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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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  • Friends


    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    I shall bid goodbye to my $246.10 in advance.

    Had my exam today and well,what more can i say?It's not that i've been procrastinating to study.I have no time to do so!

    The whole of last week just *boom* flew by so quickly i could hardly catch my breath.

    Saturday i had to work from 9am all the way to about 7pm because they were having some trial lessons and i had to be there to help out.Had to give out flyers which i hate the most!But it was okay,most of them took it so i wasn't so embarrassed.Moreover,i had company!One of the centres were having the roadshow and i just stood beside them.HAHAAH!They didn't mind what.

    After work,i was totally zonked out.Took a cab back home instead.OIE,it's been quite a while since i took a cab.And i finally realised what makes me take cab!

    NO MP3!!!!

    The thought of having to sit in a bus for so long and i could do nothing except to stare blankly in space is such a turn off.No excuses,just plain facts.

    So anyway,while i was on the cab,something happened and i went down to find Wiki.And the taxi uncle is an idiot.

    He doesn't know where is Fountain of Wealth.

    Ok lah,yes lah,it's my fault for saying 'uncle,can you go to the Fountain of Wealth' instead of just telling him Suntec.But isn't he dumb?!He didn't even know that was Fountain of Wealth.WTH!?So he kept niam niam niam nonstop,it was so friggin annoying!

    Uncle:wah lao!where got people say Fountain of Wealth one..just say Suntec lah
    Me:yah lah ok,Suntec.(friggin tired already still come and give me this nonsense)
    Uncle:if you tell other taxi drivers they also won't know lor.
    Me:(super annoyed look)hmm.

    Then,he was being such an ignorant ass,he started telling me about Singapore Flyer.Laugh out loud please.

    Uncle:the singapore flyer nothing one got sit before not?that time we got free entry *blahblahblah*
    Uncle:haha yah got go before?
    Me:i'm working there.
    Uncle:(super paiseh look)wah!so chun ah?
    Me:yah lor.

    So i met Wiki and we were at the fountain looking at those dedication.Then,we came across this dedication and we almost died of laughter.So here goes,


    Don't ask me how in the world i can remember it so clearly.How in the world can i NOT remember when the names are already damn joker.And..just read the sentence again.MUAHAHAH!Ok,no offence,really.

    Anyway,initially i had already planned out to make Sunday as my 'chionging' day.'Chionging' as in chiong study.But in the end,the owner of the childcare simply wouldn't let me.She asked me to bring my revision down so that i can revise so i brought but guess what?She asked me to do so many things!Damnit.

    So,yes,i brought my books for nothing.And the best thing was,being the smart ass me,i actually left my review questions in the 'recycle paper' drawer and ONLY to realise it when i was home,reading up the notes and wanted to review the questions.

    It will really be a miracle if i pass the exam.I swear!I'll be the happiest person on earth.

    Anyway,it's proven she's cold-blooded.She even gave one of the new kids nightmare until the mom had to ask me which day i'm working so that i can keep the child company.

    Uh huh,Sunday was wasted at the centre.

    Okay i shouldn't say its a waste lah.The kids are adorable!

    After work,i quickly went back home and tried to read up my notes.Read 1 page and i fell asleep only to find myself waking up at 9pm.

    You know how panicked i was or not!?I've never feel so stressed before i was on the verge of crying,like Karen.I can't believe i can actually cry for an exam.That's a first!I can understand why Karen cries because she's a 'gan cheong' queen but i'm not.Which is why i'm confused.

    So from 9.30,i studied all the way till about 2am until i really couldn't open my eyes any longer.I seriously think i over exhaust myself.I don't know why am i working so hard for.

    As expected,i could not sleep in peace.I woke up every 1/2 hour and whenever i closed my eyes,those words in the notes kept appearing in my mind.

    Woke up at about 9 in the morning and continued to mug for the last lap.Not that it's gonna be of much help but at least,you know.

    I'm gonna be drained out for this whole week as well.


    Nano,i miss you!:'(

    cindy [ 9:35 AM ]