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+20 years old




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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005
    today's assembly was -_-"(speechless).i mean yes,indeed the indian dance was nice..very nice i shall say.but jus dat it was realli scary? erh..okai nvm,its hard to explain! perhaps its due to the fact dat ive got phobia for clowns/masks or anything which involve drawings on the face!
    after sch,went to swensens to celebrate esther's bday. i will upload the pics later..yup,we did have a wonderful time!(although i was stoning most of the time..but yea,i enjoyed myself!) =) after swensens,some needed to the few of us(esther,sam,wiki,sheena,yunjin and me)went to walk around. at first when we were taking pics,there was this caucasian guy who walked past us and he was like apologising to us cus he tot dat he had interupted the photo. but man,we were all hoping he was inside the pic! LOL! so we,being the usual gurls..u knoe like 'wah,i wanna take pic with him' and blah blah blah,were hoping to see him again so dat we could take a pic or two with him. and yes,wishes do come true..well,at least for the birthday gurl! we were at the shop and i was like

    me:eh!isnt dat the caucasian guy!?
    the gurls: *screams* OMG! eh eh..we go take pic with him leh!
    esther:eh wan or not? i go ask him lah..
    me:ok lah,i DARE you.

    the next moment,esther was alreadi running towards him -_-" i was shocked! haha! so the guy was so friendly and he was like..yea,why not? and u knoe wad? ALL THE GURLS TOOK A PIC WITH HIM EXCEPT ME.EXCEPT ME!!!! hurhur ='( why!? cus i was busy helping them to take pic dat i forgotten abt myself! now tell me,how noble am i? and those pple in Secret Recipe were like looking at us..and maybe thinking dat guy was somewhat superstar.LOL!
    aiight,i shall let the pictures do the talking! laters!


    welcome to the oldie club! =)

    cindy [ 11:12 AM ]

    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    and ARGH!!! yes! DAT CAUCASIAN GUY!!!!!! hurhur ='( Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 9:23 PM ]

    the gurls.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 9:22 PM ]

    humpty dumpty day! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 9:22 PM ]

    lol..monkey-ing around! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 9:18 PM ]

    in chemistry class..hahaa :) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 9:15 PM ]

    Monday, August 29, 2005
    school was as usual today..mrs lim was absent today,so during english class it was basically chit-chatting session.after recess was social studies..which again,was supposed to be mrs lim's period. so mr benjamin came in to relief us.and great discovery..i think mr benjamin looks like usher leh! LOL! i wasnt actually looking at him..i was jus staring in the space thinking of the 'supposingly test question'. so he was like walking to and fro infront of me and voila! i was like

    cindy: eh cher,i think u looked like usher!
    mr benjamin: oh,ure not the first person who tell me this..theres this sec 2 guy who said the same thing..

    haha.jus dat he's alil better-looking than usher lah.LOL! after the first period, mr ang came to relief us. and voila! i made another discovery! he looked like hossan leong! wooo~ hahaa! okai im jus being alil crappy here.=p
    so after sch,we had to stay back for the 'supposingly-short-talk' session with the principal but ended up spending 1 and a half hour in the conference room.=.=" it was jus some other motivation talk by the principal as the exams are drawing near. and for the first time,all the gurls from my class was present! and concidentally,the talk was meant for the first 9 gurls in our class..and tmr will be the guys' turn.haha.
    after which,we walked to newton and wiki,the lucky man,found 7 bucks on the grass! and she dunno how to 'zhi dong' one leh(by treating) instead she kept the money! -_-" hahaa.stingy! jkjk! yup,but the motivation talk doesnt seems to have its effect on me eh? how? =x

    cindy [ 11:12 PM ]

    yesterday was a stomach-filling day.knoe y? becus the whole day revolves around food,food and more foood! dats my secret on keeping up my shape..learn from me pple,LEARN! LOL!
    went to eat supper with derrick and andy yesterday.but before i met them at derrick's house,i had to walk through this path.and my god,it eye-opener i guess? =_=" at the side of the road were all these shophouses..and i saw those women standing alongside of the road wearing skimpy clothes.eeeuck!!i guess one of the shophouses is the brothel lah.and those men were like standing outside*bang walls*
    so i was waiting for them at the playground..den i saw this 2 indian men fighting.okai,not so much of fighting..jus grabbing+pulling shirts?and those pple at the sides were like shouting 'oei oei!' den behind came a man and another woman chasing after the 2 indian men..nuthin spectacular,realli.ahahaa!but the place is so...corrupted lah!and for dat,kudos to derrick for he is able to live there for YEARS! i cant imagine staying there,seriously!
    u knoe one thing abt the two gays..i mean GUYS is dat,they will try all means to make u regret on the things u do OR buy,for dat matter. they had to keep saying abt my birkenstock! like..

    andy:*points to his sandal* eh,this one only 4 bucks leh!!
    derrick:*looks at my birkenstock* what's so nice abt it?wheres the logo?
    -i showed him-
    derrick: HUH!? like dat onli..wah lao,i can help u draw lah!

    eh eh?? i REPENT-ed! i heart-ached..but its onli ONCE IN A WHILE WAD! ='( i hafta pamper myself more often u knoe?
    after dat,we went to the coffeeshop and ate ONE rotiprata each..BUT,after prata we went to eat dimsum.LOL.did i mention it was a stomach-filling day? yah after eating dimsum,we walked to dunno where for angmoh hunting becus they said theres a pub nearby and ALOT of angmoh goes there..BUT? DONT HAVE! DONT HAVE!! the street was so damn quiet..okai wait..actually yes,we did saw a GROUP of them but a GROUP is different from ALOT wad,no? LOL.
    so after the 'fruitless' trip,i took a cab home.and the taxi driver was like asking me how come i go home so late and all. and how come i go dat kinda place..its very dangerous.and how come this how come dat.=_=" hahaa,but its okai..even an uncle is concern abt,im glad! LOL =)
    and yes,they are the BEST Desker Road tour guides around!

    cindy [ 12:24 PM ]

    Sunday, August 28, 2005
    woke up at 9.30am and got myself ready to meet christy,wiki,kelvin and wendy. was supposed to meet at 10.30 to eat breakfast..but yes,as usual the group was late.except for wiki. she reached there at 10.30 sharp and guess wad?she went to play arcade!jus imagine..early in the moring play arcade! -_-"
    so christy and me met wiki first followed by wendy and kelvin. after walking for abt 15 mins,we decided to eat at pasta mania.after eating,something happened.ever wonder how does one feel when 'shit' days occur? suck,totally! yesterday was a bad day to end with..having disagreements for the skit and all and almost ending up..killing each other?and we always thought 'tomorrow will be a better day'..yea rite~
    after which,we went to expo for the Popular sales..wasted trip i would say.there was practically nothing at all! i mean,yes there are things..but its all for children.we saw mrs poh and her husband but we didnt went up to say hi..shy wad! =p wanted to buy TYS and the book dat derrick wanted to buy,but? DONT HAVE! =(
    after the fruitless trip,we went to Rocky Master and have a drink.chocobits is yummy!*teeheee den we decided to play cs! so we went to marina square and played for 2 hrs. after playing,we went to eat again! LOL.we spent most of the money on food..imagine,each of us had 30+ bucks at first..but after eating,we were left with abt 10 yup,do ur math =)
    we left and headed home..christy and wiki will be meeting up again with sam and her frens to go case they didnt realise..prelims are jus 2 weeks away!! and speaking of exams..i got back my MCQ results for physics mock.yup,i think im the lowest in the level.
    this is when self-consolation comes in handy!

    cindy [ 12:19 PM ]

    Friday, August 26, 2005
    ask me how was the mock exam and i shall answer u with one word..BAD!! im gonna fail,damn badly! the physics was like..what-the-hell and for the first time,i actually feel dat chemistry was so much easier than physics.(although i knoe im not gonna score for chem,but at least i wrote a few sentences! =P) my place was crap lah.uber HOT man! HOOOTTT!! no wind at all! okai,maybe theres breeze..but onli for awhile! and i was like kinda fed up alreadi becus the physics was like mailto:#@%#$ and my place was like mailto:#@^%! so in all it was ^#&@%@$#^~!!!
    and im so not looking forward to getting back my results! hahaa..well,this is the consequences ive gotta face for NOT studying..
    after the mock exam,stayed back alil while to do the skit.okai,we didnt exactly do the was so unproductive! we were practically hanging arnd in the hall,listening to music and looking at wiki 'dancing'. (yes,pls note the INVERTED(s)!) after dat,kelvin,wendy,wiki and me went tekka mall to eat.
    and wad is singapore's becoming to? we saw so,BIG HINT..its related to my yesterday's entry. i mean its like a norm to see these pple around lately dat i dont even feel anything anymore. yes,i still feel uncomfortable abt it..but oh wells,time to adapt!
    oh..den me and wiki were laughing nonstop at each other.(no,we wasnt laughing at those pple..dont be mistaken) we were like sitting opposite each other and i kept looking at wiki.den kelvin was like saying abt her teeth and all and plus wendy's critics on her..dat when i looked at her,i jus burst out laughing. and she laughed becus i laughed. so, both of us practically laughed for abt 10 mins..until both our back ached like crazy! so kelvin and wendy were like sitting down staring at god,it was uber furnie i swear but i dunno why both of them didnt laugh..they're boring pple lah! JUST JOKING!!!! okai not furnie..
    aiight,i think dats all for today..gotta go bathe now! cyars!

    cindy [ 11:23 AM ]

    Thursday, August 25, 2005
    steal alil time to blog since im online..*teehee
    tmr's the mock exam and u knoe wad? yes,ive not started revising yet! am i in deep shits? u bet! okai lah,i did revised a teeny weeny bit but hello? i dont think its gonna help much! although i did have a short afternoon nap,but feeling sleepy~ i was thinking to 'piah' throughout the night(again),but i dont think it will help either! so i think im jus gonna hit the books alil more and den......u knoe wads next :)
    had tuition jus now and it was so furnie!my tutor's cousin called her and asked her a question...
    what is a bisexual?
    and i knoe my tutor's kinda embarrassed lah,she was like whispering and told her cousin to call her back in-turned,she asked me..and she was like 'how am i gonna answer him!?' and from there,we started the topic on yes..bisexual. so i told her abt the 'little india's incident'. hahaa,if u guys dunno wad im toking abt,i shall blog abt it another time.LOL. and she told me abt hers too. yes,it was pretty much a ermm..sensitive topic? but well,it was furnie lah!*teehee
    aiight,i knoe this post is kinda random but HAHA! im bored =p okai..i shall go STUDY NOW! laters!

    cindy [ 1:58 PM ]

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005
    okai,so how was my oral? yes,as was screwed up! how i wish there will come a time whereby i need not say that word anymore in my life.i mean,after every exam dat ive been through..that word will automatically come out from my mouth.i wonder how would it feel to be confident..abt anything at long as after doing dat particular thing,u'll feel a sense of satisfaction. I WONDER~
    the passage was A OK,but i dunno y i cant stop my voice from shivering until the examiners hafta tell me to 'RELAX'. i cant! its hard to calm down y'all knoe,especially when u knoe this is gonna affect ur Os EL results. for the passage,i think i'll be able to get through it BUT conversation? OH..MY..GOD~ i think i jus went outta point man.i was stuttering nonstop,really! its so hard to control..becus wadeva i wanna say,i'd hafta think twice before i start blabbering shits.but in the end? yes,i did blabbered shits =( *bang walls*
    but it was a privilege for us as the oral was held in the we were able to make use of the resources(the books!)to have alil practice..although it didnt help much! hahaa.i read chicken soup.LOL! s
    after oral,wiki and me went to far east to eat..we were ultra we went to this japanese stall and eat ramen.but we were still hungry! so we went to long john and have a 2nd serving.hahaa!! pls note dat we did not eat for the whole its realli nuthin surprising and its totally understandable for the amount of food we consumed.and guess wad? she's gonna eat yoshinoya with her bro mine's jus small case,no? *teeheee


    cindy [ 11:10 AM ]

    Monday, August 22, 2005
    okai,the thought of it realli send shivers down my spine. i was listening to the music in my com and suddenly,the door bell i went outta my room and check the door(it was open by the way)but nobody was im like ok~ and i started to imagine lotsa things..(if u knoe wad i mean!) and i was realli scared lah! so i blast the music and tried to distract i quickly msn wendy..

    me:wendy im scared..
    me:i dunno..jus now i dunno y the door bell suddenly ring,wah shit lah..scary sial!
    wendy:...............nobody at door?
    wendy:maybe is ppl play prank lei!dont scare urself..
    me:but cannot be wad?
    wendy:u have the buddha chanting thing if its something dirty....
    wendy:cannot go ur room wad..have to pass by ur papa's room first.means it can nv reach ur room..

    wah lao!how can nv reach?windows leh!? -_-" hahaa but she's damn furnie lah,everytime she'll mention abt the chanting thing.haha! so i quickly called my mom and ask her where is she and she was still at my grandma's house! den she say she will take a cab down. in the meantime,andy i told him abt it..guess wad he said? 'CHEY!I THOUGHT WAD'...wah lao!u called this CHEY!? its not a very nice 'season' to have this kinda thing happening,no?!? okai,maybe im jus thinking too much..but my god!i'd have pee-ed in my pants if i dont have a lion's gut!
    after dat,my mom came..and i told her wad happened and she was like 'harya,dont think too much!maybe its the door bell from upstairs' -_-" (dats my mom's way of consoling herself when she experiences this) and den she gave me 2 kisses on the cheek. LOL.okai yes,i knoe i sound like a 3-year-old but a kiss from ur mom realli makes wonder isnt it? its a way of telling u dats everything's gonna be all right :) hehee..
    i had been asking pple to watch The Maid last week..shits,those who are reading this..I DONT WANNA WATCH ALREADY!! pls pass the msg arnd.thanks! haha!
    gosh,tmr's my oral and i didnt knoe until jus now! heh..wish me luck cus i realli need dat!laters!

    cindy [ 12:32 PM ]

    Sunday, August 21, 2005
    aiight,decided to change my blogskin again..and concidentally,kelvin changed his too! but he's got Hobbes..i dont!nvm~im cute i dont hafta change to a cuter blog.LOL! yesyes,im bhb BUT im loving it man! =))
    i did practically nothing today! okai,actually..everyday! and i knoe it shouldnt be the case becus exams are AROUND THE CORNER!! 28 more days to prelims..soon,will be the big Os.shucks!the feeling isnt very nice y'all knoe? its like..u wan to get it over and done with yet at the same time,it happens so quickly! -_-" im old.and i hate to think of it!
    my mom's feeling alil betta im quite relieved.although she still sound weak and all,im sure she's gonna be well soon.cus i'll be praying for her :) laters!

    cindy [ 10:57 AM ]

    Saturday, August 20, 2005
    hmm..i dunno wad to blog actually.cus nuthin's been up lately.yes,boring life i lead..hahaa!
    was thinking of whether to go Peikio and play soccer with christy and all or not.but decided not to..the stupid kelvin!he has to,by all means,make me feel guilty! such as by saying 'you dont go,i dont go'.sounds nice eh? but nooo~ its an alternate way to make a person(like me)feel guilty.
    HOWEVER,since im alreadi so used to this kinda treatment,it no longer has any effect on me..which means?hahaa! u get my drift =) so,im jus gonna stay home..and rot! like wad kelvin said to me jus 5 sec ago on msn. after sch,we stayed back awhile to do the teacher's day as usual,it was a last min rehersal and yes,it was screwed up. did i mention it was AS USUAL? okay,i did.hahaa =p
    after the skit,i headed to my grandma's mom wasnt feeling good and her leg was oh my god,damn swollen lah!she couldnt walk properly..for the first time,i could feel my heart in,realli ached.she was so helpless and yet,i couldnt do, she was having a slight i accompanied her to the clinic and goodness gracious,the doc said it was pretty serious.and dat if it doesnt recover even after eating the medicine and applying the cream,she'd hafta be admitted to the hospital for operation! i was damn worried lah! tears were like starting to well up my eyes,i dunno why.its jus dat kinda unexplainable feeling..perhaps i jus feel dat im realli useless?its like sometimes when i think back on how i talked to her over the phone,the tone dat i used on her(those who heard how i speak to my mom on the phone will knoe wad im toking abt)..i feel im such an unfilial daughter,realli.and when she's falling sick and all,the least i could do is only by accompanying her to the clinic.i love my mommy,i realli do.but perhaps,im jus not the sort who will literally show it out.

    cindy [ 1:12 PM ]

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005
    argh!frustrating!i initially changed to a new blogskin cus im kinda sick of this blogskin alreadi..but dunno y,the new one doesnt turn out right! ='( hais..i guess i'll hafta stick to this for the time-being. its realli such a hassle to change into a new blogskin cus u'll need to change the settings and all..nvm~trivial matter.=p
    we're left with 32 more days to prelims.yes,dats right..32 more days can u believe it!? and to add on to the stress level,we will be having a mock exam for science next thursday. yes,of all subjects..SCIENCE.a subject i 'love' the most. thank you so very much..they knoe me realli well. my goodness,time is passing so quickly..its scary u knoe!?
    cindy,pls buck up..u wanna see edison at the end of the year,u gotta piah now! if not..NO EDISON,NO EDISON! =( tatas~

    cindy [ 7:01 AM ]

    Sunday, August 14, 2005
    a few updates before i hit the sack..went to meet christy,wiki and wendy at suntec first before meeting esther at marina. walked arnd marina to find for food but it was so crowded lah. wanted to eat at cafe cartel..but no seats.tot of swensens,but gotta queue up. so in the end,we went to eat at long john. its a small world,realli. met helena,jannah and their 2 other frens at long john. hahaa..and the jannah said i stalked her.full of craps.
    after eating,esther had to go she went off the 4 of us tot of playing pool or bowling..but in the end? played CS.i didnt knoe how to play(yes lah yes,im suaku!) they were 'nvm lah,i teach u'. lol,its damn fun lah!im still trying to get a hang of it..cus i dunno how to go the menu and blah blah..but i can shoot lah!and i think for a first timer im damn good alreadi leh~LOL!
    i was realli irritated jus now by some ass bus driver who REFUSES to stop even though he saw us/crowd flaging for the bus. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STOP THE BUS BECUS WE FLAGGED!!! and wad made me more pissed was dat..there was this lady went up to knock on the bus door(cus the bus was at the traffic light) and the damn bus driver was like shaking his head in disapproval to open the damn bloody door! i was like WTH!! should have jot down the plate number and ask derrick to lodge a complain! cus he's good at it..LOL! jkjk! but realli lah,damnit! such bus drivers shouldnt even exist in this world..i mean hello!? ur bloody job is to bloody stop the bus and pick up passengers when they bloody flagged the bus and NOT by refusing to stop and made passengers wait for another bus! u got a job so u jolly well do wad is expected of u lah!its a good thing i wasnt in a rush to go home,if not.....'somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad!'

    cindy [ 3:17 PM ]

    im finally done with fnn partB! meaning? no more staying up late at nite till 3 in the morning!! past few days were shits man.only had 3 hrs to sleep for 2 days..resulting more dark circles! i can imagine how im gonna look like during the O level period. =.=
    speaking of O back my O level MT result yesterday and danmit,it was ultra disappointing lah! B4,can u believe it? bt okai..actually i sorta expected it cus u knoe sometimes when u do something,u will,more or less,knoe wad the outcomes would be rite? yup..but at least give me a B3 lah! so many pple were asking me to retake and all.and im seriously considering it.
    den after sch..roy,esther and me was walking outta the sch when we saw ang kok kee waiting for esther went up and tok to her.i had alreadi predicted she would make some comment abt my result and indeed,she did. she asked me abt my result and i was like 'B4'. den she was like..'u could have gotten a distinction,see..i told u in sec2,u ruined urself'. should i be glad dat she has such a high hope on me or blame myself for...ruining myself!? by the way..if u guys didnt knoe,ang kok kee was against me during my sec2 days for..god knoes wad have i done! sec 1 was okai..but seriously till this date,i STILL dunno wad did i do to make her so disappointed in me. she said i changed and even 'warned' ruiza not to mix with me..(indirectly lah!) like telling ruiza TO MIX WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE. rightos~ im such a bad influence,i agree. and wad/which aspect have i changed?perhaps she's jus too quick to judge..not even knowing whos the real me. i dunno why am i bringing this issue up i mean since it had happened 3 years ago.but somehow i jus feel so wronged. 'yuan wang ah!'
    on a lighter note,went to my grandma's house after being 'yuan wang' my new niece and she's damn cute lah!so whole palm is her head can! and i could see how happy the proud mama(my cousin) is when she was feeding her new-born..see the glow on her face =) and my uncle and aunty..first time being grandparents.its such a nice feeling seeing pple smile at what,to them as the most important things in their life.and this tiny life dat can actually bring so much joy to the family.this is wad money cant buy..really.
    after which,i took a cab home as christy,wendy and wiki wanted to come my house to celebrate wendy's we jus slacked arnd and watched 'la pi xiao xin',again.hahaa! a few mins before the clock strikes 12,we took the cake out from the fridge and after dat,we sang her bday song.den wendy was like...'shy,shy..' shy my arse lah!LOL. so we took a few pic and cut the cake. it was kinda 'low-profile' feeling leh,i dunno y.hahaa
    aiight,i think i'd betta go now! gotta do my tuition hardworking rite? =)


    cindy [ 7:28 AM ]

    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    cutting cake.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:48 PM ]

    US.nice shot rite? it was self-timed leh! =) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:47 PM ]

    candid shots..hahaa! i was bluffed them i was testing the camera Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:46 PM ]

    the cake! okai..CAKES. the small cakes are for each of us. so cute rite? im the cutest! but cant see the face.. from left: mine,christy,wendy and crayon MAN (wiki) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:46 PM ]

    the bday gurl..hahaa Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:44 PM ]

    okai..cant realli see  Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:43 PM ]

    again.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:42 PM ]

    the fireworks during national day! from my house's view..nice rite~ hahaa Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:42 PM ]

    Thursday, August 11, 2005
    oh yes,look at the time now! its hell with fnn! u knoe wad? i dont gonna hit the sack soon,VERY soon!right after i blogged..bleah~
    had lunch with christy and wendy at my house's nearby market..was friggin hungry! i ate claypot rice and bloody hell,can u believe it? i burnt my tongue!! ='( but still,it was nice..i almost forgot how does rice taste like.after which,we went to the new was crap shopping with the two lamers i swear! especially christy lee! she kept screaming..and the volume of her voice is equivalent to dat of the loudest volume of my teevee! no,not exagerrating at all! it was so embarrassing lah. i jus cant imagine living with them,period.
    we spent abt..45 mins in the NTUC? was new lah dats y.and when we were abt to leave,furnie thing happened.there was this woman..middle-aged woman lah,she was coming up from the elevator and right infront of the elevator there's this me and wendy were standing at the elevator's entrance lah,waiting for christy to come up cus she..being the blur sotong as ever,went down(together with the trolley)without we made her came dat woman was like standing right infront of the mirror SCRATCHING HER ARMPIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes,u read it right..SCRATCHING HER ARMPIT!!!!!! G.R.O.S.S!! OMG can u imagine everyone's coming up from the elevator and she,being the center of attraction(cus she was standing right infront of the mirror)blocking other pple's view SCRATCHED HER ARMPIT IN THE PUBIC,OOOOPS i meant PUBLIC! -_-" den the three of us kept laughing nonstop lah! den i was like 'eh,dont like dat lah..pple cleaning the dirt mah..its hygiene!' (okai yes,it sounds damn gross i understand) but hahaa! somemore the woman acted so calmly,so damn cool!~! she was like looking in the mirror without any facial expression..rised up her right arm and......SCRATCHED.followed by left arm..and......SCRATCHED! good thing she didnt smell it..wahahaa! =p kudos to her,cus i'll never have the guts to do it.

    cindy [ 5:26 PM ]

    was having a break after doing fnn for 1 hr and i was feeling ultra bored dat i suddenly came up with a few nonsensical quotes. where does boredom leads one to? being stuper lame.

    'if i were given a choice,i'd want to be dat u can take care of me until the end of time.'
    'if i were given a choice,i'd want to be dat i would not hear all the negative remarks dat were being said.'
    'if i were given a chance,i'd chopped off both your limbs so dat u would not walk away from me.'

    theres still a few more,but i lazy to type all out lah.LOL.i was laughing while i was typing it out on msn (as my nick). wad to do? fnn had drove me nuts! so,how lame am i? u judge. heh!

    cindy [ 6:27 AM ]

    Wednesday, August 10, 2005
    wOoOhOoo!! a new life is born! an addition member to my maternal's family =) hehee! dats the lastest news i received from my mommie! my cousin had jus given birth to a gurl.yay! another baby to play with! hahahaa! what a day =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! and to my new baby niece *smiles* =D

    cindy [ 8:05 AM ]

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005
    dont feel like going to sch i skipped it.i mean aniwaes its onli a half-day,so might as well stay at home =p was feeling ultra hungry so decided to order KFC. asked my dad and he was like 'u pay ah?'. den i told him i got no money and i was trying to make him feel damn guilty by saying dat he was supposed to buy for me dinner yesterday but he DIDNT.and he has to defend himself by all means.u knoe wads his reply to my answer? ' eh good wad! i helping u to 'jianfei' leh!' wah..whos dad would actually say dat to his own daughter!?! -_-" i think most parents are realli against their children going on diets and all,but NOOOOOO,not for my dad! yes yes,pls pity me. =(
    but i still went on ordering in the end.LOL.its a miracle i could actually finish up the whole whipped potato cus as a matter of fact,i dont realli like whipped potato.yes,im weird. and the best thing is,i was supposed to leave the whipped potato for my dad.LOL.nvm~still got coleslaw! hahaa! pls dont be mistaken,im very filial actually.heheeeee!
    and i dunno isit concidental or wad,the bamboo(u knoe,the bamboos used for hanging clothes?) yes,dat..actually fell on me! and oh,its not the first time the bamboo fell onto me y'all knoe? lol.i guess im the onli one in this world dat has this kinda dumb =( my god,and now i could feel the bum on my forehead.shucks. lesson learnt? never eat the whipped potato which was meant for your father.

    cindy [ 8:06 AM ]

    Monday, August 08, 2005
    oh my god..i jus had the shock of my life. thanks to wendy..who has been 'cursing' me! since the starting of the hungry ghost festival,she has been asking the same question..

    wendy: eh cindy,wad if one day the music of your dad's prayer suddenly stop ah?
    (becus my dad has a small player for the buddha's prayer and its played continuously 24/7)
    me: choy! harya,wont one lah!
    wendy: no..i said wad if!
    cindy: i will cry and then i will call and curse u!

    and yes,her 'curse' came true! the music stopped! okai lah,its becus of the short heart stopped for a sec..i mean,its realli creepy rite!?ive nv had a short circuit since last year!my god,luckily its not in the night! if not........-_-" and straight away,i called wendy

    me: wah lao wendy! u suckkkkkk!!
    wendy: huh? wad thing?
    me: my house blackout lah!the music stopped lah! wah laoooo..
    wendy: WAHAHAHAHAHA,realli ah!?
    me: thanks leh! wah laoo..u damn idiot lah! luckily its not at night,if not i will realli cry ok! wah lao! can u pls slap ur mouth?
    wendy: wahahaa..okok,slapped liao

    lesson learnt,dont mess with wendy weng! shits.

    cindy [ 4:56 AM ]

    Sunday, August 07, 2005
    woke up in the morning.yes,the computer man again! but all was well except dat i realli need to replenish my dosage of sleeping time. i did some reflections today.weird,but yea..i actually planned out a time-table for myself.erm,jus for these couple of days! hahaa,becus i knoe dat i wont keep up with it for a long run.
    i realised i dont have much time in,till the prelims starts.ive yet to finish my fnn coursework and its realli frustrating to knoe dat u've got a task on hand but not able to complete it.ok,maybe in this case..not wanting to complete it. i dunno y..i jus got no motivation this year. and the due date for part B is next friday! -_-" however,as i mention dat i did some reflections today..i actually spent 4 hrs doing my part B =) and with dat 4hrs,ive onli completed 30% of it. so yea,do the math.but i think i'd be able to complete it on time.and dats onli for part B cus im left with 60% of part A..undone! oh shits.
    and i jus remember..i havent done any of the tuition+schoolwork yet! ahh! 24 hrs is not enough for me..not enough!okai,i think dats abt it!
    so,with such a short i still talk/write like a retard?how retarded

    cindy [ 1:32 PM ]

    Saturday, August 06, 2005
    was feeling rather bored so i read a few of my past entries.its fun looking back on the things dat had happened and trying to recollect the feeling on how i handled/feel at dat point of time.however,the one dat realli touches me most is the one dats dedicated to ruiza..(lol!i knoe it sounds touched by wad i wrote?haha!) but yea. its amazing how our friendship is able to stay strong despite the fact dat yes,we're both in different parts of the globe. i wont deny dat there were moments i wasnt sure if our friendship would remain the same..but,time proved me wrong.and im glad dat im wrong.for all dat i knoe,nobody can ever replace her..and im sure as for her,nobody can replace me! hahaa! even though we hardly get to tok to each other/write to each other or simply..communicate with each other lately,theres this 'bond' dat keeps us close.with dat,im thankful..realli am :) i knoe she doesnt come to my blog alreadi lah,but well..this is my deepest heartfelt.
    times flies..ive been using this blog for 6 mths now.i wonder if i'd still continue in the future..but as for now,i would! hehee! we're down with 42 days to prelims. revisions? havent even started! im gonna be so,so,sooooooo dead! =( today's MT lesson was crap lah.the show is like dunno how many centuries back! and wad 'liu lao lao'..she got the 'qian bian' face leh i feel. okai lah,i knoe im damn mean..but u knoe some old pple they got the kinda face u would wanna take care of them and respect them but the 'liu lao lao' ah,i dont even wanna see her face lah.and the whole show is basically looking at all the women LAUGHING away..and the furnie thing is dat,i dont even knoe wad they were laughing abt! whenever the 'liu lao lao' finishes her sentence,all the women will start laughing. BIMBOS! -pouts
    after MT,it was PE. another crappy period..during the ending of the game,i dunno wad the guys were doing was supposed to be volleyball,but in turn?it became...kicking balls.madness! den during recess,wiki,esther,wendy and me went to the hall and played badminton.hardworking leh? lah,cus we dont feel like instead of wasting time,might as well do some exercise.okai,doesnt sound like me.hahaa! but i dont wanna be a spoil sport lah u see..
    aiight,today is tecksin's bday..i knoe she doesnt come to my blog but aniwaes,

    cindy [ 10:36 AM ]

    Friday, August 05, 2005
    wooooohooo!! am i smart or am i jus..clever!?! guess wad?! im using MY COMPUTER NOW!! :) i was actually trying my luck..hoping dat my com would i on it,and wishing dat the connection icon would did.but it stated 'connection unavailable'. so i jus stared at the screen,listening to song and i dunno wad did i do/press..voila!the connection is back!! feels gooooood to be typing on my keyboard,staring at my screen and listening to my songs.hehee!! but aniwaes..the computer man is coming on sat,again. 'fixing' my com. and guess wad time he's coming? 8.30am!! wah..i realli feel like slapping him!

    me: eh alex ah,when can u come and 'fix' my com ah?
    him: huh? wad happened again?
    me: i tot dat day i jus told u! the connection thing lah
    him: oh..which one?
    me: my room's!
    him: oh ok,hmmm..................
    (mus hmmmmm for so long meh!? and he realli 'hmmmm-ed' ok!)
    me: cus i need to use the com urgently(ok,dats actually bullshit lah.but oh wells! =p)
    him: ok den..can i come on sat?
    me: sat ah..ok,wad time?
    him: 8.30am....(i wanted to say 'huh' alreadi..until he continued) becus next week i cant go alreadi,cus i resigned..and i'll not be free animore.

    so..wad else can i say!? OK lah.*grind teeth* okai aniwaes,today's fnn lesson was realli furnie. we had 3 periods of fnn but we did nuthin concerning fnn.LOL. 1st period was relief by ms nor..2nd period was relief by ms au.den we started toking abt air-cons.LOL.den from there,we linked linked linked to insurance and all..but it was nice toking to her :) i never knew she's such a nice person becus in my memory lane,she's one of the teachers who always scold me during my poor lower sec days =( hahaa! but yea,she's nice =)
    THEN! 3rd period was ms goi.this is where the fun part begins. sheena went to the toilet and at first,the class was doing some self-revision until someone suggested to play a prank on sheena (or was it me who suggested? i dont think so lah! im not so bad..i onli gave some ideas.) so i was like..

    me: ah! i knoe! eh manoj..y not we off the lights right,den u take off ur blouse so dat u can be camoflauge den sheena wont see u mah

    den the whole class started laughing and saying i racist. wah lao..i didnt mean it dat way..becus it jus so happened dat manoj was wearing a black t-shirt wad! i was trying to say since he's wearing a black t-shirt..den maybe can camoflauge mah! -_-" den ms goi added dat now she knoe y abhisek called me a racist. im NOT a racist!! ive got Indian neighbour and i LOVE roti prata.
    den..we make good use of the 'figure' in the needlework room. we put the 'figure' infront of the door so when sheena opens the door,it will scare the crap outta jaffar and manoj actually took a mop as a wig and put in on the figure to look as though it was the 'hair' of the figure. we predicted the following outcomes dat sheena might react to..
    1) scream and then faint
    2) scream and then run out of the room
    3) scream and then run for her life
    4) scream and then cry
    5) scream and then jus stand there..blurred
    noticed all involves screaming? yes,becus screaming is a must for her. LOL. but none of our prediction came true. onli the screaming part. but she was realli scared lah. shivering nonstop. as i was guilt-ridden,during english class..i accompanied her to the toilet.and the best thing was..the whole class blamed me for it when i wasnt the onli one who got involved! the moment i stepped into the class..'wah lao cindy! how can u like dat!'. good class spirit isnt it? fate =(

    cindy [ 9:41 AM ]

    Thursday, August 04, 2005
    argh! my com is temporary down,thanks to? the computer man lah! so much for 'fixing' my com. its always after he tried to 'fix' it,my com will be down the next moment.and now? im using my sis's com with a completely different keyboard.i knoe i should be grateful and whatnots BUT..
    I WAN MY COM LAH! can anyone understand how i feel!?! :'(
    so near yet so com is jus inside my room yet i cant use it! maybe its..erh,punishment for me? ive been slacking all day long..starring at com/surfing net/msn/songs.spending 1/4 of my life on the net and not even focusing on my studies when prelims is jus...43 days away!! argh! this is not the way..i think i should catch up,and i mean..realli catch up on my studies. =.="
    hadnt been catching up with ruiza lately.the tendency on us meeting online is getting lesser and lesser.whenever im online,shes not and vice versa.whatmore,my com is down for now! no more telepathy ='( (dats wad she said by the way) which i agree..we're both leading different lives in two different countries.okai,not realli different lives as in dramastic kind but as in..its hard to explain lah uh.its jus sorta an inner-feel.
    speaking of which(as in inner-feel),today's fnn lesson was pretty hilarious. grace ho came to relieve ms soo for the class and when she walked in to the class..wendy and me were like:

    wendy/me: wah cher,u looked so pretty today!
    grace ho: oh isit? i tot i look pretty everyday? *smiling to herself*
    -a moment of silence-
    me: eh cher,i think u looked like a student leh..
    ho: oh realli?who? hu*y* ah? (lol,i dont wanna mention names..but i think big hint: CHOR BU)
    me/esther: eh how u knoe? got alot of pple also say ah?
    ho: yah..a few lah.

    den she started asking why do we say they look alike and blah blah blah..-_-".but it was damn furnie lah uh! haha.okai and today..somebody realli pissed me off man. actually,two. again,no mentioning of names. how would u feel if say,ure reading something halfway and u jus left the thing on the table for 3 secs and someone else jus took it away and reads it? and when the person said 'awhile' actually means dat till-the-person-doesnt-wanna-read-anymore-then-you-give-back? annoyed is the word i would use to describe.and its not the first time mind you! dats wad makes it a 'double offence'. and wads worse is dat,the person actually told another person dat the newspaper was found in the toilet! like hello!? i was reading it until you took it away. nvm,its over..but im sure there will be a next time.mark my words.

    cindy [ 12:13 PM ]