' of friends right?You can't be pouring out your sorrows to an acquaintant or be formal to your closer friends,right?So i have come to terms with all these best friend/true friend shit long ago.

    But sometimes you can't help but to feel like shit when your supposed 'best friend' just puts you off when you need the person the most.Isn't it sad if your so-called 'best friend' is almost never there when you need them?Or even if they are,and it's pretty damn obvious you want someone to talk to but they're so preoccupied with their shits and when you say,'ok,nvm den',they reply you with the most annoying answer ever,'oh ok',or even worse,'k'.

    Is it that hard to show a tiny weeny bit of concern?Tell me lah,what are friends for?

    I've always tried my best to be there for my friends when they need someone to talk to even though i may not give constructive advices,and that's because i know how sucky the feeling is when nobody's there to lend you a listening ear.

    Sometimes i just wish i'm that kind of person who can live alone,eat alone,talk a lonesome person like you don't need anyone.

    And i think people around me are trying their best to mould me into that kind of person,soon.

    cindy [ 3:17 PM ]

    I think sometimes i should really just shut my gap.

    cindy [ 2:58 PM ]

    Monday, September 15, 2008
    'Shake shake,shake shake,shake it..'

    This is the most annoying yet addictive song ever.When i was working at SingFest with Christy and co.,her friend,Jiayan,kept singing this to me.Chicken.I was so friggin annoyed that whenever the radio plays this song,i'd either switch channel or turn it off.

    Believe it or not,i actually shouted at the radio when they played that song early in the morning while i was still sleeping.Erm..yes,i sleep ESPECIALLY WELL with the radio on.LOL!!A habit i can't seem to kick off.I tried but i'll end up singing myself to sleep.

    Anyway,i'm so dead.I've got quiz on Wednesday and Friday for both my modules but i still catch no balls on what has been taught.You know how it feels not?It's like you go for class yet you don't know what's going on and ended up looking like an idiot sitting in the middle of the room with the lecturer yakking on and on and even though she caught you looking super clueless 3/4 of the time,she still went on without even asking if you understood what was being taught.Like as if i'd say i don't if she really asked me.

    Yah i know,we're no longer in secondary school where teachers actually spoon-feed you and stuff but wah lao!It's like super obvious i we all have the 'what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about' look across our faces lor.I think my class can probably get into the guinness world record of having the most 'kiam pah' faces.Don't you feel like whacking people with the stressed up look?Ok,maybe not whack..more like telling them to CHILL MAN!!!

    See what i mean?HAHAHAHAAA kidding lah piggy!


    Don't you feel like whacking me ALREADY??Oh by the way,Carol,that's my husband portrait.YOU HAVE?????

    cindy [ 3:43 PM ]

    DERRICK JUST SENT ME THE WHOLE ALBUM OF SECONDHAND SERENADE AND OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEIR SONGS ARE FRIGGIN NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COOL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm a happy person today!

    cindy [ 12:18 PM ]

    Saturday, September 13, 2008
    I'm so in love with this song!!

    I chanced upon this song while i was watching MTV the other day.Admittedly,i didn't like it when i first heard it because of the starting part.Then i was like,

    'eh,the guy not bad leh'

    so,i continued listening and damn did i not regret it.Eh but the guy really not bad right!?Although the song is good by its own,it's always a bonus the singer is cute too.Don't act lor!JUST ADMIT IT!And from what i've observed from the video,i think the girl has got serious moodswings.First you see her smiling at the camera then the next minute you see her throwing pillows at the guy/camera.Jialat man like that.No wonder the lyrics goes,

    'a girl like you is impossible to find...'


    Anyways,Rihanna's A Million Miles Away is good too!Very sad.Somedays when i feel like being a sadist,i'll send this song to those who are feeling emo-ish.Confirm cry!No lah,i'm kidding!I'm not so evil can.I'm only sadist to myself.I'll be like,CRY CINDY CRY!!Days when people,i'm not gonna say who,Carol,wanna snatch Edison away from me.

    DAMN!!I should stop drinking so much water.I suspect my bladder is damn small.LOL!I'm like going to the toilet every 3 mins!WHAT THE HELL!?

    cindy [ 10:36 PM ]

    Was supposed to work at Nespresso at Taka today but due to some reason,it was cancelled and i'm back home on a Saturday.

    Doing nothing.
    Thinking of what to do.
    But..there's nothing to do.

    Feels weird staying at home on a weekend.Usually i'll be either working or,yah working.It's good though,i don't like crowded places.The bus passed by Bugis and my god,the traffic junction was crowded like crap!I don't know how people can stand being squashed like sardines in the can.

    Ok,not like the sardines have any choice.

    LOL!Self entertaining can be quite fun sometimes.

    Next week will be the graduation ceremony for the kids already!!So fast!I can't believe it's another 2 weeks before i bid farewell to them.:(.I actually hesistated to hand in the resignation letter but i know i can't be doing this for long and i have to move on to do something which will be more useful for my future eventually.

    Why do we have feelings?Isn't it better if we were all born feelingless?We don't have to feel sad,happy,angry,disappointed or whatever.Save those tears and fears.

    Anyway,while Sam and myself were having lunch yesterday,we came across this lady with a super cool hairdo!

    I swear her hair must be SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR LONG to be able to do that!!And it wasn't particularly her hair that got us laughing so hard.It was the reaction of random strangers who passed her by and looked back like as though they just saw a living Dipsy(THINK.TELETUBBIES!!!)WAHAHAHA!LAUGH LEH!!


    What should i do now???????????????????

    cindy [ 4:44 PM ]

    Friday, September 12, 2008
    Met up with the group(i conquered 3 couples again!)on Tuesday for dinner at HK cafe as Ruiza was back from Indo for 2 days before flying off to Melbourne again.Dinner was okay,except that,YAH LAH I ORDERED LUNCHEON MEAT WITH RICE LAH,CAN OR NOT!?!

    I'm constantly being picked on by that 2 idiots.Like,who else?Derrick Heng and Andy Tham!They make it seemed like eating luncheon meat is a crime.No,seriously.

    Don't know what's up with Henry,Ruiza and Dempsey Hill.The other day i was talking on the phone with Ruiza and she was like,

    Ruiza:Eh let's go Dempsey Hill!
    Me:HAR??Ok.....are you Ruiza?

    It's very very very rare that she actually suggests places like Dempsey Hill because everyone knows that her 'food home' is Swensens.Or Delifrance.

    So after dinner,we went over to Ben&Jerry at Dempsey.The day basically ended with Andy flashing his high beam on me while we were driving out,i stopped,drove behind him and flashed my high beam on him all the way.

    Then came yesterday.

    Went over to Derrick's house after work as they were planning a surprise for him.Turned out he wasn't surprised at all leh..idiot,at least act abit lah.But like what Karen said,birthday still must act very poor thing leh.LOL!!Went down for a drink and back to his house and basically,the girls were surfing facebook and checking people out while the guys,i don't know what they were doing.

    Don't you find it damn fun to Facebook hop and check people out?LOL!!

    Got a ride home from the couple and i only managed to fall asleep at 4am!I don't know why but the moment i laid down,i SUDDENLY had block nose.Yah,SUDDENLY.I was practically cursing while i was trying to find a position to soothe my nasal passage.Fricking annoying you know!!

    Alright,i gotta go and get ready now.It's a long day today.Ciao!

    cindy [ 11:19 AM ]

    Saturday, September 06, 2008
    After procasinating for so long,i finally got myself a full time job!YAY!I've been bumming around for far too long already so yup,it's about time!

    I'm quite excited about it actually since it's my FIRST real full time job!:)Yes,like i've said..although i hate my everyday to be burnt from working,i've got this very strong feeling it'll be a nice place to work in!

    The boss is very nice in the first place,oh,and his wife too!So it just makes everything very pleasant!;)

    As much as i love taitai-ing around,making it looked as though i'm so damn free(ok fine,i am),i can't helped but to think i'm seriously wasting my life away.With no money.

    And most importantly,working there means,i get to learn music courses at a cheaper rate!!I've been wanting to learn guitar for as long as i can remember and the last time i touched an instrument was..sec 2?!I hope i'm not like how i used to be.Very eager to learn but decided to drop after i lose interest.It's just like that lah,i can't help it!

    So i'm officially starting work next month and damn,i'm gonna start missing my kids already!:'(I wonder how am i gonna break the news man.No,not to the kids.Like as if they know what i'm talking about.LOL!Eh not true leh,you will be surprise!

    I realised i just QnA myself.

    Anyhoos,i'm gonna go now.Laptop low batt.Sickenning!I JUST CHARGED LOR!!!

    cindy [ 1:49 AM ]

    Monday, September 01, 2008
    It's September already!!Wake me up when September ends.Oh yea,not funny.

    For some reason,i get very irritated when people can't differeniate simple words like 'then' and 'than'.Is it really that hard to know when to put which?

    'It's okay than.'

    Nothing personal.It's just..i don't know why but it's really annoying.AND..the difference between 'ur','u r' and 'ure'.

    Like,what the hell is 'ur funny'.Or,'ure head'?

    UR = YOUR

    GOT IT?!

    If you don't,then just type out the full word.

    Can you imagine when you're cursing someone on your blog and you make stupid mistakes like that?!Don't you know you're supposed to be flawless when you are putting others down?It's like me ending this post with 'See you guys than!'.Get the picture?!

    Sorry,it's just me.PMS is coming,i can sense it.

    Anyhooooos,went over to Miss Piggy's place on Friday night with Sam as it was her birthday.And YES!WE DID IT!!We managed to surprise her!WOOOHOO!OMG,you should have seen Miss Piggy's expression man!CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She was reading the letters when we came out from her room with the cake and HAHAAHA!She literally threw the letters off from her hands and her face..her face.....HAHAAAHAHA!!I'm laughing as i'm typing this.

    (yah,something like that.LOL!!;p)

    So,after surprising her,we went over to Harry's Bar at Dempsey Road for a drink.As suaku as i may sound,i've never been to Dempsey before.I mean of course i've heard from people saying 'so and so cafe/restaurant is damn nice.Nice place to chill out' blahblahblah.So we decided to go there and have a look and my conclusion is,

    Yah,it's nice.

    Probably because it's located at some ulu place.You know,free from all the traffics..more like a country-side of Singapore,which makes it very relaxing.Did nothing much,just chilling out.We left shortly after as Sam needed to work the next day.

    Saturday was nothing but bumming at home,like what's new right?I should start finding a full time job.As much as i hate my everyday to be burnt from working,i need those moolahs to get the things i've been eyeing for and of course,to prepare for my 21st..already!:)

    Not that i'm looking forward to growing a year older.No wait,it's gonna be 2 years you know why?My birthday falls on CNY EVE.Thanks ah.So technically,i'm 22 next year.

    Sunday was work and yay,i got teacher's day presents too!Working there has been nothing but joyous because of the kids there.They kept me going even when i'm super fed up with the management(still am)and always lifted me up with their 'Good Morning,Miss Cindy!' when i go in late for work and know that i'll be in deep shit.Did i mention there was once,i saw Gordon(one of my fav kiddo)looking at me for a long long time and when i asked why was he looking at me,he smiled and said,'I like you,Miss Cindy!' and before i know it,the rest of the kids were like,'I like Miss Cindy too!'.

    It's so heartwarming,really!

    But soon,i'll have to go.In the meantime,i know they'll get me through this:)

    Anyways,i slept at 9pm last night and only to wake up at 11.30am this morning.That's a whooping 14.5hours of sleep!!Oh no,wait.Inclusive of the time i woke up in the middle of the night for a pee and tossing and turning in bed,only to knock out after 2 hours.

    I shall officially declare..I HATE PEE-ING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING NIGHT!!

    I can't get to sleep after that!!

    Okie dokie,gonna end this post with a few pics taken on Fri night.Ciao!

    cindy [ 1:25 PM ]