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+25th Jan 1988.
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    Thursday, March 27, 2008
    Just came back from Batam a few days back.

    It was good.Finally get to go out of the country and enjoy a rather stress-free life,for a day.

    The seafood was the best!!But i tell you,it's the dirtiest place i've ever been to.The tables were all full of flies,like,FLIES.And every other second,we have to use our hand to 'fan them away'.Initially when i went there,i was thinking there's NO WAY i'm gonna eat the food.It's too disgusting to even breathe in the air.But hell was i wrong.

    Imagine.One hand holding the crab's claw while another,busy fan-ing the flies.So damn annoying!

    I think the dirtier the place is,the nicer the food gets.LOL!!Even the rice tasted sooooo good!Maybe partly because we were starving already!I finished a plate of plain rice with their homemade chilli,which tasted DAMN GOOOOOOD,way before the dishes arrived.'s damn cheap lor!92 bucks for 6 dishes.

    We had:

    1)Kang Kong
    2)Kai Lan
    3)Black Pepper Crab(HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Yah,i think that's all.Sorry no pictures.We were too engrossed in eating,nobody talked at all throughout.HAHAAHA!

    The cottage was nice but again,dirty.I didn't dare to lie my head on the pillow,thinking there might be some bugs in it.Very paranoid,i know.

    I think my ah ma will never ever wanna go holiday with us again.

    When we arrived at the cottage,we had to climb up this flight of stairs which were very,very narrow.It's already quite a challenge for young people,so imagine for an old lady to climb those steps,i've got nothing to say but to applaud her.I love my ah ma!:)

    Then on the last day,we went to watch some cultural dance and seafood again!But it wasn't as nice as the first day's.

    Anyway,i know i haven't been updating my blog.So,here's a little update.

    I'm having cold war with my father now.Yes,again and again and again and again.It's always HE who started it!I don't know what the hell is wrong with him these days.He gets fed up easily for no apparent reasons.So damn unreasonable!And who is always the victim?ME!


    Just a week back we were okay.And the very next day,he became Justice Bao.Without the justice.Ok,not that he's a bao but you know,literally.

    He expects me to know everything when seriously,i don't!If i knew everything,if i'm that clever to know everything,would i still be one hopeless case here?!He made me think very lowly of myself.My self-esteem will always hit rock bottom whenever he gets angry over things i have no clue of.It makes me feel bad about myself.

    You know,it doesn't matter how friends or other people think about you or even if it does,it doesn't beat how your own parents think about you.Your friends or even strangers can say whatever shit they want,and your self esteem could only be that low.But when it comes to your own parents,the words and actions speak so much more.

    For example.

    What is the first thought that comes to your mind when your friend calls you stupid?

    A:You think you very clever meh?

    What is the first thought that comes to your mind when your parents call you stupid?

    A:Ok,i'm really stupid.(and then,this sudden urge to feel like crying)

    See,that's the difference.

    And whatsmore,he will compare.For god's sake,everyone is different!Parents never seem to get that into their thick skull.

    For one thing i know,he was the one who STRONGLY objects my elder sister to join the flying career.And now?Seeing Celine earning her own money now and doing pretty well,he starts comparing.He starts saying things which he never did when she first started.Like what the hell please?

    Sigh,i don't know man.I can never live up to his expectations.

    And if the saying,'girls will marry someone like their father' is true,i'd very much consider staying single for the rest of my life.I cannot tolerate someone who constantly moodswings on me.

    Pictures from my grandma's birthday:

    Birthday girl!:)

    Traffic light

    Look alike right!?


    Act cute

    Preparing for the cake..

    My ah ma has been wearing this same set of clothes on her birthday since 2 years ago.Don't believe?Go click on my past entries on March.


    Pictures from batam:


    Fly detected!

    Wonder ah ma and the flight of stairs.

    cindy [ 3:16 AM ]

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008
    So i've been working at the childcare for the past 2 days and yesterday,i was down at the other branch which turned out pretty good!The kids there are totally adorable and though it was my first time there,i felt completely in place.

    After work,met up with Miss Piggy,Sister Zaw and Miss Piggy's sister.Didn't know where to go but we ended up at East Coast,cycling and eating steamboat.

    So since Miss Piggy and her sister didn't know how to cycle,we had to rent 2 double bike.I hate to cycle with jeans.Damn stupid can?Ok guess what?I didn't know i can't do double OK!!!!?!?!WAH LAO!!It was so embarrassing because i couldn't cycle straight and ended up falling down a few times!The first time,an uncle at the cafe was like 'haiyo!tsktsktsktsk' and then the rest of the people at the cafe looked on.SUPER PAISEH TO THE MAX MAX MAX OK!!!Can't be i'm not pro enough.Must be.....................ok never mind:)

    Anyway,i didn't give up ok?I continued trying and finally!My hard work paid off.That stupid Miss Piggy still has the cheek to say

    'wah,so easy only but you took 30 mins to start'.

    Thanks hor!You watch your weight please.

    Then off,we went for steamboat.We have the,

    Prawn Queen = Miss Piggy
    Cabbage King = Sister Zaw
    Sausage Queen = Miss Piggy's sister
    BBQ Chicken Queen = Yours truly

    Damn shiok the chicken!So after eating,we wanted to go bowling at Kallang Leisure Park but it was full house man!Until 2 am!So obviously,we won't waste our time waiting so in the end,we went home.

    wah lao,such a perfect shot.just nice zoom until her face.occupy the whole pic:x


    miss piggy!

    TWINS MAN!!!!!they looked so alike it's amazing!

    the couple

    No lessons at the childcare in the morning,so Zara(colleague)and myself were pretty relaxed.We were talking about the art shop because she worked there as well and we were saying how disappointed we are in them and etc.It's really very disappointing because both of us thought that was the place we could stayed on forever..ok,not forever,but at least for long.

    I stayed there for a year and Zara,about 1.5 years.It was the first job i could actually stayed on for so long.Like,seriously.But..*sigh*It's okay.NO SUCH THINGS AS FOREVER.

    So the kids came in at about 12ish and we started the class.

    Damn cool.The kids were very cooperative and argh!I think i love them more than the parkway kids.How ah!?HAHAHAHA!

    Took a few pics of the children.And oie,please lah,stop calling me a paedophile.I find it damn insulting and annoying and it's not even funny at all.Sounds damn stupid,don't you think?I'm not SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO CHILDREN for god's sake!You are the sick one if you keep using that word since that's the only thing you can think about.

    It's like saying,you bathe not because of hygiene but to see yourself naked.Get what i mean?!That's sick.

    Yah,i just don't understand some people.Simple things yet they make it sound damn sick.What the hell man.

    So after work,went over to TBP to meet miao and then off to my grandma's place.

    Anyway,here's one of the conversation which made me laughed damn hard.

    Teacher:So kids,do you want sweets?
    Kid 1:*raise hand* YES TEACHER!
    [Teacher turns to Kid 2]
    Teacher:how about you,Aloysious?
    Aloysious:My daddy says sweets are not good for you
    *while his finger was doing the no-no sign*
    Teacher:oh,so you don't want it?
    Aloysious:I WANT!

    Not that funny right?The funny thing was his dad.

    He was roaring with laughter at the door while we kanna hung tio by him.

    Can you imagine the whole hallway was ecohed by his laughter?Wah lao,basket!Then after he finished laughing,he was like 'oops'.Finally realising how loud was his laughter.HAHA!Joker sia.

    Josabella.Very cute girl:)Parkway kid.


    erm,i forgot his name.OH!!DION!!:)

    CALEB!!!!!He's the cutest thing!:)My favourite boy in Parkway!

    and this is his baby brother!who looks bigger than him.haha!cute!

    but my all time favourite is still this sweetie!:)I will melt whenever she calls me 'er yi'.awwww!

    cindy [ 9:27 AM ]