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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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  • Friends


    Wednesday, June 25, 2008
    Worked at EXPO today.And i'm gonna be working there for tomorrow and Friday as well.Not sure about next week though.It's the John Little Sales!Everything's so damn cheap!It'll be on till next Sunday i think?

    Work was alright.Initially i thought i'd be bored to death but luckily,i've got a crappy partner.HAAHAH!He's actually my manager's bro.First time working together and omg,we really talked alot of crap!A very nice and funny guy i'd say.

    So today i went to school and asked the lecturer if i can sit for the quiz i had missed last week and she asked if i've got any mc(which i don't,duh).Then she was like,

    Lecturer:What's your name?
    *went through the previous quiz results*
    Lecturer:I'm sorry but i can't let you take the quiz.
    Me:Ooh..then how?
    Lecturer:10 marks gone.But i think you can pass the overall :)

    Wah,i don't know what to feel.

    Happy or..erm..i don't know?

    Anyways,Friday will be the MATHS test!!


    cindy [ 11:41 PM ]

    Monday, June 23, 2008
    Just came back not too long ago.Met up with Christy,Wiki,Kelvin,Raymond and Wendy for supper.Didn't wanna go at first but i've rejected them for far too many times already and i felt pretty bad about it too.

    After supper,i wanted to go home.But as expected,Christy always have something up her sleeve.So yes,we ended up at the lan shop playing CS.It's fun actually!But can get damn giddy.I don't understand how guys can spend so many hours inside!So noisy and..yah,noisy!

    Sent Wendy home and while going back,i think i almost got Christy and myself killed.

    I didn't know i wasn't supposed to turn left at the traffic light.So yes,when it turned green,i actually turned left only to realise the traffic was coming towards my direction.Holy shit!I totally freaked out lah!Luckily there wasn't many cars so i managed to quickly turn right.Christy was like,

    'NO,Cindy,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my god!!'

    Such a close shave,really.

    The other drivers must be thinking i'm drunk or something.

    Anyway,met up with Elena the day before yesterday.She's really turning to a hot babe man!!:)We walked around and ended up at Paragon buying underwears.LOL!!Eh wah lao,La Senza's undergarments are damn shiok ok!?!?DAMN COMFORTABLE!!I love GSS!!Usual price for a piece is 15 bucks,but now it's selling $30 for 5 pieces!!DAMN CHEAP!!And buy 5 get 1 free.WOOO!!Shiokness.Ok,i know i'm acting like an auntie but who cares!?DON'T YOU JUST LOVE CHEAP BUYS!?!!!DON'TCHA!!!

    The centre reopens tomorrow and damn,i miss the kids!I know,work sucks but the kids are my only motivation!Although i hate to wake up early in the morning during the weekends,but i can't wait to see the weekend kids!!:)

    Alright,i'm gonna go catch some sleep now.Ciao!!

    cindy [ 2:47 AM ]

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008
    Met up with Ruiza,Derrick and Henry.It's nice to be catching up with each other again!Karen and Andy didn't join us as they got to work the next day,so better not disturb them.

    Drove down to pick Derrick up first then to Ruiza's place.Headed down to Marina's HK Cafe and then off to ECP.Sat down and did some catching up.Really miss simple times like these,moreover with friends i've not met up for ages!

    Anyway,my parking indeed sucked.And they have all witnessed it.The pictures are with Ruiza though,i'll post it up once i received them!Damn funny!

    So while we were at HK Cafe,Derrick that joker,always think too highly of himself.

    I asked him to help me ask the waiter for some ice for my milk tea and the waiter merely said,

    Waiter:If not enough,tell me.

    After the waiter left,

    Derrick:I think he's gay!You see the way he say 'if not enough,tell me',confirm he likes me

    Right Derrick,right.

    Haha!We stayed at ECP for almost 2 hours?Left at about 3am.Dropped all of them home and came home after that.Initially wanted to meet up Kelvin and all but Christy was sleeping already,so headed home instead.

    Ruiza went back to Indo today.She'll be coming back to Singapore again before going back to Melbourne for a year or 2 i guess.

    I decided to skip school today.Didn't really have the mood to go anyway.And the weather is so fineeee!;)

    Celine is coming back on the 4th of July!!Can't wait!Hopefully,i'll get to pick her up from the airport.Hehee!Alrighty now,im off!

    cindy [ 7:32 PM ]

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008
    Every monday night at 10pm sharp,you'll see me sitting up straight on the sofa with my eyes glued to the tv.No toilet breaks or whatsoever for that 1 hour throughout.

    Why,you ask.

    It's PRISON BREAK BABY!!!!!!Damn,this season's damn addictive ok!?!That Whistler guy is actually quite a good-looker.HAHAAHA!Ok fine,it's actually the plot that got me so addicted for this season.Of course Wentworth Miller is still quite part of the reason why i'm watching it lah.Although he seemed sweaty and dirty 99.9% of the time in the show,he's still quite hot.I don't mind smelling his armpits.

    Erm wait,actually i do.

    Anyhoos,so now that black chief is gonna help Michael to get out of the prison cus he himself wants to get out too.How very interesting!But i was actually quite shocked when Sarah got killed in the end.I thought she was one of the supposed 'main' characters,no?Anyway,i can't wait for next week's episode!!Quick quick quick!

    How many seasons are there gonna be huh?And and and,why did THE OC stopped?!Just cause Marissa died?Or they graduated liao then no more stories to write?KNS!Anyway it's true after Marissa died,the show kinda 'died' sad.I was their biggest fan!I used to bug Derrick day and night just to get that disc from him so that i could watch it too.

    ( we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!)

    Anyway,i forgot to mention i was at Clark Quay on Saturday to help out at the Singapore Arts Street.Some arts festival thing.It was quite an eye-opener i'd say.But goodness,the weather was a killer!We were literally sitting under a hot oven although there were shelters around.I enjoyed myself though it was really a loooooong day!8am to 8pm!Started out setting up everything,carry this/that.

    Oh,then we came across this caucasian.

    I highly suspect he's a paedophile or something.First thing first.Hello?Getting drunk at 7pm isn't a very smart move.And secondly,of all people he came right through our stall,sat down and started his craps on a 8-year-old.Seriously?

    That poor girl.She was just doing her art stuff and this weird angmoh went up and started saying things like,

    'Do you wanna dance?'
    'You're a sexy lil'thing'

    winked at her and blew kisses at her?

    That's sick.

    And the thing is,the girl's dad is also an angmoh.She's a mix i think?Her mom is a Phillipino.After maybe about 15 mins or so,the girl's dad came and pat her on her back and she was so startled,she literally jumped up from her seat.

    Such an ass that drunkard!

    Pictures time!

    Meagan&Jade.I tell you,Jade looks like a small version of Sarah Michelle Gellar(Buffy)in REAL LIFE OKAY!!??!

    Taka at 8 in the morning.

    erh,yes.if you realised,it's actually a middle finger =x.ASK THE ARTIST!hahaah!

    cindy [ 1:04 AM ]

    Monday, June 16, 2008
    After what seemed like a century ago,i've finally caught a movie!!Yes,the last movie i watched was..Ah Long Pte Ltd!?!?!That sucky movie.

    Went to watch Kung Fu Panda with Christy,Kelvin,Wiki and Raymond.And it's damn good!Very funny!!Definitely worth my bucks!:)Home after that,since my younger sis was alone and i was quite tired after working.

    We asked the maid agent to come and bring back the maid a few days back and now we're still comtemplating to hire or not.I've had enough of maid issues.I'm always full of complaints about them i know and i don't like to portray myself as that evil person because,i'm not lor!I already can foresee i won't be a taitai lah.

    How can a tai tai not have maids!?

    And i can't stand maids = i won't be a tai tai

    :( there goes my dream.

    Anyway so far the votes are:

    Up to you - Dad
    Definite Yes - Celine(duh,expected);Mom;Ah ma(mom's mom)
    Definite No - Me(duh,again,expected);Ah ma(dad's mom)
    Don't know but probably more to the Yes - XT(younger sis)

    Ok,so looks like i'm losing.

    Not that i have anything to lose if we were to hire,again for the 4th time,but it's just that we are damn suay when it comes to choosing one.The previous maid(s) were all chosen by the agent himself and they all have one thing in common.


    Speaking of choosing.It's either the one we pick is not available or don't want to continue working anymore.So it's like,we were only left with the bad ones.Then might as well don't take right?That's what i thought too but because that agent is my dad's friend,it's quite hard to reject.

    Men and their face.

    So yes,i'm starting to develop a maid phobia.

    Why can't we just get a NORMAL maid?WHY!!!!!!!???!!

    Anyway,you guys should have seen the look on her face when she saw the agent.Shiok to the max man the feeling!If only she'd behaved well and not have that arrogance,she could have continued staying in this super nothing to do household and be a lazy maid.TOO BAD!

    FYI,i'm not a sadist ok.

    So we gave her the pay and everything and bloody hell she kept counting the money like as though we will cheat her money like that!Keep counting you know!!At least 6 times.Until the agent was like,

    Agent:Eh,can you stop counting already!?Quickly pack up and go!

    Guess what?She continued counting and i had to ask the agent to help her count.It's bloody insulting to keep doing that infront of us ok.We totally understand if she needs to count again but for 6 times?!That bitch deserves some slap man.It's barely $2000 lor,count until like as though it's millions of dollars.Chicken nugget.

    Yawns..i'm bored and my cramps are killing me.

    cindy [ 4:08 PM ]

    Thursday, June 12, 2008
    I've been hearing/seeing news of people passing on especially those around my age.And sometimes i can't help but to wonder,will it be my turn next?

    I think blogs are rather interesting in a way.

    I happened to come across a few blogs in which,it's either their own blog or their friend's blog.It's weird but i realised we always use the word 'Die' when we really don't mean Die as Die.It's just a form of expression.However,when it really occurs to us/our friends,we don't use the word 'Die'.That's when you realised that word is so powerful.It could literally tear you apart.

    I don't mean to sound so pessimestic all the time.It's not really me to begin with.We all have 'deep thought moments' i guess?Just that mine happens to be quite frequent lately.HAHAAH!


    Anyways,i'm starving.Ok,was starving.I'm not hungry anymore.Do you get that too?Like you were feeling so hungry you could eat a cow but after tahan-ing a few more hours,the hunger just disappear MYSTERIOUSLY??

    Although my sis(Celine)is a bimbo,she's really nice.
    *uh huh,i can't believe i'm praising her when i know she's gonna read it*

    She knows i'm broke to the max for this month.As in,REALLY BROKE.NO MORE ANGBAO MONEY,THAT'S HOW BROKE I AM.She voluntarily gave me her credit card number and ask me to order mcdonalds since it can be transacted using credit card.Awww!I love you,bimbo sis!:)

    But in the end,i didn't order.

    Not because i wanted to help her save money.But because she didn't give me her expiry date for her card.She's not a bimbo without a reason you know?I was just kidding!!:)

    You realise when people say 'i'm just kidding' after a joke,the joke is not really funny anymore?Ok,maybe the joke isn't funny in the first place.Whatever.

    So yes,i have nothing much to update actually.Have been and will be working my ass off!Life's boring beautiful.

    I'm hungry again.

    cindy [ 11:20 PM ]

    Wednesday, June 04, 2008
    OMG,I'M FRIGGIN HAPPY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!

    Yes,this was the exam that got me so stressed up the other time and i wasn't even hoping for a pass.

    I ACTUALLY GOT A 'B'!?!?!


    and crying does help!:)

    cindy [ 12:53 PM ]

    Sunday, June 01, 2008
    You know you're growing older when you looked back at boy bands from the 90s,like Backstreet Boys,and thought hey,actually that guy whom nobody really noticed is quite cute.

    And also,you can't help but to feel you would wanna settle down with a guy like Brian Littrell.

    aww!good daddy!

    There!Good husband+good daddy!

    Anyway,speaking of the 'hey,actually that guy whom nobody really noticed is quite cute' part,it's just like how i thought of Kevin Richardson.Ok,not that nobody really noticed him.It's just that,Nick Carter basically just overshadowed everyone in the group at that point of time ok!?Just admit it.

    So i was watching the video - I'll Never Break Your Heart,from YouTube just 5 mins ago.Yes,i'm very old-school i know,and i kinda suddenly noticed him.

    I don't know if he's still as hot but anyhoos..

    That moustache don't do him justice.He'll look so much better without that please.All those years,i've been blinded by that moustache.But wooo!MANLY!!:D


    Then again,you know you're not that old when you still go gaga over..celebs?Ok,i'm almost over that stage already.

    cindy [ 8:35 PM ]

    Reason why i have to keep my nails short..

    Yes,please tell me i look like some Mafia or whatever.It will make me feel so much better.

    *3 BOWS!!*

    cindy [ 7:27 PM ]