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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006
    'What do you fear most?' i was asked this question quite alot of times.




    nope,not exactly.i mean yes,i do detest them but no i dont fear them the most.i fear Fear itself.many of the fears can be overcome but how do one overcome Fear itself?

    when i know i couldnt do some of the math sums,i feared.
    when i know i was gonna take back my results,i feared.
    when i know i had to face the consquences after i did something wrong,i feared.
    when i know i couldnt do things right after i was being told to,i feared.

    i feared becus i knew.but why should i fear when i already know what i have to face up to?its something unexplainable.becus its there.the fear is just there.

    imagine putting your hands in those huge boxes while you're being blind-fold.wouldnt you feel fearful of the things inside even if its just a scurb?now see,fear is just there.whether you know it or be able to fear when you knew something is gonna happen,its just a gets the better of you.

    just so to give you another senerio.nobody knows what is gonna happen tomorrow.but if you are the only special one,and you know exactly what is gonna happen tomorrow..say,you're dying,wont you fear?you will still fear how you are gonna die,how you might look when you die and what will happen after you die,right?see, again the fear is there.(although how many people in the right frame of mind would actually think how they gonna look like when they die..but yes,you get my drift.)

    to know is a bliss,but not to know could be another blessing in disguise,aint it?

    P.S:*sorrie,i know this post doesnt really make sense to you people.but its for my own acknowledgement. :)* anyhows,you guys are gonna get more of these in the near future.hohoho!

    cindy [ 10:43 AM ]

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    ;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:11 AM ]

    heeee Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:11 AM ]

    we were trying the different effects on derrick's power mac.LOL! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:11 AM ]

    .. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:11 AM ]

    im running out of caption Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:10 AM ]

    i like this pic! :) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:10 AM ] another dear de darling.haaha Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 4:10 AM ]

    yesterday we went to ruiza's house for a swim.karen wanted to/needed to/MUST learn swimming,so derrick and andy were the instuctors of the day.and yes,she finally overcome the phobia of water.hahaa..good job dear de darling;) aii niii! muacks muacks muacks!LOL!

    den ruiza had to go for her church and we left her house at abt 5.walked all the way to meridien becus they were hungry after swimming.then,after eating,we just walked aimlessly until we decided on Coffee Club.after dat,we went to derrick's house;put down our stuff and went to Mustafa.its really hard to get a cab at Mustafa during weekends man.=p

    yup,anyway..i think i'd better get going headache's coming back!shits.

    cindy [ 3:47 AM ]

    Sunday, May 28, 2006

    yea i know i look super pale.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 1:02 PM ]

    Saturday, May 27, 2006
    i didnt go work today.was feeling damn nausea when i woke i called my boss and he was like 'okok,you take a good rest den.'dat time when i worked in WinterTime,they where got so good ask me rest?they even said'eh you better take MC leh,if not no money.' piang!

    so anyway,i dont know why..i actually happened so fast.all i could remember was,me walking inside my room from the living room;saw my maid packing my room and the next moment,i jus heard her keep calling my name.i think i scare the hell out of her.i didnt even know what actually happened.then i found myself lying on the bed and she keep massaging my legs.ok i know it sound damn dramatic,but its true.ive never actually fainted in my life,maybe close..but not actual.and the feeling totally suck.especially when you feel like vomiting but nuthin comes out.

    on top of that,i had diarrhoea.severe diarrheoa i mean.4th time visiting the toilet and its still as productive.i realised whenever im sick,stupid diarrheoa always have its way to get to anyway,i went to see a doc after my dad came back..and the doc told me it might be food lucky?!

    okai..dat aside.i read today's newspaper and remember i once mentioned about this gurl dats fight the battle with tongue cancer?yup,she's passed away on wednesday suddenly dawned on me how life can be so moment u see an active all rounder doing what normal teenagers are doing.the next moment,fighting against a terminal disease and then like what derrick said,God wants her young yet she had to experience all the hardships..hmm.

    yup alrite,i think i'd better get going before my headache starts coming back!laters!

    cindy [ 8:12 AM ]

    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    okay,ive removed my tagboard.reason being?its damn pathetic can!i see my meter jumping but my tagboard?SHITS!so what for make it look as if im so yes,NO MORE COMMENTS FROM YOU PEOPLE.BLEH!

    yup,i was really bored in the office..and i came out with this.LOL,please dont laugh.

    I'm sitting alone in this empty room,
    trying hard to figure out what else to do.
    But I've already done what I was asked to do,
    so is it good or is it a boo?

    Do you have any clue
    the time passes like it was glued?
    A glue which only sticks and doesnt move,
    OH!what am i gonna do to get myself out of these blues.

    One thing's for sure,dude
    I'll be down with a serious flu.
    A flu which will bug and make me lose all my cool,
    It's gonna make me go boo-hoo-hoo!

    okay,my brain juice was really running dry for the last sentence so i just make do any words dat came to my mind!:)see what boredom does to people like me?!
    and actually i agree with being paid doing!not like i want to right?i'd gladly be busy..but i cant! =DD

    had a chat with my elder sis online and shes a kuku.she said when she comes back,we shall go for a holiday together..provided the air tickets are cheap.'why so budget' i asked her.'becus i want to save money!' then might as well dont go right?lol.we shall see when she returns.

    aiight i think i'd better go now!watermelon waiting for!ciaoooos~

    cindy [ 10:21 AM ]

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    im so bored.i think im gonna hit the sack real soon!'HUH?!?SO EARLY?!' yea,ive got nuthin better to do anyways!ok,i'd better stop this QnA myself thing soon. was as usual,boring.i realised when my boss is around..the time passes damn fast.i dont know why!hahaa,isnt it supposed to be the other way?hoho,i need to shop real bad!!IM DYING TO SPEND MONEY!!the more the merrier!hahaahaah!ok,so do i have the capital to begin with?NO.NO NO NO damnit dead drop broke.i dont even have a cent in my wallet..erh wait,oh i have!50 cents!dats damn pathetic man.

    my dad's gonna go to malaysia for the next couple of days..and everytime when he goes,he'll ask the same thing.'you want to buy anything?' and since young..i'll be like 'YAH!I WANT CHEWING GUMS!' but he always come back empty-handed.and he's usual reply 'you want me to get fine ah!' so,whats the point of asking me what i want when he dont even buy it?i dont know,ask chewing gums are no longer appealing to

    #edited#yesterday,ive finally found the song ive been looking for since..forever!!i know most of you probably came across the video very long time ago..but for those of you who still dont have a clue on what im toking abt,PLEASE,GO DL JERRY C - CANON ROCK.omg,it friggin ROCK MY SOCKS!!and i was super uber delighted when i found it ok!!its really damn good..imagine,im not a rock music kinda person yet im in love with it?so yes,you get my drift.#edited#

    *you will know you have fallen in love with a song when you listen to it 48 times in a day.* LOL!!sounds familiar?ok nvm.hahaaha!

    i really dont know what else to type.there are more punching on the backspace button than alphabetical buttons.rightos~signing out now!!

    oh wait,to end off..

    Life is EVER lovely with my ke-ren.
    wo ai ni dear de darling.=)

    cindy [ 1:42 PM ]

    Monday, May 22, 2006
    almost overslept today.supposed to wake up at 6 to get ready as im meeting elena at 7 at kallang.but i dont know why my alarm went off on me.i didnt even hear it lah.haaha!so luckily,elena msged me and when i looked at the time,i quickly jumped off the was 6.50 already.hahaah!

    then when we reached the stadium,it was flooded with pple man.and i kinda like the morning fact,its really rare for me to get a feel of it!=p so we walked around;calling up pple to ask them to join us..but none nvm,we proceeded was a good 10km walk.i dont even have to wait till tmr for my legs to ache.its already aching!

    met interesting pple along the way.hahaa!when we were walking back,we saw this 2 dogs..super lucky.cus they were sitting on the trolley and the owners pushed them.then alot of pple were like looking at them so the owner decided to let it stroll.but HAHAA!one of them walked not more than 5 steps,went off to the side lane and lied down!it was SUPER CUTE!!!then this guy was like shouting 'ENDURE!ENDURE!!'we were all laughing lah!i swear u would wanna bring them home if u see them.and another one,he was so fat!when the owner put him down from the trolley,he was walking DAMN slowly.and quite unsteady.SUPER CUTE can!but look like bull,yucks.haaha!no lah,but it was really really cute!so he stopped half-way and the owner was like 'zuo de bi zhu hai man'(walk slower than the pig)so poor thing.then again,that guy was like shouting 'cmon!ENDURE!!!' LOL!!damn funny..

    we only took about 1 hr to walk was damn fast ok..5 km 1 hr.but when we started off,we took abt..2 hrs?LOL!our legs were already like feeling numbed.but when we reached the ending point,it was a really nice feeling ;)

    so after dat,we decided to go home.and right after i came into my room,it started pouring.heng man!anyway,went out with karen and andy yesterday to catch Poisdon(i dont know how to spell it)derrick couldnt make it cus he's got carnival and dinner to attend.after the movie,went to OG to buy stuff;walked to Wisma's food paradise;ate;sat there for awhile and went home.ive been feeling really lerthagic ive always been..but these days is like,double?!oh man,my cant-be-bothered attitude is coming back.*evil laughs*this is not good lah.

    okok,i think i'd better go get some sleep now!its only like..12.25!?HOW EARLY!

    cindy [ 3:26 AM ]

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    i was left alone in the office the whole of today!hahaa,i dont know why.cus usually my boss would go to the office to check things out even if its for just 5 mins.hahaa,shiok?nah..not so used to it already.

    anyway,today i tried something new.ive to go down to another office(its just below my office)to print out some stuff.and dat office is where all the agents are there..and yup,there are a few who caught my eye.LOL!=p

    so after which,i went back to the room and did the usual thing which i hate the most,calling up agents.BUT today,it was damn different.all..and i mean ALL the agents whom i called are all very friendly.and the guys are *tsk tsk* super gentlemen.hahaa,so i msned derrick and told him that guys who are gentlemen is like a HUGE bonus.guess what is his reply?

    'yah i know.i see one everyday in my mirror.'


    derrick,a gentleman treats EVERYONE EQUALLY.but i believe everyone knows that you're damn bias towards please do some soul-searching ok?
    heheee ;)

    met up with elena after work today.we registered for the BIG WALK 2006!hahaa!i remember when we were in primary school,ever since pri 3..which was the year BIG WALK started i think,we never fail to participate.ok maybe after we went secondary school..we didnt have that chance anymore.and whenever we go,we will go in a big group..but this year only the 2 of us damn on.but im sure it'll be fun!i really cant wait!;)))

    alritee,i think i shall get going now!gonna pack my room.its like ultra messy!laters!

    cindy [ 1:57 PM ]

    hahaa,my scanning skill sucks..

    cindy [ 1:55 PM ]

    spot those cracklines at the background?its elena's!
    i know..ah lian right?thanks.
    my champion best buddy!=)

    cindy [ 1:54 PM ]

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    this one was really impromptu! hahaa,but its damn funny! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:41 PM ]

    my trademark smile :D Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 11:37 PM ]

    Sunday, May 14, 2006
    i chanced upon a friend's blog and indeed,i have to agree with her that although its been only a year,or rather a few months,many things have changed.people,mainly.

    its astonishing to see a change in a person so much that you could hardly recognise them.maybe they have a reason for the change?i mean,everything happens for a reason aint it?oh wait a min,what am i?an arbiter now?

    people--friends,around me has been changing,for better or worse,definitely not for me to fact,nobody has the rights to judge.i dont even know if its them or me that has changed to begin with.however,im glad some would still regard my existence and opened up to feels good when you know that when somebody needs someone to be there,they will come to you.

    most of them have already moved on to their next phase of life whilst some,are still stuck.of cus im very glad for those who have pursue their own dreams and whatsnot and they're happy with what they have now.but honestly,i know im not that capable myself,as in to handle my own affairs,but im worried for those who cant move on with their lives.

    i dunno what's this post mainly about.its just some..i'd say not that random thoughts that has been building up in my mind ever since..ever.probably i might need some time alone too.hahaa,dont mind me.;)

    Happy 18th Birthday Wiki!

    cindy [ 2:35 PM ]

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    i miss you!<3

    cindy [ 2:39 PM ]

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006
    i hate calling up female agents.this is one good example at how sarcastic some ass can get..

    me:good afternoon,erm may i know how much is the rental for ***?
    her:$2.6K,partial. is it fully furnished or?
    her:did i said PARTIAL?

    me:oh yes you did,BITCH!
    (LOL!i wish i could say that out LOUD.erm,whats that again?BITCH!HEARD THAT!?)
    grrrrr!its like,isit THAT HARD to repeat again?bitch.and the tone she used was like &^%%^$@!i swear i could just slam down the phone on her.PARTIAL,whatever lah!

    oh!and another one.this stupid ridiculously ridiculous JIMMY guy was being so damn bloody ridiculous!i didnt know he was on the line with another person,duh right?HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW?so i carried on with what i had to ask him.and he was like


    he bloody shouted at me.and to think i actually said OH SORRY.shit,im nuts!so fine,i gave him.after i put down the phone,i was still in shock that i could hardly continue.nobody has ever shouted at me like that in my life..moreover,its a STRANGER!so then,he called back.but HAHA,i refused to pick up!like hello?he's calling MY number,not my COMPANY' i have the rights to choose to pick up whos call right?yah im childish,but i dont care.MY LIFE,MY RULES yea?

    this is why i can NEVER be in the service-line.its a NO-NO-NO-NO for me.give me attitude?i shall repay you DOUBLE.its not like i want to.seriously,tell me who doesnt have a temper?that person must be perfect.but no one's perfect,so..yah you get my this world doesnt mean YOU LOUD,YOU WIN ok.thats total B.S!

    ok,im kinda drifting away..=p
    hahaa,anyway..i came home and told my dad about my day and he was laughing his ass off.he was like 'good what,can train ur patience'.PATIENCE,MY EYE!these people dont even deserve my finest respect!grrrr!but of cus,all's not that bad.there are still some gentlemen who still gives the gentle-est voice and even say THANK YOU after that.that THANK YOU is really very much appreciated.THANK YOU!:) hahaa!

    right,im feeling so much better now.the wonders of blog!:))

    anyway,i met up with my cousin on sunday for some kbox session.and we were laughing our lungs out when we saw the 'Unbreak My Heart' MTV.i was like..

    cousin:really meh!?
    me:eh,yah lor..cant be that budget right?

    so we continued watching and confirmed it was shot at TAKA.LOL!!the fountain and the was damn funny lah!oh btw,the MTV is not the original one.but i didnt know it was THAT budget.

    hahaa,yup.thats abt it i guess!heh~

    cindy [ 10:50 AM ]

    Sunday, May 07, 2006
    i read today's LIFE!horoscope and it made me very happy.i dont usually believe LIFE!'s horoscope analysis..but today,i was proven wrong.LOL!!i know im not the ONLY Aquarian in the world,but who cares?im ONE of my dear readers:

    SEE THAT?!! alrite,im not denying it yea,let's face it.stop saying im bhb,becus c'mon you have to face it.HAHAHAH!goodness,now tell me..what have you?:))
    yes,thats my purpose of blogging.

    cindy [ 1:39 PM ]

    was supposed to go out today.but oh wells!so im going out tmr.called my mom..initially wanted to ask her out for dinner or something,but she was out and i thought its too early for Mother's Day celebration isnt it?and plus,ive yet to get her anything!lol!so i guess next week will do.quite budget broke!

    oh,yesterday night..i nearly fainted!i dont know why when i got up from my chair after i switched off my com,i suddenly feel damn i fell back on my chair and yes lah,it was damn loud cus i knocked my table and the speaker dropped on the floor.hahaa,so my dad felt the tremour and he woke up.he asked me what happened and i knew just what he was gonna say after that so i quickly added on..'i got eat dinner leh!' 2 times somemore.after i ate Mos Burger with esther,i went home and still feel hungry so i went to cook noodles.haahaah!

    yah actually i think its becus of my diet too.its not that kind of diet-diet lah in,i dont take my meals regularly.and i usually skipped breakfast -- which is the most important meal of the day blah blah blah~lol.its not as if i wanna skip it right?just that by the time i wake up,its already ok,from tomorrow onwards i shall start eating breakfast!that is if i can wake up lah.

    alrite,i think im gonna watch some teevee now!ciaooos~

    cindy [ 6:50 AM ]

    me and esther.its been quite awhile..:) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 6:49 AM ]

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    to start off,work was AWESOME(!!!!)how awesome you wanna know?i reached office at 12 right?and i finished everything by 1.COOL RIGHT!?!!=.=" i practically slacked throughout the remaining 4 hrs?LOL!!yes,I LOVE MY JOB SO DAMN MUCH.=) but you know what?it gets really(X a gazillion times)BORING by the day!minutes passes like HOURS?its up to your own imagination.

    so anyway,i did complain about not being able to access the net right?ok,i was wrong.hahaa,when i went back to the office the next day,it seemed like im destined to work in that office.becus i was able to go online.HEHEEE!and maybe,im destined to be a tai-tai too!c'mon,property agents are RICH!$kaching$ stop rolling your eyes i tell you!

    after my work today,went to meet esther for dinner.waited for her at Mos Burger and ok,the following descriptive event might be discomfort to you can either skip it or continue reading.but i know you guys sure will continue so i purposely dont wanna say leh.

    ok lah!

    so i was at Mos Burger waiting for esther..then came this pregnant lady.i didnt really notice her at she settled down at the seat next to me and she took out a box of sushi which she had just bought and starting first i thought nothing of it..then one of the staff saw her eating and told her manager about the manager went to confront her but i guess its becus the lady was pregnant,the manager didnt tell her to leave.and that was when she drew my attention.she eat DAMN fast.and i mean DAMN!the box of sushi,i'd say..about 10 of them?she can easily finish it in 3 mins?its no big deal for normal people..but hello?she's after she finished it,she cleared the table and went to the basin that was just infront of me.

    this is THE PART you guys would LOVE to see.

    she got up from her seat,threw the box away and proceeded to the basin.its personal hygiene what,i wasnt that personal for her.this is why..

    =>she was washing her hands half-way when she realised the amount of fluid her nose was producing had caused a blockage in her nasal wrong trying to clear it i agree..but hello!?! she was standing at the basin,which was in the middle of the fast-food outlet itself and JUST RIGHT INFRONT OF ME,trying so damn hard to force out every single drop of it!!that was very impressive of her.OH MY GOD!and can you believe it?i kinda witnessed the part 1 process becus i thought she was having trouble or something.she was like coughing and forcing and sucking back in the fluid and rinsing her mouth.multi-task at the wrong thing.TO THINK THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE DINNER.EWWW!and pls,during the process,it was SO DAMN LOUD.but i have no idea why no one was looking at her.totally grossified man!!!!i could no longer stand the sight of it that i quickly went out of the outlet.

    im not mean and am not trying to be one.just that,i feel thats for public to whether you are pregnant or not,rich or not,good-looking or not,famous or not and the list can go on..its only polite to respect yourself and others isnt it?who would wanna use the basin if he/she were to witness it?I WONT.whatmore,it was in a FOOD outlet.CAN YOU SEE THE PICTURE?!?!

    yup,that met up with esther..chatted for awhile before she heads to her class.its been quite awhile since we sat down and enjoy a was really nice catching up :)
    aiight,i know its a pretty long entry.hahaa!shall get going now!laters!

    cindy [ 2:38 PM ]

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006 so sleepy.

    woke up at 7.30am,can you believe it?!yah,neither can i..but whatever~i did.went to bathe and got myself ready before going down to orchard to meet ruiza for,its lame i know..but well!its not an everyday thing.

    then,we walked all the way to Forum's macs.although i HATE to admit this,but..i didnt know Forum has a macDonald!lol!den after which,i needed to i took a cab down to Toa Payoh.becus the mrt was damn far lah!lazy to walk back..

    when i reached there,i was just on fact,earlier by 10 i was quite proud of myself.BUT..the door was locked.meaning?my boss was late!by half an hour!ROAR!!so during dat half an hour,i just stood outside the i was being punished or something and those actual working adults were like staring at i act ignorant and listened to my mp3.hahaa,dats the only thing you can do when you're damn paiseh can?dont even suggest playing with the phone..becus my phone doesnt have any games damnit!

    the boss came and he asked why didnt i go to the staff lounge to take a seat..i mean,excuse me?its my first day dude~my skin is really not as thick as you guys think.SHUT UP!hahaa,but he's nice!after about an hour,he took me down to the lounge and bought me drinks to 'calm' me down.LOL!okai,he isnt the first person who said i looked stressed.the previous one also said the same thing.just,what is wrong!?i prefer to be quiet and serious at work..isnt it a good thing?

    so anyway,he brought me around the company and it was quite huge.and i think im the youngest there lah seriously.then we went back to the cosy office(its even smaller than my room!) and he starts to give me assignments.and after which,the whole place belongs to me!my job is quite fact,VERY was to the extent i called up people just to kill my boredom.but it didnt really helped.hah,and one thing.i was so delighted when i know they have got internet connection.but to my disappointment of disappointments,it cant access to anywhere!

    after work,which was about 5,i went to meet esther for awhile.she accompanied me to register for the school and then,she went off to meet her frens.saw her frens too and they were pretty friendly.hahaa..erh yah i know its very boring.

    cindy [ 10:20 AM ]

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006
    urgh!tomorrow's my first day of work.damn,i suddenly dont feel like working.right,actually..ALL ALONG!!but the problem is,i feel retardedly useless doing absolute nothing at home!everyone has either started school or already working their asses off while me?yah,no need more,should i be happy?hell happy.

    anyway,went to my grandma's house in the afternoon.its been ages since i last visited her..and its not as if i dont have the time to.its just,pure laziness i guess?so yup,my conscience has been bugging me.then i reached there and just nice..they bought durians!muahahaa!i ate like..2 and a half of them?LOL!!yes,its damn heaty i know!but who cares about the consequences when it comes to good food?ok..maybe i wont be saying that when my skin starts to turn horrid.CHOY!

    then i played with my niece and i know ive said it umpteen times..but,shes oh damn bloody cute lah!today they went to the zoo and my cousin purposely went to tie up her hair,even though her strands of hair were countable.LOL!ok,dat was damn mean..but its damn cute!=)

    ok,wiki just sent me a msg..oh man,i dunno what im feeling inside..but it definitely feels like shit.hmm,alrite..i think i'd better be going now.shall update tmr about my first day of work?hahaa..ciaos!

    cindy [ 2:03 PM ]

    Monday, May 01, 2006
    HEY PEOPLE!!haahaha!its rare that im blogging consistently yea?

    first and foremost,ive got a job.yup,the one which i went interview with wiki?some property agent company.and the thing i feel like shit is becus wiki was the one who found the job,not yah,you get my drift.i really hope she can find a better job soon!

    i did mention the company is just below my school right?ok,its not exactly below..but its in the same man,im gonna be spending like 6 days in a week at toa payoh??a place which im not really fond of and of cus,not familiar with!=( i guess its fated!in this way,ive no other option but to quickly register at the school and YES,i can so totally save on my transportation fee!!!thats like a huge BONUS man!the fares are a KILLER i tell you!=))

    hmm,ok..i really hope i'll stay to this job FOR LONG!becus its only a 5 hrs job and the pay is pretty hopefully you guys wont be hearing me going down for yet another interview anytime sooner yes?hahaa..

    anyway,to add on..ive finally watched my OC!!!YAY!!thanks to my wonderful buddy DERRICK HENG!
    (excuse me,i have to bootlick in order to watch the rest of my 3 episodes yea?so do bear with it!)
    LOL! =))

    and today..i did nothing but eat sleep shit again.haaha!but yo people??i wont be living this life again man!hohoho~

    cindy [ 12:53 PM ]