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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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  • Friends


    Tuesday, March 27, 2007
    I was friggin pissed off in the afternoon when someone stood me up.
    And then i realised,how many 'friends' i ACTUALLY HAVE.

    But,i've finally found this song which i've been looking for damn long!So,i'm damn happy!!

    YES,it's from the trailer of Prison Break 2.I fell straight in love with the song when i first heard it!

    In the end,it wasn't even FRIENDS who cheered me up,not even a word of concern whatsoever.Am i really such a lousy friend to others?Okay,i don't really give a damn anymore.Well,i've finally got the answer on what life's all about.It doesn't pay to be nice to people because all you get is basically,well,nothing.

    Ironically,it was A good song which earned the credit on making me feel eased.

    HAH,can my social life get any worse?Tell me about it.

    cindy [ 1:46 AM ]

    Monday, March 26, 2007
    I FINALLY WENT CYCLING!!!!!!!!!WOW,it's been so friggin long and my bicycle has turned damn rusty.

    I feel so healthy now!

    Okay,i know one day of exercise doesn't mean anything PLUS we went to Newton and eat.=.=" But harya,just let me be.

    After Newton,guess what?We went back to Monk's Hill.Or rather,we sneaked in.I swear i felt like a monkey,climbling up and down the gates and the rillings.

    'Cheap Trills',as quoted by Christy.

    Then what's expensive?

    'Bungee jump',quoted by Christy again.

    But yea,it was not too bad i guess!Except the part where we got freaked out when we were walking back because there was this indian man standing at the gate,semi-naked.But oh well,ONCE in a while,treating ourselves with some CHEAP trills is pretty alright i guess!LOL!I'm damn sure we weren't the only ones who sneaked it.The gate says it all.HAHAHAAH!

    I told Christy,last time we were thinking of ways to get out of the school but now,we're thinking of ways to get into the school,so ironic right?

    I miss Monk's Hill leh!

    cindy [ 2:33 PM ]

    Saturday, March 24, 2007
    I'm damn addicted to this song..

    Bowling for Soup - High School Never Ends

    And yah,it sounds very high school indeed!=)But the tune kinda reminds me of the Horlick's know,the 'ho-ho-ho~'

    Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend,as in her new song dude,is pretty damn good too!

    I think she looked good man!

    Right,i'm out!Really friggin lazy to blog.

    cindy [ 2:14 PM ]

    Thursday, March 22, 2007
    Woke up at 9 am in the morning,yes,feel free to feel surprised!

    I've absolutely no idea there were renovations going on in the house until this morning,my dad came in and told me to wake up and then came the drilling sound.=.="

    HAHAAHA,but my dad's smart.He knows i'll be damn grumpy in the morning that only food will shut me up.He bought carrot cake and left it on the table.;p

    I've been bumming around these few days just so you know because why?They bloody didn't give me any work schedule.^&^$%#(&*%& !

    Okay,i don't know what else to blog.I can't multi-take.I need to eat the carrot cake first.Bye!

    cindy [ 2:19 AM ]

    Saturday, March 17, 2007
    Bloody hell,MSN just refuses to sign me in!I'm fed-up!

    Oh today at work,i saw this caucasian(probably a mixture of asian and angmoh) girl i swear with all my heart,i've NEVER EVER SEEN SUCH A GORGEOUS GIRL IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE BEFORE!!I SWEAR SHE'S GUN-SHOT-DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!!!NOTE,GORGEOUS!Pretty isn't enough for her,she's GORGEOUS!!!I really wanted to take a picture of her so badly but my colleague was paiseh.=( I think she's the type of girl girls would turn les for and guys would dump all their gfs for.LOL!TRUST ME!You'll just keep looking at her.Wah lao,how can anyone be THAT GOOD-LOOKING?!Now we know why the world's unfair.

    Anyway,after work,went to catch a movie with my 2 girls!

    Music and Lyrics is so good!

    I realised i'll be damn happy when i watch a nice movie.Okay,who won't?HAHAHAAHAH!Have been going out with the 2 babes these two days and its great!I mean it's been so long since we met up and do some gossip-xchange so yah,its all good!=) Royce a.k.a Cobra(to me) joined us for dinner at Village(pronounced as Vi-la-jay i think!the one similar to Marche pronounced as.......)as a special guest because sam and myself didn't know he was coming.Esther master planned the whole thing.

    Back to the movie.Esther made me laughed so damn hard(and loud)even before the movie starts.You know everytime before the movie starts,they'll have alot of trailers of other movies.So we came across this trailer which has Jessica Alba in it.

    So we were guessing what show is it.And..

    Esther:eh,what show is this ah?fireman ah?
    Me:no,don't think so.

    After 1 min,


    I was too engrossed with the trailer because there was this scene which the man apparently turns into 'a man burning in fire'.So theorically,she was correct by saying FIREMAN.LOL!But man,it was hell funny lah!!We were laughing like some mad asses.hahaaha!

    So after the movie,we went to Heeren because Esther wanted to get the Music and Lyrics album.HAHAAHA,she's totally crazy!

    Alrite,i'm gonna go and bathe now!Pictures will be up soon,ciao!

    cindy [ 2:55 PM ]

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007
    Kaijia is the MOST KUKU person i've ever known.OR RATHER,will ever know.

    She missed call me 2 times just to tell me she found Edison's REAL friendster account,making me so excited..but for nothing.I've actually known about that so-called real account YEARS ago.Come on,i'm his lumber 1 fan lah!HAHAAHAHAH!WAH LAO,i really damn excited for nothing lor.KAIJIA,THANKS!=D

    Anyway,i realised one of my colleague is friggin funny.

    Usually,when we need to pass message to the person who's not working the same shift as us,we'll paste post-it(s)on the bulletin board for the person to read.So today,i happened to come across this note which this colleague wrote to another colleague.It goes like this..

    'Skye,Heidi(our customer) called to order MORE food to add on to the list.WTF.'


    Okay,i don't know if you guys get it or not.First thing first.I can sense that sarcasm from my colleague and secondly,don't you find it damn funny to be seeing things like WTF on a post-it note?!

    I swear i was laughing like crazy when i read that.

    And guess what?My boss actually know that i'm intending to quit soon when i haven't even told her about it.

    Alrite,i'd better get going now!CIAO!!

    cindy [ 10:34 PM ]

    Saturday, March 10, 2007
    This was what happened on Wednesday's class.

    Lecturer started using the 'I call your name and you answer the question' system.So he was looking through the attendance book to see who hasn't sign the book.Then,he called out the first name and..

    Me:eh,faster faster faster pass me the book!
    Sheena:yah!me too!faster!

    I've signed it FIRST but guessed what?Sheena left the book just right next to me and when the lecturer came to collect the book,he looked at me and i STUPIDLY went to smile at him.

    Lecturer:you sign already?
    Lecturer:ah ok you!


    I swear the whole class burst out into laughter man.They just couldn't stop laughing even until the break.Wah lao,and yes lah,my answer was wrong.DOUBLE embarrassing can!And when i answered,Sheena was like 'yea' and..

    Lecturer:yea your head!don't listen to her.

    WAH LAO!!!TRIPLE embarrassing lor!

    I'm gonna die in Accounting man.I'm not even thinking of asking my dad because his method is like *&%^%$* making me more confused and if i still don't get it,you know what to expect.

    And wah liew,my another colleague has left the job already!DAMN,making me wanna quit even more.SHETE!AH OK,I'M OFF.

    cindy [ 5:29 AM ]

    Thursday, March 08, 2007
    Hi all.

    So it was indeed an earthquake in Sumatra.Yesterday i was msn-ing with Sam and i told her it was an earthquake because i could feel the tremour,she could still laugh about it.So Sam,there's some repenting for you to do!

    I read the newspaper and man,the damages were massive.You know when you read this kind of stuff and yet you can't do anything about it,it gives me a very helpless feeling like i'm damn useless because,i don't know why also.I think i'm crazy.And it's not the first time i'm feeling this way,siao right?Like as if i can do anything to stop the earthquake in the first place.Oh well,but at least i can help to pray for them,i hope at least that helps.

    I finally get to watch Dreamgirls!It was good!Although really,there was too much singing.Geez,where got people sing when they're quarrelling one?Maybe i should try that one day,on my father.Then maybe he'll just surrender.AWWWW!AWESOME!=)

    Alrite,having lesson today.Sucks.

    cindy [ 4:14 AM ]

    Wednesday, March 07, 2007
    My new maid has arrived,well since yesterday.The previous one was funny when she called me (yes,you guys know what she called me) but this current one is even MORE funny.She asked me how should she address me and i said just call me Cindy.Guess what?I don't know is it because she didn't get my name or she doesn't like my name,the rest of the day i've been hearing..

    'Excuse me excuse me.'

    Yea,i think i'm mentally prepared i'm gonna hear this for at least a year or so.

    So anyway,just now i felt the tremour again.This is the fourth time i've felt it and its also the most serious one i guess?I could feel the whole building moving and boy was it giddy.I don't know isit earthquake or not but i'm pretty positive it is.Okay,let's hope it's not.


    I bet you guys probably see it coming but seriously,not me.I really thought i could work long for this but DAMNIT,KAREN TAN,you make sure you go boycott the shop AFTER i leave ok?DO ME JUSTICE!

    Okay,i'm off now!

    cindy [ 4:20 AM ]

    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    The song friggin rock my socks!

    Beyonce - Listen


    Anyway,i think i'm sick of Mos Burger already.I LOVE the fish burger but too much of everything is not good.Especially when i ate it twice in a day.hohoo!Lesson was still,boring.He just doesn't know how to make the lesson more interesting lah.

    Yesterday my elder sis called me and man,i really miss her!You know it's true when they say siblings will become even closer when they grow older.It's a wonderful feeling!=)

    OH!I just realised something about me.I find that guys with long hair really suck.I can't stand it,i'm damn anti-guys-with-long-hair.Can't they just keep it short and simple yet style?!Best still,botak!That's why sometimes i find army boys more attractive.LOL!EH,it's true!I think if edison has long hair i'll be so turn off lah!BUT!!!!!I know he won't!Because he's someone who's simple YET style!HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!Eh what what,not happy ar?HARHARAAR!!

    Awwww!I can't wait for the drama serial,Ugly Betty!!!I bet it's gonna be THE SHOW for 2007 man!!UNLESS of cus,OC returns.=)

    OOOOOLRITEEE,gonna hit the sack right now!CIAO BELLO!!;)

    cindy [ 4:39 PM ]

    Friday, March 02, 2007
    The weather is oh-so-good to sleep in!;)
    It's March already!

    Anyway,school has resumed and man,yesterday's lesson was TEDIOUS!!I don't understand how my dad can actually love Accounts so much.Luckily that 'supposed-to-work-for-him' deal was off,i can't imagine handling it now.

    Recently,my work schedule has gone haywire.I've been working on alternate days this week and well,its not all that good.There are days when i'd suddenly wake up thinking that i have work on that day when i don't.And i'm kinda in a 'off-track days/dates syndrome'.You'll probably be hearing me asking..

    What's the date today?


    Today what day ah?

    ...not suprisingly,5 times in a day,so don't get irritated.I've warned you.

    So anyway,back to school.Finally get to see my classmates after nearly 2 months!And i really adore the ladies in my group!=) Probably because of the age gap or something,i feel like a 'kid' in the group.They are all very nice people though!;)

    Lecturer,don't talk about it.He's the most boring lecturer so far.EVEN that Mr See is better than him.=x I swear i dozed off several times in class yesterday and refused to go back to class after the toilet break.

    DAMN,i suddenly feel like eating Newton's carrot cake!!!!!

    cindy [ 2:55 PM ]