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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Well,i won't say i'm gonna pass with flying colours for Accounts but at least i'm confident enough to say i will pass.Wah,it really feels damn good after the paper!

    Luckily i piah all the way yesterday!It's like there's this section which came out exactly the same as the one i did yesterday while revising.And i'm damn sure that 20plus marks are so gonna be mine!

    But still,i'd like to say thanks to those who have helped me!Kaijia and Karen bitch especially!Even if i predict wrongly and flunk it,i'll still be okay because i know i've really tried!Yah,although it's very last min but still!Those unproper nights are accounted for=)

    So anyway,went back to GWC to collect my pay from the organic shop and heard they're gonna open a cafe beside the shop.Looks like their business is picking up,damn!Then after collecting the pay,went back to TBP to meet Esther and Sam.Well,not exactly meet them.I waited for them.

    While waiting for them,i was on the phone with Karen.I totally understand how she feel.Seriously,sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice to people.Okay,maybe certain people.I'm not trying to say be mean to others is the way to go but we have to really see who are the kind of people we're dealing with.Frankly speaking,you'll lose out if you're one of the Mr/Miss Nice in this practical world.Like what i said,PRACTICAL world.Being nice doesn't get you THAT FAR.Others will only take advantage of you.

    Bottomline:Be nice to those who deserves it.

    You will know who deserves what.

    Despite having said that,i'm still a nice person lah.=)

    So after waiting for approximately 1 and a half of my precious hour,met Esther for a pathetic 10 mins and she had to go for class.So in the end,sam and myself decided to go Vivo to eat dinner.

    We saw so many celebrities.First was the dancefloor contestants,Vas is damn cute lah!RUSSIAN LEH!!HAHAHAHAH!Then we saw Taufik.Super dao.And then followed by alot more because there was this red carpet event for the premier of Spiderman 3.All the celebrities are so snobbish man!Like,EEEEEWWWW!(LOL!Only karen knows what i'm trying to do!)

    After which we headed for Secret Recipe for dinner and Esther came to meet us again.Went over to Harbourfront's McDonalds for awhile and then straight home.

    HAHAHAHAHAAH!Esther is damn nonsense!She sent me this picture which made me laugh like nobody's business!!IT'S FRIGGING FUNNY!!!!!!!!!But i can't post it here because she might sue me for defamation.

    ANYWAY!Remember the entry when i mentioned she kinda paiseh herself when the waiter came in to tell us our time was up?Okay,i have the video for it.The infamous 'ONE MORE TIME ONE MORE TIME!'.Even Elena also laughed like crazy when i sent her the video.

    *NOTE the part when she 'oh' at the ending.*
    Please heck our singing.We weren't really singing,we were just screaming.LOL!

    cindy [ 12:37 AM ]

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007
    Sometimes i can be damn pissed with myself.It's like,i know i've read through that thing before and yet,at that very critical moment,i just bloody can't remember a single shit!

    Now i'm just hoping whatever Karen and Kaijia taught me wouldn't go to waste.

    Anyway,Karen and Andy came over to my place on friday and saturday.Karen was here for a purpose,teaching me accounts.But i don't know about Andy.He came here and totally conquered my bed EVEN THOUGH he saw the bags all over the bed.Just in case you're wondering why i put my bags on my bed,i don't usually do that.It's to restrict certain people,but they choose to ignore it,completely.

    ANYHOWS,yup.Thanks bitch!Minus your bitchy bf.:P

    Esther and Sam came over yesterday.Amazingly,i really did studied for that 2 hours when Sam was asleep.So Esther came over after her driving lesson,she drove here.Wah lao,make me jealous only.HAHAAHAH!

    Esther kept complaining she was damn hungry from the moment she stepped into my house.So we ordered McDonalds and while waiting for it to arrive,my maid prepared some noodles for her too.We thought she might be alil full after that,but guess what?Right after her noodles,she devoured the McSpicy which arrived no longer than 3 mintues.Food marathon okay!

    *Okay,i better correct that before she starts complaining i always make her look/sound bad in my blog*

    No lah,she usually have really tiny appetite.Just that yesterday she kind of lose it all because my house has that 'eat,eAT,EAT!' aura.

    And so,we did the usual.Phototaking using webcam AND!!Making 'mtv'.LOL!I'm really damn tempted to put it up but i think they will slaughter me especially Esther.HAHAHAAH!It's really friggin funny!

    Esther's version of Justin Timberlake's What Comes Around Goes Around,

    "this is the way it's going wrong......what comes around comes around comes around go all the way back around"

    Alright,now i think it's not the time to be funny.After wednesday,I WILL BE BACK!

    Look who's got a new set of pearly whites?!

    Starring:the-suddenly-appeared-from-nowhere 'korean star'.Can tell i'm being forced to take right?!KOREAN STAR.

    Yes Sam,we have eyes to see!

    Esther's bf,the SUMO!

    Don't you find the girl in the middle damn familiar?Yes,Chucky's bride!


    A room without light.

    And with lights.Big difference.I miss my lights!

    cindy [ 11:11 AM ]

    Friday, April 20, 2007
    I realised Esther loves to surprise me!Be it at work or even at my comfort zone,home that is.And it's really dangerous because anytime she'll just popped by and catches your most unglam moment.Which is what she did just 5 mins ago.

    I was only into 15 mins of my sleep and my maid came in,

    'cindy,got one man and one woman looking for you.'

    Seriously,at the back of my head i don't know why but i actually thought they might be loansharks or something.I mean,not that i borrowed money from one in the first place,but i don't know.Probably i got woken up suddenly i can't even control what i'm thinking.LOL,maybe.

    So i went to the door and they(Esther and her bf)hid at the side of the front door.I almost couldn't see them if not for Esther's protruding tummy.

    HAHAAHAHAAH!KIDDING LAH BABE!It's not that bad lah.LOL!Okay,i'm lying.It's bad.It's ok man,CHILL!Welcome to my club!=)

    We chat for alittle while,15 mins to be precised,and Esther already kept looking at the clock.It was dinner time for her,French cuisine awaiting for her grand arrival.I don't even need to remind her to enjoy her dinner because i know she definitely will.Even taking food from Zaw's share.LOL!!DAMN FUNNY WHEN I LOOKED AT THEM!It's really not very hard to believe she's been eating his share you know.=p


    Alright,i think i'm gonna start revising alil now since i can't get back to sleep.It's time i felt the pressure.

    cindy [ 11:27 AM ]

    Thursday, April 19, 2007
    Karen!After seeing this picture,please stop saying you are Quan's wife.

    *note the red circle*

    AWW!To think he actually still wear that ring.ACTUALLY WE..


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!CHILL MAN!I don't wanna kanna wallop by his die-hard fans on the streets leh!


    cindy [ 5:19 PM ]

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007
    Yesterday's episode of Desperate Housewives was a rather emotional one.

    It involves shooting.

    Today,i saw the news and one of the headline news also involved shooting.This time,it was for real.33 innocent lives gone.

    Everyone has their own misery.Everyday we have to deal with unexpected problems which may come our way.We deal with it,everyone does.You don't just pick up a gun and start shooting around.

    And if you must,just kill yourself.Why end 33 innocent lives with you?I don't get it.

    Okay,like as if that dead killer is ever gonna read this.

    What kind of world are we living in now?So,am i right to say when i can't handle stress and when i'm so overwhelmed with all these mixture of feelings inside me(negative ones in this case),i can just take out a weapon and start killing people?

    TSK!Wah lao!

    cindy [ 2:55 PM ]

    Did i forget to mention how early i woke up yesterday morning to get myself prepared,took a cab down and only to realise the library only opens at 11am!?


    I was being a smart alec.I thought to myself the day before,

    'maybe i should wake up early tomorrow,go to the library and use the computer den go to work,wah i'm damn clever!'


    IN THE END,all for nothing.And wasted my $5.40.

    AND!SURPRISE SURPRISE!!I ACTUALLY borrowed a book from the library.It's been YEARS since i borrowed or even,read a book.And,i'm damn addicted to it.

    While on the way home from Esther's house this morning,i read instead of falling asleep on the bus.I'm the sort who can't read on the bus because i'll feel damn giddy after that,but,the book kept me going.I don't know how,but it did!

    After i reached home,i bathed and i thought i'll hit the sack right away but i was wrong again.I told you guys before,sometimes i'm quite impressed with myself too.I actually continued reading until my stomach decided to call for some McDonald's breakfast.Even so,i was still pretty engrossed with the story while munching on my sausage mcmuffin.

    Amazing lor.

    Oh,and if you're wondering.I'm using my own computer now.It's suffering from serious mood swings lah.TSK!

    Revisions,here i come.SIGH!

    cindy [ 10:09 AM ]

    Monday, April 16, 2007
    Okay damnit!AGAIN!MY ENTRY IS GONE,AGAIN!Just what the hell is wrong with blogspot huh!?SICKENING!

    Anyway,i'm just gonna summarise everything.Sorry Esther,i typed out a long entry and it's gone.So i'm having mood-swing now while you're sleeping.

    I'm at Esther's place now,staying over just to use the internet.

    1) She's damn luo-so and her mom thinks so too!
    2) She's crazy becus she called my mobile to say Goodnight when i'm just outside her living room and her mom thinks she's damn boliao too!

    All in all,Esther is just..hmmm...okay never mind!

    Work was okay today.There were countable souls.The one thing i can't stand when doing closing is that,there'll definitely be some super idiotic customer who PURPOSELY choose to stop by your shop JUST BEFORE YOU CLOSE.Bloody shit!They had all the time in the world during the day YET they chose to come 5 mins before the shop close.AND,taking their own sweet time choosing their stuff and coming to you and say,

    'there's nothing i like here'


    AND,'cuse me,where the hell were you from 11am to 8.55pm?

    I don't even wanna roar.I just feel like slamming the door right in their faces.

    SO ANYWAY,after i got delayed by that biatch for 45 minutes,went to meet Esther and her bf at Cine before going to Swensens for supper cum dinner cum lunch cum breakfast.

    4 meals = 1 Fish n Chips

    BOW TO ME!

    Yesterday was out with Esther(again),her bf(and again) and Sam.I seriously think i'm a gooseberry man!SAM I NEED YOU!=DAnyway,we went to KBOX for a good 4 hours of singing cum shouting cum buffet session.It was hell funny lah!

    First,we acted like some typical kiasu singaporean,taking SOOOO many food into the room.The staffs looked at us when we walked past them and we had to walk really quickly cus it was quite embarrassing.What to do,our room was so far.So we saved the trouble and took everything in one shot.

    Then,this is the funny part.

    Sam was singing Abba's Money Money Money,and i was like

    'wah,this song speaks right from my heart man!',so,i joined her.

    Esther was recording a video of us and when it came to the chorus,we were singing really loudly and Esther got damn high.She only started to video us towards the ending of the song,dumb right?Never mind,that's not the point.

    So she got all so hyped up she was like,

    'ONE MORE TIME ONE MORE TIME!(with her hands up in the air)

    We stopped,for 2 reasons.

    One,is because the song has finished,duh?But she thought still has the chorus.

    Two,was because we already saw the waiter waiting outside the room but Esther didn't know because her back was facing the door.So,just nice when Esther was feeling so hyped up and shouting 'ONE MORE TIME ONE MORE TIME!',the waiter came in with a very solemn,

    'xiao jie,ni men de shi jian tao le'(miss,your time is up)

    OHMEGOD,we were laughing like some madass lah!HAHAAHAAHAH!That's the best part of the day man,seriously!

    Okay,while i'm typing this,i'm smiling to myself.I'm URM-CHIOing.I can't laugh out loud,i scared later Esther's mom thinks i'm crazy.

    Now i'm thinking,how am i gonna tahan till 7 in the morning?

    Esther is such a pig!

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    Friday, April 13, 2007
    YAY!So my desktop's suffering from some moodswing like me,and decided to operate itself today.

    I'm not so low afterall.I decided not to work in the end!HAHAAHA!YO?I need a break man!I've been working from 11-9pm 4 days straight!It's really impressing for someone like me okay?Esther was like..

    'Wah,so not like you leh.What happened ah?'

    I don't know why but we've been mocking at each other lately.

    The other day at QBar,we took a picture which made me looked as if i had cock eye.Apparently,our kay kiang Sam used 2 cameras(one on top of another)and take the picture at the same time.Normal people can't multitask their eyes what,so of course i chose to look at my camera instead of Esther's,which turned out to be like that lah.

    Then on MSN,instead of saying HI to each other,i nudged her and..

    Esther:yea what's up cock eye?
    Me:..oh nothing much,double-chin.


    Anyway,yesterday while waiting for my bus back home,i saw Jonathan Wong.Well,he was on another bus actually.It's kinda weird seeing him around this area although yes i know he has moved house.It's like,seeing RAMJUDEEN at Sixth Avenue.OOOPS!

    I'm damn tempted to buy the VAIO laptop but i guess i can just forget about it.You know why?Because i can't even afford to buy a new phone(which i've been saying i'll change since 4 years ago,yes i know,stop reminding me will you?).HAI,so sad.Birthday over,can't request.

    OLRITE,i think i better start on my revision after this!DAMN ACCOUNTS,DAMN MARKETING!THEY ARE KILLING ME BIT BY BIT.

    cindy [ 6:27 AM ]

    Thursday, April 12, 2007


    Okay,so i'm in the library now.

    My computer is down and my dad decided to lock his so,poor me,can't even use the computer in the comfort of my own home.But what the hell,the library is like so shiok lah!The chair so comfortable,the table so big and the connection so fast!One word,SHIOK!

    Anyway,Kaijia came down to meet me after work for dinner yesterday and also,helped to clear my doubts on accounts.I REALLY UNDERSTAND KAIJIA!Thanks by the way!Oh,i think people just love to see me in my shocked face.I was on the phone with Kaijia when i realised her voice sounded nearer and nearer and taadah,she was right infront of me.Luckily i'm not suffering from some heart diseases,if not i'd be dead for 2 times,by now.

    WAHHHHH how come i didn't know library got hot guys huh!?!?!!?!

    Okay,i'm gonna moodswing now.

    They asked me if i can work tomorrow because they need people.I gave up my off day the other day and now i have to give up another one again.I think i'm gonna be jian and say yes because i need money.DAMNIT,i don't wanna be so low.But i have to.Okay,i'm smiling to myself now,what an idiot.

    Alrite,i think i'd better go now.TO WORK.Wah lao,usually when i say that sentence i'd be going to be bed or watch tv lor.But now,TO WORK.

    THREE words,


    cindy [ 10:09 AM ]

    Monday, April 09, 2007
    Working is really tiring.

    My legs have been cramping every now and then these days.=(

    I must not cut myself anymore slack because i'm seriously lagging behind my studies that i doubt i'll be able to make it through for the exams.Wah,i really hope i won't fail again man!

    Anyway,yesterday's gathering turned out to be pretty alright!Went for dinner and caught 'Freedom Writer' after that.That show is good man!No more awkward moments though we have barely seen each other for the past 6 years!I'm sure there'll be more to come,i had a deal with the guys,damnit.I shouldn't talk big.HAHAAHAHAH!

    Back to work.

    I like my supervisor!She's damn nice lah!

    Okay,so today,i wanted to go cycling at ECP but my knock off hours was pushed back by an hour so,it'll be rather late by the time we reach there.Well,I did kinda mood-swing lah.But the supervisor was so nice to me,i can't bring myself to be angry.

    THEN,Esther,Sam and Zaw(Esther's bf)turned up at my workplace and gave me a huge shock!I seriously had no idea they'll dropped by to pick me up from work.HEHEHEEHEH!Very nice of them because i was seriously kinda moody due to HAVING TO WORK TOMORROW WHEN I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE MY OFF DAY TOMORROW.=(

    But ahhhhh,never mind.It's all because of you.

    We wanted to catch a movie but there's nothing nice to watch so i suggested Mind's Cafe and it turns out to be a pretty smart choice!We sure had alot of fun!Laughing at Esther,taking stupid pictures etc.

    Sometimes what we want in life is actually so simple.

    We just need someone to love and love us in return.That's all.When i say love,it's general not just couple-relationship love.

    You see,after a day at work,you get to chill out with your good friends and even though it's only for a couple of hours,you feel that it's the best time of your life and all the tiredness in you somehow just disappear.It's that kind of feeling everyone's searching for.No matter people changed,how somethings seemed out of place,memories always stays.So just remember,Today shall be the memory for Tomorrow.

    Right,i'm so tired i'm gonna hit the sack now.CIAO!

    HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY MIAOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!;)
    let me hear some good news soon!=D

    Esther said she look like some korean star.RIGHT.

    guess who's the winner and who's the loser.*hint* LOSER has the MOST cards.


    'Fishball!' - Quoted from SAM!!

    she loves to feed me with tobasco sauce,i don't know why!


    more candid!

    so attentive ah esther!

    you have to get used to seeing pictures like's already our habit when we're eating chocolate.

    I had a fun day!=)

    cindy [ 2:55 PM ]

    Sunday, April 08, 2007
    Have been meeting up quite alot of people this week!And damn,i think i'm jinxed.Whenever i say the word 'pimple',pimples will SUDDENLY popped up on my face the very next day.I'm not even talking about me laughing at people.I don't really do that now.The most i'll go like..

    'eh!pimple!'*points at the person's face with a wide grin*

    GRIN,not laugh.

    Anyway,i met up with Elena for awhile on thursday and man,that woman really lost some serious weight there!Bloody hell.HAHAHAHAAHAH!Ok lah,i gotta admit you looked really good now,bitch.=) And then,she was off for dating.*ahem*

    Yesterday was out with Esther and Sam.It's damn ironic because the day before yesterday,we were conferencing on the phone if we were gonna meet the next day(which was yesterday)but we thought we were all busy so in the end,we decided not to.BUT,after i knocked off from work;gave Esther a call;gave Sam a call;TAADAHH,we met up.LOL!

    That's why i always say,don't ever plan things.It'll never work out.Last minute plans are usually good!;)

    So,we went to Sam's church for some Good Friday service and after that,went over to QBar to look for Wiki.Kelvin joined us too.We only stayed there for awhile,then we took a cab to River Valley for some initially Prata-session but turned out to be Bak Kut Teh!

    I LOVE PIG INTESTINE!or rather,WE love!It's damn good lah,wah lao!

    After that,we all took a cab back home and K.K went to meet his friends.

    And later,i'm gonna meet my primary school friends.I hope it wouldn't turn out awkward,ROAR!Ciao bellos!;)

    cindy [ 2:48 PM ]

    Thursday, April 05, 2007
    So my dark eye circles are re-appearing again.

    Yesterday's conference with primary school friends lasted for a good 5 hrs 23 mins and 36 sec.All the way till 5 am!They have killed a gazillion of my brain cells.

    Boys will always be boys.They will dig out all your past embarrassment and laughed about it IN YOUR FACE.And i'm suprised they still remember certain incidents which i don't becus i've always thought i was the only one who will remember things which people don't.

    Anyway,we'll be going out on Saturday and i hope there won't be any awkward moments.

    E.g:Playing with hp/keep smsing = AWKWARD

    So i was thinking to ban all handphones but then again,i think they will think i'm crazy and just ignore me like they always do.



    Miao is having exam today.Poor her,have been chiong-ing her revision these days until she's so stressed out!I think soon,will be my turn.DAMN!

    cindy [ 5:13 AM ]

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007
    Before i forget,before i get lazy and most importantly,before Esther comes into this blog and realised i didn't update today,i better update now.Before she screw me up,literally.

    Anyway,i don't understand something.Why do people like to stood me up?I seriously don't get it.OH,maybe i do.Maybe i have the 'oh-come-on-and-stood-me-up-cus-i'm-a-sucker' face.YAH,MAYBE.

    NO,this is not karma,retribution or whatever you might wanna call it because i don't do what these people are doing to me.It's either i say Yes or No.I don't say Yes and then No.Get it?

    They will get their own dessert soon.They will know how it feels to be the one being treated like dirt.

    Met up with Kaijia and Esther for dinner unlike some people who only says but never do.I wasn't hungry at first but after Kaijia kept psycho-ing me,asking me how can i not be hungry without eating lunch,i became really hungry.

    Psycho-ing does work.

    Chit-chat a'lil and i guess everyone's tired after a day's work,so Kaijia went home not to rest BUT to play game.WTH right?LOL!So Esther followed me back to the shop and bought some stuff to decorate for her bf.

    Okay,i bet she's waiting for me to write.

    She kept complaining how i always NEVER write about her,she doesn't see her name on my blog and everytime when we go out together,i NEVER mention about her.Now,ESTHER TEO WANLING,read this.

    Esther Teo was being VERY SWEET today(and then she'll argue its EVERYDAY),so yah,she was ESPECIALLY sweet today.Esther Teo went to my shop and Esther suddenly had the urge do a handmade card for her EGYPTIAN bf.LOL!!(inside joke!)

    Esther Teo had a 30% discount,all thanks to yours truly.

    So,Esther Teo spent 10 mins of her precious time decorating the card for her precious.SO SWEET RIGHT?*AWWWW*

    Now you may think i sound sarcastic but i'm not lah,idiotic!

    Still don't believe right?Whatever.

    Esther,believe me okay?=)

    Anyway i'm serious.She's the only person whom would go all the way to my workplace just to find me ever since my first job even though her workplace and mine are always damn far apart and she,for one that i know,has almost never stood me up before.Impressive huh?haahaha!

    Aiight,i can't believe i'm conferencing with my primary school friends now!CIAO!

    cindy [ 2:58 PM ]

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007
    Never say never.

    I'm pretty impressed with myself actually.Guess what?


    I ate,ALONE!

    (though i was on the phone,but still,i was alone okay.Nobody was sitting opposite me eating with me)

    Such a breakthrough in 19teen years!

    Anyway,today's my first day at a new shop(HAHAAHAH!)and no,i haven't quit my the other job.Meaning?I'm having 2 jobs now.Excuse me,i really need MONEY!$kaching$=)

    And because we weren't supposed to eat-in(buy the food and go back to the shop),i was thinking to myself..

    'huh?eat alone?i'd rather not eat.'

    So,i skipped lunch.But hah!I was feeling so hungry,my stomach kept growling!So i decided to HECK IT and went to have my dinner at Yoshinoya.Reason being,it wasn't crowded.So i wouldn't feel so ke-lian mah!

    Miao was telling me how damn useless i am,for not being able to eat alone.What's wrong with that lor?!Maybe i'm useless ONLY in this sense.

    Work is boring.Seriously boring!Worse than the Organic shop.At least at that Organic shop,i used to have a REASON to go,a MOTIVATION for me.And the time passes like,really quickly and i wouldn't mind going early or going back later.

    BUT!!!Ever since i realised *@*%&#%()!6 ,SIGH,it doesn't really matter anymore.=(

    WAH LAO,WHY!!!Karen lah,everytime make me so demoralised.

    I suddenly really feel damn sad,harya bye lah!

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    Monday, April 02, 2007
    Chris Daughtry rocks my socks!!I'm damn in love with his songs man!

    For once in soooooooo many years,i think i'm gonna buy an album.And yes,it will be his!

    cindy [ 6:38 AM ]

    Sunday, April 01, 2007
    This is very random.

    I think guys who are born in the year 1980 are DAMN HANDSOME!!LOLOLOL!!

    ANYWAY,had dinner with my grandma and relatives just now to sort of celebrate grandma's birthday.The actual day is tomorrow though.Then,went over to Coffee Bean to CHILL with miao.WAH LAO,why is everyone in love?!What's wrong with Mr Cupid!?TOO FREE AH!

    Okay,just kidding people!Sour grape here.BE HAPPILY IN LOVE OKAY?IGNORE ME.

    I'm so gonna be in dead meat.I've 2 exams coming up this month,stupid marketing and ACCOUNTS and YET i still have no idea,yes,no a single clue on what accounts is all about.I mean,yes i do know but its damn complicated leh!DIE!Just kill me,kill me lah.

    My dad's gonna slaughter me alive,BIT BY BIT if he finds out i suck in this damn module and am GOING TO FAIL his favourite subject.DEAD.

    WOW,actually alot has been happening but i'm just too lazy to blog it all's 3am now and i should be hitting the sack right about now!NITE Y'ALL!=)

    a'lil narcissism is HEALTHY!TRUST ME!

    Seriously,i don't know where did the rest of the 'dish pictures' gone to!This is the only one i found,so there you go!

    Notice the 2 person at the side

    MY AH MA!!we're buddies too!I LOVE HER!=)

    Okay,this is kinda scary yet funny.That's my hand lah!

    we DO get along!we were forced to take this picture!

    COOL EH!?!*ahem*photographer earns the credit.


    I swear after i took off the glasses,i felt damn giddy.I'm better off without them.hehe!

    Addicted to this song!

    cindy [ 6:14 PM ]