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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007
    I swear I can never believe such coincidence!

    This post is gonna be quite irrelavant.

    Yesterday,I heard from my cousin that this Taiwanese actress(Hsu Weilun) passed away in a car accident.What so coincidental was,18 years ago,another Taiwanese actress got killed in a car accident too,same month same date.And both were rushing to some show.

    Okay,so that's not really freaky yet right?

    Now,read this.

    Apparently before the accident,Hsu Weilun was reading a magazine and the page she was reading,was the synopsis of DeathNote2.And the storyline stated that one of the actor will die on the 28th of January,in the show of course.Okay,so that's not the freaky part YET.

    A few years ago,she launched her own book and coincidentally,on page 128,she wrote about Death.

    I swear I can feel goosebumps all over my body when I was reading the article.

    It is just so..unpredictable.Or maybe for this case,it's too.... .... ..... I don't know how to put it.
    If you can read traditional chinese,you can read it from here.

    Life is so damn fragile.Everytime when I hear these stuff,like people(especially young people)or worst,people I know of passed away,I will go weak and probably feel like crying out loud.And I don't know why,it just makes me wanna cherish life more.But then again,at the end of the day,it will just go back to the same old routine.

    I don't want to live my life that way.I don't want to live my life in regrets.I really want to make the best of it because I don't know if I've ever tell anyone this before,but I don't want to live longer than 70 years old.You guys probably think I'm crazy but I seriously don't mind dying young as long as I know I hadn't been living my life in vain.Probably when my time is up,I will want to smile and leave this world and not frown and asked myself 'why didn't I do that?',get what I mean?

    We will NEVER know what's gonna happen tomorrow.Really.

    Shit,what if tomorrow never comes?

    cindy [ 6:56 AM ]

    Friday, January 26, 2007
    The day started off with a surprise visit from Christy,Wiki,Kelvin,Binghong,Aaron,Pk and Yuhow.Well,I was kind of surprised with the people who came rather than the surprise visit itself.Because you know why?Our dear Aaron called me at about 11ish and..

    Aaron:eh cindy,how to go your house from orchard ah?


    So I kind of know what's happening already.
    They rang my doorbell when the clock strikes twelve and guess what?They left the cake infront of my gate YET I didn't even see it.I was only concentrating on the shadows behind the walls where they hid themselves.

    But I really,really appreciated it lots!=) It's like,some came after work and some have to cycle all the way here so I really thank them for the effort!

    Every year,I smell of different cake flavours.
    2 years ago,creamy chocolatey.
    last year,mango.
    this year,shit.

    Okay,I was kidding.HAHAAHA!But it really smelt damn bad lah.

    So after which,I treated them for some pratas because the coffeeshop is the only 24hours shop(other than 7-11) and just roamed around.Decided to play some Indian Poker and yeah,I kind of got Binghong into trouble.He was throwing up so much I felt super bad about it.

    And today,my whole body had like an outburst of red rashes.OMG,it's super gross to the max!I think I'm allergic to alcohol.

    So,went over to grandma house and met up with Ruiza at Clark Quay.It felt kind of weird because I never had a 'quiet birthday' before.Quiet in the sense like there's no celebration whatsoever.And actually,I'm quite surprised by a few people.Good and Bad.I didn't receive any messages or calls from those whom I expected to be almost the first few to wish me.And there're quite a few I thought who have forgotten my birthday or didn't bother actually wished me.

    It's not that I'm kay kao or what lah.But I mean it's like,yeah you know what I mean lah uh?

    And lastly,c'mon people.I'm only like what?19teen.But the messages I've received I tell you,out of say five,four have the word 'OLD' in it.Don't lah.I want to stay young forever.and ever.and ever.and ever.and ever..

    Okay enough crap.Thank you for those who have wished me well and remembering this special day when this special person was born.Hahahaah,thanks!=)

    cindy [ 3:42 PM ]

    Thursday, January 25, 2007
    Well,its gonna be an hour more to my 19teen birthday.

    So fast!

    cindy [ 2:48 PM ]

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007
    Elena got to see Julian Hee,Jeanette Aw and Shawn Chen on her 2nd day of work.As for me,I think I'm slightly luckier than her.I got to see Huang Biren on my first day of work when I was in the toilet.She's really damn tall and okay,she looks pretty average without her makeup.And just nice,she was filming at the salon next to my shop.

    Then I saw Bernice Wong(I think that's her name),the ex-miss singapore.DAMN TALL TOO.HOT!

    And today,I saw Melody Chen.Normal,but okay,pretty.

    Yeah,I don't really go ga-ga over local celebs(okay maybe except for Julian Hee..Elvin Ng..maybe Pierre Png and maybe,erm,that's all I think)but GENERALLY,I don't.

    Anyway,work's been pretty tiring and boring at the same time.I've rested for far too long that's why I can't find any excuse to,you know,make myself feel pitiful.Yah,my legs are aching like nobody's business,and my body too but it can't be compared with WinterTime.That one is,wah lao,xiong man.At least this one is more bearable.And the people are not too bad though I don't really like the lady boss since the first time I saw her.I just have to 'eng siew'.No choice.


    Then today,there was this guy who came over to collect his pay and we chatted for awhile.

    him:hello,you work here for very long already?
    me:nope,this is my 2nd day.
    him:oh,i quit on the 2nd day.

    How encouraging.

    And his pay ah,damn poor thing,only 15 bucks.Well,at least he made the right choice.Good on him!

    Right,I've got quite alot of things to update but I'm dead beat now!I have been sleeping at 10pm sharp everyday.COOL MAN!

    cindy [ 3:57 PM ]

    Friday, January 19, 2007
    I LOVE the kid's version commercial of American Idol!!Whenever I hear the commercial,be it I'm in my room or the toilet,I will rush to the teevee for a quick view even though I've watched it like umpteen times!

    'it's pathetic,pathetic.'


    It just cracks me up sooooooo damn much!=D

    Anyhows,I've been pretty much up to nothing.Went down for a couple of interviews for the past few days;having cold wars with my dad,what's new?;things around me kinda got screwed,what a great start of the year!

    But it's okay,since there's nobody for me to count on to and none that I can trust,I've learnt to take things in my stride.

    I think lately,I've been jinxed or cursed for that matter,everything seems to be going wrong.Well,I don't know.Maybe I'm just down on my luck.Maybe.Oh yeah,nothing's gonna bring me down man!

    Time flies.

    cindy [ 3:15 PM ]

    Saturday, January 13, 2007
    What an interesting bus ride today!

    I took a cab down for a job interview because it was raining so heavily I could hardly see the building just opposite my place and also,I didn't know where is the place.So fine,I was quite angry with myself because the interview only took less than 10 mins.Usually,when I take a cab down to somewhere I will at least spend an hour or two at that place so as to convince myself it's worth the cab fare.Yah,I'm that weird.

    So of course I got so pissed with myself,I decided to punish myself by walking all the way down to..wherever my legs take me to.

    I ended up at People's Park bus stop and decided to take a bus back to my grandma's place.And since I've got so much time to spare,I skipped a bus and damn,it got me waiting for another 25 mins!I was even more pissed!So sway.

    Then I got up the bus and there was this erm,I don't know if it's a butch or a guy because the voice like not fully-developed yet,but I'm sure it's some poly student.Ok,doesn't make sense.But I think it's a guy lah although the voice really cannot make it.

    I don't know exactly how it happened though I was at the upfront seat(which means I could have witnessed everything if I'm that kaypo,which means I'm not lah cus I don't know how it happened).LOL,ok sorry,I'm full of shit..I really suffering from constipation leh these few days!OK SORRY,BACK TO THE POINT.

    So after a few stops I heard the student shouting like

    Student:You better don't make me fight with you I tell you!That day I just called up the (don't know what),you better give me back my ezlink before I call the police.You check the expiry date lah!
    Bus Driver:[said something]
    Student:I want to get out of the bus now!You just *F-ing*give me back my ezlink!You think I scared of you ah!Go Cantonment lah!
    Bus Driver:[said something again]

    the reason is because I couldn't hear what the bus driver was saying.All I could hear was the student's shouting when I'm actually listening to my mp3.

    So the bus driver stopped the bus for awhile to call the headquarters or something and initially,I couldn't be bothered because I was listening to my mp3 until this old woman sitting beside me started asking me,in Hokkien,

    Old woman:Eh what happened ah?how come the bus not moving?Qin Gua leh!(very cold leh!)
    me:oh bo lah(continue using my 'SUPERB' hokkien to explain to her)

    =( I swear I will brush up on my Hokkien!

    Student:Eh!I thought you say you want to call your headquarters?Call lah!
    Bus Driver:I call already,they didn't pick up.
    Student:SO?!If your headquarters give me back my ezlink then how?!You pay me $50 lah!
    Bus Driver:Ok,you follow me back there.
    Student:I follow you for what!?I don't need go to school ah!?Stupid idioit Bangala,go F your mother lah!knnbccb!

    Yes,all that,loud and clear in the bus.

    Old woman:Haiyo!Char bo gina kong ji kuan ming kia(haiyo!how can a girl say this kind of thing!)
    me:Eh auntie,yi si da bo.(eh auntie,it's a guy.)

    HAHAAHAH!Then that poor old lady gave me that super shocked face I can't help but kept urm-chio-ing.

    Apparently,the bus driver merely wanted the student to pay a pathetic sum of 90 cents because well,something's wrong with the student pass.But the student refused so the bus driver confiscated the card.

    That's all.

    Such a trivial matter.Just pay that 90 cents,bus driver give you back the card,the end.Must go through all the disgracing act meh?So damn unneccessary.

    Yah,maybe that student was having a bad day,or the bus driver.Maybe.But anyways,they indeed went through a bad day eventually!

    Then soon after the student alighted,this 2 indian ladies went up the bus and started quarrelling.They were arguing in their language but as from what I see because both of them were carrying a few bags of stuff and this lady was shouting at the other one probably telling her 'I carry more than you so don't complain' and stuff.

    Come on,actions speak louder than words.

    She carried both the bags,put it down,and said 'don't complain'.

    Now tell me,isn't it interesting?

    cindy [ 3:50 PM ]

    Thursday, January 11, 2007
    Came across this video which I thought I would share.The expression from the little girl was exactly how I imagined it to be when I first heard that song.But I didn't know it was recorded more than 10 years back.

    cindy [ 3:45 PM ]

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007
    So I'm gonna retake my marketing paper,this time I'm damn sure.At least I tried to fill-in-the-blanks because my lecturer doesn't like people to leave the paper blank.The exam started at 2pm,Sheena left at 2.30pm ON THE DOT(becus we were only allowed to leave after half an hour of the paper).I told you she was determined to fail already.

    After the paper,as usual,everyone gathered around and discuss/compare the answers and seriously,I don't like!Imagine when your answers are all so damn different from the rest,and you don't know if you're right or wrong,it just doesn't help one bit.So usually after a paper,I will answer the usual question 'so how?' and just keep quiet.

    Oh,and did I mention our new campus kinda suck?

    It's so damn 'typical secondary school' kind of building.Not like Monk's hill,because I seriously think my secondary school is so much better than this and its way off comparison.And it felt ulu because it has been vacant for so damn long after Delta Secondary School,I think.

    And the place is HOT!Hot as in weather-hot not hot-hot.
    No aircon in the toilet.
    (LOL!ok,but that is because the previous campus provides aircon in the toilet but this doesn't.)

    The list goes on...

    I don't want to imagine myself studying there for at least another 2 years or so,it kills.

    cindy [ 7:37 AM ]

    Monday, January 08, 2007
    I had the lamest and the stupidest dream ever!HAHAAH!It was to the extent when I woke up,I was still smiling to myself.

    I dreamt of so many stuff.But the funniest of all,I dreamt that I took a picture with Tony Leung.OF ALL PEOPLE RIGHT?!

    (In the dream)...
    He wore until damn 'lok kok' but I still managed to recognise him because you know why?You know in say,Lucky Plaza,they have those shops which sell Digital Camera and they usually have this huge tv infront of the shop which you appear in the tv?Yah,that.So he was looking directly at the Digital Camera and I was behind him;looking at the screen.He still didn't notice me until I shouted 'LIANG CHAO WEI!!'

    LOL!!It was friggin funny I tell you!Then he started running because he scared got paparazzi around but I kept pulling him so that I can take a picture with him.And believe it or not,in that dream,I was thinking of how badly I smiled when I took that picture with Julian Hee,I told Tony Leung he cannot go unless I think the picture is perfect enough.ROFL!!

    And that was only ONE of the stupid dreams I had yesterday.I had a good time laughing at myself though!;)

    Tomorrow's marketing exam,I'm not gonna say anything anymore.Sheena kept messaging me and tell me she's prepared to retake this paper because she didn't hand up the project.SHE!I told her so many times to at least do her project,even if it's a few marks,a few marks are still marks man!

    I'm just gonna hope for the best.

    cindy [ 8:45 AM ]

    Saturday, January 06, 2007
    Sometimes I wonder,why is it that the people I know/the people around me are damn NOT STEADY one lor!Seriously,sometimes its damn frustrating to even think about it.I really envy those people who has got friends who are damn ON because I can never find that around me.No offence but it's true.

    Yes,then I hear things like 'not everyone is as free as you' or 'I really have no time' or blah blah shit but isn't Life too short to be wishy-washy about?Again,no offence but it's true.

    As a result,whenever I hear people say stuff like,

    'let's go somewhere for a holiday'


    'let's do *this and that*'

    I will just listen and habour no hope from it.

    Ever heard of 'Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise'?yup,that's what I'm talking about.Damn sian one lor,everytime hear the same thing but no actions done.

    What a stupid post.

    cindy [ 6:35 AM ]

    Thursday, January 04, 2007
    I just finished watching Extreme Makeover and I was startled by how huge the transformation was on the contestants.Then,I chatted with Elena on MSN on how make-ups are really important for girls.It's true.

    My dad once told me,the reason women put on make-up does not neccessarily means Vanity.It could mean they respect themselves and the people they are or are gonna be interacting with.

    Take say,a posh restaurant.Why do they have a dress code?Why do they want people to dress formally?

    When I say makeup,I'm not even talking about thick make-ups.Probably some light touch-up without too much hassle.I've always thought that putting makeups are just pure vanity,my dad's theory has never came across my mind.But somehow,it got me thinking after that.

    And when I hear boys going like,

    'I don't like girls who put make-ups',i just feel like bitch-slapping them.

    It's THICK make-ups.I don't think they wanna see how their hot celebs would look like without make-ups.

    And I think,seriously,putting make-ups are so time consuming if any girls were to choose,they would rather not go through the trouble.

    My elder sis would spend about an hour or so to do her make-ups and you wouldn't want to know how long she takes to bathe.So if someone's meeting her at 3pm,she will have to start getting ready by 12.YAH,THAT LONG.and we will always fight to see who goes to the bathroom first.

    But of course,if its a guy she's meeting,he would probably be more than willing to wait because really,she look darn different.I wouldn't say she's like drop-dead gorgeous(cus she isn't)but its just a matter of Glam V.S Unglam.LOL!I swear I will kanna slaughter like a pig if she ever stumble into this blog.I will die a miserable death.

    Speaking of which,I just can't wait for CNY!!I know it's gonna be another two months or so,but i can't wait!$KACHING$

    Lastly,is it just me or do they really look alike?I realised my sister's bf looked like Dominic Purcell from Prison Break.

    Conclusion: Maybe its just the hair head.

    cindy [ 3:02 PM ]

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007
    Harlo ha 2007!!

    New year,new week,new start.


    My patience is wearing thin.Youtube just refuses to load my OC and it's irritating the shit out of me!I think is because of the earthquake in Taiwan,causing all the connection problems.RRRRGGGHHH!!I need/must/have to watch THE OC!I've been missing it for like,918273645 years I can't wait anymore!Not any longer,I might die.Ok choy,new year.

    And by the time Derrick volunteers himself(which is very unlikely),I'll have to wait for another 918273645 years.I can't!

    Youtube,STOP TORMENTING ME,please!

    If you realised,I'm trying to type a proper entry with proper letters and punctuation but its really kind of so used to typing like this.the reason im doing that is becus i realised i like to read blogs with proper entry like there're no short forms whatsoever.

    I can't believe there are still people typing like thiish.Damn retarded.

    'This',is a 4-letter word but cheena people went through the unneccesary trouble to create a 6-letter word.Imagine reading a blog with all those 'greatly-created-words'.

    Anyway,I bumped into Esther Naomi today.She has been M.I.A for so darn long,finally get to see her again.We didn't manage to talk because we were quite far away from each other in the MRT but she blew kisses to me.LOL!

    Went town and bumped into quite a few people too.And I shall announce,I'm officially broke with $1.95 in my bank and NO SAVINGS in my piggybank.Thank You!

    Finding job sucks.
    Working sucks,School too.

    Damn,it's only the 2nd day of 2007 and I'm already complaining.

    cindy [ 3:30 PM ]