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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Sunday, September 26, 2010
    After a week of working in a childcare,i think i've built arm muscles even without going to the gym.

    It's soooooooooooo tiring!!!!....but it's rewarding as well.Oh,who am i to say man.I've only been there for a week!But it's rewarding in a sense that erm,for example on the first day,i was supposed to coax the kiddos to sleep.And yes,i failed miserably!


    So the next day i tried again,and managed to coax like two kids to sleep.

    The third day,ALL!

    I'm awesome.HAHAHAHAAHA!

    Apparently there's a techinque to make them fall asleep!So yup,that was quite rewarding for me.:)

    And it's sooooo difficult to bathe them!My back hurts like crap and it's really not an easy job man!But the time flies like nobody's business which is good.

    My dad's off to Thailand and will be back on Wednesday.Sigh,can't wait for nov to come!!!!!

    cindy [ 3:25 PM ]

    Friday, September 17, 2010
    I hope someday i will understand the reason why i'm here for.

    I fear mentally i've aged faster than my peers.I worry more than i should and quite frankly,i don't know why.

    Seriously,i don't care if i looked as though i'm a bad sister.I'm not her mother/father but why do i always feel like there's a need to scold the shit out of her to make her wake up her freakin' idea.Act all pitiful and kept telling the world how pathetic her life is.Yes,i'm sure.Just because of a f-up guy.You want your life to be pathetic so that's how it's gonna be.

    An 18-year-old but mentality is still stuck at twelve.

    The world doesn't revolve around you.

    You know what,i think i give up.

    I give up,really.

    This is the last straw.
    From today on,i'm gonna wash my hands off her business.

    cindy [ 8:15 PM ]

    It's true that ever since Facebook was created,i have lost the interest to blog.Lost even more interest trying to upload pictures in this blog.Very sad leh..i like blog with pictures.

    And then i had been comtemplating since forever to delete this space or not which ultimately,i have decided not to.In case i die a famous way,people will be interested to know how my life was and stuff.They will start googling my name with a 'blog' behind and when they do find out about this space,they will probably be thinking - ' Okay,her death is more interesting than her life.'


    SO SAD!:(

    And this is how i'm gonna end this entry.

    Okay maybe not.

    I've gotten a job at a childcare centre and i'm gonna start work on this coming Monday!Really excited for it BUT!!!I think i'm gonna have trouble waking up!I have to be up by 6.45am!!!


    How am i supposed to do that man?!?!?I think i will have to knock myself out by 7pm on Sunday.

    Can't wait to see all the cute little babies waiting to get their asses wiped.LOL!!!!Okay i'm just kidding lah but apparently that's one of the job scope in infant care!I'm not really sure what's my job scope is though but whatever it is,i'm up for the challenge!

    Will still be working at the music school though.I can't possibly leave it in a lurch now and i think there's gonna be quite a handful of changes here and there in the near future.I just really hope everything will work out fine!

    Childcare will be a whole new experience once again and it will also be a good thing for me - To see if this is really what i want and if it's so,i will definitely consider taking a cert in early childhood after my degree.At least if i know it isn't,i have a degree to back me up.

    Dad's health is making us worried sick.I mean he seems healthy and all but he went for a check-up the other day and the result didn't turn out to be as good.I just hope it's one of those health scare and nothing more than that.Sigh..i just pray that my family will stay healthy and safe.

    See what blogging does to me?


    cindy [ 2:00 PM ]

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Back for alil updates!:)

    • Finally paid off my sleep debt!(the school's closed for a week,so..yaaaahooo to that!)
    • Gonna be flying off to Chicago in November and i simply CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!Speaking of which,FINALLY after 22 years i think i'm gonna see snow!!I know,sad ain't it?Better late than never!It's only gonna be a 5 days trip though:(then i'll be off to Abu Dhabi for the next 10 days!Geez,wonder what am i gonna do there.BUT!!Anything to get out of stressful Singapore really.
    • Finally settled my school enrolment and am officially a Murdoch University student.MUAHAHAHA!School's gonna start in Jan though but i'm quite eager to get everything started because it's not business i'm handling anymore so..YAY TO THAT!!!
    • On the look out for a new job with better pay but then again,all's not confirmed because i would have to see if it fits into my study schedule as well.

    I'm glad things are working out well.I had been stressed out for the past couple of months because there had been issues after issues which nearly drove me insane!And it doesn't help that i've been coughing for more than a month now.I guess it's time to get my life back on track,hopefully my health too.

    Room's in a mess again!Gonna start packing and maybe breathe in some fresh air!


    cindy [ 2:53 PM ]