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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Monday, November 26, 2007
    I'm damn addicted to Youtube these days!It's been a routine already.Whenever i'm online,that's the first site i'll go to.

    And here's a few videos i've came across.FUNNY!

    Apparently this guy,'kevjumba',is damn popular on Youtube because of his videos,duh?I agree it's quite humourous in a way.PLUS,he's quite cute leh!HAHAHAHAH!

    cindy [ 12:38 PM ]

    Friday, November 23, 2007
    Firstly,thank goodness everything's fine now!=)
    Wow,time really flies!

    Exactly a year ago,it was MHSS flag lowering ceremony.

    A year later,the remaining of that few classes from MHSS had already completed their Os in BHSS.

    B and M does make alot of difference ok?!

    Yesterday was my first lesson in Marketing,again.I had to retake the module because well,i flunked it the other time.I'll bloody make sure i pass this time round.EH,$246 for 1 module isn't cheap man!

    No handsome guys,as usual.

    It's okay,just have to endure for 8 lessons and i'm done!

    Lecturer is a female.She reminds me of Aileen Tan,that Mediacorp Channel 8 actress.Her laughter is friggin weird.Ok,correction!Unique.

    Think.That super deep laughter when you laugh with your mouth closed.

    I'm not joking!I shall record it down one day.

    Oh well,she's quite alright i'd say.At least not that boring,YET.;)The class is okay but anyway,i'm not going there to make friends.LOL,i know i sound damn anti-social but it's true.I'll only be there for 8 lessons and after that will be sayonora already.LOL!

    Then i'll have to wait for my real class to start in 2008.Sian.

    cindy [ 3:42 PM ]

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007
    Had the privilege to be among the first few to catch the sneak preview of the movie,'Enchanted',over at GV Great World yesterday evening thanks to Nuffnang!

    I'd give it a 3.5/5 rating.It's quite a good show actually,comedy,alil remix of cinderella and snow white.And since it's a disney film,you should know it always ends with a '...and they live happily ever after.'

    Since i've got a pair of tickets,i asked Wiki to go with me.Damn right person to bring along.She's always into this 'happily ever after' fairytale even till now.After the movie ended,she was like..

    Wiki:CINDY~i want to watch again lor!it's damn nice!
    Me:ok lah,not too bad
    Wiki:and they live happily ever after
    Me:WIKI CHUA,shut up!
    Wiki:what?really damn nice lor.
    Me:yah okok,then go watch ok?
    Wiki:i really don't mind to watch sweet lah..

    SEE!She kept talking about it nonstop even when we were in the toilet.Super worth to bring this kinda person along.HAHAAHA!=D

    Anyway,saw quite a few bloggers there too.Like,Xiaxue.Actually,she's the only blogger i can recognise.I mean,i don't really go and read the other so-called 'famous' blogs mah.


    Updates on the past few days.

    Met up with Miss Piggy on Saturday after work at Holland V since she wanted to chill.We love to go places which have live bands and Holland V fits the bill perfectly but in the end,we had to in turn,entertain ourselves.

    We waited for a good 2 hours for the live band YET they give us songs like..

    '...i want to hold your hand~i want to hold your hand.oh please,say to'll let me be your man.'

    In case you're wondering,it's 'The Smithereens - I Want To Hold Your Hand'.

    Wait 2 hours,come and give me this kind of song!Really never die before.To think that the WHOLE PUB were singing to it.MISS PIGGY TOO!Miss Piggy,kindly go reflect on yourself.

    And since i can't stand those bedtime songs,we both nodded in agreement to leave.Spending another minute there it's like,reminding me how much i missed my bed.

    So after leaving that place,we went over to Swensens and got a cake for Sam since we were planning to give her a surprise at her doorstep as her 'one of the birthday present'.I know it's super common,but please,you'll still be touched ok?At least for me.

    Then on Sunday,we went to Clarke Quay and ate at this place(which i've forgotten the name)and DAMN,the rice was friggin good!!Garlic Butter Rice!I can still remember the taste momma!!You guys should really go try it.I'll go check out the restaurant name again.

    Good service?Checked.
    Nice ambience?Checked.

    After eating,we went to eat again.

    With Miss Piggy around,there's nothing to do except eating.Really.

    So we went over to Haagan Daz for some dessert.So after eating,again,we were 'fighting' to pay bills(which only happens to those typical aunties..)

    Miss Piggy:never mind i pay..
    Sam:never mind it's ok,i's my birthday i'll have to treat.
    Miss Piggy:shut up and keep your money.
    Me:yah lah,it's ok i pay.
    Miss Piggy:never mind,don't need.
    Me:shut up lah.just now dinner you all pay what.
    Miss Piggy:idiot,you damn smart hor!
    Me:WHAT!!THEN YOU PAY LAH!!*throws wallet on the table*
    Miss Piggy:*laughs like siao* OK LAH,YOU PAY LAH!

    KNS leh that Miss Piggy!Believe me i'll slaughter you one day,turn you into a roast pig and pray to 'tua bei kong' before devouring you as my dinner

    see just how delicious is the rice!

    cindy [ 4:47 PM ]

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007
    I think reading my blog is extremely straining to the eyes.The font are damn small,don't you think?Yet no one is complaining except for myself.Okay,what the hell.

    I was reading my past entries,especially those in 2005,and i kind of regretted skipping school at that time.I know,i know.It's already the past,stop thinking back.But sometimes you just can't help it!

    I get easily annoyed with people saying things like 'if only' or 'I should have' or 'why didn't I' or stuff like that.It's damn stupid but,I become one of them subconsciously.

    It's like,say,you have a crush on someone before.

    Maybe at that point of time,you weren't as confident as you are now.And when you think back about that crush,you can't help but to think why didn't you have the courage to tell that person you liked him/her.Or,'if only i told him/her',and you'll start imagining all the 'possible outcome'.Right?It happens to everyone i guess.

    Human beings are weird creatures.

    Sometimes we want something so badly,we overlooked on alot of things OR looked into too much things.

    For example,you like this latest gadget(or whatever that you set your eyes on).It's very expensive but you want it so badly.So you'll be thinking of ways to save up the money as soon as possible to buy it,hoping no one would set their eyes on it.Once you bought it,you think to yourself,

    'Why did I buy it?It's so expensive and I barely used it.'

    Think back.Why did you buy it?

    It's because you liked it.

    When we liked something,we don't consider other factors.

    Impulse,you may call it.

    But when it comes to feelings or emotional,we looked into it too much.Things like,'i don't think he/she will like me','he/she too good for me'(which i think is total B.S!no one is ever too good for anyone,ok?don't be stupid.)

    And no,stop being narrow-minded and think i'm in some emo-state now cus i have a crush whom i can't get over.It's just a random thought,damnit.

    Back to being impulse.
    I'd think Impulse is my middle name.

    I often do things on impulse and ended up regretting it.Even the slightest things like,taking a cab during peak hours will make me hate myself for at least half an hour after i reached my destination.

    This means,Regret is also my middle name next to Impulse.

    You might consider calling me Cindy Impulse then Regret Chen after reading this entry.

    HAHAHAA,i know i'm so random.BLEH!

    cindy [ 4:50 PM ]

    I was chatting with Karen on MSN awhile ago and i was laughing at the computer screen as i was typing out my next sentence.

    We were on the topic of,i can't remember.Actually,i remembered but i don't wanna say.Neh neh li bu bu!But anyway,we ended up talking about been conservative and daring and then it leads to this:-

    ren says:
    i'm a kampong girl according to andy

    `cindy- says:

    `cindy- says:

    `cindy- says:
    so ure from the same kampong as me?

    `cindy- says:
    but ive never seen u before

    ren says:
    like, i everytime wear the same clothes? and dun care

    ren says:

    `cindy- says:
    eh ^5!

    `cindy- says:

    ren says:

    ren says:

    ren says:
    anyway our clique all like tt one lah

    ren says:
    u see derr also like that

    ren says:
    but he dun care

    `cindy- says:

    ren says:
    so it runs in this friendship

    ren says:
    same same

    `cindy- says:
    andy also what

    ren says:
    ya correct

    `cindy- says:
    he from kampong also lor

    `cindy- says:

    ren says:
    thats why we wont mind each other repeating the same clothes each time

    `cindy- says:

    `cindy- says:
    dont say until we so ke lian leh

    `cindy- says:

    ren says:
    u got see we say each other like "eh why u wear the same thing again"?

    ren says:
    nv right

    ren says:
    u see

    ren says:
    cos we sama sama

    ren says:
    haha not ke lian

    ren says:
    we're just pure LAZY

    HAHAA!I totally agree with her.There's really nothing wrong wearing the same clothes all the time.It's just boring but it isn't a crime.People around me,including myself,are always repeating clothes.Does it mean we are boring people?If you dare to say yes,you're gonna be so dead!!

    We are just LAZY -as quoted from Karen.

    In fact,i'm amazed with people who always try to look different and spend so much money on clothes alone.Where do they get all the money and have all the time in the world to do such things?

    You are interacting with the person,not the clothes.Ok,so maybe the way a person dress speaks fairly well of the person but it may not be necessarily accurate.

    A conman usually dress smart so as to make the victim thinks that he is someone of a respectable status but,is he?NO.

    See,such a classic case.

    I don't really know what i'm drifting at but,i just wanted to type something ok!?I need to kill time or to make myself occupy since i can't sleep.This ritual has to be practised at least twice a month so just get used to it!

    cindy [ 4:57 AM ]

    Monday, November 12, 2007
    I don't know what's up with me lately but i'm damn in love with some of the classic love songs.Just to name a few,

    1)Lionel Richie - Ballerina Girl
    2)Whitney Houston - Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    3)Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All
    4)Whitney Houston - Run To You

    Or rather,most of Whitney Houston's.

    I've never really been a fan of hers though.But now,i think i might just go to HMV and grab some of those CDs!That is IF they still have it.

    Anyways,nothing much to update actually.Celine has been flying in and out for the past few days.She'll be flying back to Abu Dhabi tomorrow for good,ok fine,at least for another month or so before her next visit here.

    Time passes damn quickly this year!Soon,it will be CHRISTMAS!And 1 month after Christmas,will be my 20th.DAMN!!Please start thinking what to get for my birthday already.It's about time.

    Oh,did i mention we(my dad+sisters)had MUSHROOM STEAMBOAT for dinner the other day?YES WE DID!Read carefully, MUSHROOM STEAMBOAT.It's nothing but MUSHROOMS!Faint please.

    As most of you know,my dad is a vegetarian.For those who don't,now you know.So when we eat out,it's usually a vegetarian restaurant.I know this sentence is coming,

    'huh?so poor thing?'

    No,it's not.It's really not as pitiful as you guys think.Vegetarian food is not all about veggies ONLY okay?QUIT THAT THINKING ALREADY!

    But anyway,back to that MUSHROOM STEAMBOAT.For the first time in my life,i actually contemplated if i should join them for that mushroom feast.It's really quite a turnoff!I told my dad i might have a phobia for mushroom after this meal and he just laughed it off.I think i really did.

    Imagine a pot with nothing but MUSHROOMS.No chicken,no pork,no sausages nor is there any prawns.Just..mushrooms.12 different types of mushroom,just so you know.I've got pictures to prove it!


    FINALLY!!mostly cleared by my dad!

    After eating that mushroomy dinner,my dad can actually tell me this.

    Dad:Eh,i confirm you go home sure shit want..

    Right.I've been constipated for 3 days ever since that dinner man!I told him and this was his response.

    Dad:It takes time.It's like can't rush it.
    Me:But it's been 3 days already lor!Usually i will release whatever i eat on the day itself.
    Dad:Really?Then maybe really eat too much of mushrooms liao.*laugh*

    Tell me about it.

    cindy [ 3:43 PM ]

    Thursday, November 08, 2007
    I almost had an accident yesterday while learning to drive.Fortunately,I only had the scare of my life and not the cost of my life.Hahaa!Ok fine,it wasn't that serious actually.Just had a slight bump at the back of the car.

    This was what happened.

    I think i've told almost everyone i'm damn scared to drive on a upward slope because i can't really control the car very well.The tendancy of me going backwards is higher than moving forward.So whenever i'm on the slope,i'll panic.

    So initially,when the traffic light goes green,i moved on quite smoothly until this super F*UP taxi driver+lorry driver kept tying to cut into my lane WHILE WE WERE ON THE SLOPE!!Apparently,they were trying to turn left but the lane they were on is to go STRAIGHT.

    WHAT THE HELL LAH!!IMAGINE 2 VEHICLES HOR!!And i was already struggling to move off from the slope yet this kind of shit driver come and give me this shit!Can't see the L plate isit!?I highly suspect they played cheat on the BASIC THEORY TEST.

    What do you do when you want to make a turn but you're in the wrong lane?


    2 f*cking dumb drivers.

    So obviously,i panicked and i kind of lost abit control of the car and bump into the car behind me.Then after that,we got off the car and the other driver too and my instructor and that female driver almost got into a fight.Seriously,what's wrong with people nowadays?And all because of that 2 f*cking aggressive drivers!KNS.

    I was so shocked and was damn distracted until my instructor asked me to swop seats with her because she said i was too preoccupied in the mind to drive.I was,man!

    Anyways,my cousin is pregnant!Okay,which one now,right?My dad's side!Finally!!Another boy to add on to our family tree.I hope he'll grow up to be damn handsome.AHAHAHAHA!And they already gave him a name!My cousin was telling my dad and all that she dreamt that the baby actually told her his name.

    Jon Paul.

    Yup,his name.My future nephew's name.

    Yesterday while having dinner with my dad and sis,we were actually laughing about it.Celine lah,she was telling me dad

    Celine:actually,we can ask kelly they all to save money leh!because i'm trained to deliver babies too!like in case of emergency..
    Dad:don't anyhow ah you..
    Me:den what you gonna do?shout his name ah..'Yoyo,Jon Paul come on out!YOU CAN DO IT!!'


    Don't you find the name like maybe it's just me.

    I think Alicia Keys ROCKS!!!I'm so in love with her new singles,No One!!

    cindy [ 8:11 AM ]

    Thursday, November 01, 2007
    For the past November 1st,i'll wish Ruiza a happy birthday without fail.So this year,shouldn't be an exception.

    Happy 20th Birthday,Sis!

    I hadn't been celebrating her birthday for the past few years,only belated ones.This year,however,since she's in Singapore,we finally get to celebrate for her.

    She asked me the other day if i wanted to give a speech during the party but i declined.It's not that i've got nothing to say,but it's because i feel whatever that i want to say doesn't need to be spoken.It's felt deep within the hearts.She knows,i know.

    Friendship is not and can't be measured by words.It's how people are bonded deep down inside though everyone leads a different life and hardly meet up.It's how we learn to appreciate each other and not take each other for granted.

    Thus,i'm certain she knows our friendship doesn't need any speech.The speech has already been written in our hearts ages ago.:)

    cindy [ 4:22 PM ]