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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Thursday, September 07, 2006
    its been long,yes i know.but yooohoo?im back!!;)

    first and foremost,i'd like to comment on Singapore's performance,from my opinion,was the BEST throughout this season..or even so,last's.they were all so bloody brillant man!!well,im the sort who watch the show for the sake of watching it..and i'll seldom(almost never)comment abt it.but seriously,im so proud dat at least this year i see some real talent.the final 2 showdown..Hady and Jonathan(i hope lah!)

    so anyway,back to MY LIFE.

    today at work,trust me,i was damn shocked how a person can actually looked SO DAMN ALIKE!!im being placed near the counter now,so dat means i get to i was doing my work and when i looked up,i saw this guy sitting at the far end of the seat.initially,i thought it was Jianwen.hahaa,yea i know..of all people right?but yah,so i wanted to like try to wave at him to get his attention or something.but den i was like 'eh?cannot be what..he in PR section for what?!' so i looked closely and realised it wasnt him.HOLY MA~i tell you,they bear such an uncanny resemblance lah!!i bet if sheena or anyone who knows jianwen was there,they will just go up to was reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllly 99% look-alike.minus the 1% for the fact dat he is not jianwen lah.

    i just received my pay and i tell you,i shall go bang the walls right after this.

    ITS PATHETICALLY PATHETIC OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!

    this is the LOWEST PAY ive ever earned i swear.LOWEST!!to think dat i wanted to get a new phone,forget it man.and the best thing is,i worked my ass off leh!!i seriously doubt im gonna stay in this job for long..they only need us temporary anyway!see,i can NEVER stay in a job for more than 2 useless right?

    like what kelvin said,i may have lots of different experience..but once the company look at the duration i worked in each place,they will be scared of me.i think so too man!;p
    and i swear im not gonna listen to my dad anymore.frankly speaking,i'll always go to him for advices;listen to him;making dat choice he made;and usually end up regretting.becus why?whenever something goes wrong..i'll go like,

    'eh..dat time u said(this,and that)one lor..i listen to u leh.'
    'dats why.u never think for u know money not easy to earn right?'

    it always boil down to the same old thing.he will never admit he is wrong.and if i dont listen to him,he'll get mad at me.see the dilemma im in?too hard to please man.and i hate it when he always use the same old excuse to cover up himself..'now you know money not easy to earn right?'.ive always know dat theory lah.but the thing is dat,the money im spending or have spent..i can never over-emphasize this,is my own money man.and no,im not bragging..there aint nuthin to brag about give me a break yea?as far as im concerned,ive not,to the extent,asked for anymore money even when i dont have enough.and when all these money issues start pouring in,you know the i-spend-more-than-i-earned kinda thing,Education,starts finding its way in as well.

    'who ask you dont want to study hard?blame who now?'
    it will start all over again.

    sucked totally.but im used to it already.its become a norm for me..but it still suck.

    i did mention he wont admit he's wrong right?ok,heres another example.i was watching sg idol just now when my dad called.

    'you want to eat anything?'
    'eh..dont want'
    'sure?u want Gorang Pisang?
    (becus i was craving for it yesterday and i think the spelling's wrong.)

    den he called and said dont have and asked if i want other things or not.when he came back,he was like..

    'wah night where got pple eat gorang pisang one?kanna conned by you'

    i was like..wth!?(SCROLL UP AND READ AGAIN.)he was the one who asked me if i want or not leh.omg,i dont know if i should scream at him or laugh out loud man!im mentally-tortured by him.

    eh,why do i feel like im sounding so depressed?ok yes i am.and the cause to it?THE EMPEROR IN MY HOUSE!!!!!help anyone?!

    man,im really scared of myself now.i did mention about my eyelids twitching damn badly the past weeks rite?see now,the famous Steve Irwin a.k.a Crocodile Hunter,had a fatal accident. Stingray..who could have thought?

    cindy [ 2:17 PM ]