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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Monday, March 03, 2008
    Past few days were spent at home,recuperating from the sickness which resulted in my manly sexy voice and basically,rotting.Very unproductive.I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BUSY!!:(

    I have been eating chicken porridge for 5 consecutive days and guess what?I'm still not sick of it yet.HAHAAHAHA!I'm not really a porridge kind of person,if i can choose,i'd very much prefer congee BUT,i think that person who cooked that porridge totally changed my mind.

    It tastes so good i can't help but to crave for it every single day,ever since i was sick.I tried other food but it was all tasteless EXCEPT for that chicken porridge.*beams*

    Did i mention the past few days were very unproductive?Oh yah i did.

    Wake up;wash up;read newspaper;ONLINE;sleep.

    Basically that's what i do everyday,for the past few days.See,taitai in training leh.

    Anyway the other day,which was the day i was contemplating if i should go to school or not,which i went in the end,was the day i got really sick.

    So,any cute guys?NO.

    I was shocked to find myself in a Senior Citizen class.3/4 of the class are women,which i classify them under,what you may call,Aunties.The rest, comments.

    I was waiting eagerly at the back of the classroom,hoping that there's AT LEAST ONE GUY,A NORMAL GUY for me to look at but oh well,i shan't hope have anymore high hopes in that school.

    ANYWAYS,while in the class,i started feeling really hot.My body and eyes were steaming and i couldn't concentrate at all.It felt like my tears were threatening to roll down my cheeks anytime if i were to close my eyes.It was so hot it's as though if the tears were to roll down,it will be tears with smoke.SERIOUS!

    I wanted to leave at the 2nd half of the lesson but my body was so weak,i couldn't move at all.It was a torture ok!!My runny nose was so irritating,even the person infront of me offered tissue paper and asked if i was okay.I was damn restless already.

    I didn't even managed to talk.Ok,more like i didn't want to talk.I scared people might think i'm a tranny.It was so deep i could hardly recognise my own voice.

    So after class,i quickly called up the person-in-charge at Singapore Flyer to tell them i won't be able to work the next day and..

    -on the phone-
    Me(trying damn hard to talk.NO VOICE AT ALL OK!):hello?may i speak to the hospitality crew's supervisor?
    P:Yes,speaking.Who is this?
    Me:Oh hello (whoever),i don't think i can make it tomorrow because i'm...
    P:OKOK,you better take a good rest.

    See,don't even need to say i'm sick.My voice says it all.

    And then on thursday,went over to my grandma's place with my dad and after seeing how i coughed like as though i was gonna cough out my lungs too,my aunt started sharing with me her experience too.

    Her flu bug more power ok?After she recovered from the flu bug,she spread to everyone in the house ok?EVERYONE!

    So anyway,we were talking about it and this was her remedy for sore throats.You will never guessed it.

    Hard Liqour.

    Me:ARE YOU SERIOUS?!won't die meh?
    Aunt:No lah,of course not.Even korkor(my cousin)tried it.Ah ma added in the liquor while cooking the meat for him,then the next day,he recovered.

    Apparently,my aunt told me to drink 1 tablespoon of the hard liquor SLOWLY.

    So while in the car,i told my dad and he was like,

    dad:really meh?ok lor,let's go buy.


    But damn cool lah!!HAHAHAHA!I was telling my dad,

    me:eh daddy,wah lao..damn weird leh.
    dad:what weird?
    me:what are we doing now?
    dad:mai ni de jiu lah!(looking for your alcohol lah!)
    me:YAH LAH!?

    .....and we started laughing.And he started telling me how good a drinker he was and blahblahblah,you know,parents love to self-praise too.

    Okay,friday was out with Wiki and Kelvin.After eating,Kelvin had to work,so Wiki and myself went down to Suntec to look for Karen the bitch as she was working at the career fair.Siao char bo,so high upon seeing us me.

    Right.I think i'm gonna hit the sack now.SO EARLY I KNOW!!I LIKE!!

    cindy [ 2:35 PM ]