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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Monday, October 31, 2005
    LOL! his songs are like..OH MY GODDD!! okai,im not being laggy here..ive always liked his songs very much.jus dat today,i came across this song which i had in my com for like..ages?and ive never realli sit down and listen to it.woooo~and u knoe wad?? i want Kenny G's song to be played on my wedding day..LOL! ok yes,im thinking too much but i dont care! hehee! and my future husband would have hook or by crook like Kenny G and his songs as well.blah!=D
    aniwaes,what's up with me today?woke up at 9.30.i cant believe myself either.ive been waking up relatively early thesedays.had tuition at 11 and well,time passes fast today.ive yet to revise my MT and my paper is only read through alil bit of notes dat laoshi gave..but i dont think its of much help.aiight,i think i'd betta be going now.8 more days..8 MORE DAYS!!!!! ciaos!

    cindy [ 9:09 AM ]

    Sunday, October 30, 2005
    woke up pretty early today.its a saturday man! =( den chatted on msn and i realised ruiza can seriously drive me nuts sometimes.and i mean COMPLETELY with her jus now and she kept making funny,piggy,stupid faces.-_-" and den,she installed the mic and started talking using the i was like..'eh,speak louder' and she was like..from hello(soft tone) to HELLO(damn loud!)ive got the shock of my life lah!and,instead of feeling remorseful and whatsnot,she jus kept laughing and make funny faces again.
    luckily for her,ive mastered the highest level of tolerance like my father dat im pretty calm throughout.LOL!and now,im toking to her on msn..practising 'qigong' at the same time.talking to her means shortening my life for abt..5 years.and plus some other crappers like karen,derrick and andy..i doubt i'll be able to live to see my grandchildren.[ok,touch wood!]
    and ruiza,this is for you :
    if you continue to be so crappy and such..when you get back here,SOMEBODY'S GONNA GET HURT REAL BAD!! muahahaahaa!~

    cindy [ 3:34 AM ]

    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    sheena and me! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:49 PM ]

    with esther always making stupid faces.haha Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:49 PM ]

    mr manoj and myself. =) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:48 PM ]

    sheena,me and the middle of the MONK'S HILL ROAD. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:48 PM ]

    half the class outside staff room.taken with ms goi Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:48 PM ]

    abi[the tallest guy in the sch i supposed..beside mr syed lah!] trying to acomodate my height.WHY!? im tall enough what..with andrew in the middle.haha Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:47 PM ]

    the class guys..all of them Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:46 PM ]

    me and wendy..wendy's trying to smile like edison.failed badly.LOL jk! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:46 PM ]

    class 5C 2005.poor photography skill i knoe.hahaa but the guy was nervous lah,so cant blame him =p Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:45 PM ]

    BBBTC a.k.a THE MAN,me,sheena,sam and wendy. woooo i jus love making WIKI angry.hahaa! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:44 PM ]

    me,THE MAN,wendy.:) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:44 PM ]

    me and wendy..with headless MAN! LOL!! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:43 PM ]

    kinda blur..esther,me,wiki,sheena,wendy,yunjin and sam Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:43 PM ]

    the class gurls..not all though. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:42 PM ]

    Friday, October 28, 2005
    today is the last day of school..well, seems to happen so fast,so quickly.its not exactly the last day in school for us,but is.its gonna be the last time we'll be stepping into a classroom dreading the thought of 'man,its gonna be yet another loooong day..sian!'.
    i knoe for sure im gonna miss the feeling of 'sian-ness' in the class.not paying attention in class,not handing up assignment on time,being screamed at by ms soo during fnn lessons,going late for sch[though i already cut down since sec2.everyone can be my witness!]..everything and everything.shit,now i seriously cant picture myself during Graduation Day.
    aniwaes,back to today's happening.went to sch for morning assembly for the last time and i couldnt sit there in peace.infront of me was abishek,and behind?sheena.both of them are equally noisy and loves making fun of me.hahaa,but it was quite fun lah.cus the time passes so quickly!=) so,after which..we went for maths.after maths,was recess.the day passed by damn quickly..and i mean, went to the canteen and tried helena's homemade cookies.not too!and we jus sat at the table..drinking soya milk.not many stalls were after recess,we went for was then wiki,wendy,yunjin and sam came in respectively.they were late.extremely late.and wiki and yunjin were the ones who asked ALL OF US TO COME TO SCHOOL EARLY AS IT IS THE LAST DAY OF the end? =.="
    so yup,after the 2nd period of english..the photo-taking session began.hahaa!i brought my camera and we took plenty of ive said,pictures liven up atmosphere! =) was all good~!
    so after sch,went to the staff room to find ms goi and took pictures again.hahaa,and after dat..esther,sam and myself decided to go subway to have our lunch.becus,i was craving for the cookies!macadamia white nut is yummy-licious! so anyhows,me and sam both ordered a foot-long sandwich.yes,a FOOT-LONG.ahh,for me is no problem..but sam?haha!but she did finished it up,im pretty impressed! =) after lunch,we decided to head home since sam had to go for tuition.but den..alil drama went on.shall not elaborate it any further but well,i hope all's good after sam went off for tuition,me and esther went to the post office to buy stamp and we met minghui on the way.yup,after buying the stamp,took a bus home and i saw now,i havent even bathed!aiight,shall go take a bath now! ciaos!

    cindy [ 9:34 PM ]

    i seriously dont understand kids nowadays.every little thing just gotta resort to stupid fights.and my sis jus have to get so involve in one.well,almost.i dont remember myself getting trouble in school nor my elder sis.i dont remember having stupid friends who in-turned backstabbed me and expects me to be down on my knees begging for mercy.i dont remember me getting involved in this kinda childish acts when one's being called 'big-shot'.like,WHAT THE HELL!? started when i wanted to call esther using my housephone and den,i overheard a conversation my sis had with her so-called 'friends' on the phone..and it was the word 'settle' and 'humji' dat caught my i listened throughout.i knoe its wrong to eavesdrop but it concerns abt her welfare so,i cant ignore.
    her shitass school that is,is renowned for their gangesterism.and i knoe as a matter of fact dat given her character,she would be in trouble one she cried and i asked her why..[i have to pretend to not knoe anything u see..]and she told me.and den,my grandma saw her crying so bitterly and she went to tell my dad[which was a BIG WRONG MOVE].given my dad's temper..after being told abt such stuff(fighting,quarrelling or anything in his dictionary dat demostrates a wrong and OUTRAGEOUS behaviour)my sis would have being slaughtered alive right at dat very spot.but then again,he had already mastered the highest level of tolerance dat he calmly asked me to 'settle' for,ok lah..asked me to enlighten her.
    i knoe and i definitely understand teenagers,especically her age,are bound to have some misleadings somewhere along the line.but ultimately,its all in oneself.i would have turn ridiculously bad if i did not think abt my own future.i would have joined some 'jiiemuiis' gang and probably be the Big Sister now since my size allow me to and every shit under me would have to kowtow to me whenever they see me and they are not allow to call me by my name..only Big Sister Chen and are prohibited to make fun of me even when i make mistakes.okai,i knoe this is getting way out of point but you get what i mean? now now,im not trying to say im mature or anything of the sort.just dat..well,i seriously think dat kids nowadays do not knoe what they wan in life or what to do with their life.
    so ok,back to solving dat childish i called her 'friends' and i almost burst out laughing when i heard dat gurl's voice.she sounded like karen!LOL!i paused for a sec,thinking dat i might dial the wrong i confirmed it by asking if shes the person im looking think dat she actually called someone 'humji' when she herself was so afraid to even talk.she was stuttering all the way and i was like..

    me:ok,so what u wan from my sis? need,nuthin.
    me:what no need nuthin? u just have to answer my question.
    [oh and btw,i wasnt even sounding was like..a casual talk with my baby niece.haha]

    i said my piece and so we was so,talking to a thirteen-year-old,trying to talk the shit out of her not to get involve in a fight at such a young age[or any point in their life] so as to get a clean record for her own sake and think abt her future and to make PEACE.omg,come to think of it..i think i made a fool out of myself.i never believed in making PEACE with anyone dat comes my way.and to think dat word actually came out from my mouth.crap! >.<" aniwaes yup,i set the record straight for both my sis and that sound-alike-karen. i still cant believe i said peace!
    aiight,aniwaes..i shall dedicate 4 sentences to karen tan yanrun.4 sentences is good enough.

    karen tan yanrun is sweet enough to send us some encouraging small lil cards for the upcoming Os and to add on,shes the culprit of more trees being cut down.she used the whole of an A4-sized foolscap to only write 8 sentences out of it.are there really plant-beings?please lock her up.thanks!

    cindy [ 9:14 AM ]

    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    alil delication to the other 4 quite important pple..QUITE hor in my school-life.not life ok..SCHOOL LIFE.LOLOL! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:41 PM ]

    talk abt my trademark..we shall try derrick's the next time round ;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:40 PM ]

    whats so bad abt it?? nice what! hahaa! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:39 PM ]

    this is when the imitation starts..and im obviously not happy abt it.LOL! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:38 PM ]

    oooh mama! the foooooooodddd! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:37 PM ]

    by gorging his eyeballs would do jus right :) no lah! actually is derrick and karen who forced me to take this kinda pic one! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:37 PM ]

    initally,i wanted to punch him..but i thought it wasnt as,on second thoughts..... Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:36 PM ]

    woke up pretty late today at 12.heh!i dunno y,i set the alarm at 10.and the furnie thing is dat my hp is just on my bedside yet i couldnt hear anything.>.<
    aniwaes,had tuition not long ago and this time round..i showed alil teeny weeny bit of improvement.its not self-proclaimed eh! hahaa.but i knoe ive still got a loooong way to go.goodness,12 more days.please tell me i can do it. 12 more days pple,12 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!yes yes,i just cant wait.get it over and done with.
    hahaa,i had a weird dream was damn ultra weird.the dream,which involves quite a few pple,was just..weird lah! all of them were in their good-old-days image and happened in Victoria Theatre.ok yes,im crazy.and when i told derrick abt it,he kept saying im old.stupid ass.grrr!did i promise to upload the pics dat we took the other day?ok sorrie,i did tried the other day..but dat picasa was going against ive got no choice.
    aiight aniwaes,nuthin much to update!shall hit the books right about now.cyars~!

    cindy [ 9:40 AM ]

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005
    aiight,should i say today's one of the rare days dats quite productive?oh yes it is.completed the whole of one math exam paper[although its not dat great of a deal,but still!],alil more worksheets.covered chem's mole concept,and did a read-up on!
    hahaa,but of cus i did not study all the not the sort who will sit down;hit the books right away until the wee more of yes,but must relax too!heee!furnie thing happened jus now.i was watching the korean drama 'Stairway to heaven' when my house-phone,i quickly ran to my room to pick up the call as i thought it might be my elder sis..

    me: hello?
    the person on the line: hello? May i speak to Fann Wong please?
    me: huh?who?
    on the other end: May i speak to FANN WONG please?
    me: HUH!? FANN WONG!?!
    on the other end: yah..
    me: eh,wrong number..
    on the other end: really? ok..

    i was like,what the heck!? FANN WONG??!!? LOL! i laughed so loudly dat my dad asked me what i told him and he was like..'harya!u should have said 'yah,speaking?' hahaa! so i came out with 2 conclusions..its either the person on the line[who was a young gurl i supposed by her voice] is naive..thinking dat by anyhow dialing a number dat appears in her mind and saying a celebrity name would allow her to hit the jackpot OR she's just some yay-after-exam-got-nothing-to-do kid trying to prank call people..for well,the fun of it.
    on a serious note,O levels is jus strictly 2 weeks from now.half an hour later,will be 13 days left.goodness!time flies..and to think i was actually discussing working plans/travelling plans with quite a few pple.yes yes,i should just stop dreaming now.wooo i cant wait for Os to be over! aiight,i think i'd betta be going now! going to sch tmr..oh my!miracle eh!? oh wells,for the sake of my MT.i hadnt been touching/revising on my MT,so..gotta clarify some doubts! laters! =)

    cindy [ 2:40 PM ]

    Monday, October 24, 2005
    okai,seriously..i think the world is going against me.yesterday was MSN,and today? BLOGGER! wth!?-cries- why!! i cant seem to upload all the pictures..shit. AND UPSTAIRS IS MAKING SO MUCH NOISE!!!! NOISY!! my goodness.
    i was jus stealing alil moment from my studying time to come online and wanting to happily upload the pictures,BUT..oh wells!i'll try again later..and if it still fails,forget it! blah! right,did i mention 'alil moment from my studying time?' ok good.yup,miraculously i did.because i was feeling rather guilty for neglacting my humanities these past few..weeks?so yea,studied 2 chapters of geography and studies.
    had tuition in the morning and yes,my tutor stressed me again.she said by the rate im going,she doubt i'll make it through..which i shared the same sentiment.and im feeling rather remorseful now for my laziness becus jus now when i was studying in the living room,my dad sat beside me on the sofa and i was like..

    me: u want to sleep on the sofa ah?
    dad: no lah,i can accompany you to study mah..

    i almost cried.dont ask me why.i jus felt so guilty..guilty on getting dat kinda disgusting grades and showing it to my dad.and instead of scolding/yelling at me like he used to,he jus showered me with words of encouragement.which i think i really need it so damn much.i love my daddy,and of cus my mommy but minus away her nagginess.
    aiight,shall update again when i have the time.ciaos!

    cindy [ 7:48 AM ]

    Sunday, October 23, 2005
    I AM SERIOUSLY DAMN FED-UP WITH MSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    urgh!it is seriously driving me nuts i swear! 'You cannot use MSN Messenger at this time because your contact list is not available.Please try again later.' like,wth!?! this problem started since yesterday..when out of the blue,i couldnt go into the net/messenger.urgh! maybe its fated,i should really just go and concentrate on my studies first.right~
    aniwaes,as usual..went out with karen,derrick and andy today.studied at BK for awhile before we left for marina/suntec.i realised we have been going on saturdays these past few weeks..and please note dat i hate going out on saturdays because it is so damn crowded.but oh wells..=) i guess this week will be the last week for going out as O levels gonna start in 2 weeks time.yes,2 weeks!!! its damn fast! okai,so aniwaes..we went to marina to walk around..aimlessly.went to Giant for,i dunno why.and after which,we headed to suntec for mache.knoe why? because,dat stupid karen has been talking about FOOD ever since we left BK when actually,we already ate at BK.she's yup,she was ON HOUSE AGAIN.[i hafta say this,if not..she'll say im ungrateful AGAIN] so yah,THANKS KAREN TAN YANRUN FOR THE DAMN DAMN DAMN FILLING DINNER. we ordered so many things lah! pizza,pasta,calamari rings,sausage,vegetables with mushroom thingy and i forgot.took pics of it..will upload it WHEN MY MSN WORKS AGAIN.URGH!
    and yes,we also took pics of ourselves.guess what? they KEPT MAKING FUN OF ME!!! ='( what's wrong with my smile!? and the stupid andy/derrick/karen kept imitating me! and its in a damn retarded way. I SHALL UPLOAD THE PIC when derrick send me.they're the crappiest pple,EVER!!,we left at abt 10+ nearing to 11 and decided to head home.
    while on the bus,i was listening to esther's mp3 when suddenly,the battery went,i have to act cool and continue to act as though i was listening to music when actually,theres none.hahaa! harya,if not very embarassing one leh! hehee =p aiight,aniwaes..i think i'd betta hit the sack right about now,having tuition in the morning nice.laters!

    cindy [ 3:11 PM ]

    Friday, October 21, 2005
    science practical today.O level's science practical that is. the same old question kept throwing at me 'hows ur prac?'. erm,i can only say..lets hope for the best.i re-draw my whole graph..resulting me spending nearly an hour for physics.[which btw,i dont intend to pass] so,i was onli somewhat left with half an hour for my chem.its not as if my chem is dat good,but at least..its betta than physics i assure.
    hmm,we're strictly left with 17 more days to the major feeling..anxious/stress/tension/disquietude.dat andy has to remind me dat O level MT is jus the week after next..which is not very far from now! >.< sometimes i'd wonder..what if derrick's curse came true,what am i gonna do? and i always feel pressured afterward..say,15 mins? but this time,i can realli feel the heat when like i mention in my previous tutor's reminder of assuring me a place in ITE.its not dat i despise ITE,becus given my not even qualify to have a say in anything.oh wells,what more can i say? i guess actions DO speak louder than words,aint it? rightos! im off~

    cindy [ 10:04 AM ]

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005
    aiight,im back to,its not end of Os yet..although i wish it is.
    the reason i didnt wanna blog is simply becus ive got nuthin to blog abt.i hadnt been going to sch,which means?my life is more routined and somewhat more predictable.
    anihows,alil update on wad i did the past few days.please expect this to be a UBER long entry.
    met karen at bugis in the afternoon[although i was late and dat she managed to do {like she said} ALOT of things such as..pls go refer to her blog, it wasnt intentionally what!] the reason i was late is becus,the person dat came to fixed the windows chose to come at dat time.of all days,of all time.jus when i was abt to leave my house..'dingdong'<-- the door bell.,i cant possibly leave my grandmother alone at home rite?although my maid is with her.but she feel more safe with me around.i am that important.
    so,we had to wait for the guys[derrick,andy and faizal]while waiting for them,we managed to..walk arnd bugis;sit down;drink coffee bean;walk arnd again;see specs.
    after meeting them,we took mrt down to paya lebar and we met shahrul,we walked to the pasar malam.OMG,its like..NEVER-ENDING ok.[oh shit,i sound like karen now..OK,stop it OK] okok,bt its realli never-ending! i went there once with christy all,but it wasnt dat..dat never-ending?or maybe becus they gave up halfway.haha! so we walked and was ultra crowded.we were all sticky,smelly and HOT! so after which,we went to this coffee shop and had pratas.den we walked we walked until abt..10pm?and dunno whos idea was it to eat durian.but in the end? guess where we headed to? *tsk tsk* like what andy said..i think karen's exposure is not THAT! like,c'mon?i think i can be a tourguide for those redlight district,okai..theres nuthin to be proud of i knoe.but it was all for fun,no?so after which,we decided to go home.nope,no durians..but alot of watermelons.LOL ok,im lame.=p
    did nothing.except for alil self-revision.I HAD TO.NO CHOICE GIVEN.
    esther and sam came my house for..supposingly REVISIONS.but oh well,as expected..not much revisions were done.we did..alil bit we chatted and of cus,not forgetting taking pictures to destress ourselevs.LOL!went to the market for some stomach filling session.sam was alil angry with us at first..haha,but it was damn furnie.she kept asking us abt something and esther was like..'whatever we do,we are not harming you' but,i duno how the hell did she pronounced dat word 'harming' dat it naturally became..'whatever we do,we are not humping you'. LOL!!!! i was laughing like crap lah! its was damn uber ultra furnie! LOL! and can u imagine,i was laughing all the way..from my house to the market.but i dunno why when i told some pple,they didnt laugh leh?? >.< oh,and i realised dat esther's hair looked like stingray from the back. HAHAHAHA!
    didnt attend sch.but im gonna hit the books now!laters!

    cindy [ 2:54 AM ]

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    candid shot.jus look at the pile of books!!! :'( Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:42 PM ]


    cindy [ 12:41 PM ]

    sam advertising for this UBER big Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:41 PM ]

    Sunday, October 16, 2005
    went to sch yesterday and got back my report book.pile of shit,i mean..seriously!this semester is one of the worst ive ever experienced.i barely passed two.and i knoe for sure,my dad's so gonna kill think ive actually got the guts to discuss with him abt my year-end feeling extremely guilty.yes,he's not one who will give me pressure or anything like dat,but..urgh! i really need to study!! even my tutor stressed on my pathetic results..saying,with dat kinda shithole results,im assured a place in ITE.shit man,dat assuring a place in ITE hit me real hard!yes,i knoe ive been slacking too much..way too much! with dat,i shall stop blogging from now on.and u guys should probably jus stop visiting this blog cus there wont be anymore updates..[for now till the end of the stupid friggin Os!] aiight,till den.

    23 more days............

    cindy [ 3:02 AM ]

    Friday, October 14, 2005
    my maid is finally here.hahaa,she looked so scared but she's very obedient[i mean,compared to the previous one..this is so much betta]becus after we taught her something,she will say 'yes yes,thank you' den if she need us to repeat again,she will say 'sorrie sorrie'.and the best thing..calling me 'MISS CINDY'.i was like =.=".seriously,im not used to it.maybe becus im not used to pple keep thanking me or saying sorry to me[cus im usually the one who is doing dat!LOL!]and calling me MISS CINDY at home..or jus simply becus,the previous one was monster!=p okai lah,actually the previous one wasnt that bad.bad lah,but not that bad.hahaa.and now,my dad kept asking me to teach her this and that.i taught..but i realli have difficulty communicating eh!this is the time when..RUIZA,I SERIOUSLY NEED YOU! LOL!

    cindy [ 2:39 AM ]

    Thursday, October 13, 2005
    sch was a okay today.not boring,not goi was absent,for the first time.perhaps its becus she,too feel slacken since yesterday,onli 1 person in my class turned up.haha! jus kidding.i guess she's realli ill,if not..she wouldnt absent herself for no reason.
    after sch stayed back for some help from mr iskander and yes,it was quite productive.miraculously,whatever he taught jus got into my brain.=) and he was so furnie lah.after which,me and esther went to the art room to find sam.but we ended up staying back and helping some of our frens to finish colouring etc.i helped too!i painted! haha!helped chunhui to paint her piece..yah lah,although its nuthin but im proud leh! *beams* and also,i helped abishek to colour his piece too.see,how helpful can i get? EXTREMELY!hahaa okai,i shall stop self-praising.
    took a cab home cus i was damn lazy and i was supposed to have tuition.but in the end,my tutor cancelled it yet again.3rd time.hais..what to do?she's a busy woman i guess.and the maid will be coming tmr morning.see,nuthin's been done today!urgh!

    cindy [ 12:36 PM ]

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005
    interesting gAme..
    Message: 20 people you can think of right off your head

    5.yvonne cruz
    6.esther teo
    9.sam heah
    20.sam chua

    - How did you meet 13?: erm,when i first stepped into mhss?

    - What would you do if you never met 5?:eh..i wouldnt knoe how important i am to her!haha!

    - What do you honestly think of 10?:hmm,a nice gurl..but too drama.haha :P

    - Have you ever liked no.3?:omg,are you serious!??he's gay.

    - If 1 died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would like to do?: i will die with her.

    - Would 2 and 11 make a good couple?: LOL!! hell yeah! but they've got nuthin to hug of each other.bones maybe? hahaa! jk!

    - Do you think 12 is hot?: OMG! LOL! *hmm..OK LAH.[yes,i'll reflect on myself after this]

    - Would 1 and 17 make a lovely couple?: well erm,i think 1 would prefer me.wahaha!no lah,they are damn straight,no doubts!

    - Tell me something about 11:she's skinny..damn skinny.and she's totally crazy over baros...and me! haha!

    - Do you know any of 3's family members: erm? mom,dad and elder bro?

    - On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 14?: WAHAHAHAHAH!!! she's not cute cuter.LOL! but hmm..7 maybe?

    - What would you do if 4 just professed their undying love for you?: seriously,she does dat ALL THE TIME.and im so damn used to it.

    - What language does 19 speak?: english,alil bit of malay? and lous mandarian.

    - Who is 8 going out with?: nobody at the moment.but SOON! i can almost smell it!

    - Does 18 and 5 make a good couple?: OMG! WHY NOT MAN!?! LOL! they're both the crappiest person i ever met.except for myself of cus.

    - When was the last time you talked to 6?: erm..yesterday?when she disturbed my beauty sleep.

    - What is 18's favorite band?: erh..not very sure.

    - Does 4 have any siblings?: 2 older bros.

    - Would you ever date 7?: LMAO!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! I WOULD MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Is 15 single?: erh,nope

    - what is 19's last name?: LEE

    - What is 3's middle name?: eh..heng middle leh? haha

    - What is 10's fantasy?: well,to have a fairytale romance?

    - Would 14 and 19 make a good couple?: WAHAHAHA! no,but they can be good frens im sure.=)

    - What school does 16 go to?: mhss?

    - What school does 1 go to?: used to be from mhss..but now,knox sch in aussie.

    - Where does 9 live?: bishan area?

    - Would you make out with 13?: hahaa! like she said,i onli have fetish with *ahem*

    - Are 5 and 6 best friends?:nope

    - Is 20 older than you?: no.

    - is 4 the sexiest bastard alive?: no.bitch yes.LOL! jk!

    - is 17 your ex?: LOL! i rejected her

    - do you ever see yourself with 12 and 18?: OMG! NOOOOOO!

    - how is 2?: nerd cum clubber.contradicting?not at all. nerd by day,clubber by nite.rite? the night is still young man! LOL! jus kidding!! a nice guy.[shit,ive sinned!]

    cindy [ 5:07 AM ]

    I AM an early bird.woke up at 8.50 when i slept at 2am this morning.6hrs of sleep is so not enough.
    hadnt been blogging for days miss me?[LOL!okai,i sound as though im toking to myself.*cindy:got miss me?* *cindy:oh yes,i miss you so damn much!*]
    didnt feel like blogging yesterday and actually,today.but oh wells..wads the point of having a blog but not blogging them?always giving pple this hope dat u have updated them abt ur life routine,although its boring but well,they like it.LOL.ok,im not making any sense here[due to my lack of sleep.I NEED 8 hrs of sleep!]
    aiight so, i went to sch yesterday but skipped it today,however,im going tmr.sch was as usual,jus dat..when its in needlework room,its more comfortable and i definitely have the mood to study+sleep.*teehee
    yesterday after sch,went to eat at Zam Zam with derrick,sam,andy and shahrul.okai,shahrul watched us eat instead becus he was fasting.after which,we went to this..erm,sorta pasar malam thing.walked around and saw wong lilin.omg,she's friggin skinny i swear! skinny and tall[although she was hearing heels,but yea..she's tall!]goodness,she's a hot mama i can assure =) she doesnt even looked like she's jus given birth.ok,not just as in just but recent.u get my drift.came home;bathed;sleep;study.
    ahh,pls tell me my life is so boring and i mean BORING!but guess wad? im lovin` it! muahaha~oh,and my maid's coming tmr.goodness,its been so draggy aiight? we alreadi choose the maid 2 weeks ago,and den in the middle of nowhere,the agent called and told my dad the maid had gone back to,we chose another one.and den,she too,went back.yup,so its final!tomorrow's the day.

    cindy [ 12:47 AM ]

    Sunday, October 09, 2005
    aiight,yesterday i didnt update.pure laziness i admit.=p
    woke up at 9.30..becus why? SOMEBODY woke me fact,she woke 3 person up[including me of cus].so,tok to dat person for a good 2 hrs+ to decide where to go/wad to do.okai..i shall give the honour to dat person.the one and only irritant,who loves to wake pple up early in the morning..KAREN TAN YANRUN.
    so in the end,we decided to go and study at the YWCA's think wad andy said is true..we lived in 'sua-dien'[mountain]..okok,onli me lah! i didnt knoe the mac is no longer there.and karen was like telling me it is no longer mac yet i dont believe her.becus i seriously cant differentiate if she's lying or not.[right back at you karen..LOL! pls try to recall wad u said during dinner] so,we walked to parklane mac..thinking of studying there but andy suggested a betta place,Tekka Mall's burger king.without further ado,we took a bus down to Tekka mall.studied alil before andy came to meet us.yes,he solved quite a few maths sums..and u knoe wad?
    i am so gonna piah my way through! >.<
    like wad karen said,competition produced good results.we shall see.aniwaes,derrick and sam joined us afterward.but sam went off awhile later as she needed to go to left karen,andy,derrick and me.after which,they were thinking of where to go for dinner..but derrick wore until damn 'lok kok' so,he went home to change.came back and we decided to go River Valley for some prata at first.but in the end,we walked to the Zam Zam restaurant but it was damn,we took a cab to clark quake and ate the Riverside Indonesian was damn filling and karen was on house! haha =) she's rich wad..wad to do? but its very rare to see her so generous.OoOps! jk! hahaa!
    after dinner,didnt knoe where to go.walked around;slacked alil;digestion completed so we decided to go home.cabbed home and i feel like sleeping now.=p yupp,dats my day for you!

    cindy [ 1:56 PM ]

    Saturday, October 08, 2005

    ok lah,jus dat this one is with constipated face..dats all! :) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:07 PM ]