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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Sunday, May 24, 2009
    Going off to Phuket in less than 8 hours time!Hope it'll be a good one though.Finally got the time off to relax.


    Be back on Friday!

    cindy [ 9:22 PM ]

    Friday, May 22, 2009
    Did i ever mention that i'm kinda like a Hannah Montana mini fan?

    LOL!Okay,laugh all you want.I know i'm not getting any younger and yet i still can't get over that phase.But really,the series are pretty darn funny.

    I was getting all excited when i know they were gonna make a Hannah Montana - The Movie.Sam and myself are so ONZ for that show!

    Okay,so of the 5 songs in the Hannah Montana movie,admittedly,i really like two of the songs(and that's because i haven't had the chance to listen to the other three.)And they are,yes guessed it.

    1)The Climb and
    2)Hoedown Throwdown

    I bet most of the people are gonna choose The Climb so i'm gonna do something normal people wouldn't do and choose The Climb too.

    HAHAHAAA!Not funny i know.Okay,i actually prefer Hoedown Throwdown .

    I was watching the movie trailer a couple of months ago and there was this part they started dancing to that song.Didn't really like it at first,but somehow it catches my attention after awhile and i found myself humming to that song.So i got really hyped up and randomly clicked on whoever's on my MSN and went like,

    Me:Boom boom clap!Boom de clap de clap!

    And most of them went like,WTF?!

    I know who's the one that can be influenced easily and bingo!Sam was my target!I made her sing along that song and the next thing i know,she was clicking on every other videos of Miley Cyrus.

    I really feel this could be an ice-breaker song.Imagine at a bbq party when it's getting really boring,this is what you can do.

    'Everybody come on, off your seats. I'm gonna tell you about a beat,that's gonna make you move your feet..'

    And probably do the dance alil bit.However,you may need to meet a few criteria to do a good Hoedown Throwdown.

    1) Be a really good sport.
    2) Not to feel awkward when no one responds.
    3) Engage with the crowd baybeh!

    Yup.You probably need to be really good with people to be able to carry that off.

    Anyhoos,do remember to catch HANNAH MONTANA : THE MOVIE when it hits Singapore cinemas on 4 June 2009!!:):)

    Boom boom clap!Boom de clap de clap!


    cindy [ 11:29 PM ]

    Monday, May 18, 2009
    I was randomly browsing photos on FB and some blogs and i realised the most anticipating moment to look forward on a 21st birthday party is the cake.

    The other day i went to my primary school friend's chalet and the first thing everyone took picture of is the cake.For a moment,my friend really felt neglected.HAHAHAHA!

    So yup,birthday cakes thesedays are getting more and more..innovative and i'm pretty darn amazed by it!

    For 21st birthday cakes,these are some of the interesting ones i've found online.

    And now,for even normal occasion,you can get cakes like..for example,

    Sexy bikini butt??

    Dragon Fruit?

    3D car?(although it looks like those you burn during 7th month.maybe choose other colours?LOL!)



    This is awesome!Logo cake??

    Maggi Mee??

    Pool table?


    Or even,La Pi Xiao Sin!

    I know there are alot more unique cakes out there but that's all i can find online.HAHAHAA!Amazing man!Imagine all the preparation and hardwork!With all that,there's certainly a pricey price to pay!

    I still love my cake!:):)

    cindy [ 1:03 PM ]

    Friday, May 15, 2009
    Hello there!:)Since i'm very free today,i shall update!

    We had a surprise mini gathering for Wiki on Tuesday at Mind's Cafe.It was really a very last minute decision because everyone was like,'Anything' or 'No money' and things like that which really doesn't help at all.So i called up a few people and out of the few,only Roy,Kim and Xueling turned up.But well,we did had a great time nonetheless!

    After which,Esther and Sam went home.Wiki and Andrew went off and the rest of us went over to Marina Barrage in Roy's car.Friggin dangerous driver man!Anyway,Marina Barrage is damn nice okay!!Oh my god,i really fell in love with that place.It's my first time there and yes,not gonna be the last!:D:D Chilled for awhile and Roy had to pick his brother up so he dropped us at somewhere along Little India and Kiong,Christy and myself took a cab home.

    Wednesday was class again and by break time,half the class was gone.HAHAHAAH!And my classmates seemed to be amazed each time i turned up for class.Their next question after the usual,'wah!you're here!' would be 'going home during break isit?.'

    LOL!!Hard to act guai.

    Anyway,this was what happened yesterday.

    As usual,went to work in the afternoon and Natalia stayed till i knocked off and we went to have our dinner at TPY central.Just as we were about to reach the escalator,this auntie initially tried to stop Nata to talk to her but Nata ignored her.I was behind Nata,so i saw what happened and i tried to go to the other corner,hoping the auntie wouldn't see me but alas!The stupid dustbin blocked my way and the auntie quickly stopped me from walking.-____-" Idiot sia!

    So the auntie kept talking and talking and we told her we will find her after our dinner and she was like,

    (in mandarin)
    Chao Auntie(C.A):Very fast one lah,5 mins the most.Come come!If you don't want then don't want lor,its okay.I won't force you to buy or anything.Just come!

    No choice,we followed her.Never had the intention to get anything anyway!Just to 'eng siew'.

    It's like those typical neighbourhood facial shop managed by auntie with super gross make up.The C.A herself is damn gross.Her make up is really like Ru Hua.No kidding!!
    I think Ru Hua better looking than her!

    So she kept going on and on about the facial and their products and blahblahblah,and she kept repeating this sentence.

    C.A:Really lah,you think our shop will earn alot meh?Usually students we don't entertain one leh.You think we can earn anything from students?

    Then why entertain us?Seriously.

    So i merely asked her for a name card and the next thing i know,she flared up and literally threw the brochure she was holding and said,

    C.A:For what you want the name card?We are just trying to help you to have better skin.Really lah,you think our shop will earn alot meh?Usually students we don't entertain one leh.You think we can earn anything from students?


    I really wanted to LOL.When Nata laughed,that C.A turned to her and said,

    C.A:Xiao mei,you don't laugh.I'm serious.

    So she started to get really agressive and i know from the moment she threw that brochure she is some fat chao ah lian that can't be trifled.So i went like,

    Me:Erh,i don't want.Thanks.

    Then you know what that bloody fugly C.A said to me not!?!?!She really raised the voice leh!

    C.A:You don't thank me!I want to help you but you don't want to help yourself,too bad!*rolleyes*

    Of course i rolled my eyes back at her before i left.

    Dumbfounded please!!

    Wah lao!Seriously,my heart was pounding damn fast that i don't know is it because i was damn pissed or that i was scared she will go crazy and come running after us with a chopper or something.

    No wonder no business!I think even aunties also won't go in lor.My goodness!
    Okay,i'm gonna do my stuff now!Ciao!

    cindy [ 1:21 PM ]

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009
    Really,really suck to have a younger sibling.

    I think i can continue complaining about this for as long as forever and it's still not gonna be enough.

    Why can't i have a sensible/adorable younger sibling WHO DOESN'T ALWAYS THINK ABOUT HERSELF ONLY AND BEHAVE MORE LIKE A HUMAN THAN A BITCH?!Why can't Jon Paul be my little brother?!I will friggin dote on him lah!!Okay,i freaking dote on him now anyway.

    Seriously.Maybe because i bloodily can't show my affection as an older sibling to a younger sibling that's why i 'transfer' all of that to even..random kids.

    I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to move out asap!

    Let me tio 4D soon please please please!!!

    cindy [ 12:55 PM ]

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009
    For the past week,i've been going out with Sam.It was to the extent Jeffrey Wijaya went like,

    Jeff:Are you guys lesbians?

    And Sam didn't help much by putting her FB status as '..i'm in love with a girl'.It's a song by Gavin Degraw by the way.-____-"

    We are too straight to be gay!!I also wanna be gay.I also don't want to everyday think of Edison.You think i want meh!I can't help it what!

    So,she came to my place for a sleepover on Sunday since both of us didn't have to work on Monday and initially,we wanted to go cycling and all but we only came back home at about 4 in the morning.

    Before that,met up with Jeffrey at United Square and i think it's a place where mhssian hangs out.Bumped into Sam Chua at Starbucks(she's always there btw)and then Andy,who was at Starbucks with his family.Like,damn cool please.Who hangs out with their family at Starbucks?!

    Then Christy,Kel and Wiki came and we ate at foodcourt.Didn't know where to go after that,so we went back to Starbucks.After awhile,Andrew came from nowhere and we were there till about 11.30pm.

    They wanted to watch Wolverine,so we cabbed down to Kallang Leisure Park only to have the counter closed infront of us.-____-".So yah,quite fated not to watch movie cus i'm not really a movie kinda person you see.LOL!Unless the trailer catches my attention,then the probability of me watching the show would be higher.

    Since it was a Sunday night,we didn't really have many places to go.So Sam,Kel and myself went to Mustafa instead.The rest went to play L4D.

    I think Mustafa is such a Anything-Can-Happen place.

    We saw a mouse scurried to the other side of the luggage section right infront of our very eyes.INSIDE of Mustafa k!And then while we were at the tidbits section,Kel came across this half packet chips that was left on the shelf,er..literally.Wah lao,want to eat then finish it lah..leave there for what?Bai swee?

    Anyway,i think i'm really getting old.I can no longer stay up late,have a few hours of rest and feel energetic the next day.I was really struggling to keep my eyes wide open the whole of yesterday.And i really will moodswing.Not kidding!


    One year ago,i passed my TP.
    One year later,which is today,i am gonna take out my P plate!

    Time flew past so fast!!SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cindy [ 11:40 AM ]