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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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  • Friends


    Thursday, November 27, 2008
    LOL!!I swear i almost got the shock of my life a moment ago.

    You know the email alert when you log on to MSN?So i was happily browsing the net then suddenly,the email alert pops up and..

    'You have received a new email message from Britney Spears'

    Bloody hell!My heart almost stopped beating.

    =.="Stop scaring people like that can or not,Imeem!

    cindy [ 1:24 PM ]

    Holy shit!I think Xiaxue's latest post is brillant!!!!


    Seriously,look at this!

    No wonder they say pictures are deceiving.They really are,omg.

    cindy [ 10:05 AM ]

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008
    Kids nowadays.....

    Me:Bye Spiderman!
    Kid:No!Say 'See You,Spiderman!'
    Me:Orh,ok.See you,Spiderman!


    Yesterday lagi best.My boss's son noticed i changed my bag,so..

    C:Jie Jie Cindy,wah your bag so sexy
    Me:WHAT THE HELL!?Sexy your head!
    C:Yah,sexy bag what.

    5 minutes later,when another teacher came in..

    C:Jie Jie Nata,why you wear so sexy today?

    And then everyone started laughing.

    Kids nowadays..*tsktsktsk*

    cindy [ 11:27 AM ]

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008
    So,Econs paper is over and i don't wanna talk about it.Next will be Accounts and i won't be talking about it too.

    Killer modules,really.

    I drove down to school and after my exam,popped by at the art shop and just nice everyone was working!So i was standing next to the counter and of all people,the customers started approaching me and the rest of them started laughing.Why huh!?When i was working there,nobody ever approaches me!

    Anyway,i really miss working there!!It's always nice to see familiar things and faces around.

    After which,went over to Raffles Place to pick Celine up;back to home to pick dad and xt up;went dinner and off to my grandma's house.JON PAUL IN THE HOUSE,literally!


    He is so damn adorable i swear!!LIKE DAMN DAMN DAMN ADORABLE!!!The only thing is that,he's a hair grabber.I dropped a few strands of hair thanks to him.

    So we have the face smacker(niece) and the hair grabber(nephew).Very good!

    Alright,i shall let the pics do the talking then.

    Hi handsome!

    Jon Paul and Celine


    Father and son




    I friggin like the right pic from the top.DAMN CUTE LAH!!AHAHAHAHAHA!!Usually people take this kinda candid shot will look damn shit one ok?

    Father-Son bonding session.HAHAHAHA

    cindy [ 10:02 AM ]

    Friday, November 21, 2008
    I just had my 5th bao and i shall officially announce..the Bao Queen has developed a phobia for Baos.

    I ate(in order)
    • Vegetable Bao
    • Ling Yong Bao
    • Black Pepper Chicken Bao
    • Honey Chicken Bao
    • Tao Sa Bao

    Don't ask me how i remembered which bao i ate,i just can.

    Probably cus after i ate the vegetable bao,i was craving for something sweet.Why Ling Yong,i shall ask my taste bud later.After Ling Yong,i was craving for something..pepperish,so that explains why Black Pepper.And then the last 2 was just random picks.

    And in case you're thinking 'WAH 5 BAOS!?!!?',it's nothing ok!Chicken feed!I've been starving myself since the whole of yesterday and i mean THE WHOLE OF YESTERDAY.NOTHING.NO FOOD.JUST DRINKS.

    Thank you, thank you!Save the applause.

    cindy [ 12:40 PM ]

    Thursday, November 20, 2008
    OMG,UGLY BETTY IS SO HILARIOUS!!!I think i laughed too loud my dad actually came out from his room and asked what happened.

    So,today at work..

    Me:So,are you related to Jean Danker?
    Guy:Yah,she's my niece.
    Me:@_@ ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

    I was just trying my luck actually,since his name has a Danker too.

    LOL!Ok lah,i'm kpo i know.

    So yesterday was dinner with the girls and their bfs.It was okay i guess?Can't believe a year just passed by like that!I can vividly remember how we celebrated Sam's birthday last year!The part where i went 'WTF' for the first time in my life..okay,not in my life,but in Miss Piggy's presence.

    This was what happened.

    We wanted to surprise her so we managed to ask Zaw to 'lure' her to the other side of the entrance so that she wouldn't see us.But what the hell,of all entrance,they went into the one where we were going up the escalator!So Zaw saw us and he quickly called Miss Piggy while me,the clueless me,carrying the super big board that we made for her,went running up the escalator without even knowing what happened!Hello!?Miss Piggy was busy running up by herself without even bothering to turn and tell me what happened.

    And then Sam was also being super entertaining lah.

    Miss Piggy:So did you see us just now?
    Sam:Huh?Never leh.But you all were running up the escalator right?

    Chicken pie!

    So anyway,this year was rather quiet.I guess we are all used to the 'surprises' and stuff that it's no longer surprising.

    And guess what?They're already starting to countdown to my birthday.Thanks man.I don't know how it feels to be 21 since it's my first time.LOL,i know..very retarded.

    OMG,my cousin just showed me the video of the man who got attacked by the White Tigers!Holy..i don't know what to say man.I've been following the news and in the pictures,it didn't looked as scary as in the video.Probably cus you can hear people screaming in the background trying to distract the tigers.Wah,very depressing leh.

    I don't think i can sleep tonight...

    cindy [ 10:18 PM ]

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008
    People around me are really spoilt thesedays.In fact,VERY spoilt.

    I didn't have these kinda problems before i got my licence.UNNECESSARY PROBLEMS,i call it.

    It's like,i know it's very nice to be driven around and damn convenient to go about but they don't seem to get it that i'm NOT OBLIGED to drive them around.I'm not a chaffeur for goodness'sake!It's different if i'm the one offering it.Just like when i first got my licence,you know that 'omg,i can finally drive!' and wanting to haolian period.

    But now,it really irks me because it seemed like thesedays,people only goes out with you IF you drive.

    I don't care if you think that i'm very petty and maybe,just maybe,at the back of your mind you're thinking, 'then what's the use of getting a licence?!'

    Hello?For myself,duh?I didn't get a licence to become a chaffeur.

    Case 1:
    It's funny because the first thing one of my friend,not gonna name who,always ask ever since i got my licence,

    'are you driving?'

    Then suddenly,you realise the answer 'NO' it's like a taboo to them.

    'HUH erm,ok..then how?'

    Bloody hell!What you mean then how!?TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORT LAH!Then how..!Give me the 'sian' voice somemore!You know that kind of feeling not?It's like as if slapping that person a million times and saying I'M NOT A CHAFFEUR will still not make any sense to that person.

    Case 2:
    So lately,i've been hanging out with my niece for sports and..well,just go out and stuff and initially,she wasn't as spoilt as now.

    The first few times i went out with her,i felt rather bad since she lived very far away and yet,she had to come down all the way to meet me.So,the first few times,i initiated to send her home..all the way to Jurong.Her mom(my cousin),came to know about it and INITIALLY she kinda felt bad too.

    Subsequently,my cousin expects me to send her daughter back home since i was the one who asked her out.So fine,i thought it was fair since usually we will go out till late.

    So just now i called my niece and asked if she wanna follow me to somewhere to get some stuff and she was like,

    'got car or not?'

    Yes,it's probably MY fault that they are so spoilt now.I shall not be so stupid anymore.


    cindy [ 1:19 PM ]

    Friday, November 14, 2008
    I don't know why but no matter how much i work,i can never have the luxury to spend the money.

    It's like a cursed or something.

    I felt like i was richer when i was working part time.No seriously.It doesn't even feel like i was working back then.Since most of the time the art shop is very quiet or i would be playing with the kids at the centre.Can you believe it,it's only been 2 months yet i feel like i've been working for the longest time!

    My pay is gone.
    My angbao monies are gone(LIKE REALLY GONE OK!:'(:'(REALLY!!!!)

    I just can't seemed to comprehend!How can someone be so broke when she's working FULL TIME?!And to feel she was richer when she was working part time.Just..HOW!?

    My sister blamed it on my money management and yes,she's probably right- For once.

    I don't think anyone will believe i am my dad's daughter.Okay,sounds dumb and that's precisely why.

    I think i need to go for some management classes.And English classes maybe.

    I realised every sentence in this post starts with an I/My.

    I........ outta here

    cindy [ 12:30 PM ]

    Monday, November 10, 2008
    I'm so sleepy but i can't get back to sleep!Damned the body clock!I automatically woke up at 9.30am and tried to force myself to sleep but to no avail.And you know what's the most frustrating thing?THE WEATHER IS SO DAMN NICE TO SLEEP IN!!!!WHY CAN'T I GET BACK TO MY LALALAND!!!!

    Speaking about lalaland,i realised lately i've been dreamless!I can't remember when and what was the last dream i had!So sian you know,no dreams at all.Is it even normal to begin with?!Really damn no life,don't even bother to dream.

    Anyways,was supposed to play tennis today but decided to postpone it to wednesday instead.It's raining anyway!Initially wanted to go shop around but i guess not,since it's my ONLY off day,i thought i might as well sleep in and just laze around in the house.True enough,am still lazing around!Thinking about what to have for lunch.How to make this post more random than it already is?

    I need to stimulate my life!

    I wanna skydive!!!That's like one of the things i wanna do before i die man,seriously!Can't wait!I heard you have to be at least 21 years old to skydive or something?GOOD GOOD,next year!!!Can't wait!!:D:D Celine,ON LEH!!!!!LET'S GO!!!

    I need to go on a holiday!

    Overdued piccas from the other day at Timbre with the girls.

    cindy [ 1:42 PM ]

    Friday, November 07, 2008
    So i drove to work yesterday and when i reached the carpark,i was practically cursing myself all the way till i reached my workplace.

    I mean yes,it's very convenient and all but it totally slipped off my mind what killers those carpark charges are.I was expecting slightly over 10 bucks for the fees but was shocked when i saw the price flashed across the screen when i insert the cashcard.

    Fricking $16.80!!!!!!!!

    Bloody hell!Never in my life i've seen more than one digit been deducted from the cashcard lor!!!!

    So yes,my conclusion:

    (even if it means my dad is not using it.I SHALL and WILL NOT use it too!)

    I could go on cursing myself but i think i shall not.

    Life has been pretty mundane for me.Work school work school,very routined.Occasionally meeting up with different friends which is good in a way.I'm hoping that either by next month or next year,i'll request for another day off.Probably really not cut out to work full time.The job and everything is okay,just that i'm always feeling very tired lately..and falling sick very easily too.Time for a lifestyle change man!

    So my exams are a few weeks away and i should learn how to make use of all the slack times at work into mugging for the 2 killer modules!*pulls hair*

    Right.Gonna go do my stuff already..ciaos!

    cindy [ 1:11 PM ]

    Wednesday, November 05, 2008
    'ok hmm,bye.'

    cindy [ 2:14 PM ]