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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Friday, May 30, 2008
    I think i'm getting the hang of driving.Not a pro yet but i'm slightly more confident now.

    Drove my mom and grandma and younger sis around and initially,i wanted to show my grandma the Singapore Flyer.But i went the wrong way and ended up driving towards the airport.So since we're going to the airport,i called up Miao and asked if she wanna meet us there since she's working in T3.

    After eating,drove Miao back to her office and then to my grandma's place.

    At night,my dad asked me to drive him to Bugis to pass some stuff to his friends and while on the way,he was asking me.

    Dad:So,you like driving?
    Me:Hmm,ok ah.hehe
    Dad:So,now thinking of buying a car for yourself?
    Dad:No meh?You sure?Not even thinking about it?
    Me:No leh?Why?You wanna buy for me isit?

    So silence means what?I hope it meant consent.HAHAHAAHAH!

    No but seriously,i really haven't thought about having a car of my own.I think the expenses are too hefty.And i'm only like how old!?At least for now,when i have the money i will pay for the petrol but if i don't,at least my dad is still paying for it so i don't have to worry.

    Ok,sounds damn spoilt brat but it's just an example lah!

    School tonight and i'm dead.I'm supposed to type out the report for my group but i'm still not doing it.HAHAAHAA!

    Alright,i'm out!

    cindy [ 11:40 AM ]

    Thursday, May 29, 2008
    My heart sank when i saw this video about this lil girl who was a victim of child abuse.At the beginning of the video,you see a beautiful lil girl with a smile so sweet but towards the ending,you see the same child but looking so frail and all.Very heart-wrenching you know!

    Kelsey Briggs

    I don't understand how can someone do this to a child!I don't understand how anyone could have allow it to happen!!I really don't.She was barely three for goodness'sake!

    I'm gonna sound harsh but it's true.



    Urgh!So angry!

    Why do i feel my posts are getting more depressing each day?Oh man....

    cindy [ 1:21 AM ]

    Wednesday, May 28, 2008
    Met up with Christy,Wiki and Kelvin yesterday night as Kelvin wasn't feeling good.Hanged around at United Square before Sam(Chua)drove us to Boon Keng where she had to meet her friends to study and then we borrowed her car and since we didn't know where to go,we ended up at East Coast,again.

    I realised whenever we don't know where to go,we will somehow end up at East Coast.

    I was alil nervous actually because it was only the 2nd time i drove at night.So i was praying inside and hope we won't get into any accidents.Yes,whenever i drive,i'll pray in my heart that i won't get into any accidents.Even if i really do get into one,i hope i'll be the only one getting hurt.No,not trying to act noble and all just that i feel it's sort of a responsibility when there're other people in the car with you.

    And,what is this!?I know i drive damn slow lah but it's better to be careful than sorry what?They were like,

    Christy:CINDY AH!Can you drive faster not?!It's highway!
    Wiki:Cindy ah!I think even the bus is faster than you lor.

    And,remember the other day when i 'officially' drove my dad's car?My dad was telling Celine,

    Dad:You want to rest not?I think by the time we reached there will be about 4.30..still quite long.(when the time i started was 3.30)


    So bad leh they all!

    Anyway,yesterday was the day i got to drive for so many times!

    I drove my dad to my younger sister's school for report book collection in the morning and then all the way to Jurong since my dad was going to work.Wooo!Then at night,after we returned the car to Sam,Christy went back home and got her dad's car(Lexus!!!!)and drove to Bishan for prawning!!It was damn pressuring to drive her dad's car ok?!I've never drove a big car before and i'm still a newbie can!?I was telling her i can't afford to pay her back if i scratch the car.But it was fun!:)

    We went over to Orchard Towers since Christy had to go back to her mom's shop to collect some things and then,we saw some drama.

    I think it was some love triangle thing.

    This woman was screaming at this guy and then she went over to a shop and screamed at this other woman whom apparently,seemed to be the third party(her name is Jasmine,LOL!like as if we know her).

    So the woman kept chasing Jasmine while Jasmine and her friends tried to walk away from her.But it seemed as though the screaming woman didn't really know who is Jasmine so as she screamed at Jasmine and her friends,she was like


    They were right infront of us ok!?Shiok to the max.


    So we were guessing which one is Jasmine and i think it was pretty obvious who was it.One of the women was talking on the phone and ignoring the screaming woman so it's quite obvious she's Jasmine lah.We were hoping so much for the kissing part lor!

    The saga went on for about 10 mins but the only thing we could hear from the screaming woman was,


    Yah,she kept repeating that sentence.That ONLY sentence.

    Stupid lor.She don't say how people know?

    I think one of the characters is a Japanese because when Jasmine and her friends walked away,the screaming woman tried to stop them and she said 'jiotomateh'(HAHAAH,i don't know how to spell lah uh but i know the meaning is 'Wait' in Japanese).So yup,abit funny right?You scream scream scream in English then suddenly 'jiotomateh'.

    Oh!And,she actually slapped that guy ok!?WOOO!!I've never seen anyone slapped or been slapped before so it was an eye-opener for me.So all the dramas are real!The sound of a slap is exactly the same!!And the reaction too!The guy's reaction was classic man!

    ORH-BI-GOOD!Two timer somemore lah.Somemore that Jasmine woman also not pretty lor.That screaming woman was prettier!


    I can't believe i actually passed my quiz!39/50.Not bad for someone who didn't even touch the book for a week!;)

    cindy [ 10:41 PM ]

    Monday, May 26, 2008
    I cried...

    - while watching some of the China's Earthquake footage on Channel 8's charity show
    - while reading the blog entries from this lady which Kaijia tagged on the tagboard
    - while listening to my all-time favourite song (Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton) and to cry even harder when i just found out the song was for his son who fell to his death at the age of 4

    I don't know why but i keep having this weird feeling recently.

    Just now while watching the charity show,i came across this story.It's about this young mother who died during the quake.The rescuers thought she died in a rather awkward position..the only way to describe it is the way you do Sit and Reach for your NAFA.

    So,the rescuers lifted her up and found a baby on her lap.Yes,i've heard of this kind of story before.There was once i heard this story about a mother who took off all her clothes just to keep her baby warm.It was snowing heavily and i think they had nowhere to go.So in the end,the mother had to hide under a bridge,took off all her clothes and keep her baby warm while she froze to death.

    Anyway back to that young mother.

    So the rescuers found the baby and the baby was sleeping really soundly without a single scratch whatsoever because her mother used her body to protect her baby.Then,they found a phone inside the baby's clothes and in it,was a message typed by the baby's mother.It was written in chinese,it goes,

    'Dear baobei,if you're alive and if you ever get to read this message,just want to tell you that I love you.'

    My tears just flew uncontrollably.

    And then i went on to read the blog Kaijia tagged at my tagboard.

    They were so loving!Although i kept telling myself there's no such thing as true love but i guess they had just proven me wrong.

    There is,but it wouldn't last.That's why it hurts,so badly.

    Their story is almost like that of the Channel 8 9pm show,Rhythm of Life.It must be damn hard for the girl to pick up the pieces and carry on with her life.They were such spontaneous couple,i think every corner is full of their memories.

    Life is cruel.I truly applaud her for what she's been through and what she has become today(as what i can read from her entries).Moving in to the house they've bought together,etc.If she's able to overcome this tough period,trust me,nothing in the world can get her down.

    When the going gets tough,the tough gets going.Very very true:)

    As for Eric Clapton's son,well,what can i say?

    Claim: The Eric Clapton song "Tears in Heaven" is a tribute to Conor Clapton, Eric's pre-school son, who died in an accident in 1991.

    Status: True.

    Origins: On 20 March 1991 at 11 a.m., four-and-a-half-year-old Conor Clapton died when he fell from a 53rd-story window in a New York City apartment. He landed on the roof of an adjacent four-story building.

    Heartbreaking isn't it?

    I'm sad.

    cindy [ 1:00 AM ]

    Saturday, May 24, 2008
    I'm talking to Celine about how scary life is.

    She told me Jojo's(her bf;his name is Joseph actually but we like to call him Jojo since he's more emo than a girl)colleague just got killed by a bomb blast in Afganistan.Yah,he's in the military so they are there on a mission.

    And then my sister was saying she regretted asking him to go.She sounded apologetic for once,i thought.

    Me:So,treat him better lor.
    Celine:See first.

    Leopard never changes it's spots.True.

    For Celine,her job is risky as well.Flying in the air isn't as simple as it sounds.For every trip she flies,my parents and even myself will pray that she's safe and sound.

    And then i suddenly remember the other time,my instructor told me one of his student's brother passed away suddenly.He was around my age.His mother couldn't take it,and died shortly after.The dad then suffered a stroke.It happened so quickly.Sometimes,it's so scary to even think of such things.

    Not Death itself but the thought of losing your loved ones.Okay,what's the difference?It's like Death itself is not as scary as compared to how you'd feel after losing your loved ones.

    Without their presence,forever.It's like you'll never ever ever ever see them again.Let's not talk about next life or any of the recarnation kind of thing.

    Ecks,this topic is depressing.

    Anyways,on a lighter note.Should be going down to Escape Themepark with Christy,Kelvin and Wiki tomorrow!I know,how old already still go this kind of place.WE LIKE!!

    cindy [ 1:29 AM ]

    Friday, May 23, 2008
    I've been wanting to blog about this video i came across while Youtube-ing.Hilarious i tell you!

    If you watch American Idol........

    ...the way they portrayed the judges is simply,i don't know what to say man!HAHAAHAH!!Especially the one acting as Paula.DAMN FUNNY!!

    cindy [ 12:39 PM ]

    Thursday, May 22, 2008
    I'm sitting here,in my living room,on the sofa watching MTV.Why is it that whenever i'm in someone's house watching MTV,there seemed to be never-ending nice shows.But when i'm in my own house,it always show some stupid shows?!So unfair!

    Jessica Alba is hot!!!

    And Denise Keller is too skinny,damnit.

    Kelvin couldn't stop laughing at me ever since that day while webcam-ing..

    Kelvin:Wanna go out?We are gonna watch movie.
    Me:What show?
    Kelvin:The Ashton Kutcher..
    Me:Oh!The 'What Happens in L.A' ah?
    *laughing like nobody's business with Christy*
    Kelvin:What happens in VEGAS lah!!L.A

    This only shows how long i've not catch a movie okay!?

    Anyhoos,it feels good to be interacting with humans again after coping myself up at home for the past week.I couldn't stop staring at people in the MRT.

    The smell of century eggs are making me nausea and the urge to vomit.

    I'm starting to like school.Yay?

    This post is friggin random.Oh,what the hell.

    cindy [ 2:03 PM ]

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008
    The virus has finally decided to leave me..for good i hope!!I DON'T EVER WANT YOU BACK HOR,VIRUS!I HATE YOU!!

    I'm going back to school tomorrow and resume my lessons,hopefully not missing out on alot of work if not i'm gonna be so,so dead!You know why?

    Quantitative Skills.

    Sounds chim?Not at all.

    Heard of MATHS before?!!?MY NIGHTMARE!!YAH,APPARENTLY THEY ARE RELATED!!!I think i need to start por-ing people to teach me Maths,again.Maybe i should go find Miss Goi for help.HAHAAHAH!!

    Ok,i shan't exagerrate.

    The 1st session was okay.I'm still able to cope.But having skipped the 2nd session and tomorrow's the 3rd,i'm getting pretty worried.

    Anyhoos,after seeing some of the footage of the China Earthquake on the news,i just couldn't bear to ignore it any longer.I've been avoiding the news,both tv and newspaper,because i really don't like to see such things.

    So i went online to ask around where i can make a donation and yes,DBS actually provides the donation service.

    I know that little amount of money can't really do much but at least i know the money is of good use there rather than with me.:)Although i'm officially broke now but i ain't complaining!It's for a good cause i know.

    And i know somethings which money can't buy.But if it can be measured using monetary terms,then..i'd have to say i'm very disappointed.It's ok,i've learnt to take things in my stride!;)

    Sometimes i can't help but to think to myself,you know,there's so many people walking in and out of your life.How would you know who stays and who goes?The answer is simple.

    The one who stays will never let this question be a question,but an answer.

    cindy [ 11:25 PM ]

    Saturday, May 17, 2008
    Okay,so i've been down with this unknown virus for days!Yes,even while i'm typing this post,i'm coughing my lungs out.

    I started having fever about 3 days back and the highest temperature i've hit was 39.1 degree.I could literally feel my body burning man!It felt as though i could almost set anything that's near me on fire.Seriously man,besides hating runny nose,i hate fever the most!EVERYTHING'S TASTELESS!!!HOW CAN!!

    So apparently,this virus started attacking me out of nowhere and the symptoms is rather similiar to that of Dengue.No,i'm not kidding.

    Then,all the other sickness came knocking at my door.You name it,i have it.

    Inititally it was just slight coughing,then came fever,then came runny nose.Great,the 2 things i hate the most came looking for me at such a great timing.

    Yes.Fever,runny nose,coughing(sore throat),diarrhoea,whole body aching like crap etc.

    You have no idea how my body temperature kept playing a prank on me.It kept going up and down up and down.One look,i'm 37.9 degree,then 38.4 degree then 38.1 degree.

    But now i'm better,i guess.Back to a normal temperature.And that's only because i went to see the doc twice.I tell you,neighbourhood doctors are crap ok!The medicine which they prescribe only made you feel worse.No use at all!

    So my dad brought my younger sis and I to Thomson Medical and okay,although it's very costly, at least the medicine does help.

    Yesterday night was hell.I kept perspiring nonstop but Celine and Kaijia said it's good,so i just had to bear with it.

    Even as i'm typing this,i'm perspiring.I hope i don't stink.

    Anyway,this is first time in my life i have to eat so many different types of medicine.Goodness..

    Alright,i think i'm gonna shower and rest again.Ciao..

    cindy [ 10:28 AM ]

    Sunday, May 11, 2008
    Today's Mother's day and Celine's birthday!

    Woke up early in the morning and headed down to my paternal grandma's house and waited for our newborn nephew to arrive since they're celebrating his full month in advance.I brought my laptop along so that i can webcam with Celine and show everyone in the house.My aunties were amazed by how she spent her time.They kept asking don't she have anything to do?And if that's what we do when we webcam.

    Basically just staring at each other.

    But technology is good.Since she can't be here to see the baby,i brought the laptop along and carry it to a position so that she can have a good view at the baby.Come to think of it,i feel rather 'noblelised' by my actions.

    She actually had a better view of the baby than i did ok!?Because when i put the laptop near the baby,it actually blocks my view!And it's not light ok?!People must be mocking me.Instead of carrying a baby,i'm carrying a laptop with a talking human in it.

    Anyway,took quite a few pics of Jon Paul!Damn adorable i tell you!And now he's more angmoh looking than the previous time we saw him.It's amazing how babies can change within such a short period of time.

    awww!so damn adorable!!

    JON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))

    aunties,cousin and JON PAUL!!

    he was looking at the laptop!!

    tsktsktsk,i love his side view!this sweetheart is gonna be one helluva good-looker i guarantee!

    My mom is having a feast outside with my grandma,aunties and uncles.Gonna treat her to a belated Mother's Day treat soon.

    Anyway before i end off,just wanna wish Celine a very happy ** birthday!!

    HAHAHAHA!At least i didn't put your age hor!'FOREVER 21'.Although the number is increasing every year,it's ok lah since everyone kept saying i looked older what!!!Irritating.

    Faster earn more money and let your bank grow!!So that the proposal can come true!HAHAAHAH!

    Ok,i think i'd better go now.

    cindy [ 9:08 PM ]

    Friday, May 09, 2008
    Yesterday was my first time driving my dad's car.My dad,Celine and younger sis were the first passengers.Very nerve-wrecking okay!?I only got to 'officially' drive after lunch when my dad asked if i wanna drive my sister back to the hotel.

    My parking still sucks but i'm trying to get the hang of it,soon!Hopefully by the time Celine comes back,i'll be a pro.

    School was good i guess?I'm just so glad there're actually YOUNG people around!No more aunties and uncles who speaks hokkien in class.

    There's a guy called Lin Jun Jie and when the lecturer called out his name,everyone burst out laughing.He was late for class and when he came in,the lecturer asked what was his name and he just said 'Jun Jie' and the lecturer was like,

    lecturer:Oh!Lin Junjie,that's you!

    Isn't it great to have celebrities' name?!

    Anyway,had supper with Kelvin and Kaijia last night.Christy and her friends joined us after Kaijia left and we only went home about 2.30am?Correction.I went home,they went Mustafa.

    COOOL,my dad asked if i dare to drive to school tonight!!HAHAAHA OMG,should i take the risk?!HAHAAH!

    cindy [ 12:33 PM ]

    Tuesday, May 06, 2008
    First and foremost,


    I couldn't get to sleep at all the night before the test but somehow,i managed to force myself to sleep since i have to wake up at 8am the next day.

    So the day came and i actually 'laosai' before going out of the house.

    It seems that whenever i get nervous,i'll find myself constantly farting and having the runs.It's not like i can help it you know!

    Did the warm up and everything and was slightly more confident to pass than the first time.So i went in the room,waited for the tester to tell us what to do and etc and did the balloting and i got the easiest route(in my opinion)and the best tester(as quoted from my instructor).What more can i ask for?!

    I told my instructor who my tester was and he was like,

    instructor:wah,you are super lucky man!he's damn good,in fact,the best tester around!i tell you,if you fail ah..i will kill you!
    instructor:yah,although he looked damn streetfighter,but he's really very good.if you fail i don't wanna see you already.

    So yea,it kinda give my confidence a boost.

    Everything was okay until the STUPID PARALLEL PARKING,AGAIN!!!!!!!You know,i was quite confident that i will get it over 'swee swee-ly',i mean,since my lessons and warm up were all good,in the end..i strike the stupid idiotic irritating kerb,again!!

    WAH LAO!

    He was like,

    streetfighter:hor!strike kerb ah!
    me:h..m..m..(on the verge of crying)

    Eh,serious man!I was really on the verge of crying!So i gave up the thought on passing.Went up the room;streetfighter lecturing;still lecturing and when i saw a big ZERO on the immediate failure box and a '1(-)' on the total score,i was on the verge of crying again!!

    WAH LAO!!


    I quickly ran down to find my instructor and..

    me:I PASSED!
    instructor:yah,i know.

    Hahaa!So calm somemore.Anyway,i really thanked the instructor!He's really damn good.But of cus,Karen also deserves some credit for recommending lah!;)

    Today saw me out with my dad and Celine to do the insurance thingy for the car.Don't ask me why so kiasu,i don't know.It wasn't me ok!?And then off to my cousin's house to visit my newly-born nephew!JON PAUL!!!DAMN CUTE!:)But he doesn't look very angmoh-ish now,but i love his eyes!

    isn't he cute?!!?!!?!awwww!

    Anyways,please go try 'Passion Fruit Meringue' from The Patissier!!IT'S FRIGGIN GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!Worth the bucks man!;))


    advance birthday girl

    dad and celine

    celine,dad and myself

    celine and myself

    School resumes tomorrow.Urgh!I really hate the thoughts of 'adapting to a new environment,meeting new people,new books..etc!'.A WHOLE NEW CLASS.Great.

    Weird,but,i don't even care if there's gonna be cute guys in the class.

    I hope school will be good to me,which i seriously am very skeptical about it.I have friends who are in the same course and are already complaining about the amount of projects and work and stress they are facing.

    Soon,it will be my turn.

    How nice.

    cindy [ 9:35 PM ]

    Friday, May 02, 2008
    "Bye Bye"

    This is for my peoples
    Who just lost somebody
    Your best friend, your baby
    Your man or your lady
    Put your hand way up high
    We will never say bye
    No, no, no

    Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers
    Friends and cousins
    This is for my peoples
    Who lost their grandmothers
    Lift your head to the sky
    Cause we will never say bye

    As a child there were them times
    I didn't get it
    But you kept me in line
    I didn't know why
    You didn't show up sometimes
    On Sunday mornings and I missed you
    But I'm glad we talked through

    All them grown folk things
    Separation brings
    You never let me know it
    You never let it show
    Because you loved me and obviously
    There's so much more left to say
    If you were with me today
    Face to face

    I never knew I could hurt like this
    And everyday life goes on I wish
    I could talk to you for a while
    Miss you but I try not to cry
    As time goes by

    And it's true that you've
    Reached a better place
    Still I'd give the world to see your face
    And be right here next to you
    But it's like you're gone too soon
    Now the hardest thing to do is say

    Bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye

    You never got a chance to see
    How good I've done
    And you never got to
    See me back at number one
    I wish that you were here
    To celebrate together
    I wish that we could
    Spend the holidays together

    I remember when you used to
    Tuck me in at night
    With the teddy bear you gave me
    That I held so tight
    I thought you were so strong
    You'd make it through whatever
    It's so hard to accept the fact
    You're gone forever

    I never knew I could hurt like this
    And everyday life goes on I wish
    I could talk to you for a while
    Miss you but I try not to cry
    As time goes by

    And it's true that you've
    Reached a better place
    Still I'd give the world to see your face
    And be right here next to you
    But it's like you're gone too soon
    Now the hardest thing to do is say

    Bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye

    This is for my peoples
    Who just lost somebody
    Your best friend, your baby
    Your man or your lady
    Put your hand way up high
    We will never say bye

    Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers
    Friends and cousins
    This is for my peoples
    Who lost their grandmothers
    Lift your head to the sky
    Cause we will never say bye, bye.

    I never knew I could hurt like this
    And everyday life goes on I wish
    I could talk to you for a while
    Miss you but I try not to cry
    As time goes by

    And it's true that you've
    Reached a better place
    Still I'd give the world to see your face
    And be right here next to you
    But it's like you're gone too soon
    Now the hardest thing to do is say

    Bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
    Bye bye

    Holy,i'm so addicted to this song by Mariah Carey!!It's friggin nice!:)


    '..if you want it come and get it'

    YES YES YES!!Madonna feat Justin Timberlake - 4 minutes

    It's good,it's good.More good musics are coming up and i'm simply loving it!!WOOOOOO!

    cindy [ 2:30 PM ]

    Thursday, May 01, 2008
    So,the thailand trip is cancelled.

    Esther hurt her toe and,yah,going to thailand is not possible.

    Yes,definitely didn't see that coming.I'm not gonna say i'm not disappointed because well,i am.I was so looking forward to it and had already secretly searched online for more places to go while Esther did some 'research' on her part.

    I don't know why but i'm the sort who can't mask my emotions for nuts!

    You see,i know it's not her fault but i can't help but to sound know,cold when she told me the trip is not possible.I really don't blame her but it's like,all the anticipation just died right at that moment.She must be thinking 'wah cindy that bitch,now i see your true colours..only care about your stupid trip and don't even bother to ask about my leg!'

    She's probably the one more 'dui' than me since she's the one booking all the crap while i just sat back and relaxed and did,erm,basically nothing.

    I know she's looking forward to the trip as much as i do but argh,why can't i just be more considerate instead of feeling the pinch about letting go of the trip?It's probably fated i can't go to thailand.

    But well,it just proves that my theory is right.PLANNING SUCKS!!!!!BIG TIME!!

    Okay,i know Miss Piggy you're probably reading this somewhere,sometime but hey,no hard feelings eh?I'm not gonna act like so noble and all and say 'no lah,i'm not disappointed..etc.',because i am!You lah!I don't understand how in the world you can get so high over MAN U scoring a goal and ended up in A&E with a cast on your trotter foot.No pun intended.

    Oh well,sorry if i sounded off on the phone but you know i don't mean it right?DISAPPOINTED WHAT!You just take care of that trotter of yours right now and rest well.

    Right.Celine is coming back today!Not sure if we're meeting later.Okai,i think i'd better go right now!Watch some shows and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

    cindy [ 12:08 PM ]