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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Sunday, July 30, 2006
    had a really hard time trying to get to sleep yesterday.stupid runny nose..the moment i lay down,i cant i had to get up every 5 mins to clear the so so sick.=(

    anyway..saw fann wong,terence cao and darren lim in my sch jus now!they were filming just next door to my class.sheena and myself were walking out from the toilet when fann wong walked passed us.i didnt realised it at first becus her hair was so different so i asked sheena..

    'eh!was dat fann wong!?'
    'u siao ah!she come here for wad?!'
    'NO I THINK ITS HER LOR..i recognised the mole!'
    'dont be crazy lah..u wan u go back to the toilet'

    but of cus i didnt wanna make it so obvious,so we walked to the reception and sat on the sofa while waiting for her to come out.den there was this board stating 'filming in progress',den we confirmed its her.but she was in the toilet for far too long so we went back to our class.while on the way back,we looked into the room and saw terence cao.OMG,he's SUPER HANDSOME LAH!!damn suave man!i was walking infront of sheena and when i looked into the room i was like 'eh!eh!sheena!' HAHAA!i kinda went speechless.den when sheena looked into the room,yes as expected,she SCREAMED like nobody's business and kept on hitting me!for whatever reason,i dont know.

    den when i turned back,he was standing at the door and i quickly waved to him and he waved back and said hi.WAHHHH..totally melt-able.den after dat,before the lecturer even complete her sentence to our break-time,me and sheena dashed out of the room already.HAAHAH!and just nice,he was about to leave so he smiled and said bye.WOOOOO!his smile is like..the PERFECT smile man!LOL!!

    yea so after class,went to eat with sheena and she really made me laugh so hard.i dont know why am i feeling this way now,but im just grateful shes in the same class as me.hohoho!;)

    cindy [ 9:43 AM ]

    Friday, July 28, 2006
    came across this video clip of Jessica Alba(she,acting as a realty agent.if only realty agents are as sizzling as her.LOL!!)and man,she rocks!she still looks HOT even when she goes crazy!LOL!!but she looked a tad bit like Britney Spears..i feel lah!it'll be funny if u've watched the KingKong though.enjoy!;)

    cindy [ 3:54 PM ]

    Thursday, July 27, 2006
    just got home from yet another boring lesson.hahaa..ok lah,the lecturer is not too bad overall.anyway,sheena made me laughed so hard just now.we split into different groups,so we were being allocated to different i was sitting right behind while sheena was right infront.

    den her group consists of 3 guys,one of whom we caught looking at us consistently during the first lesson.i swear he turned his head every other 5,no bhbness here.becus sheena was the one who realised it tough luck for her,she was in the same group as him.

    so during our break,she was like complaining how irritating he is and obviously i asked why.and she was like..

    'he's like the 2nd parrot* lah!before the lecturer finish her sentence,he was already like 'tsk tsk,jialat how to do?'
    (*the first one was the annoying ah pek i pointed out in the earlier entry.)

    okai,dats not the funny part.THIS IS THEN THE FUNNY PART.he was trying so damn hard to entertain sheena and well,do alil more on the get-to-know-you session,he went on to ask her where is she studying at now.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DUDE!?!is she NOT studying in the same class as you?HAHAHAAHAAH!OMG,when sheena told me i was laughing so loudly dat the pple who were standing at the door were staring at me.sorrie,cant help it.piang,paiseh himself for what?

    i seriously couldnt stop laughing even when i was in the class until i prank call sheena a few times becus im scared dat pple might think im 'sot'.=.="becus at least when i see sheena's reaction,it gives me the reason to laugh what!

    den while we were walking,i was like..

    'sian,no guys in our class'
    'yah lor,no yandao no shuai ge..'
    'sheena,yandao is equal to shuai ge.'

    man,the laughing gas hasnt stop anyone!?

    cindy [ 1:47 PM ]

    Sunday, July 23, 2006
    as you all know,my sch started already.

    sucky class?check.
    boring lesson?check.
    no handsome/hot/cute guys..or just,normal-looking guys?check.
    annoying ah pek(who echo wad the teacher says)sitting a table next to me?check.

    need i say more?

    hahaa,okok.actually its not dat bad.sucky class and boring lesson,well..maybe becus its only the 2nd time im attending it.HOPEFULLY,it'll get better as the time goes.BUT im serious about no hot guys and the annoying ah pek.

    wah lao.the ah pek hor..tsktsk!let me start from the 1st day of lesson.we had to talk to our 'neigbours',to well get to know each other 'better'.yes,ice-breaking or what obviously my neighbour is sheena and this guy who sits beside sheena.and den,the ah pek who was sitting at the table right next to me with another when the time was up,he was like..

    'wah so fast?i havent really get to know my neighbour leh.'

    WTH!?shut up mean its like..they were talking and laughing ALREADY,what you mean havent get to know your neighbour? me and sheena winked at each other..thinking of,you-know-what.

    and den today,i was so annoyed by his..enthusiasm to make sure he pronounce the words EXACTLY like how the lecturer pronounces it.we had to finish the exercise dat was given to us and after which,we have to read out the sentence together with the know like what we do in secondary school? it goes something like this..

    student:the flight was cancelled _due to_ the fog.
    lecturer:so the answer is..due to.
    ah pek:DUE TO.DUE TO.

    we heard it, dont have to repeat..2 times!YAH,it was irritating the shit out of me.even sheena,who sat quite a distance from him was like 'wah lao eh!' yes i should respect him i know,but hes really not helping either.i told my dad and he was like 'HAHAHA',literally.its just so weird to be in the same class as someone whos maybe twice my age?yes i realise im judgmental,cant blame me for dat.

    so anyway,lets not talk abt sch.went to meet wiki after dat becus she invited us over for her bro's birthday.ive been going out lately and its not good becus ive been spending alot of money!and i hate to get a cab at Goldenmile becus i can hardly get one!its so damn irritating!and just now,there was this family of 3..they sucked was SO OBVIOUS i was waiting for a cab yet they just walked infront of me..and act like i was invisible and start flaging for a cab.assholes!so i quickly walked infront of them to show them im not invisible afterall.damnit,i can never stand pple like or queue-jumper.annoying pieces of shits.

    HAHAHAA!ok i know im damn grumpy but im hardly like dat lah.just cant stand pple nowadays..guys especially.

    cindy [ 2:59 PM ]

    Wednesday, July 19, 2006
    went to watch Pirates of the Carribean with ruiza,wiki,kelvin and wendy today.the money was so worth it becus well,the show was good!and i have the sudden hots for Johnny Depp!LOL!!im serious!;) i think he's the only person who can wear something so crappy(the Captain's outfit) with the weird hairdo and the set of teeth which looked as though it hasnt been brushed for a decade,inclusive of a gold tooth and yet still look nice.HAAHAH!

    'welcome aboard!'

    anyway,damn!!sch's gonna start tmr and im so dreading the thoughts of it!urghhh!its so damn fast can!just the other day i thought i was counting down to 2 more weeks?and now..its already less than 24 hrs.can pass slower not,time?i just hope dat at least theres a few hot guys in my class..ok lah,one will do.

    oh,am i not dreaming?
    people,wish me luck lucks!

    cindy [ 1:34 PM ]

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006
    hey pple!!guess what?!its official!i dont dislike pple who doesnt pick up calls and dont reply messages anymore!i HATE it.and by doing dat early in the morning is just a bonus.forced myself to wake up for nuthin.

    im having mood-swing now if u havent notice.

    can someone please enlighten me?i seriously,till now,dont get it.why put hp on slient mode during normal days?its not as though ure in school,in a very important meeting or really really annoys me so damn much.i dont know if its just me or what..perhaps its just me.ive never put my hp on slient mode except when im in school or in a movie.becus i find it senseless switching it to slient mode.if you want to be contact-free,its easy.dont get a phone.spare me the misery.

    i'm trying to avoid calling pple nowadays.becus it really piss the shit out of me sometimes.i'd rather YOU contact me instead..its easier anyway becus well,i i pick up my calls most of the time.please kick off dat habit of urs.i cant tolerate this like others..and no,im not kidding.

    cindy [ 8:38 AM ]

    Monday, July 17, 2006
    wheee!went for cycling with the group jus now except for christy and wendy,like finally!haaha!and it was all good..get to sweat it all out!;)

    i realised ive been coming home pretty late and i really am feeling guilty.the other day my dad was like asking me 'eh,yesterday(the day which i came home at 3am)you came back what time arh?' and i was like..erh,12?haahah!and he was like 'you dont bluff hor,ive been and will be spying on you ok' =.="yah lah,i better know my limits.

    and jus now when we were eating,he called and he was like '12 o'clock already still dont wanna come back?!' den i was like 'okok,soon.' he probably know my 'soon' takes about an hr or so.HAHAAH!i didnt go out the whole day by the way,it was just a few hrs.

    oh and jus now,while i was browsing the door suddenly opened by itself!OMG,i frigginly got the shock of my life!!i really almost cried.its past midnight yo?:S and i was like consoling myself,'MUST BE THE WIND!'but truth be told,there wasnt any wind.ok,im full of wild imagination.please bless me,bless me!

    yup,anyway..i'd better get going now.gonna meet 'friendster'(ruiza) in the morning!lol,okai im crappy..i ate the same chocolate as the other day!HAHAHAA!to end's the video kelvin showed me.i was laughing with them man!!=))ITS SO DAMN BLOODY CUTE LAH!!it gives me goosebumps though..becus they're just too cute!!!!AWWWWW BABIES ROCKS!!;)))

    cindy [ 5:32 PM ]

    Saturday, July 15, 2006
    you know this job really helped me alot in the blood pressure has never shoot up this high before.and yes,helping me to worsen my attitude problem is another thing.having said dat..


    i was on the phone with this super annoying+idiotic auntie becus well,she was looking for a i did my job,called her and it is COMPULSORY for us to introduce ourself first before telling them all the other shits.and damn her,how was i supposed to know she doesnt know english?when i was introducing myself she replied with a YES,now tell YES english?then she was like..

    'ni ke yi jiang hua yu mah?'(can you speak mandarin?)
    'orh,ke yi..'(can)

    den i started to tell her all the details and everything.guess what she said?

    'ni dong ni de hua yu hen lan mah?ni jiang hua dou bu qing chu,wo na li zi tao ni zai jiang se mo?'
    (you know your mandarin is so bad until i dont know what the hell you're talking about?')

    i swear i nearly swore at her.i was like 'TA..(tmd)' i felt friggin insulted lah!!she wasnt even in a kidding tone ok.she was in a 'your-mandarin-sucks-so-stop-talking-to-me was like as if i SO wanted to talk to i cant live without hearing her voice.OH short,she just keep finding faults with me lah.and she was SO DAMN BLOODY GRUMPY can!!grumpy old she think she can speak better and more proper?PLEASE.judging by the way she talks,forget it.she's no way better than not saying im dat excellent in dat language but im confident enough to say im above me a haolian but i think i can score better than her in written exams.dont tell me its of no use,becus at least i can you would argue 'who cant?'.just shut up would you?

    my theory is very simple,i'll respect you if you respect me.dont insult me when you're nowhere near perfect.

    bad day today man.the ones i called and the ones who called are all bitches..or should i say,sounded like bitches.damn sickening man.

    cindy [ 10:32 AM ]

    Friday, July 14, 2006
    just came home not long ago.was following and helping my dad to bank in/withdraw the money money.$kaching$

    anyway,dont be guys probably thinking shouldnt i be working now?at this time?well,im allowed to work at home from now on!cool eh?NO.becus i seriously dont have the mood to work.see what im doing now?

    yup,so i followed my dad all around the places and he was like,

    dad:ok lah,now we go this office..if the person gives you the cheque,den you can have it.
    me:sure not?
    dad:of cus.becus i dont think the person will give lah.

    and i was like telling him dont worrie,i'll make sure the person give me if not i'll just stay there.HAHAAHA!so we were like betting with each other.den i went up to the office;gave the person the documents;waited for the person to say something and she was like..

    'oh!got something to give william(my dad)'
    'oh ok!'

    den,she handed me a big envelope with all the other documents inside.wah liew!so i asked 'erm anything else?'and she was like 'oh yah!commission.'LOL!!wah i was super relieved man!HAHAHAAH!so there you go,200 bucks easily.=))so i went into the car and i flaunt the cheque to my dad.and he was like 'wah!why she give?'and he kept telling me this is super easy money man..yah i know,dad.;)

    HOHO!now i can go buy some stuff to cheer me up before sch starts,again.YAY!aiight,gonna go now.meeting cousin later..cyars!

    cindy [ 7:10 AM ]

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    zidane clearly ignored him already but dat guy just couldnt stop mummbering shits.c'mon,i wont only headbutt him..i'd rest my butt on his face too.and maybe after this,pple should really stop talking abt this head-butting incident.i will stop for now.

    cindy [ 2:53 PM ]

    come to think of it,actually my job is pretty damn easy.hahaa!and today was even boss drove me arnd to see all the different condo projects we're involved in.and for me,i love to see those beautiful houses so its not the least hard for me.LOL!

    but i was so damn tired.being rebel for the first time in my in,coming home SUPER late at 3am last nite,i felt super guilty about it.but i did told my dad i'd be coming home at least,i did my part.

    i guess its worth it lah.=)

    the reason was becus we went for the ladies'nite buffet at chijmes and also,advancely(lol,is there such word)celebrated christy's was a really good catching up session becus the last time i saw them was..erm,maybe a few mths ago?especially glad the misunderstanding cleared out by i dont know how,but im just glad.:)

    so we went to get christy's cake and everything and we nearly got her a Barbie Balloon.HAHAHA!we wanted to make her carry another word,embarrassed her but in the end,we got her the Spongebobs'.we were like arguing..

    wiki:are you sure u wanna get the Barbie one?
    me:why not?!good what..can embarrass her,make sure she carries it around!
    wiki:but she likes spongebob
    me:dats the point!if we get dat one..she'll feel so proud to carry it arnd mah..

    *blah blah blah*(it went on..)
    it looks as though im the evil person,but im not.

    so anyway,lets skipped to the end-of-dinner part.kelvin's colleague was super blur.initially we wanted to surprise christy with the cake BUT..the waiter asked kelvin LOUDLY,

    waiter:so you want me to bring the cake out now?

    OHMEGOD!den christy,like karen,was like..

    'harya i know already lah,bring out now lah.WHERE'S MY CAKE!?'

    -sigh-now you see,im not the ONLY person on earth who cant kick off the habit of being BHB ok.there's worse.

    oh,and i realised i'll get really worked up when pple of nowhere called me up and said 'eh,i saw you,you at the -which ever place they saw you lah- right?' then,i will start looking left and right to see if by any chance i can spot the person.i dont like lah!its like,what if just nice they see me digging gold mines or doing something unglam?HAHAHAHA!but anyway,yah my pri sch fren saw me and he did the above dialogue.den after dinner,i met him and chatted for seems out of a sudden,my pri sch frens start coming back..and its a good thing of cus!;)

    so after awhile,christy had to go and we wanted to catch a movie at first but i thought it was a waste of time so we ended up at kbox.wah lao,my FIRST TIME singing infront of a guy leh!to the bapok attracter,pls be honoured can!LOL!!oh!speaking of bapoks..damnit lah.yesterday we were chilling outside the bar and we came across a few of them.then,there was this particular one..her boobs were HUMOGOUS,she walked past us and she DIAO wiki and me leh!wah liew!!i wanted to so go burst her boobs lah.its fake so its burst-able.damn him her shim.

    erh ok,i'd better go now.ciaos!

    OH WAIT!im so not over the Zidane controversy man.i just knew the Italian said something to provoke Zidane,i just knew it!Materizzi or whatever,i cant be bothered to spell out ur name nicely/correctly anyway,go eat SHIT and you'll become a better person.becus ur mouth is full or shit and it stink OH SO BADLY.

    cindy [ 9:58 AM ]

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    with this.which will you choose? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:33 PM ]

    now if you would compare this.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:32 PM ]

    noble me.sacrifies half of my lovely face.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:30 PM ]

    omg!i found my smile-most-alike-imitator! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:29 PM ]

    us ;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:29 PM ]

    question:whats up with kelvin?
    answer:he doesnt want to take pic with me. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:28 PM ]

    i couldnt capture the flame becus of the flash.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:27 PM ]

    yah its quite obvious the gurl(photographer)dont really like me. :'( Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:26 PM ]

    wiki a.k.a THE MAN and myself Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:25 PM ]

    the ultimate trio!hahaah!they sang the bday song..nice!;) Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:24 PM ]

    a collage of christy.haaha!the top left pic,she was waving to her own reflection..nobody was at the direction she's looking at. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:24 PM ]

    who's the fairest of them all?ok..i really looked like a ghost. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:23 PM ]

    the balloon and the..retard.HAHAHAH!when we were taking this shot,the pple walking past were like laughing.haaha! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:23 PM ]

    yooohooo christy?she got distracted by handsome guys.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:22 PM ]

    hahaa,its a custom i supposed? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:22 PM ]

    wiki,myself,christy and kelvin Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:21 PM ]

    the cake.the texture was rather dry i feel.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:21 PM ]

    christy:wiki,dont take my food -quoted by Kelvin Kiong! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:20 PM ]

    look at christy!aahaha! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:20 PM ]

    bottoms up! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:19 PM ]

    the table of,the dish on the left doesnt taste as nice as it looks..for me at least. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:19 PM ]

    now now.CHRISTY!STOP looking at the food and wiki!STOP looking at kelvin!and wendy!STOP forcing out the dimple.and CINDY!STOP commenting.Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 7:16 PM ]

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006
    my mood has hit the bottom pit since yesterday..or should i say,this morning?the match was the worst nightmare for me.when Zidane scored for the penalty kick,i screamed.when Zidane got sent off,i screamed even louder.the worst thing was,both my man were out of the pitch!!its like,how was France gonna win without them!?

    yes,yes i heard you.'who ask Zidane to knock against the Italian player using his head.'

    whatever dude.

    must be dat Italian player provoke him or something lah!!who,in the right frame of mind will actually do dat when he knows how important the match is to him?HELLO?ITS HIS LAST WORLD CUP CAN!?!

    for all i know,he's always been so calm,why out of a sudden so impetuous?and if,like what some of you may think,its deliberate..why would he wait until the extra time to do dat?AND EVEN SHED TEARS WHEN HE LEFT THE PITCH!i really did felt the pain for him.


    now,if you would excuse me..

    cindy [ 4:27 AM ]

    Monday, July 10, 2006
    i had a sudden craving for chocolate yesterday so i bought the Cadbury's roasted almond.WOAH,its friggin nice lah!den at nite,i was talking to kelvin on msn and i was super hyper..he can vouch for me.LOL!

    my oh my!today's the final showdown for World Cup and im having so much faith in you FRANCE!!

    as far as im concerned..alot of pple are rooting for Italy man!damnit.but its ok,ive confidence in the Frenchmen.

    yOohOo..ZIDANE and HENRY,the ultimate duo!!

    Go France GOAL!!!

    cindy [ 6:58 AM ]

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    i didnt actually witnessed dat goal becus i woke up on the 86th min.and idiotic one leh,when i switched on the tv,henry got sub!Rrrrrrrrrghhhh!!

    and i think C.Ronaldo got the 'kiam pah' face!to think dat i was actually quite crazy over him for a period of time.*disgusted*after the match,the camera zoomed RIGHT IN HIS FACE..i swear i could just throw a vase at the tv right at dat moment.but den again,it isnt very wise for me to do dat..hahaa!he belongs to the cant-give-good-impression-at-the-first-sight-and-even-worse-at-the-second-follow-on-sights.

    now now,i think im gonna place a bet for the finals!

    cindy [ 10:22 AM ]

    Thursday, July 06, 2006
    i FINALLY get to eat Newton's popiah after 8 mths of craving.please BOW TO MY ABILITY OF RESISTANCE for the past many days/nights of temptations.thank you thank you.

    i seriously doubt i can live up to 70 years old.ruiza really is a great helper in dat aspect.becus,calling her = shortening my life for an estimation of 3 years.and her reason for not picking up? 'HP ON SLIENT MODE'

    by all means,KILL ME.

    what for put slient mode when she already take years to reply A message?ruiza,can i go explore your brainsphere?

    anyway,the new Newton is really nice.however,i would suggest those who cares about self-image..HAIR mainly,to go to the non-shelter side.LOL!becus under those shelters,36454854437 fans are blowing AT YOUR HAIR while u're me,you wont have a piece of mind even if YOU,the GENIUS one starts suggesting tying the hair will need an ultra big clip instead.

    ok,the above mention were purely from my own stand.and yes,i agreed i kinda exaggerrated it ALIL bit.hahaa.anyway,dats not the main point dude.

    the main point is..we've never felt so bloated before.even more bloated than we were in Genting.the moment we stood up,we could hardly walk.we ate fried kway teow,3 popiahs,1 coconut,2 sugar canes,1 plate of fruits.LOL!ok,it doesnt seem like alot but seriously,the portion were huge.=.=" the digestion will be completed by tomorrow night.

    yup anyway,i need to get a bag badly before sch,exactly 2 weeks from now.URGH!why am i even counting down!?!aiight to end off..


    today's match is France vs Portugal.hello?FRANCE IS SO GONNA WIN IT LAH!
    -oh France,i have so much faith in you..Zidane and Henry both of you!-

    and i swear,if Portugal wins it,i'll bloody switch off the tv right away.

    cindy [ 1:58 PM ]

    Tuesday, July 04, 2006
    i need to fart so badly but i cant!i think im suffering from some serious fartstipation.URGH!!

    becus im bored..

    01) What is ur phone type?
    nokia 7250i

    02) What's the last 3 digits of your mobile number?

    03) What does the 2nd message in your inbox say?:
    'ok..i wear the same as u!hehe'

    04) How long is your 'All calls' duration?'
    OMG!!okai i just freaked out.1039:11:45..i sure am talkative.

    05) Who's the last person you rang?:
    my boss

    06) Who was your last missed call from?

    07) What does the last message in your inbox say?
    'ok..thanks ar!c yar tmr!'

    08) Who's the 3rd person who comes up under F?

    09)Who was your 6th missed call and received call from?
    ..this is freaky!both from the same person =.="

    10) Go to your Sent Items ..what does the 5th msg
    erm,my inbox is quite full cant store any sent msges.

    11) Who's the 4th person who comes up under S?

    12) What is your network provider?:

    13) How many messages are currently in inbox?

    14) What do you have as your background?:
    my niece and myself ;)

    15) Who's the 2nd person who comes up under R?

    16) Who do you have on speed dial 3?:
    i dont use dat

    17) Go to your Archive,pick the most meaningful message and state who is it from.
    'CindY,ever since u came into my life..i've never been more than happier before..thanks gal! :)
    yes,simple and sweet.=)

    18) Who's the first person who comes up under C?
    canadian pizza.LOL!!!ok if human,cao xu.

    19) How many bars of signal do you currently have?
    7.full bar

    20) What do you have as your main ringtone?
    Ryan Cabrera - true (yes i know its time i changed it.)

    cindy [ 2:34 PM ]

    Monday, July 03, 2006
    as expected,England's out.told you NO OWEN,NO TROPHY!

    ok fine,not exactly.but after beckham got sub and rooney got sent off,its kinda predictable England's fate was sealed.i had strong faith in gerrad leh,but he didnt score.wah liew~

    anyway,i need to thank derrick for telling me to dl the programme if not i'd have missed the France vs Brazil match!THANKS DERRICK!see,i thanked you the treat can be forsake lah.

    i couldnt tahan yesterday night for the match though,so i slept through the first half.and when i woke up,voila!France got their first goal..and the man behind the goal?THIERRY HENRY!!i became wide awake after dat.HAHAA!

    my prediction was right.i just knew France was gonna win it.c'mon,my Zidane and Henry are there man..need i say more?lol.but Ronaldo was so cute.theres this part he was running and he suddenly fell down and the funny part was nobody pushed him..LOL i was laughing my ass off.HE LOOKED SO CUTE FROM FAR in,from far they looked so small and when they fall down its like..HAHAHA,you know.ok nvm ;)i think im a sadist becus i love seeing players fall down and how some pretend they're gonna be cripple or something.HAHAHAHA!

    hrum,ok i know this post is very thinking should i order mac delievery or not,im starving man!for your information,i woke up at 3pm.LOL!=p ok ciaos!

    cindy [ 7:16 AM ]

    Sunday, July 02, 2006
    you know,having a blog is not that bad afterall.i sat infront of the screen for the past 1 hr and re-read the past entries and it made me realised how ive grown over the year..well,not physically but mentally.ok,maybe physically too.

    my thinking has changed and im glad for dat becus well,people change!hahaa,it make sense right?i mean you cant expect a 18-year-old to have a mindset of a 14-year-old right?and its not good for me to have a 14-year-old mindset becus when i was 14,my mindset was extremely childish.those who know me,knows.

    when i was reading the entries,i was also trying to recollect what i was feeling at dat point of time.but somehow,it doesnt feel the same..except for a few post.

    from counting down to finishing of the Os.and now,18 more days to my new school.AHHH!i wonder how will i cope.although yes,i have sheena around.i still cant believe i'll be facing her for the next god knows how many years.=.=" HAHAHAHA!i have enough of her already please!5 years is enough!and plus,she'll be going down to my office for an interview too.i have to see her for 6 days in a week..CHEER FOR ME!LOL!ok lah,she's not dat bad..but her voice and her hyperness sums it all.(i hope she'll never come into my site..if not,i know you know the consequences.)=P

    okay,18 more days to school.2 more days to work..SIAN!~

    cindy [ 11:47 AM ]