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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Wednesday, January 26, 2011
    I'm officially 23.

    The number just keep increasing every year but i'm quite certain i'll still act/talk/behave like this even when i'm 40.Okay maybe not.

    The day started off good!

    Received a call from Celine(older sis)right after midnight.She stayed up just to wish me even though she was really sick.Awwwww~

    Dad cooked *mee sua with abalone and chicken thigh for me and gave me *angbao!It's been such a while since he remembered my birthday(it's either he's not home/i'll have celebration outside with my friends),much less cooked mee sua and gave me angbao!:):)

    Dad's mee sua

    Then it was off to Mom's place and again,another bowl of mee sua!I was really really full but somehow i managed to finish the whole bowl of it.I impress myself sometimes.

    Mom's mee sua

    I love my family so much!!!

    Met Elena,my primary school's best friend aka bbbfff for 'Burlesque' and the show was AWESOME!It's been awhile since both of us actually went out and have a good meal and really catch up.But yes,this dear friend of mine is gonna stay with me till i die.No pun intended.

    After which was dinner with Sam,Esther,Kiong,Wendy and Wiki at Astons and i finally had a taste of steak.Wagyu Beef to be precise.It was okay..but after this,i'm more certain than ever that i can really do without beef.HAHAAAHAA

    I guess it's true.As you get older,you tend to be less enthusiastic about the things it used to matter.How weird.

    Alright,have a good day y'all!:)

    *mee sua = are Chinese noodles cooked during important festivities which signifies long life in Chinese culture,and as such is a traditional birthday food.

    *ang bao = is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions. The red colour of the envelope symbolises good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits

    cindy [ 11:02 AM ]

    Thursday, January 20, 2011
    As the day drew closer,the more relax i am.

    Every year by this time,i'd have been so stressed out i wished i didn't plan anything in the first place.

    And i'm glad i didn't - this time round.

    Well i guess it's really part of aging?Every year the excitement of celebrating my birthday just kinda dies down inside me.Never mind about the fact that i hate planning,it's the process of 'inviting' people to 'celebrate' this 'special day' with you.

    It's like you're almost begging them to spare that few hours to celebrate with you.Nay,i'm over that.

    Anyhooooos,the new car has finally arrived!!!!WOOOOHOOOOO!And it's goooooooooorgeous.I mean,the more i look at it,the more i'm in love with it.It wasn't a love at first sight for me man but love can be cultivated!;p

    Nice way to start the new year!

    School has officially started about a week ago and well,what can i say?It's really stressful!At least i've cleared my Business Accounting and Business Law bridging so,CHEERS TO THAT!!!

    I'm getting a MACBOOK PRO next week,so YAY TO THAT TOOO!!!

    New house will be ready in 1/2 years time and i've been given in charge to design the house,stressful but WOOOOOOOO!!!

    It's only the 2nd week of 2011 and i'm already loving 2011!:D

    cindy [ 8:40 PM ]

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011
    I guess being not calculative may some time be a bad thing.People tend to take advantage of you.It probably runs in the family that we tend not to be too calculative to people around us.For me,i'm usually quite easy with friends.But lately,i feel some of them are taking me for monetary terms especially.I hope i'm just being too sensitive.

    I mean come on,who doesn't love money?But just don't go over the limit of trying to suck every penny out of the person.

    I'm not gonna name names but if you think i'm talking about you,'s probably you.

    cindy [ 10:22 AM ]

    Friday, January 07, 2011
    My school schedule for next week is FANTASTIC.

    I will be having school on,


    That's all i have to say.


    cindy [ 10:10 AM ]

    Wednesday, January 05, 2011
    Ever since i've stopped working at the childcare,it's been quite awhile since i woke up before 11am for work.

    Working for my dad officially starts next monday but i have to go down to the office today to set up some stuff.I don't know if its a good thing working for my dad but oh well..instead of 'working',i prefer to term it 'helping'.

    I really miss childcare a lot!I miss those kids!!:(

    Enael,Harrison and Eugene especially!The three cutest little things ever!Hurhurrrrr!The only reason i couldn't continue working was because of my schedule.They need me to work 5 days and I have school on three days and apart from school,i'd also have to commit myself to Pro Musique for at least 4 to squeeze out the time?Sigh!

    So yeah,stopping at childcare means lesser income which i can't survive solely based on Pro's pay since converting into part time.

    I don't know man.A part of me wants to leave the music school so badly but another part of me tells me to wait till i finish my studies.It's really not easy juggling both school and work to be honest.I may seem to be doing nothing most of the time but when it do get busy,it's really busy and it always do when my exams are around the corner which can really drive me up the walls.

    I have friends telling me to study full-time instead.But trust me,once you get used to wouldn't really wanna go back to studying full-time.Because,

    Full-time student = taking allowance from parents

    It's not ego.It's just..weird to be taking allowance from my dad.I like working because you can spend whatever and however you like without being questioned.Afterall,you're working for your own keeps.

    Sigh!Life dilemma.

    cindy [ 10:07 AM ]

    Sunday, January 02, 2011
    How was your new year's countdown?

    Mine was spent at home..ALONE!Thinking my dad would be alone at home(considering the fact that he's been home for the past few NYE),i decided to stay home and keep him company BUT,he went for countdown instead.-____-" Should have went over to mom's.

    So yup,NYE and first day of 2011 was basically spent at home watching tv.Every channel on SCV was available so yayyyy to that!:)

    I started 'sorting' out my table just awhile ago.Couldn't stand it cus it was in a huge mess!It still is,but i'm quite lazy to go through everything thoroughly.Like i've questioned myself before..i have no idea why my room is always in a mess no matter how many times i clean it!Things just keep pilling up and everytime after cleaning my room,i have bags and bags of rubbish to clear.From.......god knows where!It's never ending:(

    I know right!2nd day of 2011 and i'm already complaining.Gotta stop this habit of complaining.

    5th Jan is my school's orientation.Well,not really looking forward to it but i guess it wouldn't be that bad since i've already know one of my classmate.

    It's a start of a new year!Looking forward to something good this year:)


    cindy [ 3:17 AM ]