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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, June 27, 2009
    "In a world filled with hate,we must still dare to hope.
    In a world filled with anger,we must still dare to comfort.
    In a world filled with despair,we must still dare to dream.
    And in a world filled with distrust,we must still dare to believe."

    R.I.P Michael Jackson - A true legend.

    cindy [ 11:55 PM ]

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    "Shake up with Nokia Comes With Music!!"


    cindy [ 12:02 AM ]

    Sunday, June 14, 2009
    SAM IS A BITCH!!!!!!!


    I can't believe it!!!

    cindy [ 12:48 PM ]

    Sunday, June 07, 2009
    I'm so bored!!Sunday is really the slackiest day at work!Nobody at all.

    Anyway,Sam and JK stopped by just now for,erm,i don't know.Oh,to kill time.The both of them are like sticky rice.My god.

    So yesterday was down at Cathy supposedly to support Kiong because Christy registered him for Singapore Idol.Wah lao,that Christy ah,really man!SUPER DANGEROUS!!She wanted to sabo me too!She was trying to use reverse pyschology on me.Saying i don't walk the talk,blahblah etc.I got no balls okay.So yah,his audition was postponed to next sat instead.

    After which,i needed to go off for Elena's surprise party.So met my primary school friend at PS was such a close shave!

    Elena's mom told me Elena was at PS and i was like..'okay,let's hope we won't bump into her.'But i've got this really strong feeling i'm gonna bump into her anyway.

    Two of my primary school friends were late.So we decided to meet them at Meridien bus stop instead.While walking,i saw this couple infront of us and i was like,'oh shit!It's Elena!'.And we quickly stopped and turned back hoping she won't notice us.Can you believe it?She was just right infront of us man!And i literally broke out in cold sweat.So i quickly phoned her mom and her mom's reaction was damn hilarious too.LOL!

    Anyway,i'm just so glad it turned out to be a success!Her family planned this surprise for her since 3 weeks ago and yup,it paid off big time!She really cried.Tears of joy rather.:):)Hollywood can totally recruit me.She didn't suspect me at all when i spoke to her on MSN.LOL!!

    So after which,i met Binghong(since he was at Meridien too)and we decided to go down to Sheena's party too.Went all the way to Kovan but only stayed for awhile.What to do?Sheena's been a really sweet friend,so it's only right to at least go for alil while.:)

    The day before yesterday was Kim's party and it was ZEE HOTTEST birthday party ever,literally!HAHAHAHA!!Don't feel bad lah Kim,it was a good one nevertheless!:):)

    Yup,June is like the Birthday Month man!Next week will be Nata's!

    I'm so damn broke right now.

    Alright,that pretty much sum up my days!

    I'm so addicted to this song.Old school i know,but niceeeeeeeeeeee!:):)

    I'm so gonna learn guitar!

    cindy [ 2:38 PM ]

    Friday, June 05, 2009
    Okay,i know i have not been updating.Lots to update actually but laziness got into me for quite awhile and since i'm FORCED to wake up cus of some stupid drillings from some inconsiderate people,i think it's the right time to start updating before i forget.

    So i'm back from Phuket since a week ago.

    It definitely was somewhat an unforgetable trip.

    First thing first,i'm sure many of you would have already known by now that i had a minor accident while jet skiing.The thing is,i didn't got myself into this.It was that stupid jet ski guy,who can't jet ski for nuts.I'll go about that later.

    So we did jet ski and banana boat that fateful day.Banana boat was fun!And in fact,jet ski too,if not for the fact my tongue got cut.

    And then,we missed our flight.How in the world did we missed it,i don't know.I thought it only happens in drama but guess what?Maybe we are drama ourselves.So we had to spend almost 8 hours in the airport for the next flight and..well,yah.

    Anyway,we also caught Simmon Caberat.The drag queens are really kinda hot.And one of them friggin looked like Beyonce!But they are such cheaters.Initially Christy and Wiki wanted to give them 20 baht but they DEMANDED 100 baht instead.Wah lao,demand leh.KNS!

    We also stopped over at Boom Boom Bar at Bangla Road for a drink and the people there are so nice and friendly!We were there for a few hours and basically,the boss kept treating us drinks.Shots after shots.In return,Wendy made some drinks for him too so yah,it's what chinese would call..'Li Shang Wang Lai',if i'm not wrong.Chinese teacher would be proud of me!!!!:D:D

    And every other day was just walking around Patong.

    Back to the accident.

    Wiki and myself were supposed to stop at the other side,so i don't know what's the big fuss about it and the people insisted us to ski back to the place.But thinking they might be lugi(cus the time was up),they decided to ski back with us instead.Fine,thinking they are supposedly PRO enough to do that,we followed.So the first time i sat on it,i fell off right after.It was as bad,just that i gulped down plenty of seawater.

    The second time was the accident.

    I saw the waves coming and ANYONE IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND WOULD KNOW THAT ANYTHING GOING AGAINST A WAVE IS GONNA FLIP.ANYONE WOULD KNOW THAT,EVEN A 3-YEAR-OLD KID WOULD KNOW TO STAY CLEAR FROM THE WATERS.But no,this stupid smart alec,okay..contradicting but whatever,decided to go ahead despite the huge waves.I was like,

    'Noo!It's dangerous!The waves very big..cannot!'

    Chicken pie!What can i do?So this time,i sat infront of the jet ski,and i think it was a wrong choice.It was a wrong decision to sit back on the jet ski in the first place.So right after he went against the wave,the whole thing flipped and the next thing i know when i got out of the water,it was red in colour.I didn't know my tongue was injured because i guess it hit me too quickly and it's too painful til it got numbed.

    So this guy who was sitting at the beach saw what happened and he asked me to go over and asked me to open my mouth.So i did and he was like,

    'OH MY GOD!OH MY GOD..oh no.'

    WAH LAO!Can you imagine a guy saying OH MY GOD????TWICE???!It's really OMG lor.

    And every step i took,i had to spit out the blood because it was like 'flooding my mouth'.You know that kinda feeling?So yah,i had to use like 5 packets of tissue to stop the blood.It was really terrible.

    After everyone has been urging me to see a doc,i plucked up my courage and went.How do i put it?The doc was amazed?He didn't know what to do with me so he asked his colleague to come over as well.

    Doc:The cut is really deep.Hmm,so what is the first thing you did when you cut your tongue?Did you seek any medical help? just kept stuffing tissue paper in my mouth and try to stop the blood.
    Doc:Did it stop?
    Me:Yah it did,after 5 packets.
    *laughs* what do you wanna do with your tongue now?
    Me:What do you suggest?But you know what,as long as it doesn't affect my speech and i can still eat,i'm cool with it.
    Doc:*laughs*Well,stitching is optional but if you don't want,then i guess you would do just fine since you can bear with it for so many days and talk so much.

    LOL!Wah lao,the 'talk so much' is very unneccessary hor?But yea,he was quite amazed by my level of pain tolerance.

    And actually,to be frank,i'm quite amazed with myself too.It's like throughout this whole thing,i'm really cool about it.I'm not really very affected by how my tongue looks and stuff.I mean yes,quite sian to think the cut is permanent and all..but yea,i try not to think about it.Like i said,as long as i can talk and eat..i'm cool.

    Yup,so basically that sums up my Phuket trip and the aftermath.

    (Phuket Part I)
    (Phuket Part II)
    (The aftermath - Cuts and Bruises)

    Before i left for Phuket,i joined the Hannah Montana The Movie competition and yes!I won 2 tix on tuesday to catch it!Thanks to Nuffnang!:):)This is the 2nd time i got free tickets to catch a movie and the feeling's quite shiok.Not that i'm a cheapo but wah lao,who doesn't like to win free things?!Don't lie don't lie!!

    Okay,i guess that's about it.I feel i have more things to update but i don't know what is it.LOL!!!And tonight's kim's party!Not sure if i'd be able to attend though.Shall see how it goes!:)

    Til den!

    cindy [ 11:06 AM ]