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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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  • Friends


    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    So,i'm officially 20.

    The day started as per normal,but i gotta admit i was quite down when i only received a few messages when the clock strikes 12.Even on the verge of crying out loud.

    No,really.I know it's always the same old wishes from the same old people but i'd always be looking forward to it.Eh,that's the ONLY day your phone is flooded with messages and calls lor.Okay,i know i sound like an attention-seeking bitch see...erm..ok maybe i am lah!

    Ok,so i went to sleep at night with no surprises whatsoever.Why do i feel like i'm so thick-skinned?I can hear you ah,shhh!

    Anyway,i got up and it was just like a normal day to me.For the first time in my life i actually felt that way.Beats me!I just felt so,normal.

    Hello?It's supposed to be my BIRTHDAY.The day i was born into this world.I should be holding a big party to celebrate this special day.

    So i went down to TBP to meet my mom and aunt and went to eat at this place.My mom was on house,quite rare you know!Even my dad was like,

    dad:are you sure not?!she seldom treat people one're damn lucky


    You know how our relatives or aunties or whoever,usually asians,we'll always be 'fighting' to pay bills?
    -asks for the bill-
    (everyone already holding on to their wallets)
    Asian 1 pays for the bill.

    Asian 2:Mai lah mai lah*hands the money over to Asian 1*
    Asian 1:Mai lah!*pushes the money away*
    Asian 2:Haiyo!Mai lah!Ka li kong mai liao*insists on paying for the bill*
    Asian 1:Mai lah!*starts throwing the money around*

    ...and the saga continues.However,usually Asian 2 gets to keep the money.

    And say,IF the bill is expensive..

    Asian 1:Wah,so expensive.How come ah?*starts counting the dishes;what they ordered..yadaa yadaa*

    That's when Asian 2 will finally shut thy gap.

    It's really damn typical.My mom and aunts always practice this act until sometimes i get so fed up i take the money instead.Siao,keep throwing the money around.

    Okay,back to the day.

    After which,headed down to Sakura at Somerset to meet Ruiza,Miss Piggy,Sam and Zaw.Ate like gluttons but i'm happy:)

    So after eating,we walked all the way to this 'park' behind Taka and sat there.Chatted for awhile and Ruiza said she had to go already.Bloody good actress she,in fact,ALL OF THEM!


    3 mins later,she came back with Henry with a cake on hand and i really had the shocked of my life!I think i screamed.Not those high-pitched bimbotic scream but those shocked,oh-my-god, scream.

    Before that,i was thinking to myself i think this year really no birthday cake for me already.That Miss Piggy was yawning like nobody's business and it got everyone started yawning too.So i thought we were probably heading back home soon but in the end,come and surprised me with this drama.LOL!

    Eh,i'm not a person who get easily surprised one leh.Because i tend to think alot,think of all the possible 'surprises'.Not bhb,just my way.

    I really should give them some awards man!Actors/Actresses from Singllywood.All got hidden talent!

    1)I don't know how did Miss Piggy managed to slip an envelope in my bag when 3/4 of the time,i was holding it.

    2)I didn't know Ruiza could act.

    3)I didn't know Henry could finish 1/2 of the cake by himself.

    4)I didn't know Sam could get high just by eating ice-cream cake.

    5)I didn't know Sister Zaw could be such a 'suan-er' like Miss Piggy.

    6)I didn't know i could be so easily 'surprised'.

    Great discovery man!

    But anyhows,i'm really touched by it!Really am.:)I was quite speechless actually,and i broke out in cold sweat!

    So after everything,i was on the bus going home when Christy called me.

    She told me she was flying off later at 3am and she wanted to meet me before flying off.So obviously,i went ahead to meet her thinking it was real.She was on the phone with me without wishing me Happy Birthday which made me damn curious so i was like,

    Me:eh christy,today's my birthday leh.why you didn't wish me?
    Christy:no..not yet's only 11.58pm.
    Me:my birthday is today lor!
    Christy:haven't yet what.your birthday is fri or sat ah?
    Me:TODAY,what do you think!?
    Christy:HUH REALLY AH?!OMG OK *sings happy birthday* OMG,i thought it's tomorrow that's why i was waiting for the time to strike 12.


    Blur as can be.

    When i reached her place,i was so surprised as she was sitting in a car.So she asked me to hop in and told me that's my birthday present.

    No,not the car don't be stupid.Chritsy is not that generous yet.It's a CAR....RIDE.

    Because the other day she told me she was driving and i kept asking her to drive me too but she refused.So yup,it's a surprise from her!:)

    Then i kept asking if we were meeting Wiki and all and she kept telling me no.In the end,we went over to her place and picked Wiki and Raymond up.Another surprise from her.

    Went over to Domus and they gave me a small cupcake as my birthday cake,yet another surprise!Although it's only for a short while,but i really appreciated it!Really do!

    It's time like this when I feel so blessed to have friends like them.My family too,of course!

    You know,everyone is leading their own lives and you can't possibly meet up as often as you'd want to like you used to.It's just parts and parcels of life.But it's because of all these 'factors',it made you realise that simple gestures like these,even a simple sms,could really make a big difference in your life.The small things people do for you,is really that meaningful.It does,to me.

    Received from hands,touched in heart.:)



    'i wish for a hotttt guy,really'


    okok,let's eat let's eat!

    with man and christy:D

    more pics when i receive the rest!

    cindy [ 6:50 PM ]