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+25th Jan 1988.
+20 years old




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    Saturday, April 18, 2009
    Hey,what's up!It's been awhile..

    Exams are finally over for me!!!At least for now.4 more modules and i'm so done with PSB.:D:D Marketing was okay,i guess it's the only paper i'm pretty confident i will pass.

    'Neways!Not gonna talk about exams anymore.Such a bore!

    16th April:
    My dear Jonnie Paullie's first birthday!He was pretty moody at first.I guess turning one kinda suck for him?HAHAAHA!Was racking my brain on what to get for him but in the end,i think the angbao my dad and sis gave him is enough..way more than enough!A XXXX sum,what say you?Turning one and got a 4 digit sum of angbao and ME?Turning twenty-one and got none.Fancy getting jealous over my dear JP.No way lah!He definitely deserves it!:):)He's been such a joy to the family!Love him to bits!

    So we got him a big balloon with a bear in it and we were saying he's definitely gonna burst the balloon just to get the bear out.But the balloon's really nice leh,wah lao.

    Now,the JON PAUL way to score a sip of honeydew sago!

    1)First,you must smile.Even if the person is not looking at you,you must SMILE.Best if can see your puffed up cheeks from behind.

    2)Next,pose for the camera!

    3)Then,look super engross into the food.Doesn't matter if it's honeydew sago or not.Just have to look engross.Remember,ENGROSS.



    The first round of desserts.Forgot to take the 2nd and 3rd round.LOL!!!

    Me:Oie,why you cover your face!
    Cousin:No,must act like those paparazzi shots!

    Anyway on that day itself,both sis and myself went to Toa Payoh to settle some stuff and down to Marina Square to collect my NEW BABY!!!!

    I'm totally loving it lah!All thanks to my older sis!She said she wanted to surprise me with that phone for my birthday present but,surprise or not,i'm still very very happy and contented!:):)Love you Jie!It really burnt a big hole in her pocket and i felt really guilty actually.But well,since i'm not a frequent phone changer(ahem!think.7250i),it should worth the value.

    Then Celine went to cut her hair and i went for a massage!My shoulders have been aching really badly..couldn't sleep at all the night before!So had the massage and it feels slightly better now.

    After that was down to UIC Building for Jon Paul's birthday.It was good!Finally everyone was present.Because the last time we took the family picture,Celine was not in town.Food was okay but dessert was,wooooooo!

    Celine,XT(younger sis),my cousin and myself = 19 bowls.


    I ate like 7 bowls of mango pudding alone and my cousin ordered quite a few bowls of honeydew sago for himself too.

    Cousin:Eh li,want somemore not?
    Me:You want?
    Cousin:You want?
    Me:On lah!
    Cousin:Wah,on lah!How many?3?
    Me:ON lah!You also lah!
    Cousin:On lah!

    LOL!!And then the last order came and the waitress was like,

    Waitress:Okay,now last order already.Anymore orders?
    Everyone said no..

    (the table had 8 people but,she only looked at me..)
    Waitress:You sure?No more desserts?Last order already leh.
    Me:Har?Don't want already.

    And my cousin and the GF started laughing.Seriously man?Quite embarrassing lah.I think they only noticed i'm the one eating.Bloody hell.

    So after dinner,finally get to drive the car again.I was really abit worried because i really kinda lost touch.Dropped my dad back home,went Toa Payoh and get some grocerries and down to my mom's place.

    Went back to work yesterday and it was boring as usual.No lessons till about evening time.Had lunch with Celine and she was saying she will never work there cus it's too boring.Oh well,it's not gonna be for long anyway.Just need this kind of job so that i can study at the same time too.

    Then Sam went over to my workplace after her work and we waited for Natalia to finish teaching and went for dinner together.

    HAHAHAHA!I thought this was pretty funny!

    Nata and Sam

    Sam and her toe cramps.Seriously.I don't know how she gets cramp out of a sudden..too excited maybe?

    After dinner,she came over to my place and i got the car and drove her home before picking up Cel,XT,my mom and ah ma.Initially we wanted to go Mustafa to shop around but it was so friggin crowded and the queue for the carpark weren't even moving at all.So we ended up at Geylang looking at pokpok kay and Changi Village for trannies.

    Please hor,my ah ma damn ONZ one k!

    Me:Ah ma!Li ai ki tou lo?
    Ah Ma:Chu zai li leh..(up to you)(i'm friggin familiar with that sentence because my ah ma always say that!)
    Me:Orh,then wa lang ki Geylang ai mai?Then ka ki Changi kua ah kua
    Ah Ma:Ai ki tio ki lor!

    HAHAHAHAHAH!!WOOOOOOO!My ah ma is the most ONZ ah ma ever!:D:D

    Once we reached Geylang,

    Me:Ah ma!Dan ji kei li luo ki meng yi kei char bo gui lui ai mai?
    Ah ma:Mai lah,dan ji kei tio par!(Don't want lah,later kanna whack)

    HAHAHAHAHAA!!Okay,i know my hokkien sucks but agar is like that lah.

    Damn funny lah my ah ma!LOL!!!

    So we drove almost for about 3 hours,until my mom snored and ah ma kept falling asleep.Dropped them off and we went over to Holland V for another grocerry shopping again.Came back home and i was totally zonked out!

    So today Celine went back and we'll be seeing her end of june again.I can't wait for end of year to arrive!I wanna go travel.............................................................................!!

    Woooo!Longest post ever!

    Night y'all!:):)

    cindy [ 8:07 PM ]