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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Sunday, August 19, 2007
    I'm so tired that I think i'm gonna collapse anytime.I've been working nonstop for this whole entire week,it's killing me soon!This week is seriously hell.

    Yesterday ended work at about 9 plus and after which,i headed down to give tuition until 11ish.Reached home;don't even bother to wait for my hair to dry up;hit the sack right away.Haha!Okay,actually i'm coping quite well.Infact,it was my supervisor who was like,

    'eh,you don't stress yourself leh.'

    After about 6 hours of sleep,got myself ready and headed down to Parkway Centre for this roadshow.It's only for a day so i thought it was okay.Then this lady approached me and asked if i'm interested to join her company,some children development thingy and actually i'm still thinking if i should go ahead.But then again,i think i'll be committing suicide indirectly.I think i've become such a workaholic,it's not even funny at all.

    One is at Taka,which i don't intend to quit anytime soon.I've quit far too many jobs i'm quite embarrassed to really name out all the jobs i've worked before.
    And then there's tuition,which i just started a month ago.Two tuitions to be precise.
    And then there's school,well,soon.

    So i'm thinking should i take up the job offer.I really don't mind since she told me the timing is very flexible.Yea,i know what you're thinking.Why so 'piah' right?I also don't know leh!Initially it was about money,(and ok,it's still is!my debtor is living with me,hello?!)but now it's more like occupying time.I think i've too much time to spare i feel like i'm wasting my life away.So,might as know.How?Suggestion leh.

    cindy [ 1:20 PM ]

    Thursday, August 16, 2007
    PHEW!Finally found a time to blog!These few days had been HECTIC!!And is still going to be!Or at least till the end of the month!

    Anyway,finally met up with Esther and Sam on Sunday!It's been weeks since i've last seen the girls so yup,off we went to catch a movie,Rush Hour3,with sister Zaw too.Not too bad i'd say,although in my own opinion,i very much preferred the last 2.

    It was a lazy Sunday for me.I was so friggin tired i could hardly opened my eyes!Before we went into the movie,the 3 of them kept reminding me not to fall asleep and i had to keep reassuring them i wouldn't.I can't sleep in the movie lah!SO NOISY!Unless it's really boring but hello?If the movie trailer doesn't interest me,i wouldn't even watch it.HAHAHAAH!

    So after the movie,we went to Starbucks to chill while Sam's boy joined us.Seriously,everyone is seriously getting seriously attached.SAI!So again,i played the gooseberry while the other 2 couple were walking in pairs.LOL!I was just kidding,they weren't so bad to leave me walking alone with my imaginary friend.I will kill them.Then again,i've conquered 3 couples before,so what's two?I think my skin is thick enough to conquer more.HAHAHAAH!SO PLEASE,IF YOU'RE PA-TOH-ing,BRING ME ALONG!!=D

    Ok,joke aside.

    Did i mention Esther can really eat,too?

    1)Before she met us,she already had lunch with sister Zaw.
    2)Before the movie,she ate another french-toast since Sam hasn't had her lunch.
    3)And while waiting for Sam to come back from buying the kachaing putay(i don't know how to spell lah!go figure out yourself),she had a mouthful of half boiled eggs from Sam's plate and later,2 kaya toast.
    4)In the movie,she had a cup of corn..ok fine,she will insist she shared it with Zaw.OKAY,so corn not counted ok?
    4)After the movie,while we were at Starbucks chilling,she devoured a bagle(with 1 cream,2 butters and 2 jams),A BAGLE,by herself while the rest of us were staring at her but she continued anyway.
    5)45 mins later,we reached another destination,Myanmar Kitchen or something,and she continued her eating spree.

    And i think sister Zaw kind of got alil disease from her because after we left Starbucks to think of another place to go,he was like

    Z:So,where you all wanna go now ah?EAT?

    He repeated that for about 3 times,when we were walking aimlessly.


    We went home quite early though.I guess i did spred the sleepy bug to everyone because soonafter,Esther felt really sleepy and everyone started yawning.It was killing everyone!So the best solution was to go home and kill the bug!=)

    Oh yes,the other day while i was working,my supervisor made me laughed so damn hard,i could die laughing.

    My supervisor,who is now seven months pregnant and still able to kneel down like as if that bulge from her stomach was just a tummy bulge and not a tiny living human in it,never fail to amaze me.

    So that day,we were trying to move some products from one place to another and,

    Me:NUR!Can you don't kneel down?!I do it,i do it.
    N:Harya never mind lah!Like that faster.
    Me:WAH LAO!

    *so i kinda ran to and fro until..*

    Me:OH MY GOD,did i see what i just saw?!
    N:Oh yes,i used my stomach muscle!*SMILE WIDELY*

    Okay,you guys could never guess how she got up.She's not those typical pregnant woman who walks with one hand behind her back and keep doing the 'sss-ah' sound nor is she that kind who needs to find a support to get up slowly.

    She actually got up just by using her knees!WHILE HER HANDS WERE FILLED WITH THE PRODUCTS!Yah,you may think chey right?But imagine,SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT HOR!She can't even see her own feet when she looked down ok.So i went on,

    Me:Seriously,you deserve some applause!*CLAPS*

    I couldn't stop laughing when she said she used her stomach muscle.LOL!!I was roaring with laughter while the customers just looked on.

    And then came this part.I went to buy this small aloe vera gel to apply on my skin so after which,

    Me:NUR!You guess how much is the gel?So small only leh
    N:Then how much?!
    Me:$3.90 lor.
    Me:I never say what!Is you want to think so complicated mah.

    And the customer at the counter was laughing too!HAHAAHAHA!Ok,maybe it's my fault for sounding like as though it costs a bomb.But it's damn funny when i saw her reaction after i told her the price.She rolled her eyeball like as though they will never return to its original position.

    OH YES!I'm going to Taiwan on the 10th of sept!COOOOOOOL MAN!!SO EXCITED!Oh by the way,my elder sister actually thought that pic below(which showed the colour difference)was my arm!WAH LAO!!

    WHY DO I HAVE A BIMBO SISTER,I DON'T GET IT!WHERE DID MY SMART GENES CAME FROM?Oh yah,nothing to do with her.But okay,where did that bimbotic genes came from?!Luckily i wasn't inherited from it!

    cindy [ 2:50 PM ]

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Okay,minus the part where I got seasick and started vomitting while kayaking.That's multi-tasking!HAHAAHAH!But seriously,it was damn cool!..and I looked like a lobster now.

    I can't believe I actually woke up early in the morning just to go kayak with Elena!I thought I'd backout last minute,but noooo!My dad asked where was I going and he was so surprised I can actually wake up in the morning just to exercise.So,he volunteered to send us to ECP since he's got nothing to do anyway.=D

    I regretted drinking that cup of milo.As those who know me well enough,I always skipped breakfast because..okay,PARTLY because usually by the time I wake up,it'll be noon already.But,there's another reason to it.I will feel really uncomfortable after eating and will probably start vomitting soonafter.I'm not bulimic,mind you.It's just how my body system works.

    Okay,so Elena and myself carried the kayak to the shore and kept trying to get up on it.After several failed attempts,we finally got on it.Luckily there wasn't any cute guys around.LOL,very unnecessary,I know!Then we started paddling and paddling,rather aimlessly I would say.

    I don't know why but when I get really tired or excited,I will start talking and talking that probably 3/4 of the things I said don't make any sense at all.And that was what I did.I kept talking and asking her questions and kept woo-ing when the waves hit our kayak.Hehe!It is a sort of entertainment for me lah!

    So we paddled to the middle of the sea and was so exhausted that we just stoned there and let the waves do the work.Then,it got to a point where I got really dizzy and started vomitting.I never knew I had seasick lor.Sickening!I felt so much better after vomitting so we continued to paddle back to shore.

    While paddling,we saw this group of youngsters,

    E:eh cannot cannot,we must co-ordinate ah!if not very paiseh.


    HAHAHAHAAH!So after the group past us,one of the guy paddled back and said hi and,

    Me:har?your friend ah?in the middle of the sea still can see your friend ah?
    E:no.i don't know him leh.
    Me:what?!can you don't anyhow talk or smile at strangers?!and what's that smile on your face?
    E:no mah,he smile then i smile lor.have to be friendly what!and he's quite cute.

    Elena,by loyal can?!This kind of miscellaneous stuff can just leave it to me.HAHA!

    Anyway,the other day while working,Kaijia stopped by my workplace with her friend and again,another one that loves to appear from nowhere and give me a shock.Seriously,although I'm trained from being 'hung tio',sometimes I will still 'tio hung' leh.And it's always when I suddenly think of the person then the person will appear.This is scary shit!OKOK,I shall think of Edison day and night to appear at the shop!Heheheheeeeee!

    Alright,pretty long entry!To make up for the lack of updates lately.I know not as entertaining but whatever man,you still read till the end right?

    My msn conversation with Elena just 5 mins ago.Please don't laugh.Don't even urm-chio.

    See people.This is what you get when you ask me to go sun-tan,LOBSTER.

    cindy [ 1:24 PM ]