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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Thursday, January 31, 2008
    Stop telling me about Edison and his photo scandals.

    For the first time,i actually bought Lian He Wan Bao to read because while i was on the bus yesterday,i saw this uncle holding the newspaper and the person on the front page looked like Edison.

    I think the uncle caught me looking at his newspaper,he selfishly flipped to the next page while my head was tilted in a really awkward position.


    Initially,i was still contemplating whether to buy or not because i wasn't sure if it was Edison.Then when i came home,Wiki called and asked if i've seen the chinese newspaper and i immediately asked my maid to buy it.

    Sigh,what can i say?

    I've been his loyal fan since sec 1 and of course i know he's notorious in some ways but this has probably gone too far man.

    If it's really a photoshopped case,then good on him.But if it's really what it is,though being an avid edison fan for,let me see,7 years?All i have to say is,orh-bi-good.I just don't understand why do people take pictures or videos of their own private life.

    It's PRIVATE life not PUBLIC life.

    And that Gillian Chung.

    So much for thinking she's so sweet and innocent.Such a disappointment.I really hope it isn't her though i think her image and reputation has already been tarnished to the maximum.

    No,i'm not trying to say celebs can't have sex life.Or that they should be a good role model because i think that's bullshit.They are only human.

    Nobody is perfect.We all make mistakes.But their only mistake is to have it taken on a camera.

    Why Edison,WHY?!Now that the whole world has seen your lil' precious(if the photos were real),your precious isn't as precious anymore.You have fulfilled a girl's lifetime dream from all over the world.They've all seen it the same time as me,which is fricken not fair.But then again,life's never fair.So,damnit!

    You are an idiot if you think i'd be over the moon on seeing those pictures of Edison.Seriously.

    And to hell with that person who started circulating the pictures online!No life.It's fricken awesome to see someone's life/career going down the slope,ain't it?!

    Anyways,i've gotten a job at Singapore Flyers!:)

    And no,i haven't quit my other jobs yet and i don't intend to.The timings are so flexible i don't think i can find any other jobs like them again.

    Most importantly,i enjoy what i'm doing!:D

    During the interview,

    Manager:So,you're applying for a second part time job?
    Manager:-stunned;flips back my application form-
    Manager:Are you serious?!

    And he looked at me with a very amazed look on his face.

    Actually i'm not really as 'chiong' as it may sound.THREE part time jobs.It's really not that tiring.Reason being is because like i've said,the timings are super flexible!It's as though i'm my own boss.I feel like working,i work.I don't feel like working,i off.


    Tell me lah,shiok not?!

    That's why i'm constantly telling myself how lucky i am.;)

    So yup,training starts this saturday.Not really looking forward to it though but i know it's gonna be a very good experience.

    Oooooookies!Shall upload pics from yesterday.It was my mom's birthday.


    moodswing.clockwise:i don't like you;happy;angry;cry.Super cooperative she.




    hahaa,for once i think she's cute..and super white!

    cindy [ 3:40 PM ]

    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    So,i'm officially 20.

    The day started as per normal,but i gotta admit i was quite down when i only received a few messages when the clock strikes 12.Even on the verge of crying out loud.

    No,really.I know it's always the same old wishes from the same old people but i'd always be looking forward to it.Eh,that's the ONLY day your phone is flooded with messages and calls lor.Okay,i know i sound like an attention-seeking bitch see...erm..ok maybe i am lah!

    Ok,so i went to sleep at night with no surprises whatsoever.Why do i feel like i'm so thick-skinned?I can hear you ah,shhh!

    Anyway,i got up and it was just like a normal day to me.For the first time in my life i actually felt that way.Beats me!I just felt so,normal.

    Hello?It's supposed to be my BIRTHDAY.The day i was born into this world.I should be holding a big party to celebrate this special day.

    So i went down to TBP to meet my mom and aunt and went to eat at this place.My mom was on house,quite rare you know!Even my dad was like,

    dad:are you sure not?!she seldom treat people one're damn lucky


    You know how our relatives or aunties or whoever,usually asians,we'll always be 'fighting' to pay bills?
    -asks for the bill-
    (everyone already holding on to their wallets)
    Asian 1 pays for the bill.

    Asian 2:Mai lah mai lah*hands the money over to Asian 1*
    Asian 1:Mai lah!*pushes the money away*
    Asian 2:Haiyo!Mai lah!Ka li kong mai liao*insists on paying for the bill*
    Asian 1:Mai lah!*starts throwing the money around*

    ...and the saga continues.However,usually Asian 2 gets to keep the money.

    And say,IF the bill is expensive..

    Asian 1:Wah,so expensive.How come ah?*starts counting the dishes;what they ordered..yadaa yadaa*

    That's when Asian 2 will finally shut thy gap.

    It's really damn typical.My mom and aunts always practice this act until sometimes i get so fed up i take the money instead.Siao,keep throwing the money around.

    Okay,back to the day.

    After which,headed down to Sakura at Somerset to meet Ruiza,Miss Piggy,Sam and Zaw.Ate like gluttons but i'm happy:)

    So after eating,we walked all the way to this 'park' behind Taka and sat there.Chatted for awhile and Ruiza said she had to go already.Bloody good actress she,in fact,ALL OF THEM!


    3 mins later,she came back with Henry with a cake on hand and i really had the shocked of my life!I think i screamed.Not those high-pitched bimbotic scream but those shocked,oh-my-god, scream.

    Before that,i was thinking to myself i think this year really no birthday cake for me already.That Miss Piggy was yawning like nobody's business and it got everyone started yawning too.So i thought we were probably heading back home soon but in the end,come and surprised me with this drama.LOL!

    Eh,i'm not a person who get easily surprised one leh.Because i tend to think alot,think of all the possible 'surprises'.Not bhb,just my way.

    I really should give them some awards man!Actors/Actresses from Singllywood.All got hidden talent!

    1)I don't know how did Miss Piggy managed to slip an envelope in my bag when 3/4 of the time,i was holding it.

    2)I didn't know Ruiza could act.

    3)I didn't know Henry could finish 1/2 of the cake by himself.

    4)I didn't know Sam could get high just by eating ice-cream cake.

    5)I didn't know Sister Zaw could be such a 'suan-er' like Miss Piggy.

    6)I didn't know i could be so easily 'surprised'.

    Great discovery man!

    But anyhows,i'm really touched by it!Really am.:)I was quite speechless actually,and i broke out in cold sweat!

    So after everything,i was on the bus going home when Christy called me.

    She told me she was flying off later at 3am and she wanted to meet me before flying off.So obviously,i went ahead to meet her thinking it was real.She was on the phone with me without wishing me Happy Birthday which made me damn curious so i was like,

    Me:eh christy,today's my birthday leh.why you didn't wish me?
    Christy:no..not yet's only 11.58pm.
    Me:my birthday is today lor!
    Christy:haven't yet what.your birthday is fri or sat ah?
    Me:TODAY,what do you think!?
    Christy:HUH REALLY AH?!OMG OK *sings happy birthday* OMG,i thought it's tomorrow that's why i was waiting for the time to strike 12.


    Blur as can be.

    When i reached her place,i was so surprised as she was sitting in a car.So she asked me to hop in and told me that's my birthday present.

    No,not the car don't be stupid.Chritsy is not that generous yet.It's a CAR....RIDE.

    Because the other day she told me she was driving and i kept asking her to drive me too but she refused.So yup,it's a surprise from her!:)

    Then i kept asking if we were meeting Wiki and all and she kept telling me no.In the end,we went over to her place and picked Wiki and Raymond up.Another surprise from her.

    Went over to Domus and they gave me a small cupcake as my birthday cake,yet another surprise!Although it's only for a short while,but i really appreciated it!Really do!

    It's time like this when I feel so blessed to have friends like them.My family too,of course!

    You know,everyone is leading their own lives and you can't possibly meet up as often as you'd want to like you used to.It's just parts and parcels of life.But it's because of all these 'factors',it made you realise that simple gestures like these,even a simple sms,could really make a big difference in your life.The small things people do for you,is really that meaningful.It does,to me.

    Received from hands,touched in heart.:)



    'i wish for a hotttt guy,really'


    okok,let's eat let's eat!

    with man and christy:D

    more pics when i receive the rest!

    cindy [ 6:50 PM ]

    Friday, January 25, 2008
    Happy birthday to me.:)

    cindy [ 4:01 PM ]

    Thursday, January 24, 2008


    Anyway,haven't you guys already heard?Heath Ledger has passed away.Shockness please.

    I didn't know who he was until i saw his pictures because frankly,i sucked at remembering names.It's like if you tell me a song title,the probability of me knowing the song is very low.I will only know the song if i listen to it rather than telling me the title.I'm born weird,can't help it.

    So yes,when i saw his pics i had the shock of my life.

    Eh,he was hot leh.

    Ok,not only that.I mean the only impression i have of him was the guy with damn messy and curly hair in 'A Knight's Tale'.Right?Right?When you think of that movie isn't he the first person you think of?That messy and curly hair guy.Yah lah,that's him.Such a pity,really.I mean it's really scary to think what may or might not come tomorrow.

    I could be blogging now but who knows i might choked on my own saliva while sleeping and never to wake up again.Unless my prince arrive just in time and revive me with THE KISS OF LIFE and... ...... erm..ok..sorry.Not the time for jokes.But you know what i mean?Ok,good.Even if you don't,it's ok.Keep it to yourself.

    Anyhows,i bet alot of people will be waiting for The Dark Knight to come out because Heath Ledger acted in it as The Joker.Although I HATE CLOWNS,i'm definitely watching it when it's out!

    Yes,I HATE CLOWNS.I HATE CLOWNS MORE THAN LIZARDS!DON'T ASK ME WHY.I JUST HATE CLOWNS.I think they're fricken scary.Even Ronald McDonald.

    Ever since young,i refused to pose with him.I'd rather pose with Colonel Sanders a.k.a KFC uncle mascot than with that clown.No doubt i favour McDonalds than KFC but when it comes to the mascot,uncle definitely win!BLEH!!

    My aunt,uncle and cousin came just now and they came across my painting and started discussing about it.My uncle,who is an artist was like..

    Uncle:Ok lah,for a beginner is considered good already
    Me:huh?who say i beginner?
    Uncle/Aunt/Dad/Cousin:then what?
    Me:i consider myself as intermediate leh.

    LOL,i don't know why but i tend to think too highly of myself.Life's too short to keep looking down on yourself.HAHAHAA,KIDDING LAH!!It was meant as a joke.I'm such a joker,really.

    So from my artwork,they started to talk about technology and yadaah yadaah..and to Woodbridge Hospital.Hah,trust me,they have their ways.

    Okie dokie,i'm out!

    cindy [ 4:53 PM ]

    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    Okay yes,i know i know i sucked at keeping my blog updated.What to do,nothing interesting to blog mah.Life's as usual - Boring.I've been waiting for something interesting to happen so that i can blog about it but seemingly,my life's THAT boring.*shrugs*

    Not that i have something interesting to blog about anyway.Just had the sudden urge to type something.

    I don't know why but it seems to me that lately,whenever i logged in to Blogger,the tendancy of clicking the Sign out icon is pretty damn high.I tend to press the backspace button more than the alphabetical buttons.

    You have no idea how long i took to type out the above paragraph.I've at least 'backspace'(ed) 5 times.

    Anyways,was out with my dad and sis to chinatown yesterday.Bought some decorations for CNY and re-arranged our whole living room because our new sofa has just arrived.It's too big!Now the living room looks damn cramped.

    I think maybe i should stop complaining.Sometimes i complained too much i don't even realise how lucky i actually am.

    It's 3 more days to my big 2!How exciting.

    I can't believe it's just one more year to my 21st.I used to think 21 year old is still so long for me but now,in a blink of an eye,i'm old enough to be mama.LOL,kidding.You should know by now my jokes aren't always funny.It's usually for self-entertainment,if you know what i mean.But i know you don't,so forget it.

    Did i mention i've decided to stop tutoring that woman?But guess what?She dropped me a bomb just now.Before that,I was happily telling Miss Piggy tomorrow will be my last day teaching that woman but after the tuition,

    Me:Ok,so tomorrow will be our last lesson already ok?
    Woman:HAR?!NO LAH,after cny you coming to teach me again mah.
    Me:HUH?!!SINCE WHEN?!i thought i told you i don't wanna teach already?
    Woman:no,you cannot dump have to teach me for another 2 years.
    Woman:yah,i don't care.
    Me:ok i will see first.

    Trust me,i really said WHAT THE HELL loud and clear.

    HOLY SHIT.I totally moodswinged from left to right man!

    So,the nightmare continues..or rather,is to be continued.

    The reason i don't want to continue is because firstly,she always eats up my time!(AND PLEASE,I DON'T CHARGE HER FOR THAT OK?)She's pushing it too far already.From eating up 15 mins to half an hour and sometimes,45 mins.

    I can't stand this shit.

    And when i want to charge her more,she can tell me this.

    'oh,if you increase maybe about $10 i can still afford lah.but if more,i can't.'

    I was thinking to increase a hundred bucks,lady.ONE MORE ZERO ONLY.

    So you must be thinking 'wah,you think you who?increase so much.'

    That's the thing.I thought that's the only way she will 'let me go'.I thought.Damnit!Ok,she's probably isn't as bad as i described her to be.She's just kiam siap,quite kiasu,likes to haolian,eats up my time,reached later than me and well,I THINK that's all.Not that bad right?;p

    Alright,i'd better hit the sack now.WORKING TOMORROW.................................

    this is what boredom does to people like me.i know it looks damn primary school,i don't need any comments.

    cindy [ 5:09 PM ]

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008
    Now i know why they say in this world,there are at least 7 people who looks like you.

    If you don't believe,please click here.

    You could almost immediately know who she looks like.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!I was just blog browsing and i came across that,shocked to the max please.


    cindy [ 2:59 PM ]

    Today saw me out with Elena to Sentosa.It was very impromtu because i was already on my way home before she called me.I didn't know i was so ON because usually,or probably 99.9% of the time,the moment i reached home,there is absolutely NO WAY to get me out of the house again.Don't tell me stupid things like what if there's a fire.YOU TELL ME LAH?!IF GOT FIRE WILL YOU STAY IN YOUR HOUSE?!Stupid.Ok,i don't know who i'm scolding but trust me,there really is such stupid people around.

    So yup,she was lucky.I think she should go buy 4D or something because if it's Miss Piggy,she'll be like,

    Miss Piggy:WAH,must buy 4D today!


    Miss Piggy:WAH,must write in my diary today!

    Seriously,my impression of her diary is a diary with never-ending pages.She's been saying 'wah,must write in my diary today!' since 2003 and it seemed that she has never mentioned anything about getting a new diary.Why must she say right,you must be thinking.I KPO CAN?!

    Anyway,back to Sentosa.

    We went over to Siloso beach and just sat there and talk.It's always great catching up with her because i only get to see her probably less than 10 times in a year.Yah,that pathetic.That's why we can't wait to get our licenses so that at least meeting up won't be like 'huh-so-far-ah',you know what i mean?

    I know,i know.We'll probably not keep up to our promises but at least that's what keeps us motivated ok.At least for me.

    So after which,we went over to Palawan beach but it started raining so we went over to foodcourt and then to 7-eleven for some snacks.Bathed and everything and decided to head home.


    13 years and counting best friend!=)

    ABUSED!Fricken pain ok ELENA LIM!

    trademark smile.

    yah lah,i'm white lah.


    tsktsk,ah lian.

    cindy [ 12:59 PM ]

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008
    As much as i love ibank,i hate it when i have to find my device to key in the numbers before i can log in.It's damn irritating!Ok,that sounds familiar.I seemed to get irritated over everything.LOL!

    Anyways,work was boring today!I think i'm a jinx to the shop.No,really.Whenever i work,there'll only be countable customers.And whenever i don't work,their sales will always hit the benchmark.Why ah why?!I kept telling my colleagues i'm a jinx to the shop but they didn't believe until they realised it's true.Wah,damn sad.

    I think the boss hates me to the core.That is IF HE EVEN KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE SHOP.

    Yesterday 'outing' with my ah ma and cousin was good!In fact,great!Although my hokkien sucks,and my grandma hardly understand what i'm talking about,it just feels great!:)

    -at the viewing mall-
    Miao:*points to the aeroplane which was about to fly* ah ma,li za yi gei pue kee si pue ki to luo bo?(ah ma,you know where is aeroplane flying to?)
    Ah ma:hmm zai(don't know)
    Miao:yi si pue ki Tiong Bahru(It's flying to Tiong Bahru)
    Ah ma:si ah,pue ki Tiong Bahru(like real,fly to Tiong Bahru)
    (starts laughing,and this uncle who was sitting next to us was laughing damn loudly too!so the uncle started talking to my grandma and...)
    Ah ma:yi lang suka pian lao lang(they like to bluff old people)


    My grandma was damn funny lah!I think she finds us damn naggy instead of the other way round.We kept asking if she was feeling cold because when we touched her hands,it was freezing.She kept repeating the same thing,telling us only her hands are cold but not her whole body.I'm not gonna type out in hokkien again,damn kang kor!

    Initially,she kept insisting she's not cold and doesn't want to put on the jacket.But once we lay it on her shoulders,she automatically puts it on herself.HAHAAHA!Damn funny man!

    Maybe not funny to you guys,but funny to me can?!

    Alright,i'm gonna hit the sack right about now..gotta wake up early in the morning tomorrow.NIGHT!!

    my ah ma and me:)


    no,she's not cold.

    new spokesperson for SQ

    while we were walking to the green wall,my ah ma was asking if the flowers are orchid.she really said out the word ORCHID ok?mai siao siao.

    aww,that's sweet callister.but can you don't be so biased?!BIASNESS IN THE FACE LEH.

    The reason,and ONLY reason i upload is you can see.

    ran out of pose

    cindy [ 3:54 PM ]

    Monday, January 14, 2008
    I realised i don't like to read blogs with music playing in the background.It's damn irritating!The main reason is because,yes,i can't multi-task.It's either read or listen for me.So tell me,do you go blogs to read or to listen to the music?You want music?ON THE RADIO DAMNIT.

    I mean ok,probably it 'adds life to the blog and whatnots' but...please.

    I used to put music on my blog too and i find it completely ok.Until one day,i was reading back some of my entries and each time the page refreshes,the damn music starts replaying again and got me so fricken annoyed.

    Try and you will know.

    Anyways,was out with Christy,Wiki and Raymond(Wiki's bf) and we cycled all the way to Makansutra@Esplanade to grab some bites while Edmund and friend joined us for cycling too.We were deciding where to go next so in the end,we settled down at Cosy Bar.

    After which,which was about 2 in the morning?I decided to head home since i was fricken tired.Woke up at 7am for work yesterday you know.And i didn't know cycling in the wee hours is so shiok!Feel the breeze brushing against your skin, shooting MTV leh.

    Okays,i think i'd better be going now!Gonna meet my grandma and cousin at the airport because my ah ma likes to see aeroplanes!HAHAHAHAHAHA,LIKE ME!!!I LIKE=)

    Pictures will be uploaded,when i take pictures.Ok,i'll scram.

    cindy [ 4:20 AM ]

    Friday, January 11, 2008
    Okay..guess what??



    Please don't treat this as a joke.I know,i'm so unbelievable right.I think i love him more than Edison already.



    'OOOOOOHHHHH,my love,my darling...!!'


    please,this is what i call YANDAO.he's not cute but YANDAO with the manly factor.
    *tsk in my fastest speed*

    oooh,damn sexsssssay!

    and i'm SUPER SUPER IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!!omg,his voice really can make people melt leh.

    I don't know what's wrong with me either.I was actually youtubing around and i don't know how did i come across Elvis Presley that i went on to wikipedia-ing him,his wife,his daughter and Michael Jackson.LOL!!

    You know,sometimes i can't help but to think that i might make it big one day if i were to be a part of paparazzi.I'm really super kpo to the max,i'll go find out more and dig out things to impress myself.How ah?It's normal right?

    Anyway,back to Elvis.LOL,yah,he's my lover now.

    He really has that kind of charisma which is unexplainable.You'll just keep looking at him,trying to scrutinise his face to see if there's anything,even a pimple,to flaw him but you can't because he's flawless.

    Shit,i'd have been his BIGGEST NUMBER 1 FAN IF I WERE BORN HALF A CENTURY EARLIER!I'd cry in all his concerts,i will climb onto the stage to give him my warmest hug or even standing below the stage just to smell him.

    .....ok,that's sick.

    Great!My next aim is to go to Graceland and give him a visit.

    Is it me or do i really sound psychopathic?
    *evil laughs*

    Hahaa,chill man.But i really feel he's a legend!:)

    Anyhoos,i'm super relieved now that my exam is finally over!I'm confident on passing,so yes,really a load off my shoulders!Now,i'll have to concentrate on my driving and then back to my another module and finally,starting on my diploma course.Good,at least i'm not wasting my life away:)

    The time is 2.08am now.I guess this explains my hyperness?

    HAHAHAAH!Ok,i'm gonna watch more of Elvis's videos now.CIAO!

    cindy [ 6:08 PM ]

    Thursday, January 10, 2008
    Yesterday saw me waking up at 11am which means i've slept a total of 14 hours!Given that i slept at 9pm the day before.Shiok life i lead!:)

    My daily dosage of sleeping hours had increased to at least 9 hours ever since,i don't know when.Oh,ever since the rainy season!You'll just feel like doing nothing at all and 'nua' at home the whole day.

    But i guess next week onwards,my 'nua-ing' days will be reduced to ZERO because Creative Hands is short of people.Thus,i've to go down from MONDAY all the way to SUNDAY!WOW!!Worse than full-timers.

    Tomorrow will be my marketing exam and what am i doing?Blogging.

    I just love to QnA myself.So entertaining!

    Boring boring...16 more days to my birthday,fricken fast.

    cindy [ 5:54 AM ]

    Monday, January 07, 2008
    Okay,i apologised for any inconvience caused if you've tried to enter my blog yesterday.I've tried too,even double checked if i've typed the correct URL,but to no avail.

    Apparently,my blog got redirected to this Adbazz ad page which i've no idea why and how!But fret not,all's well again.I hope!

    Yes,i understand the agony on not being able to view my blog.So frustrating right?:)

    Anyway,yesterday was out with my dad and sis for some furniture shopping!COOOL!!We're getting a new set of sofa,tv console and coffee table just right for the upcoming lunar new year!I guess we're gonna revamp the whole house soon..time for an EXTREME MAKEOVER(house edition).LOL!Ok,not funny.But i likeeeeeeeeee!

    You know how excited i am not?!
    You know?
    You know??
    You don't know!

    Here's one conversation at the centre today between a boy(Gordon)and the teacher.

    (Teacher is trying to get Gordon to speak proper English while he was asking for the sweets)

    Teacher:So what must you say?
    Teacher:No Gordon.What must you say if you want the sweet?
    Gordon:Please teacher
    Teacher:Can i have the sweet?
    Teacher:I'm not asking for your permission lah,haryo!

    HAHAA!Joker man.

    Okie dokie,gonna study for my marketing!CIAO!!

    cindy [ 11:05 AM ]

    Saturday, January 05, 2008
    I was chatting with Sandy on MSN awhile ago and that 'bang-cock' girl is full of shit!She msged me out of nowhere and started the 'bench days' in secondary school.

    We were wishing each other for good things to come our way and every sentence she ends with a..



    Anyway,the 'bench days' goes all the way back to year 2003 which is,OHMYGOD,5 years ago!?!That's fricken fast!

    The group of us,GIRLS ONLY includes..

    1)Sandy a.k.a MiniMe a.k.a Bang-cock
    2)Karen a.k.a Bitch
    3)Amarjit a.k.a Amar also pronounced as AH MA
    4)Yvonne a.k.a Vonnei pronounced as Vor-nei
    5)Helena a.k.a Luohan
    6)Cindy a.k.a BHB QUEEN a.k.a The ever so lovable and amicable girl.OH!who is by the way,yours truly:)

    I think that's all.

    We'll always go to school early just to sit at the bench and looked at the people.From teachers to students,people walking up from the ramp,people climbing up the stairs,people from the 2nd floor looking down,everything.

    Yes,the mention of the bench always bring back lots of memories.

    Then,it was MSN with Kim Carter,another 'ki siao' girl.She gets 'boy crazy' very easily,EASIER THAN ME OK!?That's why i think she'll be the last person on earth to ever become a lesbian.

    HAHAHAAH!Don't kill me Aaron Carter's relative.

    Wahhhh,shiok not kim?Aaron Carter's relative.Don't be ah.Nothing to be shiok about.

    So anyway,we were talking about IRC.

    This then reminds me that i'm a soon-to-be-not-a-teenager-anymore.SOON-TO-BE but i am still one.

    I was telling her we used to put '13/f/sg'(although most of the time,i don't put my real age,duh?!)when people asked for ASL,sai,ASL OMG!But now,if we were to start the IRC craze again,we'll be '20/f/sg'.

    HOLY SHIT,that's fricken old.

    Then probably i wouldn't say my real age again(duh?!).So,i'll be 13/f/sg.

    Ok yes i know i'm damn lame.I will go repent right after this.

    But before i do so,here's a clip you guys really have to watch it!I LAUGHED TO TEARS EACH TIME I WATCHED IT!It's actually a very old clip but the other day,kim was showing me again which triggers me to put this here.



    cindy [ 4:22 PM ]

    Thursday, January 03, 2008
    Well hello people!First post in 2008:)

    I guess school/work has started for most people,whilst for me,i'm just gonna wait till 10th of jan for my marketing exam.In the meantime,i'm not gonna procrastinate and just start studying for it before it's too late.

    Quit procrastinating is one of my resolutions in 2008.


    I called up the school,thinking to register for my course but guess what?The intake is FULL!!DAMN!This means that i'll have to wait till about April for my course to commence.I've been friggingly wasting too much time!Luckily i don't have to do NS,if not......

    Anyways,i think i'm gonna get myself a full time job this year.Errrr..yes,another resolution!I'd better quit all my other part time jobs since i don't really see myself making enough money to get by!The feeling really sucks.Major priority is to STOP TUTORING THAT STUPID WOMAN!

    So,yesterday saw me out with my cousins for shopping at GWC.There's sales everywhere!!Very typical Singaporean,i know but i heck!

    Anyway,while walking to the bus stop with miao,we came across this woman.Miao then quickly pulled me one side and told me to look at her legs and OMFG!!!!!!!!

    *de de de dengggggg*

    You wouldn't believe she's a woman just by looking at her legs.

    (this is only the backview.THERE'S MORE INFRONT)
    She's more hairy than a man!Sorry,i'm not being mean but it's true!Although i'm quite man myself,but really,you'll be shocked if you'd seen it.

    After we reached TBP,we came across another woman with a really big mole on her leg.I was telling miao at least it isn't as bad as that woman with unshaven legs.


    Okay,maybe she has her reason.Then don't wear a skirt.

    No karma on me please.

    Aiight,off to tv session!

    cindy [ 11:00 AM ]

    Tuesday, January 01, 2008
    I'm here,sitting on the sofa in the living room,typing this entry and watching Miss USA 2007 on channel 5,with a sandwich on my hand and mineral water on the table,on new year's eve.WOW!!!What a nice way to welcome the year 2008.

    I could still vividly remember what i blogged,what i was doing and what i was thinking on this exact date a year ago without looking at my archives.

    Although i'm someone who dpesn't believe in New Year Resolutions because i don't do what i ought to half of the time like i've mentioned before,i think i shall set some for myself for 2008.Just for the fun of it and to see if i'm capable of doing what i aimed for myself.We shall see when 31st December 2008 comes.:)

    Anyways,Saturday saw me out with Elena.Went to eat Sakae Sushi at Wheelock Place as well as to repair my problematic phone.Did alot of catching up with each other's life,well,HER life.

    HAHAA!i really like this pic alot!she looked damn cute!CAN SEE HER FULL SET OF TEETH LEH!!AMAZING!

    Super act cute!

    see,cheeky monkey

    tsktsk..tell me about it.

    Till den.

    cindy [ 10:53 AM ]