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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, April 29, 2006
    I suppose everything will come to an end one day.

    I used to believe some things will never change..

    but now,I don't.

    Changes are everywhere.

    I ponder over things everyday,

    I asked myself questions everyday,

    I overestimated certain things everyday,

    I see changes everyday

    I feel changes everyday and

    I'm changing everyday.

    and without fail,I feel disappointed every other day.

    cindy [ 5:31 PM ]

    today,i went for job-hunting.hahaa,like finally rite?!i know!i met wiki at orchard mrt and then we proceeded to the agency located at Ngee Ann City.its a job agency.

    then after which,we took a cab down to toa payoh for another interview.its some property agent company.hahaa,and its damn coincidental!its located just below my school!so yah..if i get the job,i'd probably accept it.but then again,i dont know if i should..becus wiki was the one who found the job.and actually,i really hope she will get the job!becus she said she wanna try an office job.and since i already tried before and i dont really fancy working in an office..shes so much a better candidate man!as in,man..not wiki THE MAN, ok,that was rubbish.

    ive discovered new things about myself today!!i realise when i listen to a particular song repeatedly,i'll have in, head will spin!and i mean..SPIN!it can go to the extent of making me feel nausea.oh yes,im damn weird.hahaa!=.="

    anyway jus now,i was watching the 9 o'clock show while my dad was resting on the armchair.then there was this part,the Li NanXing was shouting 'FANG KAI WO' (let me go) and my dad quickly got up and he was like..

    'wah,channel 8 can like that one meh?how come the Li NanXing can say F*** off?'

    believe it or not,my dad actually said out the F word.and i was like shouting 'DADDY!!!!OMG LAH YOU!!' then he was like OOPS!and he quickly hit his mouth.goodness gracious!ive never heard my dad saying foul words before..i mean,he does but only when he is in a really bad mood.and the last time i heard it was..YEARS?!! den during the commerical break,i kept saying my dad and he was like 'ok lah ok lah,sorrie.'

    fyi,i especially hate it when people scold the F friends whom know me well,they would restrict themselves from saying the word..becus whenever they say it,i'll be like 'EH!' i mean if they're in a bad mood or something and when they say the word,i wouldnt really mind.and ive reframe myself from using such language ever since pri 6.and i use it only when im in a really shitty mood and i use it only infront of my family..e.g,my sisters.LOL!!so,its nearly impossible to hear me saying the word out loud.

    yup,2 new things you learnt about me yes?GOOD!=)) oh!and the last thing..I LOVE THE OC!!! DERRRRRRICCCCCKKKK!!!

    cindy [ 1:54 AM ]

    Friday, April 28, 2006
    yup..finally made my way down to the school today to have a i met sheena and binghong at toa payoh mrt.they were late for 20 mins!!

    so i stood near the entrance and waited for them while listening to my mp3.then,there was this guy who came in from the entrance..and of all places,he walked right infront of fine,i thought nothing of i continued looking out for the both of them.i didnt really notice him until i got quite annoyed by his action - walking round and round the entrance.ok,not exactly round and round.becus i was standing against the pillar..and beside me there are 2 he kept walking out from my right hand side and came in from the left hand side.i did hid behind the pillar..for erm,whatever reason becus its really damn annoying when someone keep passing you by.

    then,that guy approached me and he was quite dumb you know why?becus i was listening to my mp3!it was obvious dude,my earpiece was hanging ok,he was like mummbering to himself for a few secs before i took off my earpiece.he was like asking if i was waiting for someone.and i said yah.then he asked if it was someone i duh rite?so i said yah.and he asked is it someone i JUST know and i was like no.he wasnt really convinced man..den he was like 'but you meeting a guy rite?the one you talked on the phone with?' i was like shit you, NO!ok,i didnt exactly said the word 'shit you.'rubbish can?must be some hotline know,meeting somewhere and blah blah shit for all those desperados?YAH.might as well be those typical type..bring a rose along man!so sheena and binghong came in the nick of time and we faster went off.

    so anyway,we went to the school and the consultant spoke to us about the course and everything that we need to know.and yes,i cant believe it.if i were to join the july class,i'll be having lesson on a SATURDAY!man,that sucks.

    then after dat,we went to walk around and binghong needed to he left and sheena and myself went town to meet ruiza.after chilling at coffee bean,we went over to taka to buy some snacks and off to heeren to take some neoprints.we were like so noisy lah!becus the machine was in,the inside of the machine.and i got hit on the head by the thing so many to be tall!LOL!=X

    den after which,ruiza needed to go and meet her me and sheena shared a cab home.yea,and dats all..
    i seriously hate going out thesedays.

    im gonna make this promise to myself.and for myself,i would.

    cindy [ 11:09 AM ]

    Monday, April 24, 2006
    *while watching this programme on Brazillian Waxing a few days ago..YaOawWwuch!*

    dad:OUCH!!shen qing bing.(crazy in mandarin)
    me:huh?then you ouch for what?
    dad:pain leh.crazy man these people..

    *and these people were referring to the women*

    dad:would you ever do that?
    me:oh yes sure,why not?if you give me the money..HEEE!
    -stares at me.

    LOL!and we started was really silly!my dad was like 'gurls are always like that..waste money on such things' and i was like 'harya,ai mei u wont know one lah.' (meaning being vain)
    and then today,i was kanna paiseh by my dad.we were watching this taiwanese show on channel U and the show itself was really quite we were laughing until..

    dad:you laugh what?
    me:at the joke lah.
    dad:you know the joke meh?what isit about?what was he trying to say?
    me:erm..that means,harya i know lah!
    dad:luan luan lai(anyhow),this is MEN'S JOKE.

    like wow lor?men's joke.=.="hahaa,cant stand him at times.

    anyway,while everyone's here,wide awake,BLOGGING!how nice?tomorrow..or rather,later on,everyone's gonna attend school!and me?i'll be sleeping till the cow comes life..yes thank you very much.=)

    im gonna go down to register my school on wednesday.ask me why and i'll tell you becus i dont feel like going out on monday and lah,no special reason.i just feel like going down on wednesday can?

    frankly,i kinda envy those who already started their the very least,they have got SOMETHING to do.even though there might be nothing.but cant be,there must be something.hahaa,you know that kinda feeling?just keep themselves occupied and make the time spent more worthwhile.its been LOOOOOONG since i felt that way.=(

    i know i know,empty vessels make the loudest noise.only words but no action.soon SOON!i promise..i can almost smell it.once i settle my school stuff..everything will be settled yes?HEeee!

    anyway,i read yesterday's newspaper and i came across this article which talks about this 19 or 20 year-old ex RGS gurl whos suffering from tongue cancer.and yes,i went to read her blog jus now.i was quite touched by her..erm courage to move on with her life?i dont know how to put it in words.i dont usually get touched emotionally easily.but for her story,i felt it was really different.imagine,she was in a top gurls JC and even the captain of her cca?its damn impressive ok!an all-rounder i would,how many pple can actually attain that kinda achievements in their lives?not many im sure.and plus,shes pretty too!and when the disease struck her,she did not bow to it.she even said shes not gonna lose the battle without a fight.and hoped that people will remember her as a fighter.she deserves my respect,really.

    now,reality check.when such things happen to us,how many of us can actually face the cruel fact?
    *cross my heart* I CAN'T.
    yes,im that coward.thats why when i know existence of such people that can cope with it really deserves my greatest respect.moreover,shes only older than me by a year or two.i wonder where does that inner strength of her lies.

    yup,i just thought of sharing the story..its not the least boring hor!if you actually find it should just stop reading my blog damnit!=/

    cindy [ 6:31 PM ]

    Sunday, April 23, 2006
    im back!
    finally went out today.was supposed to meet the usual 4 for dinner..yah,SUPPOSED.but pathetically,it ended up only karen and myself settling at swensens eating dinner to ourselves.and ruiza joining us afterward for some dessert.

    hahaah,its true ok.

    so anyway,met karen at Tekka Mall first becus she wanted to thread her eyebrows and after which,we went to cut our hair..which we regretted tremendously.i know the verb doesnt go well,but who cares!yes,we regretted..not becus it doesnt look nice,but doesnt make ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL.and i mean AT ALL.just that,yes..maybe alil thinner.but like wth!?i'd rather use the money to get or do something more..useful?

    speaking of so gonna boycott Kallang's MacDonalds.damn!to cut the story short,everything there is just..bad!

    den after which,we took a mrt down to PS..where we settled our dinner and met ruiza.and then after dinner,we walked to meridien to just..sit down and catch up.only sat there for awhile..and we left at about ruiza gotta go somewhere else and karen and myself went over to derrick's house supposingly to have supper.but we ended up at his place slacking becus none of us were really hungry.yes,including me!=/

    then karen needed to catch her last bus so we went home.took a cab back and waited for karen's bus to come.yah,that was my day for you.nothing interesting i know..but you're reading it right?LOL!nite y'all!

    cindy [ 6:01 PM ]

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006
    aloha!hahaa,alrite..actually i shouldnt be sounding so hyper cus im feeling the blues.shall elaborate more later on.

    anyway,karen and ruiza came to my place in the afternoon.wanted to go out initially,but we realised Singapore INDEED has really LIMITED places to go..especially on a weekday morning.took more than an hour to finally decide to slack at my place.

    oh,i was supposed to go the driving centre to register the theory classes with karen.i DID wake up early!yah i,HUH?!LOL!but yes,may i proudly say..i woke up at 8.30am!ok,dats becus karen called.hahaa!so i got up,and went to bathe..and while bathing,i was thinking should i go or not.becus its really far and im using an adult its kinda,im not working its better to you know,be thrifty.HAHAA!so i told karen i'll go next time.its no longer a need to get a driving license.its a MUST!--> hahaa,karen you know what i mean.

    so they came at about 1 o'clock and we just sat around my room and do some catching up.den we called for mac's delievery for some shaker fries.its quite nice!den it started pouring.den ruiza wanted to she left at about 3.30.karen stayed on.

    then we started talking about alot of things.basically just casual what we cant tolerate the doings in the bus.the,i-will-go-crazy theory.but seriously,karen is more 'hiong' than me.
    she will go crazy if : -

    1) she's in the inner seat and she needs to get off but you only allow her that little space to go through.(my vote!)
    2) the person sitting behind her keep pushing the seat forward using the back of the seat as the 'pillar' to support his damn legs.(my vote!)
    3) GUYS who dont give seats to needy people.(my vote!)
    4) a stranger keep looking at her.she will start giving stupid attitude.

    LOL!basically,thats all i can remember.there was more!but as you can see..of 4,she have 3 of my votes.hahaa!seriously,those people are just..ignorant living species!

    yupp,so anyway..talked for quite long and we went to the NTUC to shop for grocery!hehee.and yea,i was saying about me feeling the blues yea?
    i sent karen to the bus-stop and we..ok,me..started talking about school's gonna reopen and all.and she started having moodswings.haaha!

    but soon,after i went home..i got the disease too.i mean,although im not going to a poly..and my sch's probably not gonna start anytime sooner,ive got nuthin to worry about.YOU ARE WRONG.i dont know why but i really can feel that unwillingness to go back to school.and like what most of us gonna face soon,to go to a completely different environment.i dunno if everyone's feeling this way,some may be excited..some may be anxious but the some whom i know are feeling the latter.

    then what has it got to do with me you may ask.i dont know?i guess the blues are contiguous.hahaah!moreover,the weather thesedays kinda make me go bonkers.hyper+emo.ok fine it doesnt go well.=/ and please,my emo-emo is not that kinda emo-emo.understand?i know you dont,but its ok.hahaa!aiight..cyars!

    cindy [ 2:00 PM ]

    Monday, April 17, 2006
    LOL!seriously,i have no idea why am i so completely opposite of karen(whom had moodswings earlier on)hahaa!but i can understand how she feels yea?

    anyway,i finally get to eat my TAIWAN CHICKEN CUTLET!!LOL!!all thanks to my younger sis who,despite the rain,went to TBP to buy for me on her way home.yes,i appreciated that gesture of hers ok?=)

    its been raining these days..which means?DAMN GOOD weather to sleep longer yea?hahaa,and becus of that..i got more naggings from my dad.he was like 'you everyday sleep sleep sleep,not sian meh?' the problem is..becus im sian dats y i sleep mah.=/ yah,im such a useless brat now.BUT WAIT!!it wouldnt be long yea?

    erm ok.thats the end of my post.thanks for reading!CIAOS~

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    *evidence*this is how sotong elena the sotong can get.can vomit blood i tell you! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 3:47 PM ]

    yooohoo!im back!LOL!right,it seemed like ages since i last blogged.sorrie about y'all can predict,im lazy to blog.hehee!

    everyday's the same to sleep shit,eat sleep shit(as quoted by karen tan when she was as lifeless as me).yah,speaking of which..that biatch is off for a short holiday trip to JB.she better be sensible to bring back stuff for,im waiting.

    ive been going down to my grandma's house..ok,not have been going.only the past alternate days.hahaa,to of course visit my gramp and not forgetting..playing with my niece!shes growing by the day.and dats super scary becus it reminds me im growing older by the day too.yet,im still wasting my life away.=/soon,i promise..i will get a job soon!and yup,ive decided on my school already.i believe thats a good start eh?=))

    yesterday,i had a hard time sleeping.i was craving for the taiwan chicken cutlet so badly i could feel i was drooling.LOL!im serious!it was to the extent that i even DREAMT OF THAT ok.just imagine how bad the craving was?!so i told myself 'tomorrow i shall go and buy' but when i woke up this morning..sorrie,afternoon,the craving was gone.and i kept imagining the chicken cutlet but it doesnt make me drool anymore.LOL!!
    (ok sorrie,this part of the entry was unneccessary.)

    im jus trying to fill up the space so that it wouldnt look like a short entry what!aiight,im think i'd better be going now!lateeeeers!!

    cindy [ 3:08 PM ]

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006
    yesterday night,i lied on my bed for more than an hour trying to get to sleep..but i just i got up,and walked around the room.then,i saw a stack of my old exercise book from primary school and secondary i randomly picked out a book to flip through and there!i found my diary book from primary school.

    so i read the first entry and i was already laughing like crazy!

    'Dear Diary..
    hi,im cindy!i bought a new pen you think its nice?yah,i think its nice too.'

    LOL!!can you believe it!?i actually QnA myself!!so yup,looking at how ridiculous i was..i became really interested in i kept reading on and yes,i have a total of 3 diaries.then i went on to my 2nd diary.the 2nd one consists more on my everyday life in who i didnt FRIEND that day.LOL!!OH MY,it was really damn funny reading all the entries.becus at the same time,my mind was filled with all the flashbacks in primary school.

    so i called up elena and we started talking about it.i really miss my 'godbro'.then,while talking to her,i read through my 3rd diary.dont doubt me,i can multi-task in i was like telling her what did i wrote on the journal and she was like.. you are the one ah!?
    me:huh?what thing?
    elena:remember..last time Mr Chung(my form teacher)was like telling the class 'theres somebody in the class who always write in the journal with DEAR DIARY.'so its you lah!
    elena:YAH!he said that to the class what..

    LOL!!i was damn embarrassed ok!so anyway,i told her about this entry which i wrote on the journal and she laughed like crazy.okay,it goes something like this..

    'Dear Diary..
    do you know that the whole class thinks that elena,jiayi,sipei and rebecca are Mr Chung's pets?(as in teacher's pet)yah,actually i think so too.becus they are prefects..dats why he treat them so good.'


    'really?!you guys think that they are my pet?why so?i treat everyone the same cindy'

    usually,as in..normal people they wouldnt reply already right?i keep themselves out of trouble.BUT NO,i replied.

    'yah,i think that they are his pets.becus he put them in the special class(i forgot wad class was it.but yah,its SPECIAL.)

    goodness.i feel like banging my head on the walls after reading that!!=.=" harna,im childish i decided to stop disgracing myself and i switched topics to frens used to write me letters and i would keep them becus i find it really meaningful.and it really IS meaningful..after what we've shared yesterday.HAHAAH!man,i really miss those days!!

    THEN!!ive finally found the kindergarten pic!i didnt know where i put it until yesterday!LOL!!

    taadaah!!my kindergarten class pic!and oh yes,karen played a HUGE role in my kindergarten days.LOL!! Posted by Picasa

    and its amazing how we became friends.from rivals to very interesting.hahaa!=))

    Karen V.S Me

    cindy [ 7:41 AM ]

    Monday, April 10, 2006
    went to watch The Chronicles Of Narnia at derrick's church yesterday..together with andy and karen.its a nice show i must say.=)and after the show,they had board games.the people there are really friendly and yup,its a nice place to be in.heh!

    then went to eat at jalan besar;walked around Mustafa cus karen tan wanted to get the mic.then after that,they all decided to go home..and so,i went over to christy's house becus they were celebrating sam's bday.

    so i reached there..and there were only the few of us.then sam's friend joined us and i left at about..10.30?yea,early i know.hahaa!i was quite tired actually..and before going to christy's house,i kinda having moodswing.ok,i was having moodswing.LOL!harya,not enough sleep is like dat one mah?=/

    then today,i was supposed to go 'sao mu' with my grandma and mom and my aunts.but then,i overslept..karen called me and she was like 'u not at grandma's house?' den i was like 'no lah,overslept.' lol,i dont even know what time was i looked at the time,and it was already i called my mom and she said they're on the way home,sorry ah gong!

    so i got up,and called karen..whom by the way,NEVER FAIL TO NOT PICK UP PEOPLE'S CALL.i hate calling her anyway,we decide to go for some k-box session as we already planned yesterday night before we went to i met her at Lucky Chinatown..and the session began.

    dont ever go there yea?cus..

    1)the mic/system sucks
    2)the place is rather small compared to the other outlets
    3)the security is NOT good.

    karen was singing halfway when the music video stopped we waited for a few mins before calling the the end?he restarted the whole system.which means?we had to re-select the songs we chose earlier on.yah,waste nvm..continued singing and dunno wad did karen pressed,when she select the only came out a few the person asked us to change to another room.again,we had to re-select the songs all over again.and the mic wasnt in a very good condition either.

    and the food.we ordered Sotong Balls.but,i highly doubt its Sotong Balls.more like Fishballs ok.and it took them about more than half an hour to prepare.other outlets?10 mins.and then..the security!

    we were singing half way when this middle-aged man peeked into our room and me and karen looked at each other and stared at him.but he continued looking in and we were damn scared he might open the door.and karen was like 'if he open the door,im gonna scream.' then after that,one of the staff went to chase him off and the staff came in to apologise so we asked who was that.and he was like 'hes abit..&^%*$.' did he ever come in in first place when theres a reciptionist?

    so anyway,after which..we took a bus down to tbp and walked around.i saw this gurl..shes damn pretty man!and karen was like 'are u mad?y r u going crazy over a gurl?'LOL!no,im straight.just that the gurl is really damn pretty.

    we walked home..and i decided to go to my grandma's house.then after that,my uncle sent me home.hahaa!yup,dats all DUDES!heh!

    cindy [ 1:43 PM ]

    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    suddenly,christy was the bday gurl.hahaa.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:37 PM ]

    LOL!sam blew the candles in one breath.and her saliva were all over..yes it was funny as you can see from wiki's face. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:36 PM ]

    pk;sam's friend;sam;wendy;christy;wiki;myself Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:35 PM ]

    the cake.damn nice!hahaa..the same shop as my bday cake i think =) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:34 PM ]

    chris,sam and myself. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:32 PM ]

    heh! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:56 PM ]

    im straight..i dunno about karen.look at how she decorate.I KNEW SHE HAD SOMETHING FOR ME.LOL!! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:55 PM ]

    derrick.this one not lian already right?hahaa! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:54 PM ]

    okay,wow..look at the time.its only 9.33am!and look at me!IM ACTUALLY AWAKE!!yes,its a miracle!

    right,the reason i woke up is becus..i morning call karen.cus yesterday i suddenly had the craving for macDonalds breakfast.hahaaa!but as everyone know,we sure cant wake up.i slept at 3?so its kinda weird that i can actually wake up.i wanted to go back to sleep..but i cant.=(

    erm ok,i dunno wads this post about too.LOL!i just need to kill time you see.OH!ive finished watching the OC!!i practically spent almost the whole of thursday watching it.and man!I LOVE IT!!its so damn nice lah.its really addictive!elena was like telling me this season's not that nice and all and it kinda demoralised me.BUT!after i watched it,im proud to still in love with OC!=)) and this season's like more hunks and babes?LOL!!ok,actually is more hunks than babes.=/its really damn nice..PLEASE GO WATCH IT!REALLY!!ive been saying that since season 2!

    great..i hate to wake up in the morning!its like,i'll be sneezing like nobody's business and it really irritates me.alrite,im out of here.good day people!

    cindy [ 12:46 AM ]

    Friday, April 07, 2006
    i had a dream last night.neither nightmare nor sweet dream..but it somehow got me questioning.i woke up and looked at the time.its 2.30pm and then i asked this the life i want?ive been feeling relatively useless ever since the last job and the routine of my everyday life proves it all.

    despite,im not giving up my OC.

    then i received a call from my paternal grandma.shes the one who will always nag at me and telling me about the life-ooh-ha.seems like its genetic becus my dad loves to do that to me too.and after every,what seems like to me..preaching,it doesnt even make me feel makes me feel worse about myself times a gazillion times.

    why cant we have things our way?why isnt life smooth-sailing?why isit that every question that i asked,no one can ever give me a satisfactory answer?WHY?

    cindy [ 7:52 AM ]

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006
    as expected..i got the job offer.remember the one near my place?yes that.yesterday i suddenly thought of it and i tot my prediction was wrong this right again.

    so the person asked me when can i start work and like ive said,i dont feel like working there although im in desperate need of i asked if i can tell her by tomorrow..becus who knows i might change my mind of not caring the people working there are mostly middle-aged.and obviously,im not so important to them becus if i dont wan,they can always call another i told her no thanks.

    reason being is becus,i really dont like the environment.and just imagine im gonna work there for quite awhile..environment and people are very important factors isnt it?i mean,i dont wanna keep changing jobs either.and you guys prolly dont wanna see me keep blogging about 'ive got a new job..'and another min,'oh..i quit.' you know something like dat.yup.however,im still going for more interview yea?so please still do very much bear with it! =)

    and yes,im really in a desperate need of money becus i wanna get so many things!and my dad isnt helping much by not lending me money.mind you,its lending..not giving.the definition of lending is = will pay back once i have the money.and the purpose of borrowing is = no money.but his conditions on lending money..TO ME as a matter of fact = get a job.see the BIG picture now?its okay,i shall count on myself then.

    den,i asked derrick and andy out for supper becus why?i skipped my dinner and i was damn hungry.i went to find food in the kitchen,but they didnt leave food for me ok!so i ate 2 slices of bread with tuna but it wasnt filling yup,took a cab down and ate at the prata shop.the cheese prata not nice had indian rojak.and it was on them.hahaa,but i felt bad becus i was the one who suggested it but in the end they paid.hehee,yes i will treat them ONCE I FIND A JOB AND GET A PAY.dont worry ok?LOL!its just a matter of time.=))

    so after eating,went to Mustafa to walk around.and i bought a mic!its damn cool lah.hahaa!den jus now i tested on karen and she scolded me.she was like 'den you dunno how to buy for me first lah? so angry!'.eh?how i know man?she also nv tell me.hahaaa!but one day we shall go there shop!heh!

    cindy [ 10:18 AM ]

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    SEE!!damn sadist ok! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:00 AM ]


    yes i just woke up..all thanks to?the damn idiotic DERRICK HENG YUN!i know its nearing to 2 now,whats the great deal?i wanted to wake up at 3 actually.LOL!BUT!!all because of him..ive got no choice but to wake up.hes crazy i tell you.called so many times.i refused to pick up on 2 occasions but he called straight after the line got cut.and the ringing tone was like irritating the hell out of me.he's just too free lah!and its also proven hes a sadist alrite?

    wake up so early for what?ive also got nuthin to do.

    aiight,i'll update later.

    cindy [ 5:00 AM ]

    Sunday, April 02, 2006
    what a tiring day!LOL!ok,actually i dont really feel tired.but its predictable my whole body's gonna ache damn badly tmr.

    karen came to my house in the afternoon before we left for the gym at the stadium.took a cab down becus there werent any straight bus to the place but we ended up at another!so we walked to the correct one,put our stuff in the locker and went to the was quite hot..but when we started running,the sun disappeared.karen can really run man..but after running,her whole face was damn the instructor was like telling her to go outside the gym to walk know,breathe in some fresh air.

    then he started talking to us.and coincidentally,he was a graduate from karen and him started gossiping about the different!after she felt better,we went to hit the gym.hahaa,the instructor was quite nice.he oriented us with all the different machines and demo to us.

    this was the funny part.

    we were watching the news while doing the machines right?and we came across this news..the murder at marina's south i me and karen were doing working out while he was watching the he was like..

    him:eh,murder case ah?oh..its a malay guy
    we:isit?*looks at the tv while still doing the workout*
    him:hmm..where isit ah?marina ah?
    we:dunno leh.. accident ah?
    me:you just said murder.

    lol!get the joke?ok nvm if you didnt.hahaa..and karen was like 'yah,you just said murder.'

    so after a few more workouts,we decided to go home..we stink hell lot.hahaa!so before we left,we went to thank him and came back home.initially,we wanted to come home,get our bikes and go cycling.but karen said she was we decided to eat first then decides to go cycling or not.but as expected..we were to lazy to move.hahaa!

    slacked around;flipped through the photo albums..and laughing at karen's chao ah lian sey.LOL!one day i'll upload her pic ok?MUAHAHAHA!ok,shes gonna kill me.=/ goodness,i suddenly feel damn restless!

    oh,and yesterday i met up with elena.hahaa,she looked so weird with her braces.and i cant help but to keep staring at her and i was like..'why u put braces?!'LOL!i know its a dumb question but seriously,i dunno why she go and put when her teeth are like..STRAIGHT and NICE?!=.="

    today's April's Fool Day but miraculously,i didnt come out with any tricks on anyone!!haaaha! aiight,i think i shall stop here.will update soon!

    cindy [ 2:12 PM ]