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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, September 30, 2006
    met up with ms soo and all for dinner after soo was on house!!its been awhile since i saw her and yup,i miss her!lol..i used to complain abt fnn and everything,but well..she's nice and she deserved to be missed..;)

    shes still the same..with her never-ending stories.hahaah!although it was a short and simple dinner,it was nice!been quite long since i actually hang out with a big group of the feeling was great!i mean at least there're topics to talk about.

    after which,we headed down to the gosh,the noise really gives me headache man!super noisy!and i cant believe i used to frequent TBP's arcade when i was younger.hahaa!used to be my was to the extent i'll get free games from the uncle when there isnt alot of people.but,it wasnt dat noisy lah!and lesser ah bengs.

    so we played this Mario-kart games and it was super funny!i totally lost control of the kart and idiotic sheena was buzzing by the side of my ears..

    'now i know why you fail ur BASIC theory test,HAHAHAHA'

    yes,for ur information,i what?can always retake what.bloody hell!

    bloody cheat my money.
    my time.
    my energy.
    and my heart.

    i was already PLANNING like when to take the practical test and all and i even told my sis,confidently,

    'by feb when u come back,i'll drive u arnd lah ok?'

    in the end?sighhhhh!
    and my aunts and cousins kept asking me how i did,i dont even have to answer..

    sis:HAHAAHA!haiyo,she fail lah.basic only leh!

    i make sure THIS TIME,the 3rd time,i'll bloody pass it.although i havent register yet.probably soon,when i have the time to really sit down and read through dat damn book.BASIC leh,cant believe it.i think im really damn stupid.

    laugh all you want lor..

    ok lah,i think i'd better be going now!school tomorrow..everyone,HAI~

    cindy [ 2:55 PM ]

    Friday, September 29, 2006
    had a really HEAVY dinner just now.and im feeling uberly ultra-ly FULL.i realised everytime when im back from Newton,my stomach will be bloating like crazy(yah,when it actually looked bloated in the first place).

    anyway,sch has started,again and this time the lecturer is omg.ok lah,actually hes not dat fact,i find him really cute.hes old enough to be my grandfather by the way,so cute as in a grandfatherly kind of cute.

    he so remind me of Mr Seow lah!
    but a cuter version.
    but i like Mr Seow too.
    but dats not the point.

    so we stepped into the class and were expecting some female lecturer becus when we saw the name on the screen before we went up,it looked as though it was a lady's name.

    the lesson started and when the lecturer uttered his first word,the class burst out in laughters.yeah,i gotta admit its damn mean but seriously,its really damn thing was,the lecturer joined in the laughter too.

    funny senerio 1 :-

    lecturer:so you all have any questions or not ah?if have,just ask..but i cant answer all the questions,ah.

    funny senerio 2 :-
    *while he was explaining the different terms of the words*

    lecturer:ok ah,now see.the word Quantity means the amount of something(and he gave an example)and the word Quality means...Quality lah.

    funny senerio 3 :-

    -one of my classmate suddenly stood up and walked to the door becus he was damn urgent to go release some nature-

    lecturer:eh eh,where you going ah?where you going ah?
    classmate:toilet lah!

    funny senerio 4 :-

    -a classmate came late;lecturer saw her;she sat down for abt 5 mins already,

    lecturer:eh eh,who just came in ah?who just came in ah?

    lol!it was really damn funny!every sentence,he'll end it with an 'ah'.i do feel guilty laughing of course!but very hard to control leh.but i do respect him lah,really.

    and for the first time,sheena and myself took a bus back instead of cab.totally proud of ourselves man!and for the first time again,i took a bus to my grandma's house instead of a cab.OH MY OH MY.

    at least when i made a promise,i stick to it.

    everyone around me is falling asick,including myself.bad weather,bad bad weather.

    I really cant stand some people!!
    totally irks me.urgh!

    cindy [ 3:35 PM ]

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006
    okay,so im offically sick.dont even have to wait until tomorrow.

    anyway,yes,ive lost.Hady won.Sheena im the loser,and it shall be my treat a manwoman of my words.

    i totally moodswing(ed)when THEY msged me and told me Hady won.well,its not unexpected,but i want Jonathan to win quite badly!but still,i know hes gonna do pretty well in the industry.better than Sly of course!

    dinner was good..but i could hardly taste the food.after dinner,went to TBP SUPPOSINGLY to wait for my nephew.
    1 hr ago..

    'yah,im coming.on the at potong pasir'

    in the end,we waited for abt an hr plus and still,

    'yah,im coming still at potong pasir'

    so,we left first becus my younger sis gotta wake up early for school tomorrow.and speaking of tomorrow,ive to go down to YCK to take my bloody BDT AGAIN!becus why?i retardedly flunked it the last time.i sure damn hope to pass this time round,if not,i'll have to wait for another MONTH to take again.which i think i'd probably give up.super waste of my money and time man!urgh!

    okai,i think i'd better go now!really need to rest well..nitee

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    i can predict im gonna lose my voice by tomorrow morning.i hate the weather!always making fall sick!RRrrgghhh!!

    anyway,i just realised i cant stand guys who swears at women.

    just now,i was about to knock off from work and came this family of three.dat stupid asshole kept swearing at his wife and dat poor lady just kept quiet.stand up for urself lah for goodness'sake!bloody asshole,i felt like hammering his balls right at dat bloody nice of u to shout at ur wife in the public,just how bloody nice can u get?!MCP!!!!!!!!!

    during lunch,i was betting with sheena whos gonna win Singapore Idol.and the loser's gonna treat 1 week's lunch.she chickened out,so loser gonna treat lunch only for tomorrow.COME ON LAH!JONATHAN IS SO GONNA WIN IT MAN!!!i like both,but there can only be,i just gotta choose Jonathan man!hahaah!

    but well,yesterday's performance was good i would say.and i can foresee Jonathan's 'mimi eyes' smiling at the camera and saying thank yous to those who voted for him as the Singapore Idol.LOL!!ok,dats dumb.

    aiight,i think i'd better be going now.gonna have dinner out!ciaos!

    cindy [ 9:30 AM ]

    Monday, September 25, 2006
    too much of drama going on..

    anyway,miao got into the hospital yesterday..almost broke her finger becus the cut was so deep she could see the bone.but thank god the doctor said she only fractured the bone,still need to undergo minor surgery though.

    she was supposed to join us for dinner yesterday.i msged her but she didnt i called her and seriously,i think i was being such a bitch..

    me:hello?where are u?
    miao:i dont think im going..
    miao:*sobbing*i broke my finger..
    me:haha,dont bluff lah
    miao:i really broke my finger!!

    i had to pause for awhile to realise she wasnt faking becus shes someone who bullshits alot and its really hard for me to differentiate if shes kidding or not.and i know for sure she felt like shit when i actually said 'dont bluff lah'.how bitch can i get?!

    so i went to tell celine(my elder sis)and we were both quite lost becus miao told us not to tell her mom.but in the end,they found aunt and grandma were like on the verge of crying after dinner,they rushed to the hospital.

    we wanted to tag along,but the car was already we came back home and celine suggested to go to the was already 11.30pm.but in the end,we still went and my god,when i saw miao,i could feel the pain man.but she remained crappy and tried to entertain us even with her bandaged middle finger.

    well actually,she is someone whom i respect i would say,quite alot,compared to my other cousins.and probably the very few whom i consider very,very mature and independent for her me when i say very mature.just look around me,including myself,there isnt much of an example i can look at.and im not saying this becus shes my cousin and plus,shes hospitalised but becus of the way she handle and look at things.

    dat is why frens can seldom,or never see me asking them for advices or hear me complaining about things.she has the best pair of listening ears!my secret weapon.hahaah!my elder sis goes to her for advices too,even though shes younger.see what i mean?

    and i feel good being able to catch up with my elder sis.=)).i dont have to elaborate more here becus its for me to know and for me to understand.ive never really understood why they say having sisters are good,it felt like a torture for me.but now,i do!hahaa!;)

    life has been helluva rollar coaster ride but..
    I LOVE THE WAY THINGS ARE NOW!everything feels just in place and IM LOVIN' IT!!=)))))))) <3

    cindy [ 5:59 AM ]

    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    i passed my exam!!!YES!i was worried sick becus i seriously thought i wouldnt do well(not that i did well in the first place,it was just a mere pass..)i suddenly miss composition,becus dats the only thing i can score and help to pull up my marks.without it,my marks are shits.

    but well,im still happy dat i managed to pass and at least,move on to my 2nd module without worrying about my results anymore!(they told us they need at least 6 WEEKS to mark the papers,siao right?dats like..after our 2nd module finishes)

    you know,although i dont really like Jay Chou,i gotta admit dat his songs are really good!ive always liked his songs..since the 'An Jing' era becus somehow,it'll get me into some undescriptive mood.kaijia probably getting high now if shes reading

    funny how,im beginning to like my job.hahaah!becus of the people,really.although the job is routined,the air is bad for the skin,the pay is oh-my-god-lah-damn-pathetically pathetic,the toilet stinks,the chair sucks,the computer too..and the list can go on,im actually learning to adapt to it and look at it at a positive side,although there isnt any.yah,and now u'll remind me how many umpteen times ive threatened to quit..but hahaah!oie!dats how i entertain myself can?

    let's just see how long im gonna work curious too!;)

    aiight,i think i'd better go now!gonna watch my 9pm show.ciaos~

    cindy [ 12:00 PM ]

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    went to watch Singapore Dreaming(yea,what a movie to watch right?!I KNOW!!)with my sisters,how can it be my idea?my elder sis wants to watch it,so yea..we COMPROMISED!

    i dont even understand what was the show about?

    oh wait,i do.MONEY!!!





    anyway!today at work..

    him:sorrie to disturb u ah..but i ask u something can?give me advice.
    him:HOW AH?MY WATCH DAMN SMELLY LEH!i tried all the methods already..use soap,soak in the water..EVERYTHING!but still very smelly!
    (him=funny colleague)

    *looks at him while he explain,with all the saliva SPLASHING out from his mouth,on why his watch stinks*
    i almost burst out in laughter lah!but i just gave him the so-what-you-want-me-to-do face.he really looked damn helpless man!my heart was thinking 'just get a new watch lah!?' but i came up with stupid suggestions such as a 'watch-cleanser'(if theres ever such a thing!)or just leave it for a,sorrie..nobody has ever come to me for advice on 'how to have a nice smelling watch'.

    you know spending most of ur time in an air-conditioning room is really So sO SO damaging to ur skin!?!my skin is SOOOOOOOOO DRY to the extent i feel my face may crack anytime if i change my facial expression.YAH,THAT BAD!!=(

    aiight,i think i'd better be going now!im learning to sleep early yea?heheee!

    cindy [ 2:32 PM ]

    Sunday, September 17, 2006
    DERRICK!!thanks in advance for the next season of THE OC!!THANKS ARRRR!!!;))) i realised i miss dat show SOOOO DAMN MUCH!!

    anyway,its really,really a damn small world.remember i mentioned about the funeral which in turn,turned out to be my friend,Sky's uncle?guess what?you guys can NEVER guessed it.

    Sky's uncle = my grandma's nephew = my sort of cousin.

    and dat makes Sky,my extended cousin.maybe not counted cousin,but i think we're sort of related.


    my gosh.i was so shocked when my cousin told me over dinner dat dat person is actually our extended cousin.becus the truth is,ive never seen them before.maybe they've seen me before becus when i went there,they were like 'you looked very familiar'(or maybe becus i have common face.i really have common face,i dont deny.becus ive encountered this problem plenty of times.)but they dont look familiar to me.

    so after which,my cousin sent me home and i almost burst out in laughter when my cousin actually asked my uncle,who is so damn small size,to escott me up home.LOL!!hello?im a big gurl man!i think should be the other way round leh,more like im supposed to protect worried for his safety lah.HAHAAHAHAH!!

    right,i think i'd better be going now!gonna go out with my sis and cousins tmr!yay!!

    lol!artistic shot?we were too bored in the car!

    yeah baby!want a ride?!SOON!!(i hope!)

    the goodies!the rest were on the floor and it was really messy.this looks more presentable so..there you go!LOL!!

    cindy [ 4:55 PM ]

    Saturday, September 16, 2006
    on MSN..

    me:you know my email?
    camagni(well,its Adriano):are you happy and you know it clap your hands @

    LOL!!i almost died of laughter.yes,i know the correct version is 'WHEN you're happy.....' but i mean dat song never came across my mind man!HAHAHAH!and to add on,Adriano is friggin HOT now lah!!damn him.=p but he is still as crappy as really go well together rite?

    heck lah!

    HIHI!its been some time,again!heheee..
    so anyway,something more solemn.went over to my grandma place just now while they attended a funeral which in turn,turned out to be my friend,Sky,uncle's funeral.i was quite happy to see her at the void deck at first becus it was so i asked her what was she doing there and she told me her uncle passed away.and i immediately didnt know what else to say..

    its always the same old consoling words but seriously,how could you not feel like shit when your loved ones passed away?up till now i still can remember the pain i went through and the amount of tears i cried when my grandfather passed on when i was only what,6 years old?

    its human nature i guess.dont know what you've got until you lose we really know the true meaning behind it?DO WE?

    and this month doesnt seem to be a good felt like..a lonely month?as in,not for me.i mean..the world,the surroundings.people are know dat kinda thing.i hate this!i really do!i hate goodbyes..where is the good in goodbyes?

    ok,dont worrie..cindy's post can never be emo.somehow,in a way or another..there MUST BE SOME CRAPS.LOL!!oh,not funny?yah,its not supposed to be lah,siao.

    ANYWAYs,my elder sis is BACK!!(actually,a few days back.)lol,i was just being damn bloody lazy to update yea,she brought back LOADS of stuff and i mean LOADS.chocolates,bags,gifts,wines, name it,she has it.the whole living room was filled up with all the goodies man!it feels not good,but great to have her back home!ive never felt like dat before for the past 16 years of my life while she was still in sg.we will fight over practically EVERYTHING.fight as in,literally and visionally.LOL!!but now, just feels really shows us dat we are really bhb here please.

    just go grab anyone and ask them if the relationship between themselves and their siblings has improved as they grow older,90% would tell you a definite YES.unless of course,their relationship wasnt that bad in the first place.

    life is really too short and too unpredictable to know whats gonna happen people,enjoy ur life and treat it like its ur last!(ok choy!)but u know what i mean lah uh?cheers!

    cindy [ 3:48 PM ]

    Monday, September 11, 2006
    i dont usually browse through people's friendster profile ever since,erm i dont know..when the craze has stopped?but today,it was exceptional.i was really bored dat i went on to browse through some of my pri sch frens profile and den,it lead to more and more people's.and man,was i shocked to see some of their transformation.good and bad.

    when i say good,its really gooooood!
    and when i say bad..
    its reaaaaaaaalllllllly not dat bad lah.HAHAHAAH!gotcha!

    i was reminiscing the good'ol days and it hit me dat i actually forgot how to sing my sch song!ok actually,i only remember the first verse of it and some words here and there but that's it!i think i need to see the words before i can recollect how the tune u guys cant remember as well lah.hahaah!

    and i think my pri sch is one of the very few schools in singapore dat has sleeveless PE shirts.or i think its the only school?becus ive never seen any other schools dat has it.dat is why when i first came to monkshill,i was quite shocked to see the PE shirt wasnt sleeveless.HAHAAHA!i never told anyone about this before lah..i scared they think im weird or something.and also,i didnt know how to wear the monkshill skirt.i actually put the zipper infront instead of at the side.i didnt know until one day i went to the toilet to change and i realise the gurls always unzip by the side instead of the front.LOL!!i cant believe im actually paiseh-ing myself..but nvm lah,i seldom un-praise myself leh.

    and if you're thinking 'then how come no one noticed the skirt?'..i dont know!!and i thanked God for dat!!imagine if one of my crushes walked past me or something,he'll probably die of laughter man.come to think of it,i might die of laughter now!HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!and yes,speaking of which,ive never run out of crushes!!SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pple can vouch for me.especially Jumay,Ruiza and Karen.but im more tamed now yes?heeeheeeeeee!!;))

    its good to reminise the past sometimes becus feelings,thinkings,time and people changes as we grow.we cant expect people to stay the same when we,ourselves are changing all the time.and who knows,maybe a decade later..when my memory starts failing me(ok,maybe dats too young..i'd only be like what?28 years old?!)or when new memories are being created and starts replacing the old ones.or,just who knows if tomorrow never comes.

    as a matter of fact,i always feel those with the thinking of 'you may never know what will happen tomorrow' are those who live life to the fullest.whilst those who keep thinking 'ah,theres always a tomorrow' are those with a mentality of a 4-year-old.go think about it.yup,these are just some words for thoughts!;))

    cindy [ 8:44 AM ]

    Thursday, September 07, 2006
    its been long,yes i know.but yooohoo?im back!!;)

    first and foremost,i'd like to comment on Singapore's performance,from my opinion,was the BEST throughout this season..or even so,last's.they were all so bloody brillant man!!well,im the sort who watch the show for the sake of watching it..and i'll seldom(almost never)comment abt it.but seriously,im so proud dat at least this year i see some real talent.the final 2 showdown..Hady and Jonathan(i hope lah!)

    so anyway,back to MY LIFE.

    today at work,trust me,i was damn shocked how a person can actually looked SO DAMN ALIKE!!im being placed near the counter now,so dat means i get to i was doing my work and when i looked up,i saw this guy sitting at the far end of the seat.initially,i thought it was Jianwen.hahaa,yea i know..of all people right?but yah,so i wanted to like try to wave at him to get his attention or something.but den i was like 'eh?cannot be what..he in PR section for what?!' so i looked closely and realised it wasnt him.HOLY MA~i tell you,they bear such an uncanny resemblance lah!!i bet if sheena or anyone who knows jianwen was there,they will just go up to was reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllly 99% look-alike.minus the 1% for the fact dat he is not jianwen lah.

    i just received my pay and i tell you,i shall go bang the walls right after this.

    ITS PATHETICALLY PATHETIC OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!

    this is the LOWEST PAY ive ever earned i swear.LOWEST!!to think dat i wanted to get a new phone,forget it man.and the best thing is,i worked my ass off leh!!i seriously doubt im gonna stay in this job for long..they only need us temporary anyway!see,i can NEVER stay in a job for more than 2 useless right?

    like what kelvin said,i may have lots of different experience..but once the company look at the duration i worked in each place,they will be scared of me.i think so too man!;p
    and i swear im not gonna listen to my dad anymore.frankly speaking,i'll always go to him for advices;listen to him;making dat choice he made;and usually end up regretting.becus why?whenever something goes wrong..i'll go like,

    'eh..dat time u said(this,and that)one lor..i listen to u leh.'
    'dats why.u never think for u know money not easy to earn right?'

    it always boil down to the same old thing.he will never admit he is wrong.and if i dont listen to him,he'll get mad at me.see the dilemma im in?too hard to please man.and i hate it when he always use the same old excuse to cover up himself..'now you know money not easy to earn right?'.ive always know dat theory lah.but the thing is dat,the money im spending or have spent..i can never over-emphasize this,is my own money man.and no,im not bragging..there aint nuthin to brag about give me a break yea?as far as im concerned,ive not,to the extent,asked for anymore money even when i dont have enough.and when all these money issues start pouring in,you know the i-spend-more-than-i-earned kinda thing,Education,starts finding its way in as well.

    'who ask you dont want to study hard?blame who now?'
    it will start all over again.

    sucked totally.but im used to it already.its become a norm for me..but it still suck.

    i did mention he wont admit he's wrong right?ok,heres another example.i was watching sg idol just now when my dad called.

    'you want to eat anything?'
    'eh..dont want'
    'sure?u want Gorang Pisang?
    (becus i was craving for it yesterday and i think the spelling's wrong.)

    den he called and said dont have and asked if i want other things or not.when he came back,he was like..

    'wah night where got pple eat gorang pisang one?kanna conned by you'

    i was like..wth!?(SCROLL UP AND READ AGAIN.)he was the one who asked me if i want or not leh.omg,i dont know if i should scream at him or laugh out loud man!im mentally-tortured by him.

    eh,why do i feel like im sounding so depressed?ok yes i am.and the cause to it?THE EMPEROR IN MY HOUSE!!!!!help anyone?!

    man,im really scared of myself now.i did mention about my eyelids twitching damn badly the past weeks rite?see now,the famous Steve Irwin a.k.a Crocodile Hunter,had a fatal accident. Stingray..who could have thought?

    cindy [ 2:17 PM ]