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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Friday, March 31, 2006
    hurhur..i want a phone so badly!ok,WANT and NEED.damn,but all the nice phones keep coming out and it really gets on me becus you know,i will surely regret buying if i see nicer phones around.hahaa!besides,i dont even have the money to get one.but its damn tempting leh!=(

    AHHH!enough of dat.

    anyway,ruiza came to my house in the late afternoon to bake cookies.we did it in our own way..not the normal cookies.LOL!u will know why later how was the results?,we need MORE PRACTICE thats wad i gotta say.practise makes perfect ok?=)

    ok,ive nuthin much to update actually.ciaos~

    cindy [ 3:37 PM ]

    HAHAHAA! I GOT PROOF! she just loves admiting she's a bitch.LOL!!yesterday she already admitted on msn..and she still find it not enough.still say 'yah :)' see dat smiley face? LOL!! KAREN WHY LIKE DAT!? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 12:02 AM ]

    Thursday, March 30, 2006

    AFTER BAKING! LOL!! i know it looks like pizza with pork floss on top.but its doesnt taste dat bad lah..really!LOL!! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:47 PM ]

    this is the aftermath.before baking.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:46 PM ]

    and so,ruiza suggested to sprinkle some milo powder on it.told you its our invention.HAHAA! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:45 PM ]

    yes,this is our cookies!LOL!!i know it doesnt really look appealing.but who cares?hehehe Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:44 PM ]

    ive been leading a no-life life thesedays.sleeping at 4am and waking up at 3pm doesnt seem to be much of a great deal to me ANYMORE.hahahaa!yah,im damn proud of it..why eh~?(imitating karen's UBER irritating voice)

    so after so many days,ive finally decided to step out of my house FOR ONCE.hahaa,so as usual..i woke up;washed up;read up and taadaah~found a i called up and the person asked me to go down for the was near my place so i steadily agreed.

    took a cab down(DONT SAY ME!it was raining hor!)and the place was like those industrial ok,i went up to the office and when i opened the door,ALL OF THEM WERE LIKE STARING AT ME LAH!so obviously i got shocked and i double-checked if it was the right place.i mean,when someone comes in..the first thing to do is to ask the person MAY I HELP YOU or something out of courtesy isnt it?nooo~they just sat there and LOOKED on.gouge their eyes ah!=/

    then i had no choice but to ask 'erm,im here for the interview'.so someone finally stepped forward to assist me.and that someone was a pregnant lady.WTH right!?the rest just sat there.bitches.useless things.LOL!ok sorrie.

    so i filled up the application form and another lady came forward.i think shes the boss or she passed me 2 worksheets of you know what?MATHS PAPER!!i looked at the first question and i was already thinking..OH SHIT!omg,i wasnt prepared for that you ok,since i cant back out,i just gave it a shot.and luckily,i got it right!LOL!she was like..'ok good and blah blah~' i just wanted to hear the word GOOD.=p

    then after which,she was like 'ok,i'll let you know again'.and i hate that becus whenever the person says that to me,the probability of me getting the job is 90%.YAH i dunno why!usually when pple say that,it means u wont get the job rite?but mine is different case lor!im not bragging fact,theres nuthin to brag about!i will tell you the reasons in that case,why do i hate it since i have a high probability that i might get the job?

    firstly,although the workplace is near my place..its inside the industrial park which i dont like.secondly,the people working there are rather it will be damn boring working there.imagine me speaking HOKKIEN?!(which btw,i suck at it..badly.I KNOW OK!)yah lah,karen keep saying karma on me.=/

    and lastly,this is the main reason why theres nuthin to brag about when im able to find a job easily.its proven that i cant be a tai-tai.i cant lead a tai-tai life.i have to lead a slog-hard-till-you-die life.HURHUR!='(

    dont mind me.i also find my post getting really lame..

    cindy [ 11:24 AM ]

    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    im talking to elena on msn now.i always feel damn happy talking to in on the phone,or online.sometimes we wont even contact each other for months yet whenever out of a blue,we ring each other up..funny how there wouldnt be any empty conversations.

    although we seldom praise each other..infact,we'll always find each other's fault..but theres just this connection which i dont know how to explain it in words.frankly speaking,whenever i feel like crap..i will go to her.becus she will know how to react.hahaa,cus i know some of my frens wouldnt know what to do if i were to maybe erm..break down infront of them?yah.

    and she never fails to crack me up with her lame-ness and blur-ness.and one thing which i admire her very much..that is,ive never seen her getting angry before.maybe not to me lah.she cant bear to.LOL!as in,she gets over it very fast and dont bear grudges.that is why we seldom quarrel.or isit never?yup.

    shes not that amazing actually.LOL!!just kidding!how can she not be when shes my buddy!?hehee!alrite,i know this post is crap.HAHAHA! laters!

    cindy [ 3:43 PM ]

    Sunday, March 26, 2006
    im blogging now while the 2 guys are like what?SLEEPING!one on MY BED and another on the sofa.=.="

    ok,lol..they just left.

    my com is like friggin laggy now..cus why?our dear derrick helped me dl dunno how many episodes of The OC at one go.anyway,ruiza,derrick and andy came to my house in the morning supposingly to have breakfast at the market.but,ruiza came at about,it was counted as LATE after dat,we walked to the market and ate..and derrick ate hell lot.he's growing lah dats y.LOL!

    after eating,we went to NTUC to buy the ingredients for the cake.oh!did i mention the purpose of coming to my house?yeah..becus ruiza and myself were gonna bake cake.initially,i wanted to make green tea tiramisu..but ntuc doesnt have the ingredients i in the end,we baked cheesecake was a mess.HAHAHA!however,it turned out to be quite nice actually..hehehee!=)

    derrick and andy invaded my bed and my bed no longer smell nice!=( ok shit,im just kidding.hahaa,den after dat..ruiza needed to go for her church thingy and she left at abt 4?so i sent her off..and in the lift,she thanked me by giving me a fart.LOL!i was laughing like crap man.and she even explained to me 'The Fart Theory' which is,if the fart has no will be damn smelly.yah i know!cus karen experienced it before!LOL!!slient killer..haehae!

    yup,i think im gonna press the publish post right com is super laggy!

    cindy [ 8:40 AM ]

    Saturday, March 25, 2006
    okay,its been a few days since i i shall blog about the dream that i had yesterday..

    i had a really bad dream last,maybe to some of you its ultra lame..but it was bad for me lah ok?it felt so real.

    i dreamt that i...dropped 4 of my tooth!!YES 4!!FOUR!!the dream seemed so real that i could feel the eh,im serious!and i remembered showing it to my grandma.LOL!i dunno why,but i showed it to her.and she told me she dropped hers too..while she was running away from the maddening crowd.HAHAHA, grandma running.ok,now that i think of it..its really damn stupid.=/ why do pple have stupid dreams?or isit only me?oh,about the 'maddening crowd'..remember i had one entry about my workplace being flooded?YAH!i dreamt of that too.i remember staring up at the leaking ceiling(in the dream)and i was like 'RUN!its gonna burst!'and everyone around me started running for their lives.and my grandma was in it,huh?

    and ok,i was saying about me dropping 4 teeth rite?,i dunno in which part of the dream i suddenly had 2 HUMOGOUS BUCK TOOTH!!i have to clarify..i think having buck tooth is cute but goodness,mine was HORRID!it was SO HUGE that i couldnt close my mouth.and i kept crying non-stop.for..whatever i was like walking from dunno which car park to Chinatown to people's park.LOL!!shucks,i think my dream is really lame.=.="

    so what's my point?erm..i also dont know.just feel like blogging.HAHAHA!sorrie for the uber nonsensical post.i will try harder next time.

    cindy [ 6:56 AM ]

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006
    hurhur~im supposed to be having my lunch break now..that is if i was still,i didnt know i'll miss working.damn,im such a contradictor!hahaa!

    im so bored.

    woke up at 11.30,wash up,read newspaper and just sat at the sofa staring at the ceiling.then my dad was talking on the phone but i know he kept looking at me.must be thinking im wasting my time away before he put down the phone,i quickly went back to my room and shut the door.if not.......he'll start preaching to me again.ask karen,she knows.

    so i stayed in my room until now..not knowing what to do next.AHH!i have no life again!!NOOOOOO!!!im just waiting for the clock to hit 5 before i can start preparing myself to meet karen to go to the food fair!LOL!

    hmm,what should i do now?read a book?sleep?watch teevee?OH!ok,PACK MY ROOM!!ive been neglacting my room for quite its time i showed her some love and concern.oh shit,im crappy.right,im out!

    cindy [ 5:22 AM ]

    Sunday, March 19, 2006
    jus watched finish Pearl Habour on channel 5.and oh man!JOSH HARTNETT IS STILL AS YUMMY AS EVER!!lol,ok dat doesnt make sense..becus dat movie was like what OMG,6 years ago!!i remember watching it with my pri school fren.hah!and that was when he caught my eye!!i think hes the ONE and ONLY guy that looks DAMN NICE wearing the white colour lycra know the one which he wore when he and Kate Beckinsale hid behind the huge cloth? YAH THAT!omg,and his shoulders are BROAD!!just imagine any ordinary guy wearing will look horrid.okok,not horrid.maybe just ah-pek.

    anyway,im just curious.if say a person suddenly came knocking on your door and told you that he/she doesnt have any cash with her becus her wallet and handphone got stolen and that she had no money to go home,would you spare her some cash?

    well seriously,i dont think i would.becus it will most likely be a bluff.but when it actually happens,i dont know how to refuse it..especially when shes holding a i was watching Pearl Harbour when this woman stood at the door.she didnt press the doorbell..i only knew when i saw the tv i went up to her and asked her if theres anything i can help becus initially,i thought shes a neighbour who might wanna borrow salt/ she asked if im the owner of the house and of cus i said yes.she explained to me about what happened..ok,this was what happened..according to her.

    she said her husband's friend stole their wallets and handphones earlier on and that they have got nothing left with i asked her where she lived and she told me she lives in yishun.i highly suspect she's lying becus she wasnt crying..or tearing even if its so.BUT,i looked at the baby and the baby was so poor tiny and the woman told me the baby havent eaten yet dats y she needed to get home asap.i even wanted to suggest her to come in my house but it hit me dat my house doesnt have baby she finally asked if i could spare her some cash to let her take a cab and i asked her if 5 bucks was enough.i know 5 bucks is not enough but thats all i have in my wallet.

    so before she left she told me she'll return me the money in a day or two but seriously,i dont expect her to come back.if it wasnt for the baby,i wouldnt have given her my last asset.and now,im officially BROKE.yes thank you very much.

    oh man,i wanna go to the food fair!i wanna go to the night safari!i wanna go to escape!i wanna go sentosa!i wanna go so many places but everybody not on one leh.sian~

    cindy [ 2:28 PM ]

    Saturday, March 18, 2006
    first and foremost..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG!!yes!its one year old now!=))

    anyway,this is gonna be a rather short entry becus im very tired right now.and believe it or not,when i called karen..her mom said she's sleeping.idiot,whos supposed to feel tired?the one who wakes up early or the one who wakes up late?

    so right,i did mention about how my work process yesterday right?and guess what?today is my last sacked?hmm,not really..but u may say so if u want.however,the boss did had a good talk with me.but somehow,she expects me to be like my colleague who just left the job.becus that colleague would use the highest pitch of her voice and ok,what some might say..cheery voice to answer the phone for me,i prefer to handle it with a steady and professional i dont go 'hi morning!~*my company name*!' and blah blah blah~but she does dat.and she will go 'teh-ing' with the client which i seriously cant do it.its really not not me.

    so she asked if i can do it..(by changing the tone of my voice)and she started teaching me about How-To-Pitch-The-Tone-Of-Your-Voice-On-The-Phone lesson.and i was like,i cant.and she asked i told her even if its so,i will need time.and the conversation went on and,it came to a point when she asked me how and i was like..its ok,i get it.she gave me two choices though.

    1)Stay - change the way i talk
    2)Go - be who i am

    of cus i choose the 2nd one.i know you guys prolly thinking im dumb and whatsnot.just change the way i talk and i'll be able to keep the job,its not that difficult right?yes,i agree its not at all.but i believe everyone has an inner-self that tells them what to do and obviously,i choose to follow it.i dont see a point changing myself just to attain in,not mentally..but something im comfortable with.i dont see Donald Trump changing his hairstyle when everyone else around him keep asking him to give it a change.but isnt he still as successful?he's comfortable with what he has and isnt it the most beautiful thing?ok sorrie,im not preaching i hope and i dont need people to preach me too.dont even start telling me i will never learn if i were to stay on like this.i know what to do and i will make it right.i trust myself on this.

    however,before i left..the boss shook my hands and told me if im really ready in the future,give her a call and she will definitely welcome me back and wished me the best for my future endeavours.hahaa, hard feelings at all.and my colleague was damn funny.her eyes were red and she even apologised to me for not being able to help me.hahaa!damn cute.yea,at least i still get to meet good people along the way.hopefully there will be MORE!=))

    cindy [ 3:31 PM ]

    Friday, March 17, 2006
    right,work today didnt go well either.almost got scolded by the boss.ALMOST!well,she didnt really raised her voice at me actually..she got kinda frustrated dats all.hahaa!yah i know its no far better.

    you know sometimes when a person scolds me or gets really irritated with me,i will get super upset.upset not becus of them of cus..they're not that significant.LOL!but upset with myself.i will,some way or another,especially despise myself.i will be having the karen's asking myself 'why am i so stupid?' or 'ok,im stupid' know that kinda thing?but its only for awhile of cus!LOL!im not like proud to keep telling people she's dumb when she's NOT.such an ass rite?she cant differentiate between stupid and sua-ku.its two different thing.shes only the latter though.=))

    so anyway,back to my work first.yah..did i mention my job has to MULTI-TASK?!!?YES,ok i admit i suck at multi-task lah!STOP LAUGHING!i mean,how can one actually multi-task?nonsense.=/ you can only devote ur 100% to one thing..not mutiple of them.
    and since i have to multi-task,im bound to make mistakes.let's see how many mistakes i made today ok?
    what do i need to do:

    -phone calls
    -selection(using excel thingy)

    ok,that should be like an easy job rite?YOU TRY LOR!so ok,the first mistake i made was..picking up the phone calls.i was supposed to say 'morning NUFANS' but instead,i said..'morning WinterTime'(my previous company) and the person on the other line was like 'oh sorrie wrong number'.and believe it or not,i actually said 'shit' before telling him its the right number.=.=" cant blame me what..i was thinking of my previous company when the phone rings.when i told derrick this on msn jus now,he said i was emo..(thinking of my previous company)no,im just sentimental.HAHAHA!j/k.the reason was becus,i suddenly remembered cindy told me she and my another ex-colleague might be going out on fri(which is tomorrow) becus its her last day at she asked me if i wanna join them.yup..dats y.hahaa!

    second mistake was i kinda forgot the things they've taught me.yah im damn forgetful i admit.i only remember things that im interested as to not waste my memory,ok dat was rubbish.yah,so the boss got alil frustrated and she was like..'xiao jie,why you so fast forget liao?cannot like dat here almost a week already leh.'i was speechless of cus.the most i did was to nod my head.usually in the past,when such circumstances occur,i will feel like crying.I LOVE TO serious.becus i will feel extremely relieve after that.but today,i so proud of myself.but i was upset lah.

    and the third and the last mistake.ok,whenever we finish typing everything right,we'll have to print out and fax it to the,i did.BUT..i forgot my boss told me not to fax it.becus she was still doing another yah,i went on to fax it thinking dat i did a great job.excellent job indeed.hah!

    so yea,i dont really feel good about msged karen and since she off work early,she decided to meet i waited for her outside the building and saw her in the bus.she saw me too,and she got damn excited that she forgot to tap her ez-link when she got off the bus.LOL!!it was only after she crossed the road then she started screaming.HAHAHA!BIMBO right?i we went to macDonalds to just..CHILL~CHILL yea?she said she hates to hear me say CHILL becus it sounds damn disgusting.biaaatcch~

    we talked and i told her i really feel like quiting.yah,im such a loser right?but you know what?I DONT CARE.hahaa,then we went home at about 8.thinking tomorrow need to work again simple KILLS me!but now im using a tactic to motivate me to work.that is..i can quit anytime one lor~ right...........=(

    cindy [ 3:47 PM ]

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    the world is indeed VERY SMALL.ok,correction.Singapore is REALLY VERY SMALL.i shall tell you exactly how small is it in the later part of the post.

    so today is my 3rd day working.well,working indeed kills time!yes its tiring to wake up at 7.50 in the morning;tried to squeeze in the crowded bus;caught up with stupid jams and traffic lights and blah blah~but,the time passes damn fast!

    anyway,yesterday i had lunch with the boss and my 2 colleagues.the boss was on the house.and she even drove us there when it was jus a few streets away.damn shiok!LOL!yea,so they kept asking me if im really that quiet and i was like..

    me:actually no lah..i need time.

    hahaa!no seriously,i dont like to talk to people im not familiar with.yah,call me dao/unfriendly/anti-social.i will need TIME to actually adapt to the environment and the people around to all my dear friends..PLEASE BE HONOURED IF YOU FEEL IM DAMN TALKATIVE.=)) yes,its an honour ok.

    today didnt really go well at first.i forgotten 3/4 of the things that were being taught to me on my first day.i seriously suck at admin stuff..the what?quotation and all,i know no shit.=/ did i mention one of my colleague looks like elena?hahaa,yes..shes damn nice!now..heres the Singapore-is-oh-so-small part.

    the elena-look-alike is actually my elder sis's JC friend.HAHAA!and they went into the same university..but ok,the elena-look-alike doesnt know my sis went into the same went like this..

    *looks over to the table and saw the JC's CD-ROM cover*
    me:eh!u also from *JC ah?
    elena-look-alike:yah,why leh?
    me:my sis also from there..
    (it will be quite long-winded if i were to keep typing elena-look-alike.she has a name..and her name is AL.hahaa!)
    AL:really?how old is ur sis?im 23.
    me:yah,my sis also..
    AL:wah ok..what subject she took?arts or science?
    me:eh..nt sure leh.but i know she takes history.
    AL:oh,den its arts from arts leh.whats ur sis name?

    -before i could say her name,AL's reaction was damn big.she hit the jackpot-

    hahaa,and she was like telling me when she first saw me she thought i looked damn familiar..but she doesnt know who.please,i where got look like my sis?!! how many thousands of people when after seeing my sis's pic told me..'wah,why u look like dat?!' shit think i want one meh?

    ok,on a lighter note..i went out with ruiza today.met at clark quay after my work becus its the nearest and sorta the best place to chill out.saw felicia also..she's working after dinner,went to see the Bungee Jump thingy.den after awhile,decided to go home.yup,that was my day for you.boring lah i know.hrumpf!

    cindy [ 2:31 PM ]

    Sunday, March 12, 2006
    hahaa yes,new blogskin again.i like the previous one..but it seems quite troublesome to click on the icons becus i realised when i use other computers,ive to highlight the whole blog in order to see the yup,this would be much simplier.

    so my first day of work was okay.not too bad i guess.becus it is rather a slacking job.all i have to do is to sit down,type and write.hahaa.and the office is damn small..i like cosy place!the first day during lunch break,i went to eat with my colleague and my seems that the boss is pretty nice..not as bad as i thought she was.hah!she even asked me to rest..telling me not to force myself and all.becus she knows im quite sleepy.c'mon,ive been waking up like what?3 in the afternoon..and all of a sudden,i have to wake up at 8 in the morning all the way to 5.30.its like,TOUGH man.but the time passes damn pass on the first day.

    today,or rather..yesterday,went out with derrick,andy and karen.supposed to 'visit' the guys at the warehouse thingy..becus they were the end,derrick called and told us they were already packing so asked us not to go down.but karen was already on the she came my house and we decided to go to far east to dad sent us and he was like betting with me how much was the ERP.i told him it was 50 cents but he dont believe me.he was like..'you think ah!where got so cheap one.' it was until we past the ERP and he was like 'oh okok,50 cents its ok.' lol! i told my dad we are going to far east right?in the end he was like..

    dad:harya,go taka better lah..more shops.
    me:i dont want..i want far east.
    dad:oh,too bad..i already turn liao.(to taka)
    me:wah lao!u everytime like dat one leh..
    dad:where also never tell me where u wanna go mah
    me:i told u lor!i said i wanna go far east.u even asked me i wanna go far east plaza or far east shopping centre.
    dad:yah lor,i asked u mah..but u didnt give me an answer.

    =.="and karen was like laughing lah.goodness.but in the end we went far east lah.hahaa!so after we shopped,we wanted to find a place to sit down.but the whole of orchard was packed.ok,i mean..alot of places were we walked over to Lido,stood outside and ate the taiwan chicken chop.damn was friggin hot so we took a cab down to Suntec for the IT SHOW becus derrick and andy wanted to go.but before we met them,i went back to my workplace and said hello to them and we went to the shop opposite for some art-craft session.LOL!i know this sounds damn kiddish but i dont care.hahaa,we did the colour-gluey thing that after colouring it,we have to bring it into the oven to erm..bake it?hahaa!like,to dry it lah.yupp,i feel like doing it again..muahaha!not cheap leh,8 bucks.

    so after the thing,we met them at conventional hall and went to the IT SHOW.was so damn crowded but derrick got his stuff so all was good.hahaa.den went to eat at Carl's Junior.first time eating it and..ok,i'd rather eat macDonalds.=/ especically the fries.den we went to the dedication booth and i seriously cant stand derrick and andy!they just love my chinese name lah!damn!its not dat i dont like my chinese name..but the way they say it is like ~~hahaa!yah ok,i know they're gonna threaten me again after reading this.

    then we decide to go to the fountain;listen to the songs and just sit there.derrick was tired so they went home first and karen and myself sat there for awhile longer before we decide to share a cab home.waited for damn long..and karen told me the cab fare was 17 bucks!OMG.killer meter i tell you.-ROAR-

    aiight,im sleepy~gonna hit the sack right about now!nitee!

    cindy [ 6:51 PM ]

    Friday, March 10, 2006
    alrite,sorrie i hadnt been doing my duty on updating my blog regularly.i dont know what else to update other than telling people ive got no karen.=/

    anyway,ive been sleeping late this 2 nights.why?cus of the soccer matches!i finally get to see my Zidane and Ronaldo after last's week failed attempt.hahaa!but the score was 0-0,no kick.sleeping late at night is ok for me becus i'd be staying at home the next day anyway..but the problem is,i will always..and i mean ALWAYS got woken up by yesterday,i decided to give myself a break and switch it to silent the end?i still only get to sleep for 7 hours.which is oh-so-damn-bloody-pathetic.

    i got 3 missed calls and ive no idea why would i get woken up by call even though it was on slient i opened my eyes and saw the screen flashing..i picked up and the person on the other line told me i got short-listed for the 2nd interview.yup,the day before yesterday i went job-hunting with karen.and i really feel that we've got no life.although i still very much want to be a tai-tai..but seriously,living each day by each day aimlessly is driving me nuts.

    so i went down and saw the boss.she looked exactly like my secondary school teacher.i shant mention the name here.yah,so i was like..=.=" becus i wonder if she's as sarcastic as my teacher.and indeed,she is.=/

    she asked me all sorts of stupid it personal or...ok,still personal.kept asking me the same questions when i already said my,wth!?LOL!ok,this is so ridiculous..i hadnt start working yet im complaining.oh,by the way..yah,i got the job.i'll be starting tmr.damn dumb right?work for one day only then weekends.might as well start next week right?dont know what they're not looking forward to it as you can see.however,the gurl that interviewed me before the boss is damn nice.and she looked like elena!yah,i know we can be good frens.hahahaa!

    right,nothing much.i think i need to go replenish my sleep now.OH NO,I WILL HAVE TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AGAIN!! SHIT!

    cindy [ 12:48 PM ]

    Monday, March 06, 2006 know ive watched Moulin Rouge a gazillion times yet it never fails to make me serious!especially towards the ending.urgh!how would such a great love story EVER happen in real life?!impossibly-impossible.but at the same time,one just couldnt help but to feel overwhelmed with the great performances put up by the actors.and did i mention Nicole Kidman is an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY?! YES SHE IS!!

    right,enough about that tearjerking movie.

    anyway,first and foremost,i would like to wish Karen Tan YanRun a very HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!although ive wished her umpteen times already..but just in case she comes and visit my blog.HAH!

    so yesterday,i met up with derrick,andy,karen and ruiza.karen was supposed to give us a birthday,we decided to drop by at derrick's uncle's restaurant.ruiza joined us alil late becus she went to buy the we didnt wait for her becus the dishes were already served.helped ourselves and then ruiza came with a bag on her hands.and it was obvious that karen knew it was a cake already.but,you guys can never believe that theres actually someone that can outbeat me with bhb-ness.yes,thats KAREN TAN!

    after dinner,we took a few pics and she kept saying..

    karen:eh,bring out the cake lah.faster leh.

    and,the more she demands,the more we got annoyed and we were like..'what cake?theres no cake lah bitch~' ok,only i said bitch.LOL!but she still wasnt we ignored her and we left the restaurant.then we were thinking of where to give her the cake..but that is if she were to shut up first.hahaa,so we ended up at the bench outside a Ba Gua shop.we took out the cake but there we didnt have andy went to find the the meanwhile,she just kept holding on to the cake and passerbys were like looking at her.hahaha!

    coincidentally,we bumped into ruiza's fren.he was alone so we asked him to join us.after which,we sat at macDonalds for awhile.and karen managed to eat finish half of the cake..with andy's help.hahaa!then they decided to play pool.there were 6 of us so we split into 2 cabs and we headed down to (i dont know whats the place called.but it is somewhere near Bugis).had to wait alil while becus it was packed.but hahaa,KAREN TRASHED ANDY not one but TWO TIMES!!LOL!!

    so after pool,derrick was very sleepy already.wanted to go home at first but in the end,we decide to chill at Liquid again,we took cab down but it was packed again.we met royce and he was like 'dua tao'.wah lao!stupid cobra.sat there till about 1am and we decided to head home.and yes,cabbed home too.see,the whole day revolves around cab.hahaa!

    alrite,shall upload the pics now.=)

    cindy [ 2:07 PM ]

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    ruiza and myself Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:18 PM ]

    karen and myself Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:18 PM ]

    derrick,karen and andy Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:17 PM ]

    karen,myself and ruiza.we were rotating our position if u didnt notice.hahaa! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:16 PM ]

    karen,ruiza and myself. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:14 PM ]

    ruiza,karen and myself.yes sorrie,i know its alil dark..=/ Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:13 PM ]

    Saturday, March 04, 2006
    as expected,i was being posted to NOWHERE.pathetic.but i just thought i would try out..just in case i dont live in regret!

    so this morning,or early afternoon i should say,i had a chat with my dad. he was like asking me why havent i register at the Raffles Design Institute,a design school of course,and i was like 'its expensive dude!(hahaa,ok i didnt say dude.)' and he asked how much was it..and i told him the pricing and he was like 'wah,heng you never register!' LOL! but yup,i heard it was friggin expensive and obviously i do not want to see my dad's hard-earned money just go to waste like this.

    so he asked what's my plan and i told him i wanna go NAFA.and he was like telling me to take part-time and stuff.asking me to,in the meanwhile,work in an office to gain some work experience.but obviously i was quite against the idea.i mean c'mon,i'll be working for the next 50 years of my life..and the idea of working at such a young age is turning me off.

    initially,i thought it was alil unfair becus my dad had never asked my elder sis to work and study part-time.but it was a different case for me.he wants me to be independent!however,i dont really blame him for that becus i know he's been traumatised by my sis's choices in life that he dare not take another risk yet,i seriously cant bear to see his hard-earned money gone wasted like this..however,when i think of it as a long-term issue,its not all that bad actually.

    we know the reasons why we have to study right?to get a good job so that we have the money and can lead a comfortable life.yah,so since im not the study type of material,i might as well work and at the same time gain work experience and earn my own!right,im totally consoling myself now.hahaa,kidding.its alrite,i shall work towards my goal!but most importantly,I WANT TO LEARN DRIVING!!!

    alrite,back to something more casual.karen came over to my place in the afternoon.we went to eat at the market and went NTUC awhile..bought some snacks back for some teevee-ing pleasure.HAH!den after which,we were so bored that we decided to cycle.i miss cycling!my cycling group especially.we used to cycle at least 1 time a week..but oh wells!so anyway,we cycled all the way to Esplanade.ok,not exactly Esplanade,we made a U-TURN before we even reached there becus we wore until damn 'lok-kok' and its a friday.means?alot of people will be we decided not to disgrace ourselves and head over to one of the benches;sat down and enjoyed the beautiful scenary.

    it was really nice.been damn long since we exercised and it felt really good that we sweat it out!=)) so we came home;took turns to bathe and watched teevee awhile before she started using my com.and she was ultra noisy i swear.yup, so dead.i think my thighs are so gonna ache tmr!=( alrite,gotta hit the sack right about now! nitees! =)

    cindy [ 4:41 PM ]

    Thursday, March 02, 2006
    ooh,its 1st march already.thats fast..

    made my way down to school yesterday to collect the pants for the,sound so dumb eh?when the office person gave me,he was laughing also.the pants were like so tiny.

    so anyway,i called christy and she told me to go to the hall's toilet becus she was busy preparing herself and stuff for the fine dining.and shit her!she looked damn feminine man!she looked really good i must say!so after which,ruiza and myself walked past the hall becus they were having assembly and man,the population were reduced by halve!there was like this big space at the corner where the sec 4s and 5s used to assemble.

    den we made our way down and on the way,we saw mrs han.and amazingly,she still recognised talked for a while and we left the school.went to have our lunch and just walked around.headed to town afterward and took some neos.met derrick and andy for some prata and then,went home straight after.

    man,why do i feel my post is so boring?or isit really that boring?urgh!i need to find a job soon!i need money! $kaching$

    cindy [ 1:28 PM ]