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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007
    My face complexion lately has been CRAP i tell you!!I've never seen so many pimples on my face before,as in really ALOT that i can cry my lungs out.It's very demoralising which is why i'm avoiding looking at the mirror nowadays.

    Everyone who knows me will know that i'm super sensitive when it comes to pimples popping up on my face but it seems like i can't do anything about it anymore,it's getting from bad to worse.I'm not vain but it really affect one's mood when you see what you don't wanna see in the mirror.GET IT?!No,you don't.


    I don't know why but i feel like going KOREA!!!My dad is going in december!Can i cry now,like now?Super know how to enjoy himself.This was my conversation with him,

    Me:eh daddy,then what are you gonna eat in Korea?
    Dad:don't know?but i'm sure got vegetarian food lah.
    Me:yah,kimchi lor.anyway i think that's the only food you can eat.HAHAHAHAH

    By the way,he's a vegan.

    Anyway,i think his main purpose to Korea is not for the food but more for the scenery.

    DAMN!Money please come rolling in,i need you desperately!

    cindy [ 6:38 AM ]

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007
    Changi Airport Terminal 3 preview
    Went to have a look at the new T3 yesterday with my relatives since miao is working there and she've got the tickets for us to go.It is huge man!Very spacious and high tech.It wasn't very crowded because the preview was meant for the staff and their families only,that's why we get to roam around quite freely.The new A380 will be in T3,so imagine how big the runway is?!



    i'm leaving..on a jetplane don't know when i'll be back again~

    Anyway,Celine is coming back this Sunday,yes again.Ever since her airline started flying here,it seems like lady luck has been on her side because she always get called on when flying to Singapore.Usually if you're from whichever country they are flying to,it's almost unlikely they will call on you,so yea,she's been pretty lucky.

    I've been trying to find things to update lately but i really don't have!I don't know how some people can have the time and things to blog about daily but i'm really impressed.

    Anyhoos,Wiki and myself are gonna start on this 'tuition coordinator' thing next week and hopefully it will work out because both of us are really in need of $KACHING$!It is never enough ok.

    Life's such a bitch.We study,for money.We work,for money.We worry no money.Everything also money!I wish i can go back to secondary school life when i can solely survive on a bus concession with UNLIMITED RIDES.And even with only 2 pathetic bucks on me,i can still travel all the way to Changi Airport,TO AND FRO,and still can afford to grab a bite with that $2. I think taking cabs are even cheaper than taking bus now.

    I really envy those with bus concession!

    Okay,i know you guys must be trying damn hard to figure out what she was trying to say.Don't worry,you're not alone.I don't understand either.

    'i dont want you already!'

    'i want go tiong bahru plaza'

    I know,really,we can get THIS LAME.Apparently,Celine was 'trying' to see what was i drinking.

    cindy [ 2:41 PM ]

    Saturday, October 27, 2007
    2 person told me about their dreams today.One is my elder sis,and the other one,Karen.

    Celine's dream is very typical.FOOD!Infact,that's the only thing she can really dream about.Okay lah,almost.She should dream about something that's more,let me think of the word,dreamy?

    Marry a rich man,having a big house,driving a luxurious car..err yah,typical too.But at least this kind of dream can bring more statisfaction than food what!

    I think both she and dad shared a telepathy.My dad bought the same food she dreamt of just yesterday and it's really exactly the same.

    Anyway,Karen's dream was worse.

    I've hardly hear her telling me she dream of me,but when she finally do,she dreamt that i died.With my niece.First time dream of me,but i died straight after,and i was not alone.Karen,can you please learn to control your dreams?

    Apparently,in her dreams,i was carrying my niece towards the window and i kind of lost balance of my niece when she was trying to move around so she fell and i tried to catch her but i lost grip and fell too.Then she went to my funeral and she saw 2 coffins side by side of each other.When she walked over to my coffin,she burst into tears...

    Then,came my next question for her,

    me:so,how do i looked?
    karen:wah lao,people already cry until so jialat where got the mood to see how you look!
    me:like somehow lah.
    karen:can't see lah!

    No,i'm serious.I'm kind of worried how will i look when i die.Especially if i die young.I know it's damn dumb to think of such things,but i can't help it man.

    Anyway,back to Karen's dream.

    I called her in the morning and she sounded so shock when she heard my voice.That's when she started telling me that dream.And..the eerie thing is that,wherever i went today,there's funeral.Maybe it's just coincidental but still,it really makes my hair stand!

    OH!AND..she actually got my niece's name correct in the dream when she doesn't even know her chinese name!!

    Karen Tan might be a psychic.Be afraid,be very afraid...

    cindy [ 1:52 PM ]

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007
    I was you-tubing just now,and i came across this video.


    cindy [ 10:03 AM ]

    Sunday, October 21, 2007
    I don't know why but this month i'm simply broke to the MAX!!!

    I really have no idea where have my money gone to.I'm so broke till i have to go and dig out my angbao money ok!?

    my angbao money = really emergency/super duper broke,then can use.So just imagine how broke i REALLY AM.

    Met up with Karen on Thursday night.Initially the meet-up was for some singing session,but she had sore throat,so we just met up for some catching up session.

    Walked over to our 'romantic place' and sat down.Talk and talk.I don't know why but whenever i'm with this bitch,or on the phone with her,we'll have endless topics.Just that every now and then you'll keep hearing this name,Andy. So we chatted all the way till about 11ish and in the end,she stayed over at my place.Even so,we talked all the way till we finally dozed off.I think bitch and me share the same lame-ness.As we can't stand empty conversations,this was what happened last night when suddenly,both of us kept quiet..


    I think it's damn funny because i think only the 2 of us in this entire world will snort just to 'fill up the empty conversation'.

    So after we woke up,which was already in the afternoon,we headed to the market for some bachor mee.It's pathetic ok?!A few mouthful and we're done.Then i went to my grandma place since the last time i saw her was..quite awhile ago.

    Anyway,i was so pissed last night! I had a tuition last night with this 'student'.She's an adult.And the tuition is not exactly tuition kind of tuition,it's more of a conversational kind of tuition.So anyway,first thing first.She dragged the fees for so damn long resulting me becoming so damn broke.

    Secondly,she said i keep changing the time when she was the one who kept saying she can't have tuition on the days i requested.I mean come on,she has her stuff to do and i've got mine.And she expect me to give her tuition in the night when i have to wake up early in the morning to go for work on the day itself and the next day.Who the hell tuition in the night,right?!Yah,she.When i say night,it's not 7/8pm.It's 9.30-11pm.Imagine how tiring it is?

    Never mind about the timing,she want 9.30-11pm,fine,i go along.But guess what?She crossed the border yesterday.Not that i'm a kay kao person ok.

    So yesterday,i reached her place about 9.20pm.By right i should have left about 10.50pm but no,i left at 11.20pm.So BY RIGHT again,i could have earn that extra $7.50 for that half an hour IF she was 'zi dong' enough but no again,in fact,she was friggin kay kao.Initially i thought it was ok to give her extra 5-10 mins but in the end,she kept dragging until i have to say,

    me:huh still go on?time's up already leh.
    kns woman:oh yah hor,ok lor...
    kns woman:ok,den you wait awhile i go get the money.$*right?
    me:huh?!no it's $*.
    kns woman:really meh?*went to check her book*are you sure? me:yah,this is the 3rd month already leh.the first month you paid to the agency,but 2nd month onwards you have to pay me full sum.
    kns woman:but i thought its $*?
    me:no.last month you already paid me full sum.

    I was already damn pek chek with her already.She was still doubting me ok?So she went on to check her cheque book.WTF man!SERIOUSLY,why the bloody hell would i even wanna cheat your money!?Already dragged the fees still come and give me this shit.Super cheapo.

    I could sense wrinkles forming on my face last night man!Okay,remind me i'm not getting any younger,so i'd better learn to control my facial expressions.I feel sooooooo good now!=D

    super lame colleague,leaving a note for that sissy colleague.btw,that thing is actually a clay
    super cute angmoh baby!oliver=)


    cindy [ 2:17 PM ]

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007
    Did i ever mention my hanyu pinyin really sucked?!Ever since primary school,whenever i get back my MT paper,the first page which is usually filling up the hanyu pinyin words,i'll always get a BIG ZERO for it.Yah,i know,most people score in hanyu pinyin right?But not me leh!I don't know WHY!!!!I hate hanyu pinyin!

    What's the hanyu pinyin for the word,'GO',in chinese?Not Zou ok.

    E.g: Ni Yao (go) Na Li?

    Not Ju leh.

    I really don't know,i sompah!No joke.I've been figuring that word out like every since sec 2 ok!?So please,kindly,enlighten me.

    Anyway,this was my conversation with Wendy awhile ago.Don't need to pinpoint anything ok.I know where are my mistakes.HMPF!

    as you can see,the first sentence i wanted to type
    'wo men yi hou ke yi yi qi (go)..',but i dont know how to type(go)so i just put'..'HAHAHA!

    cindy [ 4:41 PM ]

    I think i'm going nuts.I've been playing the Magic 8 ball in Facebook,asking questions and clicking on the ball for an answer and scolding back the ball when the answer is not what i'm looking for.To those who have no clue on what i'm talking about,this is what.

    Don't mind me.

    I've been staying at home since Thursday and i don't mind to continue rotting till i'm fully rotten.Isn't it great to be staying at home in such a cooling weather and having a damn comfy bed in your room which you can pounce on anytime!?One word - SHIOK!That is why,i find it damn hard to get out of the house when i'm not in the mood to go out.Yes,even if you give me a hundred bucks,i wouldn't.

    I think Kelvin almost came to my house with a chopper while trying to convince me to go out the whole of yesterday afternoon.I don't know why but i'm really friggin lazy to go out.I don't like to walk around aimlessly because i get damn bored easily.And when i'm officially broke,like my bank account only left a single digit kind of broke,it's nearly impossible to ask me to get my ass out of the house.Unless,of course,you know what i'm driving at.

    Anyways,i want to strangle the consultant who told me i needed to get a cert in order to take my diploma!KNS.I called up the school again to enquire about the diploma course because i flunked 2 of my modules and i have to retake the modules first before attaining the cert.So initially,i wanted to ask if i can just take the dip course first and at the same time,retake my modules but the consultant was like,

    Consultant:You passed your English and Maths right?
    Me:Yea i did.
    Consultant:Then why didn't you take the diploma course in the first place?You could have taken it last year.
    Me:No,because the consultant told me i needed to get a cert first in order to be eligible to take the diploma course.
    Consultant:Huh?But as far as i'm concerned,you ARE eligible to apply what.
    Me:What the hell!?You mean i've wasted 1 year to get the cert lah?!
    Consultant:Sort of lor.

    Yah,thanks to that STUPID CONSULTANT!Bloody shit.Thinking my dad would scold me but what the hell,it isn't my fault that the consultant is stupid,i went on to tell him anyways.

    Me:Daddy!Wah lao,i just wasted 1 year on the cert lor.
    Dad:Why leh?
    Me:Just now i called the school and the person told me i could have just applied for the diploma course last year.Super waste money and time.
    Dad:*laugh*harya never mind lah,no such thing as wasted.Anyway you already finish what.
    Me:True lah but wah lao!Super waste my time man.
    Dad:But you got alot of time to spare what,no meh?

    To my surprise,he isn't as pissed off as me leh.

    Alright,i gotta go watch tv now!ciao!

    cindy [ 9:20 AM ]

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007
    What's wrong with everyone thesedays!?!!Geez!
    okay yea,it's probably just me.

    cindy [ 2:13 PM ]

    Even though her career seems to be going downslide,her life's in a mess,she's getting headlines for all the wrong reasons and yah,her life is really in a terrible mess,i think Britney's new song is very catchy!Okay,minus her pointless music video.Please go back to the I'm A Slave For You era.

    Gimme gimme more..

    cindy [ 4:17 AM ]

    Monday, October 08, 2007
    Long time!I know,i know.It's just that,i've been finding stuff to blog but realise there's actually nothing to blog.Yeah,my life is so mundane right?Tell me about it.

    Met up with Ruiza on Friday for awhile after i knocked off from work.The usual,nothing much.After that,headed down to Mustafa to meet up with Kelvin and psycho-ed Esther to go down as well.The reason she agreed was,she thought we were at some Indian pub because she heard the background music and she got all so hyped up.We were at a kopitiam actually.HAHAHAHA!So she took a cab down and while on the way to pick up her at the taxi stand,she kept calling and asked us to walk faster because there's alot of chee ko peis wolf-whistling at her.Yah,i think she think too much.They were probably wolf-whistling to some bapok lor.HEHEHEHEE!

    Then,Kelvin suggested to go shop at Mustafa and Esther kept asking why because her purpose to go down was because of the 'Indian Pub'.So she probably already guessed there weren't any.But anyway,guess what?Despite her initial unwillingness to shop at Mustafa,she bought the most ok!?Even KK became her personal sales assistant,ordering him to help her find the bedsheets.Poor KK!

    While we were walking around,Esther almost shocked me to death when..

    Esther:Shit,i need to BJ damn badly!
    Esther:Yah,i said i need to BJ...
    (pause for a moment,while we were staring at each other in shock)
    Esther:EH!what you thinking sia!I meant it as 'bang jio'(urine)

    And we started laughing like crazy!I mean,c'mon,not that i'm dirty minded or anything ok!So after the 'bang jio' incident,we went up to another level.While walking,i was talking to Esther and i don't know what happened,the conversation ended up with me saying


    I said it really loudly i guess because i don't know is it just me or the entire level was in a mode of silence after i said that sentence.The best part was,there's this guy,who was choosing his appliances,looked back at us in the most innocent way like as though i was saying that sentence to him.I swear his reaction was CLASSIC man!Esther was roaring with laughter after witnessing that classic look.

    After ALL HER,and only HER,shopping pleasure,we went back to the 'supposingly Indian pub music' kopitiam to have a drink.Her attention was all on the tv screen,looking at the bollywood actor coming out from the seashell,my god,hilarious!

    So yesterday,met up with Miss Piggy again but before that,was with my cousin.We went to this restaurant called Bosses in English but Black Society for direct translation in Mandarin,Hei Se Hui.AND OMG,the mango there is FANTABULOUS OK!?It taste almost the same as Crystal Jade's mango pudding but just that it comes in liquid form.Pretty expensive but my god,so damn worth!

    So after miao went to meet her lover,i met up with Esther.Did some miscellaneous stuff and went to Cafe Del Mar at Sentosa for a drink.Cool place but the weather was hot.Or rather,our attire was wrong.But it was indeed a nice place to chill.It's been damn long since we 2 actually sit down and have a drink unlike secondary school days,when we would go out every day,even before Sam joined us.I really,really miss those days.We could do stupid stuff,like really stupid things and feel damn proud of it.Why huh?Weird.

    Alright,i think i shall dedicate my today to Celine,who's been circling in the sand for the past 2 days,and not forgetting,FLOODING MY HP WITH ALL THE INTERNET MSGES,while i'm out enjoying myself.She drives me crazy.


    Cafe Del Mar


    The salesboy VS The difficult customer

    cindy [ 5:51 AM ]