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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, July 24, 2010
    I'm at work now..but oh well,nothing much to do anyway.

    Had a mini 2A class gathering at Andy's place last night and it went quite smoothly.I mean,it's always nice catching up with one another after not meeting for such a long time!

    It's funny how we will always remember the trivia things and then have a good laugh about it.Like we used to hide our handphones in the ceiling/curtains(don't ask how we did it,we just did!we were pretty awesome)and then there was once one of the phones rang and the whole class was really cooperative for ONCE and we had to fake cough just to 'cover' up the vibration/ringing tone.Quite hilarious thinking about it!And of course,i have no idea how we thought of all the different 'hidding places' to hide our phones cus at that time,we weren't allowed to bring phones to school.

    Oh well,good times good times.Making me feel nostalgia and all!But yes,we must look forward.

    I can't wait to watch Inception!And to go Universal Studios!!!Gosh,gonna take a few days off to relax myself cus firstly,the new maid is here(yah,we changed the previous one)so have to teach her loads of stuff.Secondly,Celine is gonna come back again on Wednesday.The previous time she came back i didn't have time for her cus i was in Genting so yup,make it up to her!

    And..visit my grandma and Jon Paul!!!Oh goodness,miss that darling boy so much!!


    cindy [ 11:09 AM ]

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010
    I think i've blogged the least this year.I've always liked the idea of reading my past entries to see what i've done/what happened on this particular day just to,you know,recollect some of the happenings.But i guess in 2011 i'm gonna have trouble doing that because i can literally count the number of entries i have in 2010 with my fingertips.-_-

    It doesn't help that my laptop is giving me problems AGAIN.It shuts down as and when it likes!

    Anyway,just some of the highlights right now.

    1) I've finally finished my diploma!!!!!!!!!!Okay,actually it was about 2 months ago but yea,never too late to boast!:):) Results ain't that fantastic but i'm really,really proud of myself.

    2) Applied for University of Manchester in SIM and currently waiting for the application outcome.No high hopes though..from past experiences - The higher you hope,the greater you fall.

    3) Already started saving $monies$!!Something which i've been trying damn hard to but kept failing.


    Erm yah,that's about it.Quite loserish but hey,you can't expect more from someone who has a monotonous life okay.Pffffffts!

    cindy [ 7:42 PM ]

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010
    And so i'm back.

    I was reading back an entry on my Genting Trip 4 years ago with Ruiza and i seriously think i'm getting old.There are a lot of things i can't remember -__-" Thank goodness for blog!I mean sure there are things i can remember vividly but some bits are completely out.Like,i've forgotten we stayed up to watch World Cup.

    Anyway,so i went to Genting again this year - 4 years later,with Karen,Andy,Derrick and Joanna.Ahh yes,i'm always a lightbulb but a welcoming one.LOLOL,or at least that's what i think.

    I'm just gonna copy and paste what i posted up on FB to save my braincells.

    'Our first trip together! (28th to 30th june 2010)

    Met the group at Bugis for Mcdonalds breakfast and off we go,to Golden Mile.Waited for about 1/2 hour for the coach and the journey began.

    I had a difficult time trying to fall asleep while Derrick and Joanna slept for 5 hours straight!(The journey was 7 hours)So yah,they practically slept their ...journey away.

    Day 1 was nothing much.I was already stoning by 8ish while eating Kenny Rogers(which sucked damn badly)and we visited the Casino.Quite an eye-opener for me since it was my first time there and the Casino was packed with smokers.We were literally breathing smokes..-_-"

    Day 2 saw us waking up early in the morning for breakfast and it was off to the themepark!I didn't dare to sit the 'Space Shot' initially but somehow the girls,Karen and Joanna,psychoed me and after 45 mins of queuing up,we weren't allowed to sit because of the rain and thunder.HENG AH!!!But i was really looking forward to it lah.kekee!

    After which was dinner at some seafood restaurant which serves really good food!The dishes were cleared up by all of us,okay mostly Derrick.Just kidding,i meant Karen and Andy.

    We got up earlier than Day 2 on the last day and headed for brekkie at Marrybrown.Pictures are deceiving!The breakfast menu looked really appetising but what was served,was not.Check-out from the hotel and then we chilled at Starbucks while waiting to board the coach back to Singapore.

    The weather was so gooooood,i like!And i love being a lightbulb,thank you very much.:)'

    Of course,since i'm on my blog i'm gonna be more elaborate just in case i look back at this entry 4 years later.

    So yup,Karen's dad sent us to Golden Mile and we waited for awhile to board the coach.I thought it would be rather empty since it's non-peak but no leh,the bus was full.This time we took Grassland.The seats are really comfortable.Throughout the journey,i only managed to catch a really short 1/2hour nap.The rest of them can really sleep man!Especially Derrick and Joanna.Of the 7 hours journey,they slept 5 hours of it.2 hours was for the toilet break and when we were reaching Genting.

    We went to eat at this Chinese restaurant upon reaching because we couldn't check in first.The dimsum is quite awesome maybe cus it's 'Ah Yat',quoted from Karen.After eating,we went to check in and got ourselves a connecting room.Us girls shared a bed and Karen is a terror to sleep with.LOLOLOL!Not gonna elaborate on that lest she thinks i love to embarrass her.Oh yes,we also went to the Casino on the first day.Won 30 bucks,lost 20 bucks and i stopped.LOL!!!

    Day 2 was off to themepark!

    First up was Pirate ship and i think that's the only ride we all sat together,oh,and Spinner.The rest of the rides we have to split to 3-2 - oh yes,i'm not the least guilty.kekee!

    So we sat Pirate Ship,Cyclone,'Haunted house'(which was B.S),Bumper boat(only the 2 couples - max 75kg,WTH?) and Corkscrew with the girls cus the boys were cockscrew.LOLOL,okay not funny.

    See,i have short term memory.I can't remember what else we did on Day 2.Oh,we had yummy food at this seafood restaurant!Cold weather plus Chinese food = AWESOME.

    Then Day 3 was breakfast at Marrybrown which kinda sucked.And back to Singapore.

    Pictures are in my FB.I shall just upload a few pics here to make it look interesting.LOL!

    The couples:

    Cyclone Ride

    Chilling at Starbucks - Derrick looked awesome.


    The girls!

    Typical tourists

    Pirate ship

    Group pic at Baskin'Robbins!

    Joanna looks ultra creepy!!

    Karen and Andy - my bfffs

    While waiting for Cyclone.

    Me and pretty Joanna

    cindy [ 10:43 AM ]