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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Thursday, June 21, 2012
    Counting down to exams - 45 days!

    Geez,and i have not been revising.Okay i'm more to the last min mugger which i think i shouldn't for this term because it's really difficult and i've got 3 more modules to cope.GRRRRR!!Life of a procrastinator -.-"

    cindy [ 11:46 PM ]

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012
    You know there are two kinds of people in this world.

    One is always blaming others but never themselves and another, always blaming themselves and not others.

    It's quite sad that the latter is almost non-existence anymore because people thesedays are always blaming every other damn things other than looking at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves are they really that perfect.

    Yes it's true.It's like,they are always 'victimising' themselves and think that every other human beings are the ones that let them down or neglected them and refuse to admit that they are the ones who have a problem. Seriously,you have a problem, FIX IT.Don't go whining like some 3-year-old and quit thinking everyone owes you a living or is forever indebted to you.PUI TO YOU!

    I've always thought that high school drama is so yesteryears.Guess i'm wrong.Just like the song,high school never ends.

    Yes i get that some people are more sensitive than the rest but over-sensitive?Come on.What's wrong with asking 'why the sudden dinner?'.Am i wrong to ask that?Can't i ask that?And best thing was, the other party conveniently assumed i was still angry and immediately left the group chat with another simply replying 'i dunno man' and left too.RETARDED,really retarded. So it's wrong to reply a tad slower just cus' i'm driving and it's wrong to even ask what's the occasion for a dinner.

    What should i say?

    Well,from now onwards,i'm gonna prioritize my time to those who deserves it and treasure my relationship with them.Pests who only come to me when they need me or those who never keep to their promises can simply F*** off.Really,my life is simpler and much happier without them anyway.

    If you think i'm talking about you,you're probably right.

    cindy [ 6:28 PM ]

    Sunday, June 17, 2012
    To my one and only Dad,who has been a really loving father to all of us.

    Thank you for not giving up on us even though you always used to say 'i don't wanna care about you all anymore' whenever we are naughty.

    Thank you for being a friend,especially of recent years instead of that strict father who would scold me until the dentures fell off(HAHAHAAHA,TRUE STORY).

    Thank you for bringing us up and taking such great care of us and making decisions which always put us first.Well I think words can't describe the gratitude and warmth and love towards you.

    To sum it up,I love you Daddy!Happy Father's Day!

    cindy [ 12:10 PM ]

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012
    My grandma and me!

    cindy [ 12:05 PM ]

    Saturday, June 09, 2012
    The two MUST-HAVE from pasar malam!Ramly burger and Taiwan sausage!

    I really cannot imagine myself living in another country because I,for one,find it almost impossible to give up the food in Singapore.

    I remember about a year ago,I was pretty confident I would be able to get used to the food in the States before I went to Chicago for holiday because since,you know,I've always been a fish and chips kinda person in SG.

    Just 2 days into the holiday and I was already missing Asian food,like local food!I was kinda shocked too because I really thought I could live with just western food.But hell no,i'm an Asian through and through.I freakin' missed my RICE.It was to the extent my sis and I had to walk to one of the malls nearby the hotel to get a teriyaki bao!Which turned out to be teriyaki BEEF when I thought it was pork.GRRR!!My evil sis actually tricked me,knowing i don't eat beef.After eating I was like,

    Me : Wah damn nice!

    Sis : Nice hor? *with a very suspicious smile*
    Me : Why are you smiling like that?
    Sis : Nah,just happy that you enjoyed your food.
    Me : Don't lie!Say!
    Sis : It's actually beef.HAHAHAAHAA!

    OMG,I was speechless.But yea,it was to the extent I can't even or rather,don't even mind that it was beef cus it has Asian taste.

    Grrr,i miss going holiday!I need a holiday.

    And this new blogger thing is kinda pissing me off.The font size differ so much!When i see my blog using my iphone,it's of normal size but when i view it using my computer,it's so freakin' small!Grrrrr!Making me lose interest in blogging again...

    cindy [ 12:57 AM ]

    Thursday, June 07, 2012
    I'm not the sort who gets angry easily.If you pissed me off,you should know it's not based on just one incident.

    Don't make promises if you don't intend to keep it.I don't understand how someone can just keep playing you off and thinks its okay and expect you not to get angry like as if getting stood up is nothing.It's like,if you know you're gonna meet your friend tomorrow,at least have some decency to have an early rest if you know you're the sort who will oversleep?Or if you think you can't make it,at least MSG way before to let your friend know?Seriously man,basic courtesy and respect for your friend.

    I always give chances and I think enough is enough.Bet if the roles were switched,the person will be more pissed than I am right now.Wait,i'm not even angry actually.It's more like..sick and tired of it.

    When I don't meet,they complain and complain.When I make the effort to meet,keep playing me out.No point trying to apologise at every available social platform,it's so redundant.

    And some people don't get it.They take my 'chin chye' personality as what it is and expect me to put up with it and think they can just step all over me.Like as though it has never crossed their mind that one day i might just finally snapped and say it's enough.Weird huh these people?

    Just hope one day they realised that i'm not obliged to be nice to everyone.I chose to be nice because i believe everyone should be treated with respect.But if it's not mutual,then it's just too bad.

    cindy [ 7:45 PM ]

    The only person I have to be better than is the person I was yesterday.

    cindy [ 2:29 AM ]

    I don't know why some people like to mood swing on me.Maybe I really have that 'bully me' aura like what Henry said.Or probably they forgot I have feelings too.

    Or maybe,it's just karma.

    I used to really just mood swing on people,basically anyone and especially those closest to me..maybe even til' now?But i really try to control myself as much as I could because I know the feeling sucks.

    I told myself never will I allow myself to put up with people who mood swing at me again simply because I don't owe them a living.You want to mood swing you can jolly well swing at other places.

    Damn annoying!Geez man,what's wrong with these people?Don't take my sincerity as stupidity.

    Sometimes being too nice to people doesn't pay off.Be nice to those who deserves it.

    I shall remain a badass.

    cindy [ 12:45 AM ]

    Tuesday, June 05, 2012
    I'm always so worried my iPhone might explode one day because whenever I touch it,it feels really hot.Really super paranoid!

    So anyway,I had a dream last night.And geez,what a weird dream it was.

    I actually dreamt of HARRY POTTER.WTFWTFWTF?!

    The dream was so ridiculous i don't even know where to begin.HAHAHAAAH!Harry Potter leh,seriously?And best thing was, it wasn't the grown up Harry but the young Harry!-.- I really wish I can control my dream sometimes.

    Had workplace law class earlier on and my gosh,the guy beside me was #%^¥$>¥!!!Freakin' noisy and fidgety!Where are all the cool guys huh!?

    Okay,abrupt end.Bye.

    cindy [ 11:54 PM ]

    Monday, June 04, 2012
    Good morning!

    I'm so glad I've decided to download the Blogger app on my iPhone.It's so much easier!

    Yayyyy!In case in the future I want to read back my old entries,like I always do,I'm able to.

    It's raining now..what an awesome weather to sleep in!But damn me,I actually went to sleep right after I had my supper last night and did not complete my assignment!!-_-"

    Okay,time to start working on!

    cindy [ 10:35 AM ]

    This is what happens when you do your assignment in the middle of the night!yumyum! unhealthy.

    cindy [ 2:14 AM ]

    Sunday, June 03, 2012

    Geez!Blogger has a new interface?I prefer the old one though.

    Anyway,hi..i'm back again.

    Attended my cousin's (Richmond) wedding yesterday,2nd June 2012.Banquet will be on the 16th June though.This is the 3rd wedding i've been to this year and guess what,i have at least 5 more to go!!!!!!And next year there's already 2 confirmed weddings.



    I guess partly because it's an auspicious year(dragon) to get married but I can't believe i have reached the stage of receiving more and more invitation to weddings.It's amazing yet scary at the same time!

    It's so damn freakin' true when you past the age of 21, time flies like nobody's business.It reminded me of my secondary school principal, Mr Syed, who would always repeat this sentence - Time and Tide wait for no man, during our morning assembly.It has finally knocked some damn sense into me.

    My assignments are PILLING!!!!It's the 3rd week of the term already and i'm still slacking.Bad attitude,bad. 

    It's been a while since i posted pictures on my blog and since i'm really bad at words,i shall let the pictures do the talking.:)

    Happy weekends!


    Handsome boy!
    Bride tearing while dad gave his blessings..

    Newly weds


    cindy [ 2:17 PM ]