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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Tuesday, February 28, 2006
    stupid lizard.guess what?i told you guys about the lizard 'making its way out of the room' right?i was wrong!this afternoon,i went to open up my windows and HA!holy crap..the lizard nearly dropped on me ok!!! it fell from the curtain.but lucky thing i didnt scream my lungs out..amazingly,i was pretty cool.LOL!no lah,i was too shocked i quickly called for my maid and i kept saying 'lizard,lizard' and i dont think she understands what i was trying to say.its obvious..becus she kept looking out of the window.=.="

    hahaa,but after a whole day of hide-and-seek with the lizard,3 cheers to my maid!she finally caught it!LOL!!yup,my apology if you guys find my post damn annoying becus i kept complaining about lizards and ka zhua..i cant help it!but yes,finally..PEACE!!=)) shut up derrick and andy,dont try to make me go mad by mentioning those pests.*bish*

    was supposed to go for supper with the usual people,but in the end..decided not to.another day perhaps.hmm,gotta go down to school one day to collect the pants for the bear!its been half-naked for more than a month now.hahaa!i have to get it lah,cus i promised my elder sis im giving her the male bear.HOHO!although she doesnt want becus she wants the female one.but c'mon,cute things belongs to cute people alrite?LOL!! =/

    aiight,lame post i know..but gotta ciao now!desperate housewives starting soon!laters!!

    cindy [ 1:50 PM ]

    Monday, February 27, 2006
    great!just when my previous post mentioned about the sickest thing that could ever appear in my room,yesterday a friggin lizard appear just behind the door!i got so freaked out i quickly called karen!and the dumbest thing was,i dont know why i called her when the lizard already made its way out of the room.crap,dont ask me why my room has so many PESTS,cus i seriously have no idea!it wasnt like this in the past..urgh!im seriously going mad!I NEED A PEST-BUSTER!!im so gonna re-arrange my things and keep it spick and span.not like it wasnt in the first place..hahaa,just that i want/need/must keep it in the BEST CONDITION EVER! ok,enough said.

    Anyway,was talking to karen yesterday night and we were again,reminiscing about the past.why?becus we were talking about sandy.hahaa,whenever i talk to sandy,she will be telling me how much she missed the bench and,karen and i started to talk about how the 'bench-group' was formed and yadda yadda and it seriously brings back lots of fond maybe i shall state a few of the examples..

    At the start of 2003,i didnt like going to was a different feeling becus i was in a new class(ok,not so much as new-new..becus i know some of my frens were in the same class as me)but yea,it just felt different.most importantly,my best friend wasnt with me.karen experienced the same thing too.hers was we would talk to each other almost every night and discuss where to go the next day.and sometimes,believe it or not,we would pass each other small notes during recess with encouraging words in it such as 'must study hard ok?meet you at the bench after school'.sound damn er-xin right?i cant believe we actually wrote such things to each other..LOL!but yup,it was nice lah..=)

    Then,beginning of 2004,karen and myself,sometimes derrick and once with andy i think,we will meet at Newton Hawker in the morning for some light dimsum and bandung/milo before heading to school.we will be looking at the time..'eh,7.15 already..wanna go?' so we will be like strolling to school and always reach the hall just on time to sing Mari-Kita.ok,the National Anthem.

    So yesterday,karen was like telling me how much she missed the morning dimsum and strolls to the school.Then,we diverted the topic to teachers.We were talking about which teachers we like and which we seriously cant stand her.oops,did i mention its a she?keep guessing!LOL!and we were like thinking which teacher likes us?for my case,i seriously think no teachers like me.hahaa!but c'mon,i was damn honest about it..but karen?!she actually DARED TO NAME SOME TEACHERS SHE THINKS,not confirm but THINKS,they liked her!BHB!but seriously all in all,the teachers are not as bad as we thought.

    See,all these happenings..from sec 1 orientation(although i didnt go) to sec 4 N levels,to sec 5 O levels,to the collection of the ^%$@* results..isnt it fast?and to now,dont even know where i'll be heading to.hoho,there are changes at every stage of our lives..but one thing im glad it remains strong will be the friendship ive shared with my friends!heartfelt words please.=)

    cindy [ 8:16 AM ]

    Thursday, February 23, 2006
    sick.i seriously think ive got sixth sense or something.yesterday,before i went to sleep..i was on my bed thinking of stupid questions such as this :-

    "what if there's a cockroach on my bed??"

    and i started to become really paranoid about it and made sure my hands and feets are totally covered by my blanket.its dumb,yes.but guess what!?!just now my dad called me from the living room and when i was about to leave my room,i saw this HUGE thing flying across to my dad's room.initially,i thought it was a dragonfly.BUT!!to my DISGUST,it was a HUMOGOUS BLOODY FLYING COCKROACH!!! IT WAS DRAGONFLY-SIZE FLYING,DAMNIT,FLYING COCKROACH!!AHHH!!!

    throughout all these years of living in this peaceful community,ive never seen cockroaches in my house before!!AND OBVIOUSLY,NEVER IN MY ROOM!!!im going absolute insane by the minute!! great,now ive got another gross imagination.a LIZARD.SHIT!!omg,the worst thing that could ever happen to me is to sleep with a lizard or a FLYING COCKROACH,for that matter.ok,dont even think about sleeping..just close contact will just scare the hell out of me.maybe scare isnt the appropriate word to use,becus im not really scared of them.just that,i find these pests are really..disgusting?yah.sorry,im not being niang here~its just that..harya nvm wouldnt understand anyway!=/

    im talking to wendy on MSN now as im typing this.see,i can multi-task.ok,rubbish.yup,i was just reflecting on myself and thinking why didnt i said these things to myself last year.i said to wendy..

    me:its okai,just be a nerd for the next few months and everything will be over man.

    yea,i agree its definitely easier said than done.but it totally makes sense man.imagine,in exchange for that few months of being a geek,upon getting good results,you will be worshipped man!hahaa,ok..i exagerrated it alil bit.but yea,its something similar to worshipping.everyone will be like..

    -wah,so clever.
    -wah,if only i worked hard.
    -wah,i envy her.
    -wah,she's a genius!
    -wah,her parents sure love her like crazy!
    -wah,she want to go this course ah?SURE CAN ONE LAH!

    everyone's immediate reaction will go 'WAH' and it will make you feel so damn good.isnt it similar to worshipping you?having such high expectations and full of compliment for you.=( i will never get the taste of it..for now!:D

    see,the feeling of regretting simply hard now people!

    cindy [ 2:14 PM ]

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006
    i lead a boring life i admit.been doing practically NOTHING at home.back to square one--being a couch potato,that is.just that well,i dont even have tibits to begin with.blah!

    ive been suffering from serious major insomnia!guess what?yesterday night,i wanted to try something sleeping early.but,from the time i lied on my bed which is 10.30pm..ive been tossing and turning for a whole 2 hours.i just couldnt get myself to sleep!!the best thing was..i couldnt even bother to get myself off bed despite the failed attempts on forcing myself to for that 2 full hours,i just stared blankly at the pitch-dark ceiling[becus yes,the lights were off!] now tell me,who has that kind of energy and patience to actually stare at a oh-so-plain ceiling for not one,but TWO hours?TELL ME!!am i proud or what?hahaa,okay..that was lame.=/

    was supposed to go IKEA with ruiza later on,but in the end she decided not to becus of the,i asked her to come to my house far too lazy to step out of my house anyway!=) see,my entry's so entertaining huh?? i think so too.revolves nothing but my happening life.LOL!okay,that was not funny.aiight okok,im off!

    cindy [ 6:27 AM ]

    Monday, February 20, 2006

    i have no idea why im putting up all the unglam pics,but who cares? you guys like right..LOL! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:22 PM ]

    thinking..of edison duh?! HAHAHA Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:19 PM ]

    wasnt in a good mood..RIGHT. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:17 PM ]

    yes,we were being retarded..why?hahaa! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:15 PM ]

    WE WERE HIGH!! just look at Ruiza,she's even poking her own eyes!! GREAT STUNT! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:15 PM ]

    when the 2 boys drives me up the walls,this is how you would see me!  Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 10:13 PM ]

    Saturday, February 18, 2006
    according to karen,she hates to read my blog.WHY i asked,

    'because you dont leave paragraphs one.all the words all cramped together,very hard to read ok!please lah,leave paragraphs can?'


    im leaving paragraphs can you see?


    Aniwaes,i shall start from yesterday.

    Met Derrick,Andy and Ruiza at Cityhall mrt.And may I announce,proudly,for the first time ever in their lives,Derrick and Andy were early!YES!they were early!I certainly agree its a miracle,but well..its now obvious that miracles DO happen,no?LOL!

    So after which,we walked over to Suntec and Derrick bought a top from Topman..hand-picked by Ruiza and myself.=)) its nice ok! after buying the top,we went to my workplace to collect my pay and return my uniform.the pay was more than expected..and derrick and andy thought i bluffed them becus initially,i told them the pay wasnt very much.but really! i didnt know! it was a pleasant surprise i guess..since ive been going through shit after the results.=p

    Obviously,knowing ive got my pay and all..the 2 boys wouldnt let this chance slip away so easily right? so yah,you get my drift.hahaa,no lah..becus i also feel bad not treating them when i got my first yup,this is to make up for it ok!just that..without karen.LOL!so karen..TOO BAD!! =D

    After lunch,we went to the Fountain of Wealth..i know it sounds lame,but its nice lah.hahaa!den,we went to Carrefour.and its understood that Ruiza and myself,both 18,are going out with the other 2 boys,both 17 right?so its really understandable that the boys might do something out of extraordinary right?yah,derrick proved us right.he sat in the trolley.and yes,it led to many strange stares.hahaa,but we're all used to it.damn used to it.=p

    So after Carrefour-ing,we decide to head home since we've got nowhere to go.but we decided to meet for supper i went to Ruiza's house and waited for her packages to the meanwhile,as usual..we took loads of pictures!hahaa!it was damn funny..but i shant disgrace ourselves by putting up all those unglam pics yah?LOL! oh! and believe it or not,she has got 31 boxes..and i think 20 boxes are nothing but HER CLOTHES! -_-" yes,the first few boxes when she opened,she was like..'alot right?' and im like 'ok ah..not too bad lah'. but after opening more boxes,and more clothings started to surface on the bed,i then realised that..YAH,ITS DAMN MUCH.not many,but MUCH!its more than many!! she can go to the university everyday without fretting much on what clothes to wear man!and yah,she should really stop shopping for clothes for the next 3 years. phew~

    So we went to Newton to meet up with the boys.and did i mention,in any of my entries for that matter,the boys can really drive me up the walls!? OH YES THEY CAN!!!! goodness,i know im growing older by each day..but with them around,im growing TWICE older! ROARRRRR! aniwaes,so after supper,i took a cab home and the driver drove DAMN fast ok! he asked me which way i wanna go and he started listing all the ways and i was like..

    me:erh,i dunno leh..
    driver:ok nvm,leave it to me ok? i drive the fastest and the shortest just have to pay.

    so after dont know how many mins.definitely less than 10 mins,we reached and he was like..'fast right?i think your friens havent reach home yet.' LOL! somemore the way he talks is like an old-beng.OoPs! ok sorrie.right,im so bored now!! thanks to the paragraphing,my entry looks damn long lah..karen,happy?

    cindy [ 8:41 AM ]

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    THIS IS HEAVEN!!! omg,it rocks my socks man!!  Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:07 PM ]

    buddies! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:04 PM ]

    buddies! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:03 PM ]

    this drink is disgusting.ok,not disgusting..but its really peanut butter,just imagine.@_@ Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:00 PM ]

    appetising? hahaha Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 5:00 PM ]

    Thursday, February 16, 2006
    yes i know..its been days since i last blogged.didnt feel like blogging/nuthin to blog about.aniwaes,yesterday was Valentine's Day and being the no valentine US(yes,haha not only me ok!)we decided to have a gurls'outing.or in a nicer form,Bachelorette Outing.hahaa!initially,karen wanted to give it a miss.but i kinda pysco-ed her until she gave!she's easily tempted as you can see.i merely told her 'eh,its a all-girls outing leh.GIRLS leh' and she went weak on her!damn funny..ok,i know im not supposed to be in a chirpy mood but heck lah ok?
    so i met ruiza first..and while waiting for them,we went to Coffee Bean to sit down and well,just chilled.we were supposed to meet sam and esther at 2.30pm.but when i called them at 2.45,none of them picked up the i kept calling and can get really annoying when people dont pick up their calls!not call,but call[S].so finally,they picked up and it was clear that there were some miscommunications..but all was fine after that of course.=) so me and ruiza walked around paragon and met ruiza's mom.and before her mom went home,she bought chocolates for me.seriously,i dont feel good about myself.her mom's been very good to me yet i cant really do anything except thanking her.hmm,i guess the feeling is undescrible.but im very thankful for all the kind gestures she's given me!=)
    so after which,karen called and asked us to meet them at we walked over to Taka and waited for esther.den esther came with her fren and we couldnt decide where/what to we kept walking around and i think esther's fren kinda got irritated..LOL!no lah,just kidding..she had something on,so she the end,we went to eat at sushi teh.
    after which,ruiza needed to go she went off first and the few of us went to Heeren to walk around.den when we were walking out of Heeren,we saw this really cute caucasian guy with this not-even-hot asian gurl and esther and sam started to go crazy!they were like 'WAH LAO!! WHY LIKE DAT!!' and yes,believe it or not..when they said WAH LAO,it was really WAH was damn loud man!hahaa,so me and karen started laughing.yup,we did came across with alot of couples but none we will go 'woah,damn peh(compeitible)'.LOL!yah,sour grapes.
    so we ended up in Starbucks at Specialist Centre.the people there are really nice i can say..and when sam left,they were like shouting 'YEAH!FINALLY!PEACE MAN!!' hahaa!damn karen,esther and myself sat there till about 10 before we headed home.yea..didnt do much but it was nice just hanging out with each other becus im sure we will go separate ways sooner and might not even have the chance to meet up for a cup of milo.hais,life.

    cindy [ 5:53 AM ]

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    karen,trying to steal the limelight again.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:09 PM ]

    LONELY PATH -quoted from karen tan yan run Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:08 PM ]

    candid shot.but its nice rite? when you have a good photographer -ahem- need i say more? Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:05 PM ]

    ren and xue Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:05 PM ]

    US. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:04 PM ]

    esther,sam,ruiza and karen..dont ask me why i hang out with shorties.I DONT KNOW!! Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:02 PM ]

    esther,sam,ruiza and me.. Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:00 PM ]

    me and lin junjie's sister.HAHAHA Posted by Picasa

    cindy [ 2:00 PM ]

    Saturday, February 11, 2006
    so,the results are finally out.
    i told karen the day before i had a rather bad feeling about this(the results)..but of cus,i believed in indulging myself with words of deception.."i will make it,i will definitely make it".but guess what? SURPRISE SURPRISE! im wrong.very wrong indeed.
    i told myself even if the results are gonna be bad,i WILL NOT cry.i wont allow a single tear to roll down my cheeks.but guess what again?SURPRISE SURPRISE!wrong.wrong was just too much for me to handle,really.i didnt expect it to be that bad.the results were horrid i tell you.i could have just tear it into pieces not even wanting to have a second glance at was SHIT! ok,it IS shit.i know theres no point for me to cry/grumble or whatsoever..but just let me.
    the O levels are crazy.the markers are crazy.the papers are crazy.the results are crazy.everything,everything about it is a total nutcase! i told my parents about the results..but they seemed quite cool about reprimandings nor questionings.that is why im even more guilty.i know im such a letdown,seriously.but i know all these regrets are of no use as for now..and i definitely wont indulge myself with all the 'If only(s)'.im just gonna work towards my next goal and hopefully,i will find a way out.will be discussing with my dad which path im gonna take and yes,im okay..or rather,i will be ok.
    however,im still very happy for some of my friends who have done well.i guess they deserve it..the hard work had finally paid off.good job guys!=) and as for those who didnt do as well(like me duh~)i believe we'll eventually find a way out.although im still trying to not despise myself.

    and i'd really like to thank karen for..just being there for me.and of cus esther and sam although they themselves wouldnt feeling really good either.its still very hard to swallow..but like ive said,i will be okay.

    cindy [ 6:16 PM ]

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    im off~to relax myself for one last time.=/

    cindy [ 7:04 AM ]

    Tuesday, February 07, 2006 ive watched the news and it is confirmed that the results will be coming out this friday!!!!!!oh gawwwwwdd!ive yet to really get to enjoy my holidays leh!and now,i already know my doom*ttttttttt!!
    oh no,from now till the day..i can foresee myself suffering from some serious insomnia! GOODNESS! ive to go through this not one,but TWO,TWO times in my life,how greeaaatt is that!?! okok,relax that tension.not gonna help much anyway.its OVER and ive just gotta face the damn music.=( please,please please please pray HARD for me people!i really need that!thanks.
    stupid post,shall blog again when my nerves are calm.

    cindy [ 11:43 AM ]

    Monday, February 06, 2006
    wheeee~! yesterday was my last day isnt it?2 mths just gone by like dat!but i must say,yesterday's time passes so damn slowly!it was SUPPOSED to be fast right?since it was my last day..but NOOOO it was damn slow!aniwaes,so we had our dinner and i was talking to one of my colleague..and she was transferred from another brunch.which means?ive only seen her for like..say,4 times?(inclusive of yesterday)so she was like..

    colleague:so,how do you feel about quitting? you mei you se bu de?(cant bear to leave?)
    me:erm..ok dont really feel it lah.maybe later or something.hahaa..why leh? you se bu de me right?!(you cant bear to leave me right?)

    i was like 'arh?oh okok.' LOL!i mean,for those of you who knows me well and had already crowned me the title of
    'BHB QUEEN',this is the first time i was left speechless and at the same time,embarrassed.cus why?usually if i were to say this kind of thing to a person..their reaction will be damn standard.its either 'PUI LAH' or simply,ignore me.they wont even think of consoling me.yes,my wonderful friends. =/ thats why when she said 'yah',my mind immediately went blank.becus i thought her reply would be something lah 'no lah,just asking' or you know,something thats..within my imagination.gawwwwd~
    so after dinner,was waiting for the time to pass.den finally!when the clock strikes 9.30....

    my supervisor,with her usual monotonous voice: ni ke yi zou le(you can leave now)..

    it felt really different.and den,there was this sudden rush of relief in me..a feeling which ive never felt ever since my last paper in after that,i took my stuff and stood at the counter..and my supervisor was like telling me to work hard and all and padded on my shoulders.whilst my colleagues and myself were exchanging contacts.
    though i think the company is super kiam to the core and the working hours is ultra LOOONG and the pay is pretty damn pathetic,i was still alil erm..emo? yea i think im crazy too..but c'mon,i spent most of my time you cant really blame me for being so emo right?right not?
    hahaa,den after work..went to get my dad's present.wanted to get for my mom too..but all the shops were closed!it was only 9.30+ and most of them are closed!=.="
    and today?i thought i could sleep till the sun sets,but oh woken up by my grandma,aunties and
    MY DAD!you guys wouldnt wanna try my dad's method of waking me up,seriously! my grandma and aunties' methods are not that useful to me..most to most,they yak..ok,non-stop.but still,not as powerful as my dad's.

    grandma: eh,what time already still dont wanna wake up ah? faster wake up..its your father's birthday.wake up,we 'lo hei' den sing birthday song.*it was belated 'lo hei'*
    -10 mins later-
    auntie 1:cindy!still dont wanna wake up?11.30 already leh!faster wake up!
    me:okok waking..
    -to me,it was like a few secs later.but they said it was 15 mins later-
    aunite 2:wah!!still dont wanna wake up!? woke u 3 times already you still can sleep ah!? we waiting for you leh..faster go brush ur teeth and wash ur face so you wont feel sleepy!
    me:yah okok,im coming
    -den,my dad came in..using his oh-so-calm voice-
    dad:never mind,you can continue sleeping..we start first.

    thats when i immediately woke up.yah,he always use the method that very few people would ever think of.wanna know more? he only does the following to me..and not my sisters.he would:-

    1)spray water on me/my pillow becus he knows i cant stand wet pillows.

    2)knock the door like nobody 9,9999 times per second.

    3)purposely push the door open; that the magnet behind
    the door cannot attract to the other magnet and the door would rebounce and make stupid noises.

    4)take away my blanket.

    5)off my aircon/radio.

    6)bluff me im late for school/work.

    7)play mindgames with me.just like what he did to me this morning.

    see! 7 evil methods.i seriously wonder what other methods he has on mind.urgh!aiight,gotta go bathe now!hot weather..ciaos~

    cindy [ 6:21 AM ]

    Friday, February 03, 2006
    yup!its my off today!heeeee~2 more days and im done with working!! woke up at 11.30am today!!goodness~its been ultra long since i slept throughtout..UNDISTURBED.hahahaa!the past few days..or rather,weeks were crazy.slept late,woke up early..which results to having those unwanted dark circles! wheee~i feel good!=))
    aniwaes,hadnt been blogging much.i read karen's blog and please people,she's being exagerrating.we didnt talk for 5 hrs.i dont have that much energy to talk to her.and ooh,if you guys didnt know,talk to karen = using 3/4 of your full THAT,im so not exagerrating.hahaa!we talked for a mere 3 hrs plus lah.and to think i still have energy to work for the next day.=.="im super woman!(ok,that was gay.)
    the day before yesterday,went to meet derrick,ruiza and andy after work.went to PS and ate KFC becus i was friggin hungry.den waited for them to after which,the guys went to check the tickets and ruiza and myself went to the carpark to look for ruiza's mom.den derrick called and said the seats were full so we decided to go cine to see if theres anymore seats.walked there but it was full,we went to eat at this cafe.had chocolate fondue!~! was haven~!hahaa!and derrick was like..'wah,sinful..sinful' but at the same time,he kept dipping the!and ruiza imitated him..but she thinks i dont know..she's using that as an excuse to dip more chocolate.LOL!jus kidding~!oh!and it was andy's treat!like,finally right?since when you guys ever see my post having this sentence 'andy's treat' or 'andy on house'? damn rare right?! LOL!! ok,im so dead.
    in the end,after the dinner..we still went ahead to catch the 11.30pm movie.watched Fearless and it was OH-SO-GOOOOOOOOOOD!!karen said I Not Stupid Too can fight with KingKong,i think Fearless can fight with the other two movies as well.Jet Li is damn handsome lah can?? i mean for his age..he's like pheww~*drools* so after the movie,took a cab home with ruiza.

    yesterday was the last day im gonna see my the other 2 colleagues.the sarcastic guy and the nice lady =) hahaa! and damnit!that guy thought i was a les!shit him!becus yesterday,esther went to find me..and she was at the shoe shop beside my i kept looking outside and that guy kept looking at me.den i realised he kept looking and i was like..

    that guy:want to go ask for her number?
    me:huh?what thing?what you talking?
    *then,the nice lady interupted and said to him*
    the nice lady:that one is her friend leh!what you talking?
    that guy:isit?then why you look at her until like that?like gonna drool like that.
    me:you crazy lah!cannot look at her meh?

    and then,he indirectly hinted me.he was like..

    him:eh,you and cindy(my another colleague) good friends right?
    me:yah,why? (i already know what was he thinking and before he asked the next question....) a serious tone:I LOVE MEN!!

    and my other colleagues started laughing.becus why?he was speechless.bleh!such an fragass!which part of me made him thinks that im a lessy-bo? and since we were on the topic of same-sex attraction,i was like..

    me:then why you still single har? dont tell me....
    him:no,im straight..but let say if im 10 years younger,i will wanna try exciting!(and he acted damn gay-ly)
    me:eh why not!older the better mah!then more experience..MORE EXCITING what!!

    and the arguement went on and on until we closed the shop.but it was stuper funny!den the nice colleague asked him..

    lady:eh,you everyday after work go where huh?
    him:gay club lor.

    LOL!!we were laughing like crazy lah!im so relieved i wont be seeing him again!YAY!! =)) den after that,esther waited for me outside and we went to Esplanade to grab some bites.went straight home after that.rah!gonna shop for a new TEEVEE later!woOohOooO!!ciao bella!~

    cindy [ 4:35 AM ]